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Ode to Joy 5 – Jiang Shuying, Yang Caiyu, Zhang Jianing

Ode to Joy 5 is a life, romance drama, directed by Jian Chuanhe, starring Jiang Shuying, Yang Caiyu, Zhang Jianing, Zhang Huiwen, and Li Haofei. Supporting roles include Dou Xiao, Wang Anyu, Jing Chao, and Zhang Haowei.


Ode to Joy 5

English Title: Ode to Joy 5
Chinese Title: 欢乐颂5
Genre: Romance, Life, Drama
Episodes: 34
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Jian Chuanhe
Released Date: 2024-03-16
Broadcast Website: 正午阳光官方频道, 中剧独播



The five girls on the 22nd floor continue to accompany each other through life's ups and downs. Despite facing more challenges, their deepening understanding and growing bond enable them to support each other through these tough times.

Ye Zhenzhen, amidst her passion for scientific research, finds herself frequently affected by David's family matters, making simple living a challenge. Fortunately, her firm stance and clear-headedness, coupled with the love of her family, help her overcome these difficulties.

Fang Zhiheng unexpectedly gains a younger sister, which brings about significant changes in her life, gradually bringing her back on track. Zhu Zhe, through years of hard work, establishes herself independently in Shanghai, finally breaking through the career bottleneck.

He Minhong, after taking a detour, leaves the 22nd floor but eventually returns, learning to think and understand how to interact with others.

Yu Chuhui, driven by external forces, pushes herself to strive harder and gradually becomes self-aware, steadily progressing and breaking free from her background constraints.

Life's tests and gifts will continue, but with the support and companionship of the 22nd floor sisters, they can courageously move forward, heading towards happiness.


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