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Ode to Joy Season 4 Recap, Plot, Synopsis

> Ode to Joy Season 4

Ode to Joy Season 4 Synopsis

The challenges that life brings continue, and the five girls from the Ode to Joy community on the 22nd floor are facing new challenges and opportunities in their careers, lives, and relationships.

Yezhenzhen has started a relationship with Dai Wei, and they get along very well. However, as someone who is devoted to scientific research, she inevitably gets caught up in various work-related criticisms and the tug-of-war between two families.

Fang Zhiheng has finally emerged from her past shadows, but her personality has also gradually changed. This lively group on the 22nd floor has brought out her softer side.

Zhu Zhe has repeatedly been suppressed by her superiors, but she believes that there is always a way out. There are many fields in a society where ordinary people can shine.

He Minhong is still experiencing more setbacks, and under the influence of her boyfriend, she is drifting away from the girls on the 22nd floor.

Yu Chuhui has invested more energy into her work and has finally overcome the confusion she felt since graduating.

The 22nd floor is like a safe haven. Although there are occasional disputes and doubts among the five girls, they mostly understand and care for each other. They give each other help, sincerely exchange opinions, and face the ups and downs of life together. They all grow and transform themselves in their own ways.

Ode to Joy Season 4 Recap

Episode 1 Recap

Five girls with different personalities live in the Ode to Joy community and each faces new challenges in their careers, lives and even relationships. Ye Zhenzhen, who works in life science research, is a true workaholic. She and her friend turned lover Dai Wei have upgraded their relationship from friendship to love and naturally established a romantic relationship.

Zhu Zhe, who is talented and intelligent, has not been defeated by her family and has become stronger and more open-minded. On the other hand, Yu Chuhui is still straightforward and hates evil like an enemy. She respects and admires Ye Zhenzhen, Zhu Zhe and Fang Zhiheng but is incompatible with He Minhong. They argue every three days or so, causing He Minhong to cry every time and feel that everyone dislikes her.

Fang Zhiheng’s goal of getting close to Li Qixing has become increasingly clear, and it has also made Li Qixing discover the despicable character of his father Li Xun. Without hesitation, he told his mother about his father’s ugly deeds. However, his mother knew that her husband was disloyal to the family and marriage but still chose to tolerate it. She accused the female victim of wrongdoing with a guilty conscience only to protect herself and her son. Li’s mother’s attitude confirmed what Ye Zhenzhen had said before. Li Qixing listened to his mother’s pleading with a blank mind.

Early in the morning, Zhu Zhe had already made shrimp dumplings and invited her roommates to eat. He Minhong had carefully considered it but still did not accept Zhu Zhe’s suggestion. She defended Song Le in her words everywhere. Although Zhu Zhe said it didn’t matter, Yu Chuhui was very annoyed by He Minhong’s weakness and deliberately provoked her with words to encourage her to fight for a way out. Otherwise, she would always be a thorn in Director Lin’s eyes.

In fact, Yu Chuhui’s reason for doing this was also to hope that He Minhong could see the reality and learn to resist. Zhu Zhe knew Yu Chuhui’s little thoughts and revealed that He Minhong’s company was in a sensitive period and would not dismiss her for the time being. Sure enough, Yu Chuhui felt a little relieved after hearing this.

On the way to the company, Ye Zhenzhen noticed that He Minhong was in a low mood and hesitant, so she suggested that she should take the initiative to resign. He Minhong refused to resign because she couldn’t swallow this breath. However, Ye Zhenzhen reminded her that rational people would take the initiative and consider their material life after resignation and future prospects first, rather than acting impulsively.

Dai Wei called to inform Fang Zhiheng that Li Xun already knew her identity and hoped that she could be prepared early. Fang Zhiheng responded that she had submitted the relevant information to the police. Even if Li Xun found out, it would be useless. This time he would definitely go to jail. The finance department suddenly sent a message revealing that she had landed in Hong Kong. Fang Zhiheng was ready to fight alone and deleted Li Qixing’s contact information.

Because the experimental results made by Ye Zhenzhen and Professor Tao denied the original pathogenesis, it also touched too many people’s interests, including those who followed the original pathogenesis and cooperated with pharmaceutical factories. Colleague Yu Miaosen reminded her to pay a little attention to avoid unnecessary trouble. Ye Zhenzhen consulted her father for advice and prepared to face accusations of academic fraud or lifestyle. She firmly believed that the innocent would be proven innocent.

Dai Wei acted as a middleman responsible for passing messages between Li Qixing and Fang Zhiheng and did not want to make any other comments. Ye Zhenzhen, who was devoted to scientific research, was inevitably involved in work criticism and the tug-of-war between two families. Fortunately, Dai Wei knew how to adapt and support each other with Ye Zhenzhen.

After Yu Chuhui and others completed the entry procedures, they came to the leader’s office to report their work. Li was very satisfied with this and promised that as long as they came up with a practical plan, he would approve the funds. Then Yu Chuhui integrated into the new work environment, and the three of them worked together in harmony. They even decided not to have any job transfers in the next three years. Li looked at their well-arranged workstations and praised their strong hands-on ability. They were a team that could be taken out and fight.

He Minhong anxiously waited for the meeting to end and watched her colleagues come and go without the courage to get up. Director Lin was reprimanding his subordinates again, and He Minhong was terrified to hear it. Unexpectedly, she was called into the office. He Minhong simply brought her resignation letter to see Director Lin again and emphasized that she did not want to contact Song Li for the sake of the company. Director Lin accused He Minhong of using the wrong work methods, which caused Song Li to misunderstand and triggered a public relations crisis between Song Li and the company. She should have apologized voluntarily.

Episode 2 Recap

Originally, He Minhong was still hesitating whether to resign. After all, this matter was completely beyond her expectations. How to ensure her subsequent life was still the biggest problem. However, Director Lin’s contemptuous attitude and harsh words completely crushed He Minhong’s self-esteem, and she resolutely chose to leave the company.

Now that Li Xun has been arrested by the police, Fang Zhiheng’s efforts have not been in vain. The girls who were once deeply harmed expressed their gratitude to her one after another. Ye Zhenzhen couldn’t wait to share this good news with David and was convinced that Fang Zhiheng would definitely go home tonight.

As Ye Zhenzhen expected, Fang Zhiheng returned to her residence after get off work and met Yu Chuhui in the elevator. Because He Minhong was crying loudly at home and Yu Chuhui and Zhu Zhe didn’t want to disturb her by going in, they sat outside the door and chatted. Fang Zhiheng walked out of the shadows of the past and gradually became more cheerful due to everyone’s enthusiasm that stimulated her soft side.

After Ye Zhenzhen and Fang Zhiheng finished chatting and walked back, they saw Yu Chuhui and Zhu Zhe still sitting in the corridor and invited them to come in and sit down. The three of them discussed He Minhong’s resignation, inevitably feeling a little emotional. Yu Chuhui was even more angry with He Minhong for not being able to stand up for herself and was completely ignorant of the intrigues in the workplace.

The next morning, Ye Zhenzhen took Fang Zhiheng for a run and brought breakfast for everyone when they came back. He Minhong lay on the bed without eating or drinking, staring at the ceiling in a daze, looking extremely decadent. In order to make He Minhong recover, Yu Chuhui and Zhu Zhe deliberately provoked her by saying that she was not as good as Ye Zhenzhen in terms of background and education. She didn’t have a princess’s fate but had a princess’s disease. She was unable to recover after being taught by life.

Fang Zhiheng noticed someone following her home and decided to lead them into an alleyway. When the person appeared, Fang Zhiheng recognized her as Li Xun’s wife. Although they didn’t have a big conflict, Fang Zhiheng had warned Li Xun’s wife in a roundabout way, which made her slightly less likely to cause trouble.

The leader of the research institute wanted female subordinates to accompany them to dinner. Ye Zhenzhen didn’t buy it at all and scolded the male colleague who passed on the message on the spot. Everyone present watched the excitement until Yu Miaosen came forward to mediate. Ye Zhenzhen didn’t care whether this approach would offend the leader. She even let her female apprentice work with her and would decline any similar dinner invitations.

Yu Chuhui gossiped about what happened to Ye Zhenzhen at the research institute. He happened to have forgotten his cup and Zhong Penghao prepared a cup and snacks for him. He inadvertently revealed his liking for her. Just as Yu Chuhui was trying to find a way to politely refuse Zhong Penghao, he suddenly received a group message from He Minhong and learned about her true thoughts on resigning.

Yu Chuhui, who hates evil like an enemy, was ready to vent his anger for He Minhong and actively sought advice from Zhu Zhe on how to deal with Director Lin to ensure a one-hit kill. Zhu Zhe suggested that Yu Chuhui use the power of public opinion to throw out the most exciting revelations, indirectly alienate the relationship between senior management of the company, and attack Director Lin’s personal grievances in public. Sure enough, after this article was published on Yu Chuhui’s Weibo account, it immediately caused a sensation and attracted the attention of Boss Lu.

Zhu Tingting and her husband came to Shanghai for their honeymoon and went straight to the hotel where Zhu Zhe used to work. They accidentally learned that Zhu Zhe had already resigned. Because the hotel’s guest room manager had a good relationship with Zhu Zhe, Zhu Zhe learned about his sister’s surprise attack on the hotel through her and couldn’t help but confide in Ye Zhenzhen. Ye Zhenzhen felt sorry for Zhu Zhe’s inability to break away from this kind of family and the harassment of his vampire siblings. She was also grateful for her own good parents because of her experience.

As public opinion fermented to an uncontrollable level, Boss Lu personally went to He Minhong’s door with Director Lin for two reasons: one was to invite He Minhong back to the company; the other was to hope that He Minhong could settle this storm. He Minhong refused to return to the company and said that she could write articles as a gunner to make money. Zhu Zhe and Ye Zhenzhen respected her choice and decided to negotiate on her behalf.

Episode 3 Recap

Zhu Zhe met with the two high-level leaders as He Minhong’s cousin and made it clear that He Minhong would never return to the company. Boss Lu stated that he would respect He Minhong’s choice and immediately explained his intentions, hoping that He Minhong could publicly release a statement denying that her resignation was due to company persecution.

Also because of Boss Lu and Director Lin’s anxious attitude, Zhu Zhe deliberately raised the so-called paid compensation, accurately suppressed the other party’s arrogance, and also vented He Minhong’s anger. He Minhong refused to accept the conditions offered by the other party. Even if she suffered losses, she had to uphold justice and asked Zhu Zhe to accompany her downstairs to meet Boss Lu and Director Lin.

Due to Li Xun’s wife’s tracking, Fang Zhiheng felt a sense of crisis and immediately informed Ye Zhenzhen of the matter. In addition to reminding her to take safety precautions, he also revealed the whole story. Fang Zhiheng’s success in overthrowing Li Xun was not only due to accusing him of sexually harassing women in the workplace, but also due to a financial helper who was lurking inside the company. This person held a large amount of evidence of Li Xun’s economic crimes.

In Fang Zhiheng’s view, this matter ultimately resulted in Li Xun going to jail, and even Li Qixing’s drunk driving accident was not spared. Such a heavy and destructive result is bound to attract strong retaliation from Li Xun’s family, which is far more serious than expected. Fang Zhiheng blamed himself for involving Ye Zhenzhen, but Ye Zhenzhen volunteered to help and had no regrets.

He Minhong bravely refused the 20,000 yuan sent by Director Lin, claiming that she could not clarify her conscience by posting on Weibo and that they should be responsible for what they had done. After saying this, He Minhong left with Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui. Yu Chuhui silently gave He Minhong a thumbs up in his heart, but he still had to ridicule her in various ways.

That night, Ye Zhenzhen and Fang Zhiheng had a drink and sang when they were happy, and both their body and mind were relaxed. On the other hand, He Minhong and Yu Chuhui temporarily reconciled. With Zhu Zhe’s help, they prepared a table of good food, which was called a celebration of He Minhong’s rebirth and the beginning of a new life.

The next morning, He Minhong personally made pancakes and talked to Yu Chuhui about their respective troubles. Whether it was her father who was addicted to gambling and domestic violence or her siblings who were snobbish and greedy, the same situation made them unable to feel the warmth of family affection. Fang Zhiheng tried his best to inquire about the situation of the Li family. He always felt that Li Qixing’s reaction was too calm and worried that there would be a sudden storm. He gave Ye Zhenzhen a preventive injection in advance.

Since Yu Chuhui saw through his thoughts last time, Zhong Penghao no longer concealed his love for her. However, Yu Chuhui refused straightforwardly, saying that her family had problems and was completely unsuitable for him as a decent and honest family. They can continue to be normal friends and colleagues in the future, but a romantic relationship is absolutely impossible.

After the public opinion storm, Director Lin was recalled by the parent company. Song Li knew the truth and took the initiative to apologize to He Minhong and thanked her for speaking up for grassroots authors. This incident made He Minhong feel unprecedented respect and satisfaction. She was complacent about this. Zhu Zhe reminded her that there was speculation in the content of the Weibo article, mainly based on reasonable speculation based on existing clues. He hoped that she would not spread it everywhere and feel guilty about Director Lin’s punishment because of her.

Regardless of any industry, disputes over interests will inevitably lead to blood and rain, and even Ye Zhenzhen cannot escape. As expected, the outside world is crazy about rumors that Ye Zhenzhen has an improper relationship with Professor Tao. A small part of people can see through it, most people follow the trend and curse, and some even distort the facts.

Yu Miaosen believed that even if Ye Zhenzhen did not respond, there would still be more malicious dirty water pouring in. The only way was to strengthen her own psychological construction, and sooner or later there would be a day when the truth would come to light. Dai Wei came to the office to find Ye Zhenzhen and announced that he had resigned and bought a car, ready to travel around and relax, and enjoy life. Regarding Li Qixing’s affairs, Dai Wei speculated that he was too busy with affairs and was unable to do two things at once. It would be difficult for him to establish himself in Shanghai. Even if he stayed in Shanghai, he would still have to work hard from the grassroots level without Li Xun’s protection.

Episode 4 Recap

During work, Zhu Zhe met Qi Mu waiting in the hotel lobby. Through conversation, he learned that the other party had been transferred back to Shanghai to work and was still in a high position. Qi Mu missed the days when he was Zhu Zhe’s little follower and couldn’t help but feel emotional. Because of important matters, he couldn’t chat for a few words and went to see the client first.

Dai Wei rested in Ye Zhenzhen’s studio waiting for her to get off work. His phone was casually placed on the table and was seen by Ye Zhenzhen when Li Qixing sent him a text message. Li Qixing wanted to spread rumors about Fang Zhiheng’s stains everywhere, which indirectly blackened her and caused her secondary harm. After Ye Zhenzhen learned about it, she was furious and replied directly with a text message, and scolded him on the phone, attracting colleagues to watch.

Although everyone knows that Ye Zhenzhen is a rich second generation, they did not expect that her family is actually a mine owner with a wealth of money and no one dares to provoke her. Some colleagues believe that Ye Zhenzhen is innocent, and public opinion has become polarized. Dai Wei calmed Ye Zhenzhen’s anger and learned that she was also being falsely accused. Therefore, Ye Zhenzhen sympathized with Fang Zhiheng’s experience and hated Li Xun’s father and son even more.

Chen Chaosheng had just gone out to eat, and Zhong Penghao immediately expressed his intentions to Yu Chuhui. After careful consideration, he decided to continue pursuing Yu Chuhui. Even if Yu’s father would be the biggest obstacle to his feelings, it was still not a problem in his opinion. Yu Chuhui was annoyed that Zhong Penghao couldn’t listen to reason at all, so he gave up reasoning and directly revealed that they were completely incompatible with each other, warning him to dispel this idea as soon as possible.

That night, Dai Wei took Ye Zhenzhen to a restaurant for dinner. On the surface, it seemed that they were laughing and joking, but there were actually some unspeakable secrets. Ye Zhenzhen noticed Dai Wei’s strangeness and couldn’t force him to explain the situation. However, at this moment, Dai Wei’s true confession moved Ye Zhenzhen’s heart and she responded sweetly and happily.

After working overnight until midnight, Yu Chuhui packed up and left work directly, ignoring Zhong Penghao’s concern for her. Chen Chaosheng really couldn’t bear to see it and advised her to distinguish between sensibility and rationality. Sometimes excessive concern is like a shackle to others. Things that are clearly hopeful will become hopeless.

Yu Chuhui met Ye Zhenzhen who had just finished work in the community and saw Fang Zhiheng exercising. Because Ye Zhenzhen wanted to talk to Fang Zhiheng alone, Yu Chuhui went upstairs first. When she heard He Minhong’s Weibo praising Song Li, she couldn’t help but ridicule He Minhong as a stupid person without any progress, and pointed out the truth that she was being used. He Minhong looked at human nature too simply, and it was useless to realize it later. Zhu Zhe comforted her that life cannot be smooth sailing, and you always have to learn a lesson to grow your brain.

When Fang Zhiheng was not aware of the danger of his identity being exposed, she was now hurt again because of the public opinion hype of Li Qixing’s mother. Just when Fang Zhiheng and Ye Zhenzhen were feeling emotional, Dai Wei drove to pick up Ye Zhenzhen for work. He also mentioned that he visited Li Qixing and Yu Feixue. Both of them are in a relatively poor situation and no one is better off than the other.

After talking about their affairs, Dai Wei proposed to pick up and drop off Ye Zhenzhen every day, and also wanted to hike in Puxi this weekend. Ye Zhenzhen listened to Dai Wei’s plan and readily agreed, holding his hand tightly. Later that night, Ye Zhenzhen worked hard to revise the experimental plan. Her colleagues were all grateful to have such a good mentor who was far more responsible than someone next door.

Unfortunately, such an excellent and responsible female researcher is still at the forefront of public opinion. At least so far, the real rumor monger has not been found. Professor Tao has long been accustomed to it and has seen too many storms. He comforted Ye Zhenzhen not to be affected by these remarks, otherwise it would be a trap set by the other party.

At present, two pharmaceutical factories have been alerted and it means that funds will soon be available. Ye Zhenzhen remembered that Yu Miaosen asked her to send him the information, so she asked Professor Tao for his opinion. Unexpectedly, Professor Tao did not respond positively, but instead asked her if she had plans to get married. It turned out that a female researcher had delayed too much work due to getting married and having children before. Professor Tao was worried that Ye Zhenzhen would follow in her footsteps. Ye Zhenzhen promised that this would not happen.

Episode 5 Recap

The young apprentice admires Ye Zhenzhen for her courage to speak out. Compared to her honesty and integrity, other professors and mentors appear to have questionable morals and behavior, including Sun Qin who likes to spread rumors and gossip. The young apprentice told Ye Zhenzhen that male professor Xie Zuoping has no professional ethics and often asks female students to accompany him for food, drinks and entertainment. If they refuse, he will block their papers, causing many female students to be angry but unable to speak out and can only cry alone in their dorms.

Because Ye Zhenzhen had to go to the lab, she couldn’t have dinner with Dai Wei and had to cancel temporarily. Dai Wei half-jokingly said that he could accompany her. Ye Zhenzhen responded in the same way that if he were there, it would probably cause equipment failure. The young apprentices found their flirting both enviable and cheesy.

During the day, Zhu Zhe sent flowers to Qi Mu. Near the end of work, Qi Mu took the initiative to invite her to dinner. Zhu Zhe was puzzled by Qi Mu’s behavior and asked about his personal life. Fortunately, Qi Mu was straightforward and confessed that he had been divorced and that his child was being raised by his ex-wife.

Because of this, Qi Mu took the opportunity to ask Zhu Zhe to help him find a new partner and showed her a photo of his divorce certificate as proof. Zhu Zhe thought that Qi Mu’s conditions for remarriage were still reasonable and promised to introduce suitable girls around her. However, this meal was a bit depressing for her.

When she arrived at the bottom of the apartment building, Qi Mu happened to meet He Minhong who was taking out the trash. Qi Mu added her WeChat directly and said that she wanted to make new friends when she was out. Yu Chuhui teased Zhu Zhe whether he was interested in Qi Mu. Zhu Zhe smiled and denied it. After all, they had been separated for too long and were no longer the kind of people who were happy and excited. They politely exchanged business cards and made an appointment for dinner.

In theory, a successful man in his thirties who has just escaped from the siege of marriage should be in his prime. Why does he want to remarry so quickly? Yu Chuhui couldn’t figure it out, and even Zhu Zhe thought it was strange. Just as the two were analyzing Qi Mu’s true motives, He Minhong came back from outside and took Zhu Zhe’s business card without much reaction.

In a short while, Qi Mu sent a message to He Minhong, hoping that she could modify a public relations article for the company and there would be corresponding rewards. Yu Chuhui heard He Minhong’s voice call with Qi Mu outside the bedroom door and ran to tell Zhu Zhe with doubts. He guessed that Qi Mu contacted He Minhong bypassing Zhu Zhe and might have other thoughts.

In the meantime, He Minhong knocked on the door and told Zhu Zhe about this. She was worried that she would fail Qi Mu’s trust if she didn’t handle it well and waste his money. Zhu Zhe comforted He Minhong not to have too much pressure and said that the company would have a special account for paying labor costs, so the cost of modifying public relations articles would not come out of his own pocket.

With Zhu Zhe’s words, He Minhong finally breathed a sigh of relief and replied to Qi Mu that night and modified the public relations article overnight. Meanwhile, Fang Zhiheng finished work and dragged his tired body back home. Ye Zhenzhen was busy doing experiments in the laboratory until dawn.

Early in the morning, Yu Chuhui came to chat with Fang Zhiheng and said that he couldn’t go out with her today because he had bought financial products and wanted to keep some living expenses. Fang Zhiheng was going to ask Zhu Zhe out, but she heard that Zhu Zhe was still sleeping, so she gave up the idea. Yu Chuhui packed up and prepared to visit his mother. Before leaving, he told Zhu Zhe that Fang Zhiheng’s condition was a bit strange and had been going on for three full days.

He Minhong arrived at the coffee shop at the agreed time and found that Qi Mu was fifteen minutes early. The coffee shop has a strong artistic atmosphere, which He Minhong likes very much. At Qi Mu’s suggestion, she ordered a cup of coffee called “Gui Xia”. Qi Mu has done a lot of research on coffee and even took her to visit the process of making coffee by the boss. Whether it is speech or behavior, it exudes the charm of a mature man, which deeply attracts the innocent and young He Minhong.

Qi Mu helped He Minhong refine the content of the modified public relations article and still paid her remuneration. He praised her throughout the process, making her confident and cheerful. In a short afternoon, Qi Mu left a great impression on He Minhong. After parting with him near the community, she picked up her phone and took pictures of the trees on the side of the road to express her happy mood.

Episode 6 Recap

So far, it seems that Qi Mu’s thoughts on He Minhong are very clear, that is, he wants to date her and get married as soon as possible. But in Fang Zhiheng’s view, a man’s willingness to get married already shows his sincerity and at least will be responsible for this relationship. Zhu Zhe noticed that Fang Zhiheng has been looking haggard lately and guessed that she was worried about the Li family’s affairs.

After careful consideration, Fang Zhiheng called Li Qixing to warn him and expressed her attitude. However, Li Xun’s wife suddenly came to her door. Rather than surrendering, she seemed to convey orders with a high attitude and demanded that Fang Zhiheng no longer investigate their responsibilities. Zhu Zhe couldn’t stand Li Xun’s wife’s face and cursed her away frantically. Fang Zhiheng was stunned and silently gave Zhu Zhe a thumbs up.

He Minhong was going to share with Zhu Zhe what happened when she met Qi Mu today, but Zhu Zhe deliberately avoided talking about Qi Mu and showed her the down jacket he bought. He Minhong didn’t notice anything unusual. When Yu Chuhui and Fang Zhiheng came over, a lively small group gathered around a topic, leaving only the relationship between Yu Chuhui and his father.

Everyone has seen the means of Yu’s father. If he really goes crazy, I’m afraid few people can stop him. Yu Chuhui is naturally worried that his mother will be found by him. Fortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any major problem at present. Yu Chuhui talked about his own experiences over the years and was glad to know everyone. Just when everyone was immersed in the excitement, He Minhong’s words immediately destroyed the atmosphere and ended this small gathering hastily.

Lawyer Guo Shengyang was commissioned by Li Qixing to send a lawyer’s letter to Fang Zhiheng. However, he failed to contact the other party and could not enter the floor where Fang Zhiheng was located. He could only continue to stay in the lobby on the first floor. After finishing the work in the laboratory, Ye Zhenzhen went home and slept soundly. After waking up, she called her parents.

Ye’s father was worried that his daughter would catch a cold without heating and immediately transferred tens of thousands of yuan to her account, reminding her to take good care of her health. At this time, Yu Chuhui came to find Ye Zhenzhen with breakfast, saying that he went to visit his mother yesterday and always felt that she had something difficult to say, so he wanted to follow her today to see it clearly.

Coincidentally, Ye Zhenzhen had time and thought of taking Yu Chuhui with her to work. When the two went out, they saw Guo Shengyang guarding downstairs and heard that he was looking for Fang Zhiheng. They immediately sent a message to Fang Zhiheng. Yu Chuhui followed his mother for a while and found that he was purely thinking too much and there was no so-called hidden difficulty.

Yu’s mother works as a nanny at Professor Tao’s father’s house and takes care of the elderly carefully and thoughtfully on weekdays. However, Professor Tao’s father is old but young at heart and wants to go out for a walk every day. As he is old and going out is risky, Yu’s mother secretly accompanies him out as much as possible to ensure his safety without telling Professor Tao.

After Yu Chuhui knew the truth, he breathed a sigh of relief but worried whether he should inform Professor Tao. In the end, Yu Chuhui sent a message to Ye Zhenzhen and asked her to help convey it to Professor Tao, hoping that Professor Tao could pay attention to the problem of elderly people’s travel. Professor Tao expressed his gratitude for this.

Fang Zhiheng received the message and went downstairs. He was not surprised at Guo Shengyang’s appearance and took the initiative to chat with him. Guo Shengyang has been a lawyer for a short time and has only been in Shanghai for a year. He is relatively simple and humble. He admitted that the main reason why he became Li Qixing’s agent lawyer was to deliver business cards to hospital wards to solicit business. His humor amused Fang Zhiheng, and they added each other on WeChat.

For others, a lawyer’s letter may be a threat, but it is useless for Fang Zhiheng. She will not choose to back down because of this. Li Qixing still paid the agency fee to Guo Shengyang and asked him to handle three things for him: one was about his drunk driving case; the second was the application for criminal detention treatment for injured patients; and the third was about car insurance. Li’s mother questioned Guo Shengyang’s professionalism and was even more dissatisfied that he easily earned legal fees. Therefore, she requested an additional commission in the contract.

Episode 7 Recap

Li Xun’s wife thought she had come up with a good way to bring down Fang Zhiheng. She asked Guo Shengyang to find a way to sue Fang Zhiheng and make sure the court would accept it, making her tired and wasting time and money. But this method was the same as a lawyer’s letter for Guo Shengyang and only frightened those who were completely ignorant of the law.

So in Guo Shengyang’s view, practical people like Fang Zhiheng not only had no effect but also might backfire. He was afraid that he would be physically harmed. Li Qixing knew that his mother was being unrealistic, so he added to the original lawyer’s fee to retain Guo Shengyang and entrusted him with full authority to handle related matters.

Fang Zhiheng made an appointment with an Australian client to view art and was well prepared to obtain detailed information about the other party. Zhu Zhe saw her working hard for the company and gave her some advice on how to facilitate cooperation based on his own experience. Guo Shengyang sent a message to Fang Zhiheng revealing that the Li family crisis had been resolved and that there was currently no threat to her. Fang Zhiheng became interested in chatting with him and gradually reduced her guard against him.

In fact, Li Xun’s wife knew that she could not clear her husband of the charges. The best result would be to seek a reduced sentence. However, she still harbored hostility towards those victimized women, which even Li Qixing could not bear. One night, Li’s mother prepared food for her son and walked to the hospital. She found Fang Zhiheng silently following behind her. Although she was full of fear inside, she pretended to be brave and cursed Fang Zhiheng for killing herself if she had the ability. Fang Zhiheng did not respond and immediately turned around and left, sending Guo Shengyang a thank-you text message.

Originally, Zhu Zhe was in line for the position of deputy director. Unexpectedly, the headquarters directly issued a document appointing Zheng Jin, which made it difficult for people not to suspect that there was a problem. Zhu Zhe explained this situation to Director Wang. Even if he was dissatisfied with the situation, he had already accepted it and only hoped that Director Wang could help him apply for a subsidy for shared rent. Otherwise, he would not be able to afford the rent and mortgage pressure.

He Minhong met Huang Dama at a blind date corner and participated in a sales promotion through her. The organizer hyped up the magnetic mattress pad and the price was also extremely unfriendly. At first, Huang Dama had some doubts, but when she saw the information He Minhong found on her phone, she immediately believed it and paid for the product out of her own pocket. The attendant at the venue noticed that He Minhong had no intention of paying and deliberately talked to her to get information. This led to the security guards hired by the venue misunderstanding that she was a reporter and threatening her to hand over her recording device.

However, after searching for a while and finding nothing, He Minhong was already trembling with fear. The security guards looked at her and didn’t seem to be pretending to be afraid, so they asked her to pack up and leave quickly. Ye Zhenzhen saw that something was wrong with He Minhong and asked her about it before learning about her experience. Coincidentally, Huang Dama came to the door with her son. Both mother and son believed that He Minhong was a scammer’s accomplice. He Minhong dared not go out to explain to them. Ye Zhenzhen had to go out alone to deal with it and finally managed to persuade the mother and son to leave.

Zhong Penghao’s pursuit of Yu Chuhui’s heart did not die. He followed Chen Chaosheng’s method and sent her flowers, which were ordered for half a year. Yu Chuhui noticed something was up and transferred the money directly to Zhong Penghao. However, she then thought that this money was the only living expenses she had left this month and had to ask Zhong Penghao for help in solving the problem with her meal card.

Although Huang Dama and her son have left, what happened today made He Minhong still feel lingering fear and she spent the whole afternoon hiding in her room. Zhu Zhe returned exhausted and sat alone in the corridor in a daze, almost scaring Ye Zhenzhen out of her wits. Ye Zhenzhen told Zhu Zhe about He Minhong’s experience, including Huang Dama’s anger after being deceived. However, He Minhong clearly heard Ye Zhenzhen’s scream but continued to hide in her room without asking about her safety. This cowardly behavior disappointed Zhu Zhe.

Episode 8 Recap

Zhu Zhe went home and knocked on He Minhong’s bedroom door. He thought she shouldn’t have let Ye Zhenzhen face the unfriendly mother and son alone. However, after hearing Ye Zhenzhen’s scream tonight, he chose to ignore it. In Zhu Zhe’s view, friends should know how to be grateful when they confide in each other. Ye Zhenzhen had been righteous many times without asking for anything in return, but that didn’t mean He Minhong should accept it with peace of mind.

Listening to Zhu Zhe’s questioning and condemnation, He Minhong’s eyes turned red with anxiety and she repeatedly apologized. Afterwards, she felt remorseful. However, the incident had already happened and there was nothing else to say or do. This made Zhu Zhe, who had already failed to get promoted, even more depressed. Fortunately, Fang Zhiheng came over to chat with Zhu Zhe and did some psychological counseling for her. This helped her gradually calm down emotionally.

Due to the heavy blow of this career change, Zhu Zhe is considering improving her personal education. However, re-examination requires a fee and her current savings are weak and difficult to choose from. She can only seek Fang Zhiheng’s advice. Fang Zhiheng strongly advises Zhu Zhe not to sell her house and to find other ways to obtain an education.

In fact, Zhu Zhe also feels that the house represents a way out and can give her the courage to continue fighting in Shanghai. Although Fang Zhiheng’s background and experience are completely different from Zhu Zhe’s, they can still find common ground and talk openly with each other. This makes them feel better.

He Minhong hiding in the room is still a little sad. She wants to send a message to Qi Mu to confide in him but after typing a few lines, she feels it’s not appropriate and immediately deletes it. At this time, Qi Mu suddenly called her with a voice call and noticed that He Minhong’s emotions were not quite right. He then arranged to meet her at a coffee shop later to talk in detail.

He Minhong confided her heart to Qi Mu without reservation and questioned whether she had social anxiety and would always offend people inadvertently. But Qi Mu cleverly refuted He Minhong’s self-awareness and blamed all the mistakes on others. Even Zhu Zhe’s attitude towards her was due to jealousy caused by her previous liking for him.

Qi Mu hinted that He Minhong should continue to maintain her uniqueness, be fearless in the face of difficulties, avoid following the crowd, and define the truth of life with an open mind. Friendship is not about quantity but about knowing people, knowing hearts, and knowing situations. These words deeply touched He Minhong and her good impression of Qi Mu skyrocketed. Qi Mu personally sent her home and carefully put on her scarf, making her heart beat faster and smile shyly.

At the door of her house, He Minhong remembered the words “lonely and decisive” and ignored Yu Chuhui in the living room. An hour ago, Zhu Zhe considered that winter was coming and took the initiative to discuss with Yu Chuhui about jointly purchasing a high-power electric oil heater for the living room. They could share the electricity bill and at least live more comfortably. Occasionally, they could also dry their clothes on cold days.

As Zhu Zhe had a little conflict with He Minhong, he asked Yu Chuhui to convey the message. However, he was rejected by He Minhong. Therefore, Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui gave up the idea of buying an electric oil heater and decided to buy a heater each for their own bedrooms.

Early in the morning, Dai Wei sat at the door waiting for Ye Zhenzhen to go to work. He bought her a set of couple clothes and wanted to take a photo as a mobile wallpaper. The apprentices helped take photos and retouch them, and had to endure the two people’s public display of affection. Ye Zhenzhen found that Dai Wei was getting more and more clingy. Even when they were apart, they would have a passionate farewell kiss.

Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui went to work after breakfast without showing any intention of reconciling with He Minhong. He Minhong questioned whether her approach was correct and couldn’t help but send a message to Qi Mu. Under his sweet words and expressions, she remained determined to stick to her plan. Qi Mu believed that he had forcibly influenced He Minhong’s life trajectory and caused her to come into contact with the gray area. Therefore, he hoped that she would tell him if there was anything and promised to help her smooth out any negative consequences.

As soon as Ye Zhenzhen went upstairs, she heard He Minhong shouting in her room. At first, she thought that He Minhong was in danger and asked what happened. She found out that Huang Dama had reported her to the police station. As Ye Zhenzhen had been doing experiments overnight and really didn’t have the energy to accompany He Minhong to deal with those people, He Minhong contacted Qi Mu first. Unexpectedly, Qi Mu sent a lawyer to help her deal with it. When He Minhong finished making a statement and came out, she found that Qi Mu had been waiting at the door for a long time.

Episode 9 Recap

On the way back, He Minhong shared her recent feelings with Qi Mu. Although her friends were all very good, there were still major problems in getting along. Qi Mu suggested that He Minhong try to change her social circle and perhaps find people who are more tolerant and understand that part of her. After all, friends are better than many.

Later, Qi Mu took He Minhong to his own fast food restaurant and ordered a cup of hot milk and a hamburger. They talked about his original intention to open the store. In fact, Qi Mu mainly found her to help manage the accounts. He was going on a business trip during this time and did not know everything about the employees he hired. Therefore, he entrusted He Minhong to supervise them from the side.

At first, He Minhong was hesitant and did not agree until Qi Mu launched another verbal attack and coaxed her into agreeing. She promised not to let Qi Mu down. For several consecutive days, He Minhong came to the Wutong fast food restaurant every day. In addition to ordering a hamburger, she found various opportunities to take photos of the store, including the price list and employee operation desk.

Due to Li Qixing’s mother and son relationship, the intersection between lawyer Guo Shengyang and Fang Zhiheng has increased. To thank Guo Shengyang, Fang Zhiheng invited him to eat barbecue after work, and Guo Shengyang quickly agreed. Since the company’s products have not yet reached a turning point, leaders are struggling to make judgments between store quantity and product issues. Fang Zhiheng took out the prepared data analysis. Ji Zong praised her for this and wanted to establish a legal department for Fang Zhiheng to manage.

At the end of work, Ji Zong expressed that Han Zong had called Fang Zhiheng again to have dinner and supported Fang Zhiheng to deal with this kind of color embryo in her own way. On the other side, Guo Shengyang was already sitting in the agreed barbecue restaurant. Seeing Fang Zhiheng coming late, he immediately ordered her favorite dishes and carefully washed chopsticks and spoons for her.

Fang Zhiheng ordered two bottles of Shaojiu and revealed that she was finally able to stand firm at work, which was worth celebrating. Guo Shengyang was happy for her from the bottom of his heart and believed that such a beautiful and outstanding person like her would eventually be rewarded as long as she worked hard. Also because Fang Zhiheng was willing to share happiness actively, Guo Shengyang drank several glasses of Shaojiu excitedly. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hold his liquor and passed out in the end.

That night, Zhu Zhe took the electric blanket she and Yu Chuhui had and carefully checked it before entering the house to make sure there were no problems before carrying it in. Yu Chuhui talked to Zhu Zhe about He Minhong and felt that if he couldn’t persuade Qi Mu to keep his distance from He Minhong, he could take this opportunity to break off relations. Zhu Zhe said that Qi Mu had originally pestered her and later chose He Minhong, so now she would feel embarrassed when Qi Mu was mentioned. Yu Chuhui comforted Zhu Zhe not to care too much about these things.

After the two laid out the electric blanket, Yu Chuhui happily reflected that this was the second time she had felt happy and firmly believed that the rewards of working hard were very rich. Just as Yu Chuhui was cleaning up in the living room, she saw He Minhong come back from outside with a shy face. On the box in the living room was Qi Mu’s name, and anyone with a discerning eye could see that they were not ordinary friends.

Guo Shengyang woke up and found himself lying in a hotel room. He couldn’t find his phone and briefcase, but instead saw a message from Fang Zhiheng on the script, which made him realize that she had kept these precious items for him. Fang Zhiheng arranged to meet in the morning to return the items. When she went downstairs, she saw Guo Shengyang sleeping on the sofa. His silly personality and inadvertent humor made Fang Zhiheng feel better.

Because Yu Chuhui’s advice to Professor Tao was very useful, Professor Tao prepared a gift for Ye Zhenzhen to pass on. However, because of this, Yu Chuhui felt that things had been too smooth lately and suddenly felt anxious. On the other hand, He Minhong sat alone in the bedroom feeling down until he received a message from Qi Mu which made him smile. The sweet taste was evident in their messages to each other and they even arranged to have lunch together.

Yu Chuhui worked during the day and studied at night. Sometimes she was stretched too thin and neglected some aspects of her plan. As the deadline for submitting the plan approached, Yu Chuhui tried to make up for lost time. Zhong Penghao was worried that she might not be able to handle it, but Chen Chaosheng bluntly stated that small mistakes were not mistakes for her.

Episode 10 Recap

Ye Zhenzhen noticed that He Minhong had some conflicts with Zhu Zhe but didn’t want to become a sounding board for He Minhong’s emotional outbursts. So when He Minhong came to find her, she would deliberately take out the “rest reminder sign” and hang it outside. As for He Minhong’s fear of loneliness and refusal to interact with people, Ye Zhenzhen can only provide some advice, as to whether she will listen or not depends on He Minhong herself.

Yu Chuhui borrowed flowers to give to Tao Lao Ye for half a year of ordering flowers, which made Tao Lao Ye very happy. Mr. Li is preparing to arrange for Yu Chuhui to do sales, but Yu Chuhui feels that there is a big difference between her current job and sales. Just when she was about to refuse politely, she didn’t expect her father to come to the company and make a scene.

Yu Chuhui was in a difficult situation when she asked her colleagues for help but instead of helping her, they criticized her for not fulfilling her filial duty as a child. As a result, she decided to stand up for herself and confronted her colleagues. Her father was scared by her attitude and decided to go back to their hometown.

This scene was all seen by General Li, who was even more convinced that Yu Chuhui was the talent for management and invited her again. Yu Chuhui was a little moved and said that if the salary was high and the position was retained, she could still consider it. At this time, General Jin called and Yu Chuhui agreed to work part-time in the business department after careful consideration.

Afterwards, Yu Chuhui shared with Zhong Penghao and Chen Chaosheng the story of how she turned misfortune into a blessing. She felt lucky that she dared to fight against her evil father because that was the only way to protect her mother’s safety. Zhong Penghao felt heartbroken for Yu Chuhui’s experience, but in Yu Chuhui’s eyes, it was already a thing of the past. 

He Minhong wanted to help Qi Mu run his fast-food restaurant, but she didn't know where to start. So, she looked for differences in several franchise stores and found that all the store layouts and food tastes were very similar, except for the difference in the area, which made it difficult for her to fully utilize her abilities. Qi Mu appreciated He Minhong's serious and responsible attitude and stated that he had a good eye for people and had not mistaken her.

Ye Zhenzhen personally came to the school to pick up Dai Wei. She watched as many lovesick female students surrounded Dai Wei and restrained the urge to mock him for being charming. As a result, Dai Wei self-deprecatingly joked that he was a young man kept by a wealthy woman. Meanwhile, Qi Mu praised He Minhong for her strong hands-on ability and many valuable qualities. Her simple-mindedness was her greatest advantage.

When this was said, He Minhong felt like she had found a kindred spirit and confidant. She immediately poured out her grievances of the past few months, believing that Qi Mu was the only person who truly cared for and understood her. Qi Mu comforted He Minhong, telling her not to care about what others thought and to just focus on being herself. Before leaving, he revealed his love for He Minhong and expressed his hope that she would enjoy the happiness of being watched by others every day.

While Dai Wei and Ye Zhenzhen were having dinner outside, the topic of He Minhong suddenly arose and she became filled with anger, showing an article in which He Minhong criticized her work. It was obvious to Ye Zhenzhen that Dai Wei was upset, so she followed his emotions and criticized He Minhong for being too much. She then praised Dai Wei's work, saying that even if the protagonist was not perfect, the plot and character relationships were the most important parts of the story. As expected, Dai Wei was appeased by Ye Zhenzhen's righteous indignation, and he let go of his anger towards He Minhong's wrongdoing. Ye Zhenzhen laughed and remarked that Dai Wei was really easy to please.

After work, Yu Chuhui sent a message to her mother to inform her about her salary increase. However, she unexpectedly encountered her father on the way back home and became alert. Yu's father threatened her fiercely, demanding that she either give him money or take her mother away. Upon hearing this, Yu Chuhui immediately took out her pepper spray.

Episode 11 Recap

Zhong Penghao rushed to protect Yu Chuhui but was injured by her father, causing him to call the police. In the police station, Yu's father used his superb acting skills, crying and complaining about his daughter's lack of filial piety. He claimed that he couldn't get support from her, even though he had supported her for so many years, and he even took his wife away.

The police asked for opinions from both parties and suggested that Zhong Penghao could get a medical examination for his injuries first, and then go through the legal process, or he could negotiate directly with Yu's father. Zhong Penghao didn't want to pursue the matter any further to ease the relationship between Yu and her father, but Yu Chuhui strongly opposed and accused Zhong Penghao of meddling in their family affairs.

Hearing this, Zhong Penghao felt sad but emphasized that he did not intend to please her. In Zhong's view, even if Yu's father was imprisoned for two or three years, he would not change. He might even increase his resentment towards his daughter, who would have sent him to prison. Instead of allowing this situation to continue indefinitely, they should try to resolve their conflicts by doing good deeds for each other.

Just as Yu Chuhui was hesitating, her father suddenly had severe abdominal pain. They rushed him to the hospital and found out that he had acute gastroenteritis. Although he could be discharged and go home after a few days of rest, Yu's father was still stubbornly bargaining with her, refusing to agree to be discharged unless she found her mother or gave him a monthly allowance of five thousand yuan.

Yu Chuhui refused her father's unreasonable demands. Zhu Zhe called her when she didn't come home, and learned about the situation. She then gathered everyone to discuss how to help Yu Chuhui out of this dilemma. He Minhong believed that even if the parents were not good, children should fulfill their obligation to support them. However, Fang Zhiheng held the opposite view, emphasizing that the obligation of filial piety was based on the obligation of parents, and moreover, Yu's father was not a qualified father.

Ye Zhenzhen agreed that both sides had valid points and tried to find the most reliable solution to avoid affecting Yu Chuhui's work and life, while ensuring that her father would no longer harass her. Yu Chuhui took a day off to take care of her father, but he didn't appreciate it and continued to extort money from her.

Episode 12 Recap

Song Li's manipulation failed, and He Minhong refused to submit her article after withdrawing. Yu Chuhui called He Minhong to ask about the situation. He Minhong emphasized that this was normal literary criticism and believed that Ye Zhenzhen would understand her. Although Zhu Zhe saw that He Minhong was being used for traffic, she could still earn some extra income. After receiving the payment, she planned to invite Ye Zhenzhen and Dai Wei to dinner and explain everything, hoping to obtain Dai Wei's understanding.

Coincidentally, Qi Mu arranged to meet He Minhong at a coffee shop and clearly pointed out that she was being used as a tool. He also analyzed the true purpose of Song Li. He Minhong suddenly realized this, but also considered Zhu Zhe's advice. Qi Mu believed that their encouragement to He Minhong to write a counter-argument in this situation was completely sinister. He suggested that she keep a distance from them.

He Minhong did not carefully consider Qi Mu's words, but instead felt that he was reasonable. She was glad to know Qi Mu and hoped to have the opportunity to learn from him again. Because she didn't want to owe Qi Mu a favor, she promised to regularly patrol his store, so she could feel comfortable and enjoy his guidance.

The next morning, Ye Zhenzhen found a suspicious man dressed in black loitering downstairs, staring at female students who were coming and going. She was puzzled and wanted to ensure everyone's safety. She took a picture of the man and sent it to the group chat for identification.

After seeing the message, Fang Zhiheng immediately accompanied Ye Zhenzhen to meet the man. She easily detained him and found Li Xun's wife's photo and their chat records on his phone. The man admitted that he was sent by Li's mother to find Fang Zhiheng and begged her to let him go. He was willing to end this matter and exchange Li Xun's secret for his freedom.

Yu Chuhui was relieved after knowing that the man was not looking for her. She believed that there would be no more big troubles in the future. Ye Zhenzhen also shared her recent experiences. Since the incident at the research institute, everyone dared not speak up against her, which reduced many troubles for her.

As they were talking, Zhu Zhe pushed the door open and joined the conversation, but He Minhong stood silently in the kitchen. Zhu Zhe revealed to everyone that He Minhong had been unusually cold towards her, and it was likely because of Qi Mu. Fang Zhiheng and Yu Chuhui both thought that they should cut off any interaction between the two as soon as possible.

After thinking it over, Fang Zhiheng decided to call Li Qixing's mother and let her know that she would continue to gather evidence of Li Xun's economic crimes and continue to publicly report and request harsher punishment. However, Li's mother was not afraid at all and even threatened Fang Zhiheng, claiming that she had enough time and energy to deal with her slowly.

Although Yu Chuhui preferred teaching children to dance, she had to give up the job and intentionally dressed up in a glamorous and sexy manner. As expected, the mothers of the students gossiped about Yu Chuhui and complained to the teaching institution, leading to Yu Chuhui resigning from the job excitedly and announcing the news.

Early in the morning, Ye Zhenzhen and Fang Zhiheng prepared delicious food, and Yu Chuhui happily joined in. Fang Zhiheng received news from CEO Ji, learning that she did not have to go to work for the time being because some clients were unhappy with the rumors about her. In fact, Fang Zhiheng had already anticipated this day and was ready to face it with a fighting spirit, happily accepting CEO Ji's arrangements.

He Minhong hastily got up and went to see Ye Zhenzhen, curious about the food they had made. However, Fang Zhiheng and Yu Chuhui were not very welcoming towards her and indicated that they would be discussing technical issues later, which they didn't think would interest He Minhong. This remark was very clear, and He Minhong left Ye Zhenzhen's house feeling dejected.

After He Minhong left, Fang Zhiheng told her sisters about Li's mother, and now the two sides had declared war. Yu Chuhui comforted Fang Zhiheng and advised her to focus on how to keep her job, as survival was the most important thing, even more so than dealing with the Li family. With everyone's suggestions, Fang Zhiheng came up with a plan to deal with Li's mother by intentionally making herself look haggard.

Episode 13 Recap

Fang Zhiheng rushed to the airport and learned from Mr. Ji the reason why the cooperative party was wary of her. Mr. Ji was also at a critical moment of considering a new round of financing and couldn't afford any risk. He wanted to persuade Fang Zhiheng to go back, but when he saw her emotional excitement, he arranged for her to rest at the hotel first and then arranged a meeting with the cooperative party.

Later, Mr. Ji brought the cooperative party to the hotel and praised Fang Zhiheng in front of them, and then introduced the two parties to each other. Fang Zhiheng took the initiative to explain the whole story to the cooperative party, from nearly being violated by Li Xun, to being fired by the company and suffering from rumors, to the self-sacrifice of a witness to bring down Li Xun. The clients were surprised to hear these processes and exclaimed that Li Xun was indeed terrible.

To ease the tension, Mr. Ji suggested ordering food and drinks to welcome the clients. The clients found Fang Zhiheng to be relatively simple-minded, as she spoke out her experiences without much calculation, proving that she didn't have many ulterior motives. Therefore, the clients dispelled their psychological burdens and expressed their willingness to continue to cooperate with Fang Zhiheng according to the original plan. Mr. Ji also asked Fang Zhiheng to go back to the hotel and have a good rest.

Qi Mu took the initiative to take He Minhong out for dinner, but he didn't expect that He Minhong had already prepared celery and lily for him. Because they forgot to bring chopsticks, He Minhong had to feed him with her hands, and Qi Mu deliberately held onto He Minhong's fingers, making her feel shy. Taking advantage of the ambiguous atmosphere, Qi Mu revealed to He Minhong that he had not tasted the taste of home for three years. Although they had been divorced for less than a year, they had been separated for a long time and were like strangers.

In Qi Mu's description, his wife yearned for freedom and independence, did not like taking care of the children at home, and even described him as extremely patriarchal. Because of this, Qi Mu and his wife began a cold war. He Minhong felt sad after hearing this, and Qi Mu immediately noticed the anomaly and said that he talked too much because of the taste of home cooking today.

Dai Wei bought seafood and came to make a feast at home. Ye Zhenzhen jokingly teased him for spending so much money when his bank card was almost running out, and asked what he did yesterday. Talking about this, Dai Wei became angry, complaining that the school occupied their rest time and insisted on organizing team-building activities. They even chose mountaineering as the sport, and a group of weaklings with poor physical fitness had to wait a long time to climb to the top, which was a pure waste of his time.

Although Dai Wei truly disliked blending in with large groups and building relationships with people, he couldn't go against the school's intentions. He sighed that social relationships were really complicated. However, Ye Zhenzhen did indeed have something to discuss with Dai Wei yesterday, and it was about He Minhong. Dai Wei guessed that she wanted him to publicly apologize to He Minhong, and Ye Zhenzhen gave him a cold look upon hearing this.

Dai Wei listened to Ye Zhenzhen's defense of him and felt quite pleased. He tentatively asked if it would be okay for him to be her boyfriend. Ye Zhenzhen admitted that she had many suitors, but she wanted someone who would commit to her fully. Dai Wei, feeling disappointed, responded that they had similar ways of handling things. This statement instantly dispelled Ye Zhenzhen's guilt, and they celebrated this happy moment by drinking together.

Song Li dropped Meng, the editor, off at the neighborhood where He Minhong lived. Meng found the name of the neighborhood familiar, and upon checking her WeChat, she discovered that Ye Zhenzhen and He Minhong were neighbors. Angered, she concluded that the two had conspired against her. Meanwhile, He Minhong was on a date with Qi Mu, and they were listening to a street violinist when Meng called to say she was downstairs.

Qi Mu guessed Meng's intentions and accompanied He Minhong home to confront her. Meng bluntly stated that the author of "Panhai Chronicles" was a woman. He Minhong then thought of the author's pen name and Ye Zhenzhen's WeChat name, and with Qi Mu's analysis, she mistakenly believed that Ye Zhenzhen was the author. He Minhong was incredulous and couldn't believe that her most trusted friend had betrayed her and attacked her, and she started crying. Qi Mu silently comforted her.

The next morning, Zhu Zhe went to work and saw that Dai Wei was waiting outside Ye Zhenzhen's door with breakfast, and he couldn't help but envy them. Ye Zhenzhen shyly pulled Dai Wei back into her house, and the two enjoyed a sweet and happy morning together. Later, when Ye Zhenzhen heard about Dai Wei's research project, she became curious about where he got the funding, and Dai Wei said that his royalties were enough to sustain him for now.

Episode 14 Recap

Dai Wei's plan next is to go abroad to collect information while selling articles and videos. After the paper has made some breakthroughs, he can apply for funding. Ye Zhenzhen supports Dai Wei's choice, as finding something one likes to do is rare.

The two went out to prepare for work and unexpectedly met He Minhong in the elevator. Ever since He Minhong identified Ye Zhenzhen as the author of "Pan Hai Ji," she had become distant and did not want to ride the elevator with her. Ye Zhenzhen complained that Dai Wei's language in his article was too insulting, which hurt He Minhong's feelings. Dai Wei felt that he was not a professional writer and could not grasp the tone of his language.

But currently, Dai Wei's biggest problem is that his parents strongly oppose his research on seventeenth-century maritime economics. He believes that what he wants to pursue in knowledge and exploration has long surpassed the framework of the novel "Pan Hai Ji." Ye Zhenzhen understood Dai Wei's intentions and promised to persuade his parents. She also talked about her own pursuit of dreams.

On the day before payday, Yu Chuhui was overjoyed, and everyone was sharing their work situations in the chat group. Fang Zhiheng stayed up all night revising a plan for a client and submitted it to Manager Ji early in the morning. All the employees in the company knew about Fang Zhiheng's situation and were talking about it privately, with both good and bad comments.

Because of this, Fang Zhiheng contacted Guo Shengyang to help verify the authenticity of the investigation materials and decided to fight back. Zhu Zhe discovered that her salary and bonus for the month had decreased, and she was not happy about it. Just then, a customer, Ms. Zhang, complained about the replacement of the smoke-free room by the higher-ups. So, Zhu Zhe had someone write a letter to the front desk on behalf of the customer, stating the customer's request and emphasizing that this matter must be taken seriously.

Yu Chuhui unexpectedly learned that Zhong Penghao had told her parents about their situation, causing Zhong's elderly couple to start preparing for the wedding house. She could only endure her anger and attend the meeting first, then clarify her attitude with Zhong Penghao after the meeting. Zhong Penghao sat in the tea room with a disappointed look on his face, unable to understand whether Yu Chuhui didn't want to involve him or if she had no interest in him at all. Chen Chaosheng suggested that he turn the page on this matter and just treat each other as colleagues and friends. However, Zhong Penghao still refused to give up, saying that accompanying her was the most sincere confession.

During the lunch break, Yu Chuhui once again complained in the group, talking at length about her own issues, and everyone had to give her comfort or advice. Zhu Zhe suddenly thought of Qi Mu and guessed that the reason he was pursuing He Minhong so urgently must be because he had some hidden motive.

Later, Zhu Zhe asked her friends about Qi Mu's personal situation and found out that his mother was suffering from senile dementia, and in addition to having young children, his ex-wife was really unable to handle the pressure and was unwilling to sacrifice her career and future for Qi Mu, so she decisively chose to divorce him. Therefore, everyone had reason to suspect the real reason why Qi Mu was pursuing He Minhong, and it was highly possible that he was attracted to He Minhong's pure and saintly character, as well as her family's stable assets.

Ye Zhenzhen was curious whether He Minhong's choice of Qi Mu was influenced by being deceived and suggested that they should find a chance to give her some warning. When she said this, everyone put down their phones without responding, until Ye Zhenzhen asked again, and they spoke up about their concerns. Mainly, He Minhong's weak and indecisive character made it difficult for them to speak up, and they were afraid that she might misunderstand their intentions.

Moreover, in Fang Zhiheng's view, if Qi Mu intentionally controlled a wife to be his housekeeper, he would first cut off the controlled person's circle of friends, including sowing discord between her and her friends, creating an illusion of being abandoned by everyone except her lover. Ye Zhenzhen thought of how He Minhong received packages from her family every month and considered using the tracking number to contact his family, even if it went against her wishes, as it was her duty to remind him.

At the same time, He Minhong was still immersed in the sweetness of love, unable to extricate himself. Zhu Zhe personally arranged a high-level smoke-free room for Ms. Zhang and apologized sincerely. Ms. Zhang no longer pursued the matter and was very satisfied with the arrangement. During a hotel high-level meeting, Zhu Zhe intentionally arrived a few minutes late and took the opportunity to talk about Ms. Zhang's situation, putting pressure on the front desk department to satisfy his own selfish desires.

Episode 15 Recap

Regarding Fang Zhiheng's harassment by Li Xun's wife, the sisters unanimously agreed that Fang Zhiheng should come forward as soon as possible. It is better to take the initiative to clarify her position rather than wait for rumors to die down. Eventually, Fang Zhiheng mustered the courage to publicly speak out and confess everything to her colleagues, thanking those who helped her overcome her ordeal. At this moment, Fang Zhiheng won everyone's applause for her bravery.

After the problem was satisfactorily resolved, Fang Zhiheng was particularly pleased. Ye Zhenzhen told Dai Wei that her parents were coming to visit and asked if he wanted to come over for dinner, but he politely declined. He Minhong was cold towards Ye Zhenzhen and Zhu Zhe throughout, never saying a word. They realized something was wrong and quickly went to the stairwell to call He Minhong's mother and inform her about Qi Mu's relationship with He Minhong.

Indeed, when He's mother heard that her daughter liked a man with a history of marriage, her voice trembled, and she hurriedly thanked Yu Chuhui. Yu Chuhui also reminded her not to let He Minhong know about these things. Considering that He's mother was very likely to bring He Minhong back home, Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui prepared to welcome a new tenant or try to lure Fang Zhiheng over.

Yu Chuhui's speech at the meeting was very impressive, winning praise from the leaders present. However, she met an old acquaintance, Jin Mingkang, outside, only to find out that he was Jin's brother. Yu Chuhui remembered how she accidentally injured Jin Mingkang, who was a Good Samaritan, and the misunderstanding had left them with a bad impression of each other. Now, Yu Chuhui was conflicted and anxious as she returned to the office, thinking that she would surely lose her job because of this.

However, Jin Mingkang was not one to hold grudges. He had a more objective impression of Yu Chuhui and had no intention of seeking revenge. Today, he came to see Jin to discuss Ami's study abroad. Jin could not help but wonder how Jin Mingkang knew Yu Chuhui. In his impression, his brother had a good temper and rarely got into conflicts.

He Minhong was alone in her room when her mother suddenly came to visit, looking serious and observant. With just one glance, she noticed the gift that Qi Mu had sent to her daughter. When faced with her mother's questioning, He Minhong confessed that she was in a relationship with Qi Mu, including how they met.

Because of this, He's mother felt that their relationship was very unequal, and rather than a relationship, it seemed more like a one-sided attempt to please someone who had ulterior motives. So when He's mother heard that her daughter occasionally helped Qi Mu take care of his shop, she had an answer in her heart and emphasized that in a relationship, both parties should give and take, and that the more intimate the relationship, the more important it is to maintain personal economic independence in order to have mutual respect and equality in the future.

Unfortunately, He Minhong completely ignored her mother's advice, insisting on her own judgment of Qi Mu, and not wanting her mother to treat her like a child. At this moment, Ye Zhenzhen brought her parents to Fang Zhiheng and Yu Chuhui's place, but only He's mother and daughter were in the room. He's mother realized that her daughter seemed to be having a disagreement with Ye Zhenzhen and greeted her politely.

Ye Zhenzhen's parents were very happy that their daughter was finally willing to spend money on heating, but they complained about the unhealthy vegetarian food in the fridge, yet they couldn't do anything about their beloved daughter. On the other hand, when He's mother saw Yu Chuhui come home from work, she deliberately found an excuse to get He Minhong out of the room and couldn't wait to ask her and Zhu Zhe about Qi Mu's situation.

Zhu Zhe didn't give much evaluation, only revealing that Qi Mu was eager to get married and suggested that He's mother could follow this line of thought to think about it and decide on her course of action after digging deeper into the mystery or immediately extinguishing any signs after digging deeper. He's mother seemed thoughtful, and stayed there that night claiming she had a neck problem. He's father rushed over after receiving a call from He Minhong, driving all night to get there.

Episode 16 Recap

In order to sabotage the relationship between He Minhong and Qi Mu, He's mother pretended to be unwell and asked He to pack and accompany her home for a few days, promising to come back on the weekend. Although He was hesitant, she agreed to go when she saw her mother's ill look.

Fang Zhiheng invited Guo Shengyang to help deal with some company affairs, and his outstanding abilities made everyone, including Ji, appreciate him, and they decided to outsource all the lawsuits the company couldn't handle to him in the future. Guo Shengyang was grateful to Fang Zhiheng and wanted to take her out to dinner, but when he heard that she was going to have dinner with friends, he hoped to join them.

Eventually, Fang Zhiheng brought Guo Shengyang to Ye Zhenzhen's home, where Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui had been waiting for a long time. Everyone raised their glasses to welcome Ye Zhenzhen's parents. During the dinner, Ye's parents mistook Fang Zhiheng and Guo Shengyang for a couple, and the others teased them. Guo Shengyang's shy and honest personality made everyone like him.

After the happy dinner, the girls returned home laughing and talking, but He's mother found an excuse to separate herself from He Minhong. As He left, He's mother went to the living room, saying that as long as the people in a relationship were in a good state, whether it was love or marriage, it meant that they were very happy. However, He Minhong did not express such a state, so He's mother decided to take her daughter back home and hoped that they would terminate He's lease and cut off her retreat. Everyone understood what He's mother meant, and Zhu Zhe readily agreed.

Just as they were talking, He Minhong returned with some shopping, and Yu Chuhui quickly blocked the door to cover up He's mother sneaking back to her room. Fortunately, He Minhong did not notice anything unusual, and Ye Zhenzhen and Fang Zhiheng left together. After all, they had been together for some time, and Ye Zhenzhen was a little reluctant to leave He Minhong, but nothing lasts forever. That night, Ye Zhenzhen prepared some gifts for He's mother, and everyone came out to see them off, except for He Minhong, who was still stubborn and didn't say goodbye.

For everyone, He Minhong's departure was more of a relief than sadness. No one wanted her to be trapped in this emotional quagmire. Ye Zhenzhen and Zhu Zhe had the most say. One began with a happy love and the other ended with a painful relationship. Although Yu Chuhui had no similar experience, at least she knew that most mothers genuinely wanted the best for their daughters.

Thinking about tomorrow's discussion with the landlord about terminating the lease, Yu Chuhui asked Fang Zhiheng if she would be willing to move in. Fang Zhiheng was too lazy to bother and just wanted to enjoy the pleasures of life. With the Spring Festival approaching, Ye Zhenzhen would definitely be able to go home for the holidays. As for Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui, it was unclear. With the persuasion and comfort of everyone, Fang Zhiheng mustered the courage to book a ticket home.

On the other side, He Minhong sat in the passenger seat, observing her mother's condition in the back seat the whole way. She noticed that her mother's cervical spine seemed to have improved. The long journey left the family exhausted. When they got off the car, He Minhong noticed that her mother did not have any discomfort from her cervical spine, and could even lift the luggage with one hand.

With this doubt in mind, He Minhong returned home without saying a word. It turned out that her mother no longer pretended to be ill and directly admitted that she was faking it. He Minhong suddenly realized that her mother's pretense was because of Qi Mu and was angry at her behavior. The mother and daughter almost quarreled, and He's father hurriedly came to stop them. The couple went to their room to discuss their next move.

Early in the morning, Guo Assistant came to find Yu Chuhui, informing her to prepare to go on a business trip with General Manager Jin as soon as possible. Yu Chuhui naturally couldn't be more delighted, as it meant she wouldn't be laid off for the time being, and any other issues could be put on hold. However, Yu Chuhui was worried that she had not been trained and might embarrass herself in front of the clients. Guo Assistant reassured her to relax.

Episode 17 Recap

Guo assistant mistakenly thought that Yu Chuhui and General Manager Jin were old acquaintances, patiently explaining some taboos about meals and drinking to her, including methods to protect herself from being drunk. However, because there were too many examples like this, it showed that the job was difficult, and Yu Chuhui did not have enough confidence and just nodded in confusion.

But Zhong Penghao felt that Yu Chuhui should not get too close to General Manager Jin. If rumors of an affair between the two spread, it would definitely damage her image and reputation. Yu Chuhui didn't think much of it, and immediately sent a message to her sisters in the group chat to report the situation.

At the hotel, Zhu Zhe ran into Mr. Cui, who had left a very deep impression on her. It was only later that she found out that he was a hotel sleep tester. Mr. Cui praised the hotel's service level as overall excellent, especially in terms of emergency response plan, which naturally left a very good impression on Zhu Zhe.

Before meeting General Manager Jin, Yu Chuhui was nervous and anxious. She hesitated for a long time before mustering up the courage to go to his office. General Manager Jin went straight to the point and mentioned the conflict between Yu Chuhui and Jin Mingkang. Instead of getting angry, he thought Yu Chuhui was very courageous. After that, General Manager Jin returned to the main topic and talked about the internal management structure of the cooperating company, Langyu.

First of all, the company's investors are all young second-generation rich, and the management personnel are also classmates during their study abroad. Therefore, General Manager Jin emphasized that everyone cannot formulate action plans based on the conventional ideas for enterprises. They must cater to their preferences. General Manager Jin believed that Yu Chuhui currently needed to change her appearance to gain acceptance. Yu Chuhui promised that she would change greatly, and whether or not they could win this cooperation was crucial.

When He Minhong woke up and saw the message her parents left for her, she didn't pay too much attention to it at first. It wasn't until she talked to Qi Mu on the phone that she realized her mother had taken away her ID card. Qi Mu immediately understood the reason and deliberately aroused He Minhong's rebellious spirit. She was determined to break free from her parents' constraints.

Afterwards, He Minhong packed her bags and took the car back to Shanghai, leaving only a note for her parents. While Ye Zhenzhen was on the phone with Dai Wei, she was walking home and was about to open the door when she heard the neighbor's door open. She mistakenly thought it was Fang Zhiheng and the others returning, but to her surprise, it was He Minhong.

Before Ye Zhenzhen could react, He Minhong closed the door, leaving Ye Zhenzhen stunned in place. Dai Wei came to find Ye Zhenzhen and noticed that something was off about her mood. Ye Zhenzhen said that she never thought He Minhong would be angry with her and didn't understand why their relationship suddenly broke down. She had intended to talk to her about it, but was met with this treatment instead.

Dai Wei then took out some prepared modeling clay to help Ye Zhenzhen relieve stress and cooked for her. After a while, Dai Wei suggested that they publicly announce their relationship to their parents after the Chinese New Year. He believed that their open-mindedness would make it easier to persuade them.

When Zhu Zhe returned home, she overheard He Minhong on the phone in her room and complained to Qi Mu that they didn't treat her like a sister. Qi Mu responded that sometimes people can't see through others. It was due to He Minhong's misunderstanding that Zhu Zhe called her out to explain and emphasized that she had opened the door to let the warmth from the heated pad in the bedroom reach the living room.

At this moment, Yu Chuhui also came in from outside. Upon learning of what had just happened, she immediately made it clear that she and He Minhong were never truly close sisters. He Minhong, feeling guilty, silently returned to her bedroom. Afterwards, He's mother called and Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui immediately went to discuss countermeasures with Ye Zhenzhen.

Fang Zhiheng found an excuse to hang up He's mother's call and reminded Zhu Zhe that they should let He's mother solve the problem herself. Otherwise, it would surely be a thankless and exhausting task. However, everyone wanted to help He Minhong to some extent out of their friendship as roommates. After all, Qi Mu was very calculating and had found a simple-minded girl to be his wife, essentially giving his family a full-time housekeeper who could do both indoor and outdoor household chores, as well as fulfill the duties of a wife and mother, and even provide her family with assets.

On the other hand, He Minhong was alone in her room, trembling under her blanket. Her parents messaged her, asking about her situation and urging her to find an opportunity to introduce Qi Mu to them. He Minhong thought her parents had already compromised and readily agreed, unaware that her mother's heart was breaking for her daughter's love life, unable to imagine her daughter falling into the hands of a scumbag.

Episode 18 Recap

After dinner, Ye Zhenzhen took the initiative to find Yu Chuhui and suddenly saw He Minhong coming out of her room, announcing that she would completely leave when her lease expired next month. Ye Zhenzhen and Yu Chuhui didn't know how to respond to this sudden news, but fortunately, Zhu Zhe found an excuse to take them back to their room and ignored He Minhong throughout.

While they were chatting, Zhu's mother called to ask if Zhu Zhe had paid off her debts, hinting that she wanted her to find a good job for her brother or send money back home for him to buy a house and get married. However, her brother was lazy and had high expectations, even shouting at his sister frequently, which even Ye Zhenzhen and Yu Chuhui couldn't stand.

As this was Yu Chuhui's first business trip, she was naturally nervous, and Ye Zhenzhen had to guide her on everything from flying to preparing project presentations. Ye Zhenzhen noticed that Yu Chuhui didn't save any websites related to research in her computer, so she explained the importance of these things to her and recommended some essential websites.

Meanwhile, Zhu Zhe was looking at Zheng Jin's information in her room when she suddenly received a call from a colleague informing her that Zheng Jin had a good relationship with Qi Mu. Zhu Zhe then went to chat with Yu Chuhui and shared her experiences with Ye Zhenzhen, telling her that she needed to be well-prepared and ensure that the plan was perfect. Yu Chuhui took note seriously, while He Minhong listened to their conversation at the door and left dejectedly.

Early the next morning, both Ye Zhenzhen and Fang Zhiheng came to help Yu Chuhui as her advisors, some offering to provide her with cash, while others prepared perfume and clothing, showing that she had become the favorite of the sisters. Seeing so many people guiding her, Yu Chuhui said that she was not nervous at all and happily left with Zhu Zhe.

When He Minhong came out of her room, the lively scene had disappeared, and she could only return to her room alone. At the same time, Ye Zhenzhen and Editor Meng met unexpectedly and learned that she had been to the Ode to Joy residential area before and had met He Minhong and Qi Mu.

As a result, Ye Zhenzhen suspected that He Minhong's attitude had changed because she thought she was the author of "Pan Sea Chronicles". She immediately called Dai Wei to tell him about the situation and asked him to apologize. Dai Wei said that He Minhong was being aggressive and provocative, and even if Ye Zhenzhen's article was not wrong, she didn't want others to criticize it. Ye Zhenzhen listened thoughtfully and didn't say anything more.

However, Dai Wei didn't want Ye Zhenzhen to suffer, so he took the initiative to talk to He Minhong and clarify that Ye Zhenzhen did not write the novel. He believed that a person's character should be judged by their actions. But He Minhong didn't listen and still thought Dai Wei was being unreasonable.

When Ye Zhenzhen returned home from work, she saw Dai Wei sitting at her doorstep picking vegetables, which made her feel warm inside. Dai Wei told her that he had already clarified things with He Minhong. Ye Zhenzhen didn't expect much from this, as she felt that He Minhong was biased and influenced by Qi Mu. The best outcome was probably to ignore each other.

After dinner, Ye Zhenzhen walked Dai Wei out and they cuddled at the doorstep. They saw Fang Zhiheng and Guo Shengyang returning from work. Dai Wei and Guo Shengyang introduced themselves, and Fang Zhiheng explained that she asked Guo Shengyang for help with a project. Zhu Zhe smiled and seemed interested in the gossip.

Yu Chuhui's presentation was very mature, and she answered all the questions from the cooperating party. Dai Wei personally drove Ye Zhenzhen home, but their kissing scene in the car was seen by their parents. After this month, He Minhong moved back to her hometown with her mother, and Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui revealed a major news about Qi Mu, claiming that he had a brief marriage after his first one ended.

Episode 19 Recap

Everyone else has gone home for the Chinese New Year, leaving only Yu Chuhui and Zhu Zhe in Shanghai. They agreed to go shopping together on the weekend. Fang Zhiheng returned home with her luggage and gathered the courage to knock on the door. She was shocked to see her pregnant mother. Yu Chuhui answered a call from her aunt and learned that her father was staying at her grandmother's house and was forcing Yu's mother to come home.

Chinese New Year's Eve, a day that should be filled with laughter and joy, Zhu Zhe was alone in the living room. She had to send blessings to her leader and give red envelopes to her colleagues before the countdown. After spending the New Year's Eve with her mother, Yu Chuhui came back to accompany Zhu Zhe. Unexpectedly, Qi Mu suddenly came to their door and accused them of secretly investigating his situation, which had caused serious harm to him.

Facing Qi Mu's angry questioning, Yu Chuhui replied fiercely, unwilling to show weakness. Zhu Zhe believed that if he had nothing to hide, there was no need to be nervous, and he should take responsibility for what he had done when he had slandered them behind their backs. Qi Mu was furious and about to attack, but Zhu Zhe immediately stood in front of Yu Chuhui. When he realized that there were surveillance cameras all around, he became a bit nervous.

Zhu Zhe warned Qi Mu to consider the consequences of his actions. If he ended up in trouble on the third day of the New Year, no one would take care of his mother. As soon as Zhu Zhe said this, Qi Mu's attitude changed immediately. He confirmed that Zhu Zhe was not the one spreading rumors and left reluctantly. After returning to the room, Zhu Zhe was convinced that there must be something wrong with Qi Mu's second marriage, otherwise, why would he be so angry? In fact, Yu Chuhui also knew the real purpose of Qi Mu's visit and advised Zhu Zhe not to stick up for others so readily and to learn to protect herself outside.

Fang Zhiheng looked at her mother, who was heavily pregnant at home, and suddenly felt like she didn't belong in this family. She had the urge to return to Shanghai, so she lied and said she had to go back before the seventh day, otherwise, she would definitely be scolded by the company's leaders. Then Fang Zhiheng went to the kitchen to help her father and listened to his complaints. She said she was going out to buy groceries, but actually wanted to go outside to cool off.

Ye Zhenzhen returned to chat with her friends, Fang Zhiheng and Ashang complained that she didn't tell them about her relationship, and couldn't understand why she chose Dai Wei. They suspected that Dai Wei might brainwash Ye Zhenzhen. Ye Zhenzhen thought Dai Wei was still good, and if he was really a scumbag as they said, he would definitely choose to marry her to ensure a worry-free life.

Yu Chuhui was annoyed by her relatives, especially her father who sent her an average of three messages per hour. She felt tired thinking about having to deal with so many people. Her father wanted to use her grandmother's family to force her mother to come home, and her grandmother's family was willing to sacrifice her mother for peace. Overall, they were all selfish. So Yu Chuhui's realization was that one had to rely on oneself to live. If her mother's personality was not weak, there would not be such a result.

While they were talking, there was suddenly a knock on the door. Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui thought it was Qi Mu coming to cause trouble again, and nervously approached the peephole. Fortunately, they heard Fang Zhiheng's voice, which finally relieved their anxiety. Fang Zhiheng went back to her room to put down her luggage. Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui brought two bags of glutinous rice balls to cook for her. They were shocked to learn that her parents had had a second child.

Fang Zhiheng knew that if she continued to stay at home, she would definitely get angry and ruin the restored relationship. Her biggest worry now was that her mother, as an elderly mother, would definitely be very tired. In addition, Fang Zhiheng talked about Guo Shengyang's outstanding abilities, and Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui listened with a face full of gossip. Zhu Zhe had work to do, so he left first. Yu Chuhui complained to Fang Zhiheng about her father staying at her grandmother's house for many days.

The whole family prepared a farewell banquet for Ye Zhenzhen. Grandparents and relatives came to attend. At the dinner table, they discussed Ye Zhenzhen's boyfriend Dai Wei, and urged Fang Kuai and Ashang to hurry up and get married, which scared the two of them into pushing each other away and saying that they were not in a hurry to start a family.

Episode 20 Recap

He Minhong returned to her hometown with nothing to do, accompanying her mother for a walk outside. She saw some aunties dancing in the square and pulled her mother to join in until they were completely satisfied. He's mother was very happy and praised He Minhong for her independence and learning in the past few years. He Minhong took the opportunity to express her desire to return to Shanghai after the Chinese New Year. Although He's mother was a little reluctant, she respected her daughter's choice on the condition that she must move back to Ode to Joy community to ensure safety.

Meanwhile, Fang Zhiheng and Yu Chuhui went out for a drive and stayed in a hotel at night. Fang Zhiheng couldn't sleep because of the troubles at home. Now her father is handling all the household affairs alone, and there will be many problems in the future if he has to raise a child, making her feel uneasy.

Later, Yu Chuhui returned home exhausted and couldn't help complaining about the heavy workload during the day, feeling like a beginner in a pro's world. However, Yu Chuhui thought that Fang Zhiheng had a strong mentality and could self-strengthen and solve problems, and could still support everything perfectly.

While they were talking, He's mother and daughter suddenly visited. Yu Chuhui quickly dragged her luggage back to the room. Zhu Zhe greeted them with a smile and explained the matter of renewing the lease. Since He's mother hadn't transferred the money to them before, Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui shared the cost, which meant that He Minhong had to move out when the lease expired.

After hearing this, He's mother felt ashamed and admitted that she had forgotten to transfer the money to them. Now she wanted to negotiate to let her daughter continue to live there. Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui did not respond directly, found an excuse to go back to their room to rest. He Minhong sat there with a straight face and did not speak. She even complained to He's mother about their attitude in private.

Because He's mother was worried about her daughter living alone in Shanghai, she wanted to quickly solve the rental issue. She explained the situation to her husband first and then came to find Yu Chuhui and Zhu Zhe. However, Yu Chuhui had already entered the bathroom before He's mother could speak, and Zhu Zhe pretended to be asleep when she came to find her.

The next morning, He's father sent a message saying that the new signed contract was flawless, and currently, they could only ask them and the landlord's agent to withdraw the new contract together. Yu Chuhui messaged Zhu Zhe in her room, thinking that the He family mother and daughter must think they were deliberately making things difficult for them. Zhu Zhe went out and explained thoroughly to He's mother. If they still wanted to live here, they should negotiate with the landlord and draw up a contract.

As a result, He's mother was very grateful to Zhu Zhe, but He Minhong did not agree. She thought they were only renting this room because they had the means to do so and were pursuing an improved quality of life. Hearing this, He's mother was incredulous. She didn't expect her daughter to have such malicious thoughts about their former close roommate.

He's mother speculated that her daughter's attitude towards her roommates had changed, probably after getting to know Qi Mu. It was highly likely that Qi Mu had instigated it. However, He Minhong denied it repeatedly and continued to speak well of Qi Mu. On the way to work, Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui discussed the He family mother and daughter and thought that He Minhong would definitely cause trouble again. They could only take it step by step.

Langyu Company had already sent a contract and wanted to conduct an on-site inspection, indicating that they had the intention to cooperate, and named Yu Chuhui to be present. General Manager Jin believed that Yu Chuhui got along very well with the other party and could handle it independently, so he let Assistant Guo notify Yu Chuhui. CEO Li talked to Yu Chuhui alone and decided to promote her to be the team leader, with a salary increase of six thousand yuan on the original basis. Yu Chuhui was overjoyed, and CEO Li asked Assistant Guo to arrange her itinerary. Good steel should be used on the edge of a knife.

Episode 21 Recap

Yu Chuhui found out through Guo's assistant that her schedule was already full, and couldn't help but complain. She had prepared well for the presentation and exhausted herself. If she had to schedule two more jobs now, she really wouldn't be able to cope. After some negotiation, Guo's assistant decided to delete one item from her schedule, and Yu Chuhui finally agreed.

When Yu Chuhui finished work and went home, she found that He's mother was very enthusiastic towards her and had already contacted the landlord. As a result, Zhu Zhe readily signed the contract. Seeing these two girls being so independent, and thinking about her daughter He Minhong's radical personality, He's mother felt uneasy and wanted to take her daughter home, but was rejected.

He Minhong accused her mother of wanting to control her with money, but didn't realize that her words hurt He's mother, who thought that she was being influenced by Qi Mu. At the same time, Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui were chatting and thought that she was now the most popular employee in the company. Li Qixing realized that Jin wanted to steal the talent and made that decision.

Because of the argument between He Minhong and her mother, He's mother cried and went to Zhu Zhe to complain that her daughter had changed too much and seemed to want to isolate herself from the world. Zhu Zhe responded that it was difficult for the company to intervene in private matters like these, and it would be even more difficult to solve them.

On the other hand, Fang Zhiheng comforted Yu Chuhui not to overthink things and said that if Li Zong was willing to raise her salary, it meant that she was worth it. Just as Fang Zhiheng and Yu Chuhui were about to talk to Zhu Zhe, He's mother asked them for advice, and the young people gave corresponding solutions. Before entering the room, Zhu Zhe reminded He's mother that if she wanted to control someone, she had to isolate them first. At first, He's mother didn't quite understand, but later realized what Zhu Zhe meant.

When Zhu Zhe returned to her work position and heard about a customer complaint, she treated it as a crisis public relations matter and arranged for a thorough investigation. On the other hand, while discussing business, Yu Chuhui was pulled aside by the employee of the other party to chat. She emphasized that her company's products needed to go through strict quality control and asked him what additional functions he needed on the product. The other party gave Yu Chuhui a suggestion, and she immediately took out her phone to record it while they were chatting happily.

Considering the customer complaint issue, Zhu Zhe applied for judicial expertise, which was rejected by General Manager Wang. She believed that if they didn't handle this situation firmly, it would cause more serious consequences. Finally, General Manager Wang agreed to the judicial expertise. The customer was indeed frightened and quickly explained that they had made a mistake before hastily leaving.

Later, Zhu Zhe found out that Zheng Jin was deliberately retaliating and colluding with others to extort money. She informed General Manager Wang that it must be dealt with seriously. General Manager Wang tried to calm Zhu Zhe down as much as possible, admitted that Zheng Jin was not suitable for the job, and asked her to focus on her current work.

Yu Chuhui went back to the company and drafted a plan, which was approved by General Manager Li. General Manager Li said that they could not reveal their trump card this time, or else the contract might fall through. He was glad that he didn't make a mistake in hiring her. Then Yu Chuhui shared the good news with everyone and handed out cakes to celebrate the completion of the task. She was excited to go home and share the news with Fang Zhiheng, feeling that if she had not been brave enough to switch jobs, she would not have found meaning in life.

Fang Zhiheng congratulated Yu Chuhui on her success and finally finding her place. Yu Chuhui gave Fang Zhiheng cold medicine and went back to her room. When Zhu Zhe came home from work, she mentioned Zheng Jin's situation to Yu Chuhui and reminded her to be vigilant and learn from Ye Zhenzhen's practice of doing good deeds every day.

Episode 22 Recap

Cousins personally accompanied Ye Zhenzhen back to Shanghai, stuttering for a long time before mustering the courage to remind her that she can date, but must take contraceptive measures and consider her own body. Ye Zhenzhen smiled and said she already knew, feeling a little helpless as she watched the two hurriedly leave.

The next morning, seeing Yu Chuhui, Zhu Zhe, and Fang Zhiheng, Ye Zhenzhen finally felt at ease. Fang Zhiheng bluntly said that Ye Zhenzhen is only complete when she returns. As soon as Yu Chuhui arrived at the company, Li Qixing called her to take meeting minutes and instructed her to find out Langyu Company's position on price.

Seeing Li Qixing placing so much trust in Yu Chuhui, Chen Chaosheng and Zhong Penghao suspect that she will rise quickly. Yu Chuhui humbly responded to their compliments. After careful consideration, she declined Li Qixing's offer, feeling that she was not ready for the position and hoped that he would reward everyone in the team equally. Li Qixing understood Yu Chuhui's point of view and allowed her to focus on her work, praising her as a smart and reliable employee.

When faced with unreasonable demands from the station, Zhu Zhe immediately called Wang Zong to report the situation, scaring the station staff to inform Zheng Jin. Wang Zong comforted Zhu Zhe and requested Zheng Jin to apologize to her personally. However, Zheng Jin was unwilling and went back to his office in a fit of anger, believing that Zhu Zhe, an uncultured country bumpkin, was not worthy of his apology. Despite this, Zheng Jin still went to apologize to Zhu Zhe, but was kicked by her.

Ye Zhenzhen prepared gifts for everyone and wrapped them alone at home, dressing up carefully for herself. Yu Chuhui looked at Ye Zhenzhen's table full of gift boxes and hurriedly opened them. She loved the jewelry and other items recommended by Ye Zhenzhen. Yu Chuhui also talked to Ye Zhenzhen about Zhu Zhe's work, believing that this man would not give up easily and thus persuaded Ye Zhenzhen to go out and meet him.

Zhu Zhe enjoyed the emperor-like treatment given by Ye Zhenzhen and Yu Chuhui, sitting on the sofa and discussing the specifics of recent events. She said that she was not experiencing a midlife crisis, but rather planning her career ahead of time. Meanwhile, He Minhong was sulking alone in her room until Qi Mu messaged her to meet up, and she happily left under the gaze of her sisters.

During their meeting, Qi Mu talked to He Minhong about their school days, envying couples and feeling that they should learn to date in this era. When Fang Zhiheng returned home and saw Qi Mu and He Minhong cuddling on a bench, she approached them and questioned Qi Mu about his troubles with Zhu Zhe. Qi Mu admitted that his privacy had been investigated, but Fang Zhiheng refuted him, warning him not to suspect Zhu Zhe without evidence, or she would not spare him.

At first, Qi Mu wanted to teach Fang Zhiheng a lesson, but he immediately backed down upon learning that she knew Jeet Kune Do. He Minhong spoke up to defend Qi Mu, believing that Zhu Zhe was meddling too much. When she returned home, she criticized everyone for interfering in her life and maintaining false relationships with her.

Upon hearing this, Yu Chuhui was furious and emphasized that even if they could start over, she would still call He Minhong's mother. Ye Zhenzhen also explained to He Minhong that she was not the real-life Yan Zhengyi from her novel. However, He Minhong refused to listen and left without acknowledging her, while Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui continued to chat and laugh.

Ye Zhenzhen's parents found out that their daughter was in a relationship with Dai Wei, so they arranged to meet him and interrogate him. Ye's father had a decent impression of Dai Wei and even talked with him about their shared interests. He even wanted to exchange WeChat contacts with him, but when he saw the disapproving look from his wife, he immediately sat up straight and behaved properly.

Actually, the parents' intention was very clear - they wanted to know Dai Wei's attitude towards Ye Zhenzhen's feelings. Dai Wei sincerely expressed that he wanted to be with Ye Zhenzhen from the bottom of his heart. He also felt that Ye Zhenzhen was like a shining star, and he could feel the electric energy every moment they spent together. As for their views on family and marriage, Dai Wei also expressed his honest thoughts, which satisfied Ye's parents.

Episode 23 Recap

Ye Zhenzhen's parents are very concerned about their daughter's views on marriage, and cannot understand why she chooses not to marry for her career. So they asked for Dai Wei's opinion. Dai Wei said that being in love and staying together is not just about getting married, but Ye's father immediately changed his impression of him and felt that he was completely unreliable. Later, Ye's father called Ashang and instructed him to keep an eye on Ye Zhenzhen and report any situation at any time.

The newly appointed hotel manager Huang Yuxuan took the initiative to invite Zhu Zhe to dinner. Because she is a high-achieving student who has returned from studying abroad and is proficient in many languages, Zhu Zhe felt a bit of a crisis. At the same time, Yu Chuhui followed Fang Zhiheng downstairs and speculated that He Minhong should have found a job. She couldn't help but complain that people like He, who take advantage of others without saying a word, have no right to criticize others for being selfish.

General Manager Li had a private conversation with Zhong Penghao and appointed him as the acting team leader, with a salary increase of two thousand yuan and many work tasks assigned. Zhong Penghao felt that he was not suitable to be the team leader, and besides, two thousand yuan was not enough to be shared equally among the three members of the team. Chen Chaosheng wanted to compete for the position of team leader, but Zhong Penghao voted to let Yu Chuhui take on the role.

As a result, Chen Chaosheng became even more unhappy. Upon hearing that Yu Chuhui had previously earned an additional six thousand yuan in salary as the team leader, he became angry and left on the spot. Yu Chuhui quickly asked General Manager Li to return to the position of team leader and explained the misunderstanding to Chen Chaosheng. Chen Chaosheng was not unreasonable and naturally understood Yu Chuhui's approach.

Dai Wei came to pick up Ye Zhenzhen after work, and welcomed her with an enthusiastic hug. The two went to a nearby restaurant for dinner, and Dai Wei imitated the scene of meeting Ye's parents, sharing this interesting experience and making Ye Zhenzhen laugh out loud. In fact, Dai Wei envied Ye Zhenzhen's parents' relationship very much. Although every family has its own fate, he could not understand why his mother hated his father so much and why she insisted on maintaining this marriage and living under the same roof.

Ye Zhenzhen analyzed from Dai Ma's character and situation and felt that the reason she didn't divorce was for Dai Wei. Giving up her assets meant she could not support Dai Wei's current consumption. When Dai Wei was studying abroad, Dai Ma went to the hospital to take care of Dai Ba, knowing that it would be troublesome for her son. So she suggested that Dai Wei have a good talk with his parents.

After finishing the training, He Minhong went to the store to take care of the accounts. When Qi Mu came to pick her up in his car, she shared her changes and worries with him. Qi Mu continued to brainwash He Minhong, saying that someone in a family must make a sacrifice for the family's completeness. Qi Mu drove He Minhong to the downstairs and hugged her reluctantly, making He Minhong feel sweet.

Fang Zhiheng worked overtime until midnight and had to rely on coffee to stay awake. Suddenly she received a message from Guo Shengyang, who asked her to go out to play and sent her a photo of delicious late-night snacks. Yu Chuhui made soy milk for Zhu Zhe and found that she was unhappy. After asking the reason, she learned that it was from Huang Yuxuan.

Zhu Zhe lamented that she was unlucky. She had finally brought down a vice president, but Zheng Jin from the front office took over. When Zheng Jin left in a mess, she encountered a woman named Huang Yuxuan, who knew four foreign languages. Especially after having a meal with Huang Yuxuan, Zhu Zhe found that she was a good person and very ambitious. If she passed on her experience to Huang Yuxuan, she might block her own path to advancement.

The next morning, Huang Yuxuan thanked Zhu Zhe for the plan she had sent. Zhu Zhe said it was nothing, but she felt it was inappropriate for them to contact each other directly, so she politely declined the invitation to dinner. President Wang praised the plan Huang Yuxuan sent and was surprised that it was written by Zhu Zhe overnight. He asked Zhu Zhe why she helped her competitor.

Zhu Zhe admitted that her path to advancement overlapped with Huang Yuxuan's, especially when the latter was stronger than her in comprehensive abilities. However, she saw Huang Yuxuan as a good candidate and didn't hesitate to lend her a hand. As for the competition, it was all based on individual abilities. Zhu Zhe was not a despicable person. When President Wang heard this, he appreciated her more.

Episode 24 Recap

Zheng Jin brought harm to both others and himself and was forced to resign. Zhu Zhe told this news to Yu Chuhui, which made her realize the importance of improving her business abilities. Immediately, she followed Zhong Penghao to study. After work, Yu Chuhui went to Tao Grandpa's house to have dinner with him and his mother. Yu's mother wanted her to call her grandmother, but Yu Chuhui tactfully changed the subject.

That night, Yu Chuhui sat alone outside and couldn't help but complain to everyone about her mother's family. She felt exhausted from seeing those life-threatening messages every day and just wanted to avoid this negative energy. Fang Zhiheng suggested out of sight, out of mind, and Zhu Zhe also agreed that they should be treated as junk messages.

Just as Yu Chuhui's mood was gradually improving, she suddenly received news that her uncle and stepfather were hospitalized by her father and urged her to return home to deal with it. Yu Chuhui, feeling unhappy, came to chat with Zhu Zhe, saying that she didn't want to deal with them because no one stood up for her mother when she was abused before. She would rather pay a high lawyer fee than let her mother go back home.

The daily expenses and training costs these days have almost depleted He Minhong's savings. He Minhong reluctantly called Jiang the editor to urge for payment, but the other party said that they were on leave last month and couldn't process the salary for now. At He Minhong's pleading request, Jiang the editor had to promise to report to the leader tomorrow, but He Minhong knew it was unlikely to happen.

As the experiment failed, Ye Zhenzhen suspected that the reason was sample contamination. Her two apprentices brainstormed to find the cause of contamination and wouldn't rest until they found it. After a week of work, Ye Zhenzhen went on a trip with Dai Wei. During the car ride, Ye Zhenzhen analyzed the situation with Dai Wei and guessed that it was most likely aerosols, and she had to explain the composition of aerosols to him. However, before Ye Zhenzhen could finish speaking, Dai Wei was already falling asleep, like a naughty child who yawns as soon as class starts, making Ye Zhenzhen very helpless.

Between jokes and bickering, Ye Zhenzhen felt that it was wonderful to relax and travel, as she always felt pressured at the research institute. Dai Wei also said that he had written several articles during this time, just to make sure he could update his content on time during the trip, or else he would get anxious. However, the next moment, Ye Zhenzhen exposed that he was shopping on Taobao and physical stores every day for equipment, and the two of them played around happily.

Guo Shengyang wanted to find Fang Zhiheng, but she didn't respond to his message, which made him feel a little disappointed. Zhu Zhe noticed that Yu Chuhui's dark circles were getting heavier and heavier. Yu Chuhui revealed that she was worried about her family's affairs and was afraid that her relatives would come to Shanghai, so she couldn't sleep peacefully at night.

At this time, He Minhong received a call from Jiang the editor, who said that the company manager believed that articles like hers could only be paid at a 30% discount, which meant that the promised payment of 900 yuan was reduced to 270 yuan. Upon hearing He Minhong's phone call in the room, Yu Chuhui was convinced that she would rise to the top when she hit rock bottom, but Zhu Zhe held the opposite view, and the two agreed that whoever lost would treat the other.

He Minhong did not accept the 30% discount and hung up the phone. Yu Chuhui and Zhu Zhe intentionally discussed money-saving tips in the living room, making He Minhong angry and slamming the door. Later, He Minhong received a call from Qi Mu, who was too busy to come, and had to ask Jiang the editor to transfer the 270 yuan immediately. Yu Chuhui reluctantly lost the bet.

David and Ye Zhenzhen were playing ball on the sports field. During the break, Ye Zhenzhen mentioned that her parents wanted to meet her, but she had already politely declined their request. Ye Zhenzhen admitted that she was still a bit nervous, as her parents are the ones who usually manage her daily life, and David feels the same way. After all, they can't afford the current expenses on their own.

With nothing to do, Yu Chuhui asked Fang Zhiheng to go on a roller coaster ride. They coincidentally met He Minhong in the elevator. Thinking about how He Minhong compromised with Editor Jiang, Yu Chuhui messaged Zhu Zhe to tell her the result and praised her for having a good eye for people. Just then, Fang Zhiheng found out that Guo Shengyang had been hospitalized after a fight and immediately rushed to the hospital, but fortunately, there was nothing serious. He Minhong followed Qi Mu to a high-end restaurant, feeling nervous when looking at the prices on the menu.

Episode 25 Recap

On the way back by car, Qi Mu couldn't help but complain about their clients to He Minhong, hinting that he was going on a business trip out of town. He Minhong immediately offered to accompany him. Fang Zhiheng picked up Guo Shengyang from the hospital and comforted him, advising him to live a better life if he didn't like his family's arrangements. She also warned him not to offer too low a price to the other party, otherwise they would take advantage of him. Guo Shengyang was very grateful for his decision to come to Shanghai, where he met Fang Zhiheng.

That night, He Minhong was packing her luggage with great excitement. On the other hand, Zhu Zhe received a call from her brother Zhu Minjie, who had already arrived in Shanghai, asking her to find a place to live and a job for him. He also said he wouldn't work as a courier after graduating from college. Zhu Zhe angrily accused him of being lazy, saying that her diploma was only a vocational school degree and that she couldn't find a high-end job. She also said that he was just a newcomer and would have to start from the bottom even if he had a job.

After Zhu Zhe hung up the phone, Yu Chuhui and Ye Zhenzhen were both worried about her situation, and they harshly criticized Zhu Minjie for coming to Shanghai without saying hello. At this time, Fang Zhiheng came to ask them to identify the gift that Guo Shengyang gave her. Although it looked like an extremely ordinary stone, Ye Zhenzhen recognized it as a highly collectible Taoheshi stone, which is also the raw material for one of the four famous Chinese cigarettes. It was clear that Guo Shengyang had taken out a family heirloom.

The next morning, He Minhong was preparing to go out with joy in her heart. When Zhu Zhe learned that she was going on a business trip with Qi Mu, she suddenly reminded her to be careful not to cause any casualties, which was inexplicable to He Minhong. In the car, Qi Mu prepared snacks for He Minhong and couldn't help but kiss her forehead, leaving He Minhong stunned and blushing.

While driving, Qi Mu noticed that He Minhong was tightly holding onto her backpack. He Minhong explained that she had developed a habit of being afraid of losing things. It was because of this that Qi Mu told He Minhong about her previous business trip, using it to show her that growing up is a process, and that some things should be let go of and giving up doesn't mean losing everything.

Due to her father, Yu Dafu, being hospitalized by her uncle, relatives are now coming to Yu Chuhui for money, so she had to ask Fang Zhiheng to help her find Guo Shengyang. Later, her aunt called her and asked her to sell the family's house to pay off debts. However, Yu Chuhui made it clear that her mother's name was not on the property title, and if they wanted to proceed with any transactions, they should directly contact Yu Dafu.

Guo Shengyang contacted Yu Chuhui privately and gave her some advice, stating that this was a family conflict that could not yet be resolved through legal means. Regarding the house, Guo Shengyang believed that Yu's aunt and father both had the equal right to dispose of the property, making the situation relatively complex.

Yu Chuhui understood this and currently only had two demands. First, she hoped that Guo Shengyang would inform her aunt in a professional manner that if she wanted to deal with the property, she could, but she could not bother Yu Chuhui and her mother again. Second, regardless of medical expenses or other costs, they should all be dealt with by Yu Dafu. Guo Shengyang suggested that Yu Chuhui set up call forwarding so that he could answer all calls and respond. Zhong Penghao and Chen Chaosong, aware of Yu Chuhui's situation, prepared desserts for her to make her happier.

Dai Wei's mother asked about Dai Wei's relationship with Ye Zhenzhen. She was quite satisfied with their relationship and had already investigated Ye's family background. She found that Ye's family was even richer than she had imagined. Therefore, Dai Wei's mother worried that Ye might abandon her son unless they immediately discussed marriage and having children. Otherwise, there was no guarantee that this relationship would continue.

Dai Wei repeatedly emphasized that his relationship with Ye Zhenzhen was solid, and that young people didn't need to get married to prove their love. After all, the two generations had completely different ideas. When Dai Wei's mother saw that her son had made up his mind, she gradually let go of her worries and said that she was just afraid that Dai Wei would miss out on a good girl and should seize the opportunity.

Guo Shengyang called Yu Chuhui's aunt and said that the responsibility for this matter should not fall on Yu Chuhui, as she had no actual contact with Yu Dafu. He suggested that they should find Yu Dafu to resolve the issue. Dai Wei recounted his conversation with his mother to Ye Zhenzhen and lamented his strange family. He only hoped that his parents would not cause trouble for Ye Zhenzhen.

Yu Miaosen took the initiative to talk to Ye Zhenzhen about pollution issues and gave her some advice. When he returned to the office, he was mocked by Sun Qin for being submissive. However, Yu Miaosen didn't care. He believed that he and Ye Zhenzhen were not on the same level and there was no conflict of interest, so they could continue to get along well.

Episode 26 Recap

Sun Qinquan understood Yao Miaosen's meaning and criticized him as cunning and despicable. When she went out and saw David's mother looking for Ye Zhenzhen, but didn't see her, Sun Qinqin took the opportunity to tear off the note that David's mother left on the door of her laboratory. When Ye Zhenzhen came out of the laboratory and received a call from David's mother, she bluntly said that she had not seen the note.

Ye Zhenzhen originally thought that David's mother had invited her to meet alone, but when she arrived on time for the appointment, she found that David's mother had already booked a private room, filled with all kinds of businessmen. David's mother showed off Ye Zhenzhen's photos and listened to the compliments around her with a big smile, which made Ye Zhenzhen extremely uncomfortable.

Ye Zhenzhen left directly without showing up, and refused to answer David's mother's phone calls. She asked David to explain the situation to her. David's mother was angry and accused Ye Zhenzhen of having no manners or politeness, and that she could have told her anything. Before David could finish speaking, she hung up the phone.

The company's legal department hired a young girl who had already graduated for two years, but even basic contracts were problematic for her. After work, Fang Zhiheng and Guo Shengyang went out to eat and mentioned this matter, thinking that her work ability was completely inferior to Guo Shengyang.

Upon hearing this, Guo Shengyang couldn't hide his joy and offered to help Fang Zhiheng check the contract content. He then expressed that this kind of employee couldn't be used, as the work was too sloppy, and he would help her write a reason for dismissal when she returned. Fang Zhiheng laughed and said that she probably wouldn't give him a consultation fee this time. Guo Shengyang unconsciously said that he would never accept her consultation fee, and then immediately realized his mistake and blushed. Although Fang Zhiheng really liked Guo Shengyang's family heirloom, she couldn't accept such a valuable gift at the moment. She returned it, which was enough to show that she had a good impression of him.

When Ye Zhenzhen's parents heard about the invitation from Dai Wei's mother, they quickly reminded their daughter to be cautious, as the reason behind her invitation was to reveal that she had the support of the Ye family behind her. Ye Zhenzhen reassured her parents and revealed that Dai Wei had already handled these things, and it was his vigilance that allowed her to discover the abnormality.

He Minhong and Qi Mu checked into a hotel and sat anxiously on the bed that night until Qi Mu took the initiative to knock on the door. Meanwhile, on the other side, Guo Shengyang accompanied Fang Zhiheng back home. Fang Zhiheng offered to help him contact more cases, and this successful and enjoyable date made Guo Shengyang very happy.

Zhu Zhe took the initiative to find Yu Chuhui and said that a friend was looking for a girlfriend, and the conditions were very good. However, Yu Chuhui thought that her family relationships were too complicated and didn't want to involve other people, so she politely refused. Zhu Zhe also understood her thoughts and didn't continue to insist.

Ye Zhenzhen saw Dai Wei's mother waiting for her outside the office after work. She reluctantly went over to explain. Dai Wei's mother suggested they meet again at noon the next day, and Ye could just come and handle things without saying a word. Despite Dai Wei's mother's repeated invitations, Ye Zhenzhen refused, which made Dai Wei's mother leave in a huff.

It was because of this that Ye Zhenzhen chose not to get married, as she was afraid of dealing with people like Dai Wei's mother who had no sense of boundaries. When Dai Wei's mother went back and messaged her son, she scolded Ye Zhenzhen for not being grateful and said that if they became mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Ye would surely be domineering. Upon hearing this, Dai Wei apologized to Ye Zhenzhen and said he would handle the situation.

Early in the morning, Ye Zhenzhen personally sent Yu Chuhui to work and asked for her opinion on the matter. Yu Chuhui gave her opinion from a sisterly perspective. Later, inspired by Chen Chaosheng's words, Yu Chuhui sent her answer to Ye Zhenzhen via WeChat. Professor Tao approved of Ye Zhenzhen's proposal and promised to solve her funding problem. Ye Zhenzhen reported to Professor Tao about Sun Qin tearing up the note. When Professor Tao saw the surveillance video, his expression became particularly solemn.

Dai Wei heard that his mother's cervical spondylosis had flared up, so he personally came to the hotel room to visit her. He persuaded her to check out and go home as soon as possible, as their savings were enough. However, Dai Wei's mother still wanted to seal the deal in Shanghai and insisted on staying, deliberately pretending to be sick and making excuses to send Dai Wei away.

Episode 27 Recap

President Wang personally came to find Zhu Zhe, but found her chatting enthusiastically with Huang Yuxuan, so he did not disturb them. Dai Wei's mother waited for her son to come back for a long time and called him to find out that he had already arrived downstairs. Ye Zhenzhen got up and checked WeChat. Since Dai Wei sent a message last time, she had not heard from him, which made her feel puzzled.

Originally, Zhu Zhe was going to introduce her friend to Yu Chuhui, but it turned out to be a bridge for Huang Yuxuan, which made her regret that Yu Chuhui missed a good opportunity. While Huang Yuxuan and his friends were chatting in the coffee shop, Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui were outside exchanging their recent experiences and thoughts. Zhu Zhe was satisfied with her current state.

Dai Wei's mother pretended to be ill, but Dai Wei saw through it. Dai Wei also hoped that his mother could restrain herself and not always interfere in his life, nor try to drive a wedge between himself and Ye Zhenzhen. However, the more he tried, the more Dai Wei's mother felt wronged and kept crying about how difficult her life had been in recent years.

Dai Wei had no choice but to appease his mother's emotions and send her back home. He also praised her for having a good eye in buying a good house, which had now increased in value. Indeed, Dai Wei's mother calmed down a bit and talked incessantly about the life of her neighbors who divorced. Dai Wei could only silently listen, but when he heard that his mother wanted to take money from the company to buy a house, he couldn't help but be surprised.

In order to persuade his mother to give up the idea, Dai Wei told her that she could have a happy life and if she couldn't bear this marriage, she could get a divorce, go on a trip to relax, or even find a boyfriend, but she shouldn't always be so calculating. As a result, his words completely angered his mother, and Dai Wei knew he had said the wrong thing, so he got up and went back to his room.

Fang Zhiheng checked Guo Shengyang's information and found that most of the labor contract law cases he was involved in were related to hiring unregistered workers. Even if the workers had difficult conditions, they couldn't do that. In Fang's view, hobbies and survival cannot coexist. If you want to do public welfare, you have to consider survival first. Guo Shengyang understood Fang's meaning and admitted that he had been presumptuous before, feeling low. Fang did not continue to talk about it and instead shared the story of a female employee from before, deciding to give him another chance.

Just as Dai Wei was about to reply to Ye Zhenzhen's message, his mother stood at the door scolding and blaming Ye for her attitude towards her being a reaction to his inner struggles. But Dai Wei's mother also had an open mind, as long as her son could climb up the big tree of the Ye family, choosing the strategy of "eating both the big and small" was the correct decision. After Dai Wei tried to explain several times to no avail, he got angry and left, ignoring her.

Early in the morning, everyone went to work and discussed how He Minhong had not returned yet. They thought that it was dangerous for her and Qi Mu to stay one more day, but she was unaware of the risks. Zhu Zhe revealed that after Qi Mu's divorce, he chose to elope with a rural girl, but the girl found out that the real purpose of his divorce was to make her work as a free babysitter for his mother. She immediately filed for divorce and gathered her family to make a scene at the company, causing Qi Mu's reputation to be ruined. It was because of this that the company headquarters transferred Qi Mu to Shanghai, and he had to compensate the girl a sum of money.

Fang Zhiheng invited her former boss, General Lei, to the company, along with Wei, the general manager of Fu Yi Company. Both of them are female bosses who admire Fang Zhiheng's courage and strategy in standing up against Li Xun. President Ji warmly received them, but unexpectedly, employee Liang Qiong burst into the conference room, demanding that the company exchange the stocks and options promised to her for cash, or she would sue them in court. Fang Zhiheng calmly handled the situation and earned praises from General Lei and Wei. The following negotiations went smoothly.

Afterwards, Fang Zhiheng arranged for the HR and Legal departments to resolve the conflict and, after confirming the amount owed to Liang Qiong, praised them for doing a great job. The next step is to add some terms to the contract. In addition, Fang Zhiheng emphasized that the company's current development will benefit them greatly, and she hopes that they will take it seriously.

Episode 28 Recap

Dai Wei sent a message to Ye Zhenzhen to explain the situation. Ye's mother advised her daughter not to be deceived, as someone with deep city roots and greed like Dai Wei's mother must have played a part in Dai Wei's behavior. Now that the relationship between mother and son has improved, Ye Zhenzhen seems more like the one who made a mistake. Ye Zhenzhen thought her mother made a good point, but she refused to accept it and proceeded to block Dai Wei's mother's phone number.

Dai Wei messaged Ye Zhenzhen again, saying that he still had to accompany his mother and would explain everything when he got back. Dai Wei's mother reminded him to invite Ye Zhenzhen back home for dinner and clear up any misunderstandings, but Dai Wei thought it was unreasonable because she had already invited him two days ago without giving any notice.

He Minhong returned to her residence alone with her luggage and shared her longing with Qi Mu through messages. Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui chatted in the kitchen and revealed that Huang Yuxuan met a blind date and never came back to training again. Yu Chuhui joked that if Huang Yuxuan's family had a mine, it would be understandable.

Dai Wei, unable to forget about work even when he had cervical spine problems, frantically exercised in the living room. He especially suppressed his emotions when he heard his mother's nagging. Later, he went into the bathroom to take a shower and suddenly received a call from his father.

Dai Wei's father confirmed that Dai Wei's mother was not by his son's side, so he reminded him not to let his mother get involved in his and Ye Zhenzhen's affairs. He analyzed that Dai Wei's mother was very fond of Ye Zhenzhen, mainly because of her wealthy family background. Therefore, Dai Wei's father was convinced that Dai Wei's mother would use her old tricks and had already planned two ways. The first was to directly benefit from Ye Zhenzhen. If this way didn't work, they would implement the second way, which was to use Dai Wei to benefit from Ye Zhenzhen.

Although Dai Wei was smart, the problem was that he was kind-hearted and filial. He could easily neglect his mother and be caught off guard. Dai Wei's father had already figured out his wife's tricks, which had worked on him when he was young. Dai Wei listened thoughtfully.

At this time, Dai Wei's mother was eavesdropping at the bathroom door, but Dai Wei suddenly opened the door, scaring her. She quickly made up an excuse to cover up her embarrassment. Dai Wei countered her by persuading her not to pay attention to Ye Zhenzhen, who disrespected elders. His mother changed her tune and said that she sometimes did things wrong and could understand why Ye Zhenzhen was angry. She asked him to talk to Ye Zhenzhen to clear things up.

On the other side, Ye Zhenzhen received a call from Yu Feixue, who was already downstairs at her home. She immediately drove back and coincidentally saw Dai Wei coming to see her. Yu Feixue thanked Ye Zhenzhen and Dai Wei and personally gave them a carefully prepared gift. Ye Zhenzhen looked at the vibrant Yu Feixue and felt doubly gratified.

After Yu Feixue left, Dai Wei tried to please Ye Zhenzhen but was ignored. They went to the library together, where Dai Wei confided his pain to Ye Zhenzhen and asked if she had blocked his mother's phone number. Ye Zhenzhen admitted without hesitation that she wanted to block his number too. Through this incident, Dai Wei fully understood how ruthless his mother could be, which naturally lowered Ye Zhenzhen's impression of her. Although Ye Zhenzhen was still unhappy, she gradually calmed down and consoled him, thinking about the burden that Dai Wei had to bear.

On the way back home, Dai Wei was gloomy until they reached the doorstep. He promised Ye Zhenzhen that he would find a higher-paying job and move out of his home, just like Yu Feixue, and strive for self-improvement. Ye Zhenzhen was finally relieved to hear this and believed that he would do what he said.

When He Minhong went out, he was teased by Yu Chuhui, and they almost quarreled. Zhu Zhe stepped in and calmed things down. They all went to work together, and Ye Zhenzhen mentioned what happened with Yu Feixue last night, which made her feel a little emotional. As Zhu Zhe was walking to the company, he met Zhu Minjie, who deliberately accused him of ingratitude in public and attracted the attention of their colleagues.


Episode 29 Recap

Zhu Minjie wanted to embarrass Zhu Zhe in front of their colleagues, but his plan completely failed. When faced with Zhu Zhe's questioning and condemnation, Zhu Minjie still put on a strong and greedy face and even brought up his parents. Zhu Zhe recounted every penny she had spent over the years supporting her younger siblings. As the eldest sister, she had no obligation to do so, and being able to support them through school was already more than enough.

Making money through hard work is not just a fantasy. Zhu Zhe used every penny of her hard-earned money for her family, while Zhu Minjie graduated two years ago and still indulged in food, drink, and entertainment, accomplishing nothing and not even considering supporting his family. Although Zhu Zhe had some affection for her relatives, today, when she saw Zhu Minjie come to threaten her, that affection had long been gone. She warned him not to come and bother her anymore, and completely cut off all ties.

Ye Zhenzhen's parents went to Dai Wei's mother's company and accidentally met Dai Wei's father. Ye's parents were very clear about their attitude towards the matter between the two younger generations. They did not want the elders of both sides to interfere too much. Dai Wei's father was relatively sensible and apologized profusely, which made Ye's father unable to continue his accusations.

After Ye's parents left the company, Dai Wei's mother called Dai Wei's father and scolded him for not being qualified to represent himself. Dai Wei's father was too lazy to explain and warned Dai Wei's mother to be careful. The company's tax and customs issues would be exposed sooner or later, and if Ye's family reported them, she would be ruined.

On the other hand, Ye Zhenzhen's parents were guessing how the Dai family would handle these matters. Ye's mother even recorded their previous conversation. While they were talking, Dai Wei's mother called, but the couple hung up without answering. Because of this, Dai Wei's mother became more and more panicked and immediately called her son to express her desire to apologize to the Ye family, but was refused.

Dai Wei listened to his mother's nagging and bluntly reminded her that if she really had regrets, she should be sincere to others instead of calculating. Ye Zhenzhen learned about this through Dai Wei and specifically asked Dai Wei's mother about the situation's ins and outs, concluding that the couple in the Dai family were both hiding something, and their family relationship was fundamentally messed up.

At the same time, Dai Wei's father secretly reported Dai Wei's mother's company to the tax bureau, and Dai Wei's mother was still kept in the dark. She hurriedly brought things home to avoid trouble but happened to see Dai Wei's father at home. The two quarreled with each other, and Dai Wei's mother was so angry that she fell to the ground. Dai Wei's father had no choice but to help her back to her room to rest.

Guo Shengyang was commissioned to contact Yu Chuhui's aunt, Yu Xueqin. Unexpectedly, Yu Xueqin refused to reconcile and issued an ultimatum to Yu Chuhui. If she did not compensate for Yu Dafu's losses, the house would be sold to compensate both families. Yu Chuhui insisted on her decision and believed that this method would solve the problem once and for all, not only allowing Yu Dafu to start anew but also cutting off her mother's obsession.

Although Guo Shengyang couldn't judge Yu Chuhui's family relationship, he respected the parties' choice. Even Fang Zhiheng thought that Yu Chuhui's ability to drag her mother out of the predicament in this situation showed how strong her willpower was. Considering that he didn't do anything substantial for Yu Chuhui this time, Guo Shengyang didn't ask for lawyer fees and instead returned the money to her.

After seeing Guo Shengyang off, Yu Chuhui spoke highly of him and saw that he genuinely liked Fang Zhiheng. Fang Zhiheng didn't conceal her fondness for Guo Shengyang and cherished this genuine relationship, which was more in line with her impression of love in her heart. Whenever Guo Shengyang was mentioned, she was full of smiles.

While Fang Zhiheng and Yu Chuhui were playing around in the hallway, Ye Zhenzhen came back from outside. Zhu Zhe checked on the situation by opening the door, and after a brief exchange of their situations, they went back to their rooms to rest. Since He Minhong came back from her business trip, she had not had her period for two consecutive months. Zhu Zhe, who was very observant, immediately realized that she was likely pregnant and reminded her to go downstairs to buy a contraceptive.

Unexpectedly, He Minhong was ungrateful and scolded Zhu Zhe for meddling in her affairs. Yu Chuhui, who was next to her, was even more like a spectator, watching the drama. Yu Chuhui was angry that He Minhong had changed so much after dating Qi Mu, becoming rude and accusing Zhu Zhe without knowing how to apologize, and everything she did seemed superficial.

It was just that Qi Mu had been married before and had children, and Yu Chuhui didn't understand why he didn't use contraception. Zhu Zhe didn't want to comment on this. Ye Zhenzhen was not surprised to hear this, as it was also in line with He Minhong's style, who had grand ambitions but lacked common sense.


Episode 30 Recap

Early in the morning, the sound of He Minhong's crying echoed through the house, attracting the attention of Ye Zhenzhen and others. However, they were helpless in this situation as they were no longer as close as before. Yu Chuhui lamented that her family had to keep a distance from others because everyone was tied to their family background. This statement deeply inspired Ye Zhenzhen.

After careful consideration, Yu Chuhui decided to inform He Minhong's parents of the situation and advised them not to reveal that it was him who leaked the information to He Minhong. He took the initiative to take care of the aftermath. Through Dai Wei, Ye Zhenzhen learned that Dai Wei's mother was being investigated by the tax bureau, and she first suspected whether it was related to her parents. She then revealed that Dai Wei was preparing to meet with her. Ye Zhenzhen's parents did not report Dai Wei's mother, but they were still implicated and felt very annoyed.

When Qi Mu received He Minhong's message, he rushed to find her and could not conceal his joy. He Minhong finally felt relieved when she saw Qi Mu's happy expression and took him home to snuggle with her. Ye Zhenzhen saw them through the surveillance and quickly messaged Yu Chuhui, who strongly demanded that they leave immediately.

While He Minhong was confirmed to be pregnant, Qi Mu suggested that she move in with him and even proposed to her on one knee. Deeply moved, He Minhong accepted his proposal and sent Qi Mu off before seeing her mother's phone call. Without hesitation, she declined the call without knowing how to deal with her mother. When her mother called again, she directly asked He Minhong if she was pregnant before marriage, leaving He Minhong at a loss.

Ye's father explained the situation to Ye Zhenzhen over the phone, saying that when they went to see Dai Wei's father, the communication was friendly throughout the process, and the entire conversation was recorded. Therefore, it could not have been them who anonymously reported Dai Wei's mother. Fortunately, Dai Wei and Ye Zhenzhen had already agreed to be honest with each other and exchange information regardless of the outcome.

Dai Wei confirmed that Ye's parents had no problems, and the only doubt was Dai Wei's father adding fuel to the fire during the retelling of the story. If he had actually done that, it would mean that he was the true anonymous reporter. Previously, the family's financial power was all under Dai Wei's mother's control, and Dai Wei's father had no say in it. Therefore, Dai Wei concluded that his father wanted to use the Ye family's help to bring down Dai Wei's mother and secretly reclaim their own assets.

Therefore, Dai Wei found it difficult to decide whether or not to tell his mother. He thought about how his father had a miserable life and their grudges against each other, and suddenly felt like this was his only chance. Because marriage involves two families, it is still only a guess without confirmation. Ye Zhenzhen suggested that Dai Wei and his father should have a good talk first. Dai Wei lamented that Ye's parents must now be very disappointed with him.

During this time, Huang Yuxuan had not attended the training for the housing department, and often disappeared without a trace, which made Zhu Zhe curious. At the end of the day, Huang Yuxuan personally drove Zhu Zhe home and mentioned that she was getting along well with her blind date and wanted to continue developing the relationship. Zhu Zhe sincerely felt happy for her.

He Minhong's parents came over immediately and advised their daughter to be cautious when considering marriage. He Minhong had no idea about the difficulties of daily life, and they carefully went over the expenses with her. Besides the normal expenses of a family of a few people in Shanghai, they also had to prepare for the cost of a house in Shanghai, Qi Mu's mother's medical expenses, Qi Mu's socializing outside, and the subsequent costs of raising children. However, He Minhong did not understand her parents' well-intentioned advice and felt that Qi Mu's proposal while carrying such a heavy burden showed his true feelings.

When Zhu Zhe and Ye Zhenzhen returned home, they found Yu Chuhui sitting in the lobby downstairs and learned that He Minhong's parents were at home. Qi Mu rushed over urgently, but He Minhong's parents were very stern with him and demanded to go to his house to take a look. However, Qi Mu refused, citing the inconvenience of having a maid and a mother at home, and promised to find a suitable house for He Minhong.

Episode 31 Recap

When faced with the request of He Minhong's parents to visit the house, Qi Mu found various excuses to refuse politely. As a result, the nanny, Aunt Qi, suddenly called and yelled at him to come back. Later on, He's father directly drove Qi Mu away, which made He Minhong dissatisfied and complained about his uncivilized behavior. However, He's father believed that Qi Mu was full of lies and not trustworthy.

In the end, He's parents thought that Qi Mu was up to something and talked in circles to fool people. He Minhong blamed her parents for their bad attitude and invading Qi Mu's privacy. The three of them quarreled loudly, and even Yu Chuhui could hear it clearly through the door.

Yu Chuhui quickly told Ye Zhenzhen and Zhu Zhe about the situation. Considering that they had work to do tonight, they had to brace themselves and go back. He's parents naturally felt embarrassed to stay here, so they decided to leave. He Minhong still defended Qi Mu and said that she would live well in the future.

That night, the sisters were all distracted, thinking about how to solve He Minhong's situation. Fang Zhiheng felt that there was no right or wrong in relationships, only whether it was suitable or not. At least for now, He Minhong's complexion was rosy, obviously enjoying the nourishment of love. Perhaps she was better off than everyone imagined. Zhu Zhe and Ye Zhenzhen always felt that there was something strange but couldn't pinpoint what it was, so they decided to observe the situation first.

Early the next morning, Ye Zhenzhen encountered He's parents while jogging and was surprised to find that He Minhong had packed her bags and was planning to elope with Qi Mu. Ye Zhenzhen quickly intercepted them and called He's parents. He Minhong pretended to have a stomach ache and delayed her parents, then left with Qi Mu's car while leaving her parents behind.

As Ye Zhenzhen watched the couple cry in despair, she felt uneasy in her heart and later mentioned it to Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui. Zhu Zhe was convinced that Qi Mu was behind the scenes scheming, and Yu Chuhui condemned Qi Mu for not caring about He Minhong being pregnant. She couldn't understand why He Minhong would like someone with such low character.

At the same time, Qi Mu brought He Minhong to his humble abode in the bustling city area, where the cramped living space and his mother, who suffered from dementia, completely shattered He Minhong's beautiful illusions. Although Aunt Qi was just a family maid, she dared to yell at Qi Mu and complained that He Minhong was causing trouble by living here.

Due to the lack of rooms, Qi Mu let He Minhong stay in his own bedroom, which was already small and filled with various items, but Qi Mu still tried to justify it. He Minhong, who had lost her judgment due to being in love, naturally accepted Qi Mu's situation and willingly became the housekeeper of this home.

Fang Zhiheng and Guo Shengyang's relationship was steadily progressing towards a romantic one, and every time they met, it turned into a date, making the sisters jealous. Shortly after everyone finished breakfast, He's parents suddenly came to ask for advice, but before they could speak, Yu Chuhui received a call from her hometown and eagerly shared it with them. Zhu Zhe also comforted Yu Chuhui based on her own experience.

He Minhong's parents, as outsiders, did not understand the cause and effect. They only heard Yu Chuhui describe how He Minhong's father and relatives got into a fight, and how Zhu Zhe did not support his parents. They were scared and quickly left, apparently thinking that He Minhong's roommate was a person with incorrect values and questionable character. Zhu Zhe, on the other hand, didn't care and thought that this would be a good opportunity to permanently avoid He Minhong's parents, so as to have a peaceful future.

Dai Wei came to Shanghai and personally apologized to Ye's father for what happened before, admitting that it was his father who was responsible. To save face for Ye Zhenzhen, her father agreed to introduce a lawyer to Dai Wei. Although their relationship was not conducive to intervening, Dai Wei was still very grateful.

Episode 32 Recap

Ye Zhenzhen entrusted Fang Zhiheng to find Guo Shengyang for consultation on tax evasion. Guo Shengyang responded that the charge of tax evasion had already been changed to tax avoidance, and there were relevant filing standards. Meanwhile, the lawyer introduced by Ye's father also explained the situation to Dai Wei. To determine the criminal sentence, an analysis based on the amount and proportion is needed, and whether the person involved has a criminal record is equally important.

In fact, what Dai Wei meant was that if his father could anonymously report his mother, he must have been fully prepared. Perhaps all kinds of evidence were unfavorable to her, even the lawyer agreed with his idea. After all, Dai Wei's father was able to report his own company's tax evasion, and still avoid punishment. Obviously, there were high-level participants around him who planned and strategized. The current plan was to let his son persuade the other party on the pretext of family ties.

Guo Shengyang, with Fang Zhiheng, prepared to go on a roller coaster ride. However, Fang Zhiheng received a call from her father and learned that her mother had high blood pressure and was hospitalized, and the current situation was not optimistic. Fang Zhiheng considered that it was less than a month before her due date, and if necessary, she would give birth prematurely to protect her mother's health. However, she was strongly opposed by her father's deep-seated feudal ideas that it was a woman's duty to give birth, and the child must be born full-term no matter what, which would be beneficial to the child's health.

Because of this, Fang Zhiheng had a dispute with her father and eventually hung up the phone. Guo Shengyang noticed that Fang Zhiheng was not in the mood to ride the roller coaster, so he personally sent her home. Ye Zhenzhen sent five hundred yuan as a lawyer's consultation fee, but Guo Shengyang stated that he only accepts one yuan. He asked Fang Zhiheng to return the remaining four hundred and ninety-nine yuan. Fang Zhiheng promised to do so, but also reminded him not to offer such a low price to his friends in the future, as he should learn to protect his intellectual property.

Ye's father saw that Dai Wei had a pure and honest character and completely lacked the scheming of his parents, which was why he accepted him as a prospective son-in-law. Inspired by a lawyer, Dai Wei had been running around all day without any progress. He couldn't get into the detention center and was blocked by the company's security guards outside. He had no choice but to proactively contact his father for a meeting.

Before Dai Wei's father arrived, he explained the situation to Ye Zhenzhen, saying that they had long been estranged in their marriage and had only stayed together for their own sake, so he felt guilty. When Ye heard the message, she called Dai Wei, but his father also called to remind him not to act impulsively and to wait until they sat down and talked.

Soon, Dai Wei's father arrived at the agreed meeting place. Dai Wei first advised his father to calm down and not to frame Ye's family, nor did he want to see either of his parents suffer too much harm. However, Dai Wei's father did not listen and threatened him, saying that if he did not let go, he would be ready for both parents to die, and he had already prepared for the worst.

Just as Fang Zhiheng was about to tell Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui about their mother's hospitalization, Ye suddenly came over and revealed to them that Dai Wei's negotiation with his father had failed. Yu Chuhui also realized that Dai Wei, a naive and inexperienced returnee, was no match for his father, an experienced and ruthless businessman. Fang Zhiheng and Zhu Zhe believed that Ye's parents had no need to help, but Ye was a little confused about the situation.

Ye Zhenzhen knew about Fang Zhiheng's worries and suggested that she should not make things too difficult with her father. There are many factors that can cause high blood pressure, and inducing premature birth is not the only solution. When Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui heard about these things, they also sighed about their own worries. The four of them could only huddle together for warmth.

Since He Minhong moved into Qi Mu's house, she changed her lazy habits and worked from morning till afternoon, whether it was doing laundry or tidying up the room. Due to the old washing machine's inability to withstand He Minhong's long-term cleaning, it almost caused a fire. Qi Mu couldn't help but lose his temper, frightening He Minhong into tears. Qi's mother and Aunt Qi also kept arguing, making the house very chaotic.

Qi Mu quickly went out to find a repairman, while Aunt Qi brought Qi's mother's wet cotton pants and forced He Minhong to clean them. In this situation, He Minhong endured the humiliation of washing the cotton pants by hand, and even after Qi Mu came back, she didn't stop. Qi Mu was too busy fixing the electrical appliances and didn't notice that He Minhong was crying again shortly after he left.

Episode 33 Recap

When Qi Mu returned home, she found He Minhong still doing laundry, so she talked to her about some big principles related to what happened today, and subtly instilled in her the importance of doing housework well and learning how Auntie Qi takes care of people. In addition, as usual, Qi Mu gave He Minhong empty promises, making her believe in them without doubt. It was also on Qi Mu's suggestion that He Minhong's next task was to pay attention to Auntie Qi's daily work while typing in the living room.

That evening, Yu Chuhui had dinner with Zhu Zhe and casually mentioned He Minhong, whom she hadn't seen for a while. Despite their mutual dislike, there was some longing. Later, Yu Chuhui went to chat with Ye Zhenzhen, who told her about Dai Wei's family. During this time, Yu Chuhui was also worried because of Yu Dafu. After all, such a person would do anything for money. If he found out that his house had been sold after leaving the hospital, it could cause a lot of trouble.

At the same time, Yu Chuhui's uncle noticed someone following him home from work and guessed it was Yu Dafu. He called his son and asked him to come over and help deal with it. Yu Dafu demanded that they return the remaining money from the house sale but was instead subjected to insults and finally threw Yu Chuhui's uncle into the river in frustration before fleeing on a motorcycle.

Late at night, the whole family was still awake. Auntie Qi was busy in the kitchen and living room, and He Minhong could only continue typing in the living room. Qi Mu came over and hugged He Minhong, urging her to go to bed. However, due to Auntie Qi's presence, He Minhong had to type anything she wanted to say on the computer screen, emphasizing that she couldn't rest because she hadn't slept yet.

At this moment, Auntie Qi walked over to get something, scaring He Minhong, who quickly switched documents. It wasn't until Auntie Qi returned to the bedroom with a glass of water that He Minhong breathed a sigh of relief. Qi Mu explained that her mother drinks water every night, and because the electric kettle is dangerous, she often carries cold water to the bedroom. He Minhong suddenly realized and closed her laptop, following Qi Mu back to the room.

Aunt called Yu Chuhui, but at first she didn't want to answer until Zhu Zhe came to help her pick up the phone. When Yu Chuhui heard that Yu Dafu had been discharged from the hospital and threatened to kill the whole family, and that both he and his uncle had disappeared, she felt uneasy and pretended to calm Zhu Zhe down, saying that her father couldn't possibly commit murder or arson.

Zhu Zhe was somewhat skeptical and went back to her room to rest. Yu Chuhui immediately became anxious, tossing and turning under her blanket all night. The next morning, she left the house feeling dejected and saw Ye Zhenzhen standing at her doorstep. Soon Fang Zhiheng came out of her house too. Yu Chuhui deliberately brought up her father's situation, partly to vent to Fang Zhiheng and partly to suggest to Dai Wei that everyone is tied to their family background.

Sure enough, Dai Wei listened thoughtfully and went to Ye Zhenzhen's house with a forced smile, feeling conflicted inside and thinking that staying with her would only make trouble for her family. While Dai Wei was washing up, Ye Zhenzhen went downstairs to buy breakfast and came back to see him sleeping alone on the couch, feeling sorry for him.

He Minhong continued to keep a record of everything in the house, carefully writing down what Aunt Qi had to do every day, which also led to Aunt Qi misunderstanding that she was not trusted. On the other side, He's parents came to ask about Qi Mu's situation again. Yu Chuhui helped search for information about Qi Mu online, and He's father heard that Qi Mu had threatened Zhu Zhe and others, and was worried that he might be violent towards his daughter.

Dai Wei accompanied Ye Zhenzhen for breakfast and said he was too confident, thinking that he could handle everything with a plan, but he still couldn't beat his father, and everyone thought he was too inexperienced. So he felt very helpless about his mother's situation, but luckily he had Ye Zhenzhen by his side, and seeing her would dispel all negative emotions.

Episode 34 Recap

Just as Yu Chuhui was preparing to visit her mother, she suddenly received a call from the police station informing her that her wealthy uncle, Yu Dafu, had fled after seriously injuring his own father-in-law. Optimistic and brave as she was, Yu Chuhui fell into a state of extreme panic. Zhu Zhe comforted her and advised her to stay calm and to tell the police about Yu Dafu's social relationships in detail, so as to avoid trouble from him coming to her and her mother.

Yu Chuhui's aunt and cousin called her and criticized her for various things, but after calming down, Yu Chuhui left to visit Mr. Tao. Along the way, she also observed whether anyone was following her. As Yu Chuhui was good at talking, she made Mr. Tao very happy, but she was obviously not feeling well today. She watched her mother busy in the kitchen, but was unable to speak.

Fang Zhiheng couldn't stay at home, and whenever she was idle, she would think of her parents' troubles. She decided to work overtime at the company, and in the elevator, she met Ye Zhenzhen who was going out to buy groceries. Ye Zhenzhen analyzed the situation for Fang Zhiheng and made her understand that her parents' bad temper might also be due to menopause. Later, Ye Zhenzhen bought groceries and went home to cook for Dai Wei. As Dai Wei's mood gradually improved, he clung to her and acted like a spoiled child.

After having lunch with her mother and Mr. Tao, Yu Chuhui took her mother downstairs and revealed to her that their house had been sold and that Yu Dafu had seriously injured his father-in-law. Her mother was at a loss and cried, not knowing what to do. Yu Chuhui reminded her that the top priority was to stay in Shanghai and not to go back to their hometown or make phone calls. Otherwise, it would be equivalent to sending herself to death, and besides, their old house had already been sold and there was no place to go back to.

While they were talking, Officer Xie called to say that they had captured Yu Dafu. Yu Chuhui mustered up the courage to tell her mother about it. Seeing her mother's sad expression, Yu Chuhui persuaded her not to care about the so-called marital feelings and not to have any hope for her maternal family.

In Yu Chuhui's view, Yu Dafu had caused serious injury and fled. Even if he was not sentenced to life imprisonment, he would have to serve at least ten years, and by the time he was released, he would already have white hair. So Yu Chuhui comforted her mother that she no longer needed to worry about being abused at home, as long as they could live well in Shanghai, their lives would only get better.

The company currently urgently needs experienced professionals, but the problem is that every time the HR department recruits new employees, they are inexperienced and require a lot of effort and time to train. Ji and others suddenly came to the company and discussed this matter with Fang Zhiheng and others in the meeting room.

Dai Wei was lying on the sofa in a daze, half asleep and half awake, when he received a call from his father. He then grabbed Ye Zhenzhen and put her on speakerphone. Dai Wei's father was very clear in his attitude and said that he had done this completely to protect himself. He also asked Dai Wei to think about how to avoid his mother from continuing to harass the Ye family. It is unlikely that Ye's parents would agree to let Dai Wei's mother come out.

Although Dai Wei's father spoke very frankly, he hit the nail on the head and directly pointed out the biggest problem between his son and Ye Zhenzhen. Ye Zhenzhen realized that she couldn't confront Dai Wei's father head-on, even in front of his mother, and was currently at a loss for what to do. The best method right now was to inform their parents, and she believed that they would be able to easily solve the problem.

The meeting didn't end until midnight. When Fang Zhiheng returned to her office, she saw a series of missed calls. When she called back, she found out that her mother had suffered a major hemorrhage and was sent to the operating room. She gave birth to a younger sister, but it was not her father's child. Fang's father blamed Fang Zhiheng for lacking a conscience and only blaming her. Fang Zhiheng tried her best to comfort her father.

On the way home, Fang Zhiheng received a message from Guo Shengyang, who expressed concern and wanted to talk about her troubles. However, after thinking it over, she decided to delete those words and only shared good news with him. Guo Shengyang did the same thing, even though his work was not going smoothly, he still wanted to wish her well.

Episode 35 Recap

Due to her father's situation, Yu Chuhui was exhausted both physically and mentally. Zhu Zhe asked Ye Zhenzhen to bring a sphygmomanometer to check her blood pressure, which fortunately turned out to be normal. Just as they were trying to calm Yu Chuhui down and get her to rest, she suddenly burst into tears in her room, which made Ye Zhenzhen and Zhu Zhe feel uneasy.

Fang Zhiheng came over and revealed that her mother had a massive bleeding but was rescued and gave birth to a daughter. Fang was unsure whether to go back to visit her mother or not, as she couldn't leave her company. With the analysis and suggestions from Ye Zhenzhen and Zhu Zhe, Fang Zhiheng said she had hired a caregiver for her mother and had also earned some money for her father.

While they were talking, Yu Feixue called Fang Zhiheng to thank her for her help before. Then Guo Shengyang came to ask about Fang's mother's condition. Upon learning that Fang Zhiheng had not gone to visit her, he fell silent. Considering that she still had to talk to her parents, Fang didn't want to disturb him any further. Fang Zhiheng talked to her father to learn more about the situation, but her father told her to focus on her work and not worry too much.

Early in the morning, Qi Ayi was busy in the kitchen and prepared noodles for Qi Mu's breakfast. He Minhong, who had nothing to do, quickly wrapped the noodles in plastic wrap, thinking that she could prevent them from getting cold. However, her good intentions turned out to be counterproductive. After Qi Mu left for work, He Minhong asked Qi Ayi when they could eat, but she said they had to wait until Qi Mu woke up, and she couldn't determine when the old lady would wake up.

While Qi Ayi was out buying groceries, He Minhong went to Qi Mu's room and called out to her mother, only to find her with her eyes closed and unresponsive. He Minhong had a vague feeling that something was not right and searched online for news about nannies giving sleeping pills to their employers. She became more convinced that Qi Ayi had such tendencies, so she quickly messaged Qi Mu, who had a similar idea, but they needed evidence and had to wait for the right moment.

Yu Chuhui refused to be sent on a business trip and wanted to go to the testing site to see the test curve and understand more, as it would make modeling easier. However, she was denied by Zhong Penghao. During their chat, Yu Chuhui revealed the fact that her father was in prison. The anxiety that she had been feeling disappeared completely, and she now felt very relaxed, knowing that she no longer had to worry about being harassed by Yu Dafu.

Regarding the new proposal submitted by Yu Chuhui, Jin was skeptical at first, but eventually agreed after she analyzed the advantages and disadvantages in detail. Yu Chuhui believed that the workload of the marketing department could be appropriately increased, but Jin felt that this would result in a lose-lose situation. However, overall, she gave Yu Chuhui a positive evaluation and appreciation.

He Minhong directly confronted Aunt Qi, but Aunt Qi denied it and argued with He Minhong, accusing her of constantly watching her. He Minhong asked Aunt Qi to open her backpack and let her check for any prohibited items, but Aunt Qi firmly refused and taunted her for being an unidentified woman with a child, neither Qi Mu's wife nor Qi's mother's daughter, and therefore not qualified to check.

Because of this, Aunt Qi immediately called Qi Mu and urged him to come back and settle the wages, but in fact, she was indirectly forcing him to raise her salary. However, Qi Mu had already planned to dismiss Aunt Qi, so he warned her that even if she did not give the elderly woman sleeping pills, if she resigned voluntarily, she would have to comply with labor laws.

Aunt Qi immediately realized that Qi Mu had found a free nanny like He Minhong, so she decided to kick herself out of the house. He Minhong watched Aunt Qi pack her bags and leave, feeling a little self-blame, as she discovered that there was no such thing as feeding pills, it was just a misunderstanding.

Qi Mu comforted He Minhong not to worry and pretended to be considerate, saying that he would find a new nanny and needed He Minhong to help take care of his mother. He Minhong agreed readily. On the other hand, He's parents contacted the company where Qi Mu worked, and Qi Mu rushed over as soon as he received the news.

Episode 36 Recap

Regarding the purpose of He Minhong's parents' visit, Qi Mu first expressed his attitude, which is that they should remain single and have the freedom to pursue their own romantic relationships. They even exchanged home addresses with each other. Later, He's parents found Qi Mu's place based on the address provided, and they were not pleased to see their daughter living in such a humble place, willingly taking care of Qi's mother, who had some cognitive issues.

For parents, their daughter has lived a privileged life since childhood, surrounded by books and learning. How could they bear the days of constant calculations for their livelihoods? They advised their daughter to go back home, but He Minhong remained determined to stay and suffer with Qi Mu, boasting a "saintly" spirit of responsibility and kindness, using it as moral restraint on herself.

Guo Assistant brought a contract to Yu Chuhui, saying that Jin and Li had already discussed it. From now on, Chuhui's departmental product demonstrations would be considered a friendly performance, and income would be calculated per performance, excluding participation in project promotion. Travel expenses would also be reimbursed. Yu Chuhui couldn't help but feel relieved that she had finally escaped her father's shadow and was now free. Looking back at Zhong Penghao's attitude towards relationships, he had changed from being an aggressor to a defender and had come to the conclusion that he could not provide her with any guarantee.

Zhu Minjie called Zhu Zhe's workplace hotel and asked the front desk to relay a message to her that he had found a job delivering food and had decided to stay in Shanghai. Zhu Zhe felt helpless about this and, upon returning home, saw He Minhong's parents waiting in the lobby downstairs. She brought them inside.

He's parents revealed to Zhu Zhe that they had seen Qi Mu and He Minhong, but the problem was that He was determined not to leave. Therefore, they hoped that Zhu Zhe could provide some additional information about Qi Mu and suggest a way forward. However, Zhu Zhe was reluctant to get involved and emphasized that Qi Mu was indeed a high-income earner, and there would be no major issues in terms of material living standards, except for Qi's mother's serious illness, which would be more troublesome.

During this period, Fang Zhiheng was too busy with work and couldn't take time off. So, when she found out that her mother was out of danger and safe, she didn't rush back to visit her. Fang's father received 5,000 yuan that Fang Zhiheng had sent, but he was angry and accused her of being an unfilial daughter. He emphasized again that Fang's mother almost lost her life giving birth.

Because of Fang's father's stubborn and hard attitude, and his inability to understand his daughter, Fang Zhiheng felt a bit sad. Guo Shengyang took the initiative to call Fang Zhiheng and asked about her situation. Fang Zhiheng told him not to come pick her up from work tomorrow since he had to attend a court hearing at noon. As for visiting her mother, Fang Zhiheng explained that there was too much work in the company and she couldn't take time off. She also noticed that Guo Shengyang didn't quite understand her actions.

That night, after dinner with her schoolmates, Yu Chuhui contacted Ye Zhenzhen and asked her to come and pick her up. Her intention was to pretend to be her boyfriend to scare off those senior brothers who were interested in her but wouldn't take no for an answer. On the way back, Ye Zhenzhen and Yu Chuhui saw a man beating up a little girl on the street. They rushed over to stop him and called the police. They emphasized to the police that it was an assault, not just simple domestic violence.

The little girl's experience reminded Yu Chuhui of herself, and she sincerely hoped that the girl could grow up and become independent soon, away from her inhumane father. Zhu Zhe was already waiting for them at home and listed the specific details of how He Minhong and Qi Mu met. When Fang Zhiheng came back from work, the four girls carefully discussed and called He Minhong's parents, explaining in detail Qi Mu's motives for getting close to He Minhong and using her guilty conscience to control her. After all, in everyone's view, He Minhong's background was pure and stable. If she got married to Qi Mu and got too busy, it would naturally attract her parents to come and help take care of her, which would greatly reduce Qi Mu's economic and even life burden.

Episode 37 (Ending) Recap

On this night, everyone struggled to sleep. He Minhong tried to take care of Qi Mu's mother and give her medicine to rest, and Qi Mu's compliments made her more determined to overcome difficulties. Fang Zhiheng sent a message again to inquire about her mother's condition, but her father returned the transferred red envelope. Zhu ZheMin threatened Zhu Zhe, and Yu Chuhui stayed up all night looking up cases of child abuse. Ye Zhenzhen reminisced about the carefree times she spent with Dai Wei, and everything left an impression on their hearts, whether light or heavy.

Because He Minhong's parents realized the seriousness of the problem, they took the initiative to come to Qi Mu's house the next morning, coaxing their daughter to eat dumplings laced with sleeping pills and then took her home. Zhu Zhe called Qi Mu immediately, lied about receiving a strange text message, and said that He Minhong had returned home. Zhu Zhe asked him to put down his work and take care of his mother to prevent the old lady from being alone and unsafe at home.

As expected, when Qi Mu hurried home, only Qi Mu's mother was in the room, and He Minhong had already disappeared without a trace. Qi Mu's mother was old and confused, always talking about wanting to see her grandson, which annoyed Qi Mu to the point of losing his temper and complaining that she had added to his burden. After calming down, he regretted his outburst.

When He Minhong woke up and found herself lying in her familiar bedroom, she suddenly realized what had happened and angrily accused her parents of their actions. He Minhong's parents no longer cared how their daughter viewed them. They just didn't want to see their daughter fall into a pit, but unfortunately, this naive and rebellious daughter completely misunderstood her parents' intentions.

Later, Qi Mu complained to Zhu Zhe about her abuse of power and disclosure of guests' privacy, which made the entire customer service department aware of the situation. Mr. Wang spoke to Zhu Zhe privately and believed she would not make such a rookie mistake. Zhu Zhe immediately called Qi Mu and warned him not to frame her. If he didn't withdraw the complaint, she would expose his divorce and departure from the company. She was prepared to go all out.

In addition, Zhu Zhe said that Qi Mu is capable of resisting his ex-wife's commotion at the company and he believes that he can also withstand his current girlfriend's parents' commotion at the company since it's not her loss anyway. After hanging up the phone, Wang reminded Zhu Zhe not to follow in Huang Yuxuan's footsteps. Although Huang Yuxuan had strong work abilities and prospects, he chose to date and get married during his career advancement period, which became the biggest stumbling block for women's promotion.

Fang Zhiheng confided to her sisters that her relationship with the young lawyer Guo Shengyang may have come to an end since they lost contact for several days, and there seemed to be no reason for them to resume their relationship. Guo Shengyang grew up in a judge's family and justice and tradition were already deeply ingrained in his bones. Therefore, he found it difficult to understand Fang Zhiheng's emphasis on refusing public interest law, and could not understand why she did not visit her mother when she knew she was in the hospital.

After returning home from work, Fang Zhiheng and Zhu Zhe discussed Guo Shengyang, and their view of this relationship was the wrong person and time, and the wrong relationship. After suffering from the harm caused by Li Xun, Fang Zhiheng was extremely averse to normal male relationships and instead could accept the clumsiness of a high school student like Guo Shengyang, even ignoring whether their values were the same.

Therefore, Guo Shengyang is more like a male version of He Minhong, looking down on sentient beings with his high-mindedness and morality. Without experiencing the harshness of society, how could he know the warmth and hardships of human relationships? So, his relationship with Fang Zhiheng was destined not to last. Zhu Zhe comforted Fang Zhiheng that she was not at fault and that there was no need to blame herself, because sometimes things were just meant to be and sometimes they were not.

He Minhong's parents locked their daughter in the house and were accused by He Minhong of illegal detention upon their return. They threatened to throw leaflets outside. Hearing her daughter's words, He Minhong's mother was heartbroken. It turned out that He Minhong did do what she said, and this drew the attention of the community police and the neighborhood committee.

Everyone tried to persuade He Minhong, but unfortunately her attitude was firm and she insisted on returning to Shanghai, saying that her children and grandchildren would have their own blessings.

He Minhong's parents were thoroughly disappointed by this. His elderly father even slapped himself in public. They watched as their daughter dragged her luggage out of the house, and left without looking back, heading straight to the Ode to Joy community in Shanghai.

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