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Faithful Reviews

  • 2023-09-16 04:01:04

    Faithful: 5 stars for the actors and subject

    It's been a while since I've seen a drama with such an unexpected plot twist. I highly recommend it!

    The costume and set design are exquisitely done. As for the acting, it's a bit uneven, but Wu Qian's performance is mostly on point. She looks stunning!

    The combination of historical drama and revenge storyline makes for a rich viewing experience. Wu Qian has really unlocked a new character this time, and I love her portrayal of Meng Wan. She speaks with confidence and seems to have a clear plan, and her thoughts are well-calculated. Looking forward to the upcoming revenge plot!

    Let's give some praise to Qiao Zhenyu and Li Jiahang.

    Qiao Zhenyu portrayed Wu Lian, a scoundrel who seemed harmless on the surface, with such depth. He looks incredibly handsome, yet he is so bad.

    Li Jiahang, as an actor, has consistently surprised me, and this time is no different. His acting is not only natural but also perfectly suited to the character. His appearance is both mature and handsome, fitting the role seamlessly.

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