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Beauties in the Closet – Vic Chou, Hu Bingqing, Chen Yao

Beauties in the Closet is a historical fantasy drama directed by Li Gongle, Huang Xiaoying, and Xu Huikang, starring Vic Chou, Hu Bingqing, Chen Yao, Han Dong, Chen Ruoxuan, Zuo Xiaoqing, Li Yu, Song Nanxi, and Liang Jingxian.

The drama is based on the novel "Yan Zhi Zui / 胭脂醉", which tells the story of Huang Qingfeng, a weasel demon, and Hu Feiluan, a nine-tailed red fox, who, in order to reduce the number of killings from the royal family, enter the palace in the guise of beauty to charm the emperor Li Han, but are caught in the middle of a crisis of power struggle at the palace; they also steal the "charming fruit" of the fox tribe and experience the human love.


Beauties in the Closet

English Title: Beauties in the Closet
Chinese Title: 柜中美人
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance
Episodes: 34
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Xu Huikang, Li Gongle, Huang Xiaoying
Writer: Wang Lizhi
Producer: Cai Yinong
Released Date: 2018-02-08
Broadcast Website: Youku



Li Zhan, Emperor Jingzong of the Tang Dynasty, was obsessed with fun and fox hunting. At the same time, he was building a palace on Mount Li, which threatened the survival of the foxes on Mount Li.

The foxes were afraid of and hated the humans and even the royal family, so the warring factions of the foxes decided to take revenge on the royal family.

The Fox Clan secretly sends two messengers, one is the weasel demon, Huang Qingfeng, and the other is the fox demon noble, Hu Feiluan. The two demons are disguised as beauties, representing the main warring faction and the main peace faction of the Fox Clan respectively.

Li Han is unaware of this.

Li Han's ascension to the throne was championed by the eunuch Wang Shoucheng. He also is under the control of Wang Shoucheng.

In order to revive the imperial majesty of the Tang Dynasty, Li Han secretly promotes Song Shenyang on the one hand, and divides the power of the eunuchs on the other, so that Wang Shoucheng, who is in charge of the military, and Hua Wuhuan, who is in charge of the imperial government, can form a rivalry. He can wait for an opportunity to eliminate both parties together.

Faced with the power struggle of the eunuchs and the harem, Li Han is in a difficult situation.

The emperor is determined to eradicate the eunuchs, regain power, and reorganize the dynasty. Huang Qingfeng finally decides to give up her selfishness and stand firmly on the emperor's side.

She repays the Emperor's kindness, defends the fruits of the victory he has gained, and works to resolve the feud between the foxes and the imperial family, averting a catastrophe on earth.


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