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Wrong Carriage Right Groom – Tian Xiwei, Ao Ruipeng

Wrong Carriage Right Groom is a historical romantic comedy, starring Tian Xiwei, Ao Ruipeng, Zhao Shunran, Bai Bingke, Zhan Yu, Ding Yiyi, and Wang Jiaxuan.

The drama is based on the novels "上错花轿嫁对郎/ Shang Cuo Hua Jiao Jia Dui Lang" and "Qing Ni Jiang Jiu Yi Xia / 请你将就一下" written by Xi Jin and tells the story of two brides who accidentally get into the wrong carriage for each other, leading to a series of stories.


Wrong Carriage Right Groom

English Title: Wrong Carriage Right Groom
Chinese Title: 花轿喜事
Other Titles: 新上错花轿嫁对郎
Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy, Drama
Tag: Arranged Marriage, Identity Swap, Mistaken Identity, Nice Male Lead, Secondary Couple, Sassy Female Lead
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Cheng Feng
Writer: Ma Shasha, Su Ni
Producer: zhang Xiaozhou, Xu Xiangbei, Mu Mengnan, Xu Runfeng
Released Date: 2023-08-28
Broadcast Website: Youku, Viki,



During the Tang Dynasty, two beautiful girls in Yangzhou are married on the same day.

Du Bingyan, a maid in a medicine shop, is marrying Qi Tianlei, the third son of the Qi family, who is known to be a loser and is seriously ill and may die at any time. But Du Bingyan has her own purpose.

Li Yuhu, the daughter of a martial artist, is marrying Yuan Dawang, a bandit who has kidnapped Li's father to coerce her into marrying him.

On the day of the wedding, the two bridal processions leave the city at the same time, and on the way, they stop at the temple of the Mountain God together. Suddenly, the temple is on fire, brides get on the wrong carriage in a hurry.

Li Yuhu enters Qi's family and "fights" with Qi Tianlei, who is pretending to be sick.

Du Bingyan and Yuan Buqu are married by mistake.

The mistake brings together several loving couples.


In Yangzhou, Miss Li Yuhu of the Li family's martial arts hall has just changed into her bridal attire. However, she is dissatisfied with the arranged marriage her parents have set up for her. She refuses to marry General Yuan Buqu, who has already lost two wives, and who had been chosen for her. She arrives in her bridal attire before her parents to protest against this marriage. Li's father and mother ask the matchmaker to persuade Li Yuhu, who learns from the matchmaker that Miss Du Bingyan from the Du family in Yangzhou is being forced into a marriage with a sickly young man for political reasons. Li Yuhu believes that if she were in Du Bingyan's shoes, she would never agree to such a marriage. On the other hand, Du Bingyan is also unhappy with her marriage, but she has no choice but to marry due to her father's commitment, to protect her family from the influence of the Qi family, and to repay her parents' kindness in raising her.

As the wealthiest family in northern Yangzhou, both families have arranged for their daughters to marry on the same day. Li's father specially arranges for a wedding procession, attire, and sedan chair that mirror those of the Du family, all to save face for their family.

Despite the auspicious time arriving, Li Yuhu delays boarding the sedan chair, and she even tears her bridal attire and head covering in protest. In response, Li's parents kneel down to beg their daughter to comply. Tearfully, Li Yuhu reluctantly agrees to board the sedan chair and proceed with the marriage. The Li and Du families set out from Yangzhou in separate processions, but they are caught in a sudden rainstorm on the way. Seeking shelter, Li Yuhu and Du Bingyan take refuge temporarily in a temple.

Du Bingyan's maidservant, Xiao Xi, and Li Yuhu's maidservant, Mei Xiang, meet at the temple's entrance. They chat and share information about the upcoming marriages of their mistresses. Li Yuhu will be marrying into Jingzhou, while Du Bingyan will be marrying into Linzhou. Inside the temple, Li Yuhu and Du Bingyan recognize each other, and they remove their head coverings to reveal their identities. They discuss their mutual dissatisfaction with their marriages.

In the past, Li Yuhu and Yuan Buqu were engaged, but a fire destroyed the Yuan family, leading to the death of Yuan Buqu's parents. Now, Li Yuhu worries that Yuan Buqu might seek revenge after marrying her. Hearing Li Yuhu's concerns, Du Bingyan advises her to investigate the deaths of Yuan Buqu's previous wives once she arrives in Jingzhou, suggesting that she should prepare for the worst if her suspicions are correct.

Du Bingyan talks about her own situation and mentions the unfortunate fate of Qi Tianlei, the third son of the Qi family. The Qi family has struggled with male heirs, and while Qi Tianlei survived into adulthood, he's rumored to have a frail constitution and a predicted short lifespan. The Qi family discovered that Du Bingyan's horoscope is compatible with Qi Tianlei's, leading them to demand that the Du family marry their daughter into the Qi family for good fortune.

Feeling a kinship, Li Yuhu and Du Bingyan become friends in the temple and pray for the goddess's blessings. Li Yuhu gives Du Bingyan a jade pendant, a gift from Yuan Buqu, while Du Bingyan presents Li Yuhu with a specially crafted crystal pendant from the Qi family.

A monk arrives at the temple and warns of impending danger, advising both families to leave. The Li and Du families hastily leave the temple, but accidentally switch the red bridal veils of Li Yuhu and Du Bingyan. This marks the beginning of an unexpected twist of fates.

Li Yuhu arrives in Linzhou and, upon unveiling her veil, realizes that she's in the wrong place. Meanwhile, Du Bingyan also discovers that she's been mistaken. Both matchmakers know that they can't switch the brides back before the auspicious time, so they decide to have Li Yuhu impersonate Du Bingyan for the marriage, hoping to help Du Bingyan escape her predicament. After contemplating the situation, Li Yuhu agrees to marry into the Qi family in place of Du Bingyan.

The next day, amidst a lively atmosphere, Li Yuhu walks into the Qi family's residence in Linzhou and completes the wedding ceremony with Qi Tianlei. After the ceremony, Qi Tianlei, who is physically weak, nearly faints, and he is quickly escorted to his room to rest by the Qi family's servants.

In the bridal chamber of the Qi residence, Li Yuhu is curious about Qi Tianlei's appearance. She lifts her veil with the intention of stealing a glance at the sleeping Qi Tianlei, but unexpectedly, Qi Tianlei awakens suddenly and startles Li Yuhu. Li Yuhu admits that Qi Tianlei is handsome, but laments that he is afflicted with illness. However, she soon discovers that the seemingly frail Qi Tianlei has hidden a stash of fine wine behind a wall. He invites her to play a drinking game with him.

After a series of rounds, Li Yuhu consistently loses to Qi Tianlei. Feeling unsatisfied, she playfully trips Qi Tianlei to get back at him. However, this backfires when Qi Tianlei pretends to faint upon falling, leaving Li Yuhu believing she has accidentally harmed him. Filled with guilt, she sheds tears. To her surprise, it turns out that Qi Tianlei was just playing along, leading to a mix of anger and relief. Qi Tianlei apologizes for the misunderstanding.

As bedtime approaches, Li Yuhu claims that she's not acclimated to the local environment in Linzhou and suggests they sleep separately. Qi Tianlei decides to sleep on a couch, allowing Li Yuhu to take the bridal bed. The next morning, Qi Tianlei wakes up and recalls the behavior of the person he got acquainted with the previous night, who identified herself as "Du Bingyan." He begins to suspect her true identity as a proper lady. Shortly after, Li Yuhu wakes up, and Qi Tianlei seizes the opportunity to engage her in conversation, asking whether she knows the local dialect of Yangzhou. Although Li Yuhu indeed speaks the dialect, her knowledge of specific local dishes raises Qi Tianlei's suspicions.

Upon hearing a servant girl outside the door, Qi Tianlei bites his finger and drips blood on the bed to avoid arousing suspicion from the elders. In the Yuan residence in Jingzhou, matchmaker Zhang Mama administers a sleeping potion to Du Bingyan, leaving her behind while she sneaks away. Mei Xiang learns of this and also decides to leave the Yuan residence with Zhang Mama.

After Li Yuhu and Qi Tianlei have finished getting ready, they go to meet their elders. Thanks to guidance from Xiao Xi, Li Yuhu manages to navigate the encounter without incident. Qi Yansheng hurries over, and upon seeing a bee in the room, he tries to shoo it away from Li Yuhu. However, this leads to a misunderstanding, and Qi Yansheng is taken away by Grandma. Grandma reproaches the Second Madam for failing in her maternal duties.

Qi Family's young master, Ke Shizhao, returns home and learns about recent events from Fang Xiaoqiao. Ke Shizhao pays his respects to his grandmother, Grandma, and apologizes to Qi Tianlei and his wife for missing the wedding feast due to his busy schedule. Over the years, Ke Shizhao has been handling business matters for the family, and Grandma hopes that one day he will join forces with Qi Tianlei to uphold the family's prestige. Ke Shizhao brings a gift specifically prepared for Qi Tianlei's wedding and everyone gathers to admire it. At that moment, Qi Tianlei falls ill, prompting Grandma to urgently summon a physician, Mr. Liu, to tend to him.

Far away at the Yuan residence, Du Bingyan wakes up after two days of unconsciousness. She learns that Mei Xiang and Zhang Mama have already left, leaving her behind intentionally. Du Bingyan realizes that they deliberately trapped her in the Yuan residence. She seeks out Yuan Buqu, but from the estate manager Li Cheng, she discovers that Yuan Buqu has been ordered to quell a conflict. Du Bingyan informs Li Cheng about the mix-up regarding the sedan chairs with Li Yuhu, but he dismisses her claims and orders her to return to her room.

Xiaoqiao came to deliver medicine to Qi Tianlei and overheard laughter from inside the room. Upon entering, she found Qi Tianlei's room in disarray due to Li Yuhu's playful antics. Li Yuhu explained that she had been tossing things around playfully. Xiaoqiao advised Qi Tianlei to take the medicine while it's still warm, and he sent her away. He then poured the medicine she brought directly down the drain, explaining to Li Yuhu that some medicines are necessary while others should be avoided.

Qi Tianlei took Li Yuhu to the garden to relax. Seeing the characters Qi Tianlei had inscribed for the garden, he realized that Li Yuhu had mispronounced the name of the garden. This further aroused his suspicion about her being a knowledgeable lady from the Du family. They strolled through the garden, and when they reached an upstairs balcony, Li Yuhu unexpectedly spotted a neglected grave in the courtyard. Qi Tianlei explained that he intentionally built the garden around it, using it as a reminder to stay grounded.

Du Bingyan couldn't leave the Yuan residence. On this day, she attempted to escape the servant's supervision and explore, but was intercepted and prevented from entering a certain room. Ignoring the warning, she entered anyway and discovered it was the Yuan ancestral hall. She found the tablets of Yuan Buqu's deceased wives, but was swiftly confronted by Li Cheng, who sternly ushered her out of the hall.

Qi Tianlei sought out his master, Liu Ruoqian, with suspicions about his new wife's identity. He had heard that Du Bingyan from Yangzhou was well-educated and refined. After a few days of observation, he found Li Yuhu to be charming but lacking in intellectual depth. The Qi family held a crab feast that day, and Grandma specially invited the new daughter-in-law to join. Qi Mother proposed that the accomplished Du family daughter recite interesting crab anecdotes, but Li Yuhu, not being Du Bingyan, struggled with the task and resorted to rhyming descriptions. Surprisingly, her rhymes impressed the Qi family, with Grandma diffusing any awkwardness.

Later, Grandma suggested composing poems using the crabs on the table. She started, and Xiaoqiao proposed that Li Yuhu continue the poem. Lacking literary talent, Li Yuhu cleverly deconstructed the crab to "write" a poem, leading the Qi family to mistakenly think that "Du Bingyan" had an unconventional literary style.

To test Li Yuhu, Xiaoqiao proposed they paint chrysanthemums in the courtyard. Li Yuhu was unsure how to proceed, but she creatively used a flower to make imprints and successfully passed the test. Bored at the Qi residence, Li Yuhu went to the courtyard to practice swordplay. However, Xiaoqiao intervened, reminding her that as Du Bingyan, she shouldn't engage in martial activities. This statement unexpectedly reached Qi Tianlei's ears, prompting him to reflect on their relationship as master and servant.

Li Yuhu confided in Xiaoqiao about the peculiarities of the Qi family: the head of the household is Grandma, the only daughter is mute, the sole son is frail, and he faints at the drop of a hat only to recover just as quickly. Qi Tianlei had the servant summon Li Yuhu, stating that they are already married and should send a letter of greeting to her parents in Yangzhou. He provided a list of gifts and a family letter, suggesting that she write her parents' names on the envelopes herself. Xiaoqiao tried unsuccessfully to divert Qi Tianlei's attention, resulting in both Qi Tianlei and Li Yuhu writing the names on the envelope together. To help Li Yuhu remember Du Bingyan's parents' names, Xiaoqiao assisted by mentioning them, but Li Yuhu still managed to get them wrong.

Privately, Qi Tianlei confronted Xiaoqiao about the mix-up. He questioned her about Du Bingyan's confusion with her parents' names, pointing out various inconsistencies he had noticed. With no way to hide the truth, Xiaoqiao admitted to being a maid from the Du family and explained the incident with the sedan chairs. She mentioned that Li Yuhu is kind-hearted and had come to the Qi residence to help Du Bingyan avoid trouble, hoping that Qi Tianlei wouldn't blame her. Qi Tianlei instructed Xiaoqiao to keep this a secret and advised her to be cautious and discreet in the future.

Qi Tianlei told his master, Liu Ruoqian, that the new wife, Du Bingyan, is fake. He doesn't know if the real Du Bingyan got married to Jingzhou or returned to Yangzhou. Liu Ruoqian guessed that Du Bingyan might have truly married into Jingzhou. He also mentioned that his nephew, Sha Pingwei, is a junior officer under Yuan Buqu. Sha Pingwei has sent multiple letters to Liu Ruoqian, asking him to come north to help wounded soldiers. Liu Ruoqian planned to go north and gather information about Du Bingyan once he arrives there. After advising his disciples, Liu Ruoqian decided to set out immediately.

In the garden, Du Bingyan tried to gather information about Yuan Buqu from the maidservants of the Yuan household. However, the steward Li Cheng noticed when the maidservants mentioned Yuan Buqu and confronted Du Bingyan. Frustrated, Du Bingyan angrily left with the maidservants. She wanted to see Yuan Buqu as soon as possible and inform him about the situation, hoping he would help her return to Yangzhou. Later, she learned from the maidservant Hong Yu that the general's military camp was not far from the Yuan residence. She decided to disguise herself as Yuan Buqu and sneak out of the mansion.

The steward of the general's mansion, Li Cheng, learned from the maidservants that the general's wife had left, and he quickly organized a search at the city gate. As Du Bingyan was being pursued at the city gate, she used the alias Du Bin and claimed to live outside the city. She successfully left Jingzhou. Resting at a teahouse outside the city, she unexpectedly met Liu Ruoqian. She asked him about the way to the border town and explained that she was going there to visit relatives.

In the teahouse, Du Bingyan witnessed an elderly person accidentally being knocked over. She decided to help the elderly person and took them home. Liu Ruoqian, who also happened to be there, learned from the teahouse waiter that they didn't know the elderly person. He worried that the young person, Du Bin, might be in trouble. Fortunately, Liu Ruoqian arrived in time to rescue Du Bingyan when the elderly person revealed their true intentions of robbing her. Du Bingyan found out that this person was also heading to the border town and decided to travel there with Liu Ruoqian.

Under the alias Du Bin, Du Bingyan met Liu Ruoxian and learned from him about the heavily guarded military camp. Even relatives were not allowed inside, causing her distress about how to get in. Liu Ruoqian suggested that she become his apprentice and enter the camp as a healer. This way, she could search for her older brother and learn medicine to help people. Delighted, Du Bingyan immediately became Liu Ruoqian's apprentice. They traveled to the military camp, where Liu Ruoqian's nephew, Sha Pingwei, welcomed them. Liu Ruoqian introduced Sha Pingwei to his apprentice Du Bin and, later, they all went to the camp to treat the wounded.

In the Qi mansion's courtyard, Ke Shizhao encountered Li Yuhu alone. He expressed concern for Qi Tianlei's health and asked Li Yuhu to take care of him. Fang Xiaoqiao arrived with medicine for Qi Tianlei, and Ke Shizhao suggested that Li Yuhu could seek Fang Xiaoqiao's help in the future.

Inside the camp, Du Bingyan assisted her master, Liu Ruoqian, in treating the wounded. This time, Sha Pingwei came to the medical room. Du Bingyan wanted to use the excuse of searching for her older brother to ask Sha Pingwei to take her to see Yuan Buqu. However, Sha Pingwei revealed that Yuan Buqu's newlywed wife had left due to loneliness, causing him frustration. He advised Du Bingyan not to disturb Yuan Buqu.

Sha Pingwei had always treated Du Bin like a younger brother. During their free time, he took Du Bin to the lakeside near the camp to play. Sha Pingwei realized that Du Bin didn't know how to swim, so he planned to teach him. Du Bingyan, who had been acting as Du Bin, couldn't refuse, but luckily, the sound of the military bugle made Sha Pingwei leave hurriedly.

On the balcony, Qi Tianlei and Li Yuhu were enjoying the view. Through a telescope, Li Yuhu unexpectedly saw Wang Beard and others in the courtyard beating a young man. Qi Tianlei and Li Yuhu rushed to the scene and learned that the young man had been beaten for insulting Ke Shizhao. Qi Tianlei wanted to take the young man away but was stopped by Wang Beard, who claimed he was too weak. Li Yuhu threatened Wang Beard with force and managed to take the young man away.

Qi Tianlei, Li Yuhu, and Qi Yansheng took the young man to a study and learned that he had come to the mansion to see Grandma. The young man, Ji Jingtang, was from Jiangzhou and grew up helping his parents run a pharmacy.

Ji Jingtang brought Qi Tianlei and Li Yuhu to his home to understand the hidden situation. After returning to the mansion, Qi Tianlei instructed Li Yuhu not to mention this matter to others until it's fully clarified. In his room, Qi Tianlei took out a Western all-purpose glass and explained to Li Yuhu that this glass can see anything you want to see. He used it to observe distant places and mentioned that he saw the Yangweiwu Academy in Yangzhou on fire. Hearing about the fire at her home, Li Yuhu was anxious to see it, but then she realized she had been tricked by Qi Tianlei and her identity was exposed.

Seeing her identity revealed, Li Yuhu admitted that she was indeed Li Yuhu, the daughter of the owner of Yangweiwu Academy. She had come to the Qi mansion to endure suffering on behalf of her sister, Du Bingyan. She also revealed that the matchmaker had told her she could return to Yangzhou after Qi Tianlei's death. However, secretly, Li Yuhu didn't actually want Qi Tianlei to die; she wanted him to live well and return to Du Bingyan later. Although she had feelings for Qi Tianlei, she knew better not to covet someone else's husband due to her upbringing. Qi Tianlei suggested that perhaps Du Bingyan and Yuan Buqu might develop feelings for each other, but Li Yuhu didn't believe her sister would fall for a high-ranking general who wields weapons. They made a bet on this, agreeing that if Du Bingyan fell for Yuan Buqu, they would get married. Qi Tianlei requested that Li Yuhu willingly marry him.

At night, Du Bingyan sneaked to the lakeside to clean up unnoticed. While cleaning, she was unexpectedly spotted by Yuan Buqu, who was there to relax. Yuan Buqu questioned her about how she entered the military camp from such a secure location. Du Bingyan had no choice but to claim she was the general's wife. Surprised by her response, Yuan Buqu was about to ask more when Du Bingyan used a sedative to escape his grasp.

Upon waking up, Yuan Buqu remained suspicious about the woman's identity he encountered. Likewise, Du Bingyan, who had returned to the camp, couldn't sleep due to anxiety. Under Sha Pingwei's repeated pleas, Yuan Buqu agreed to meet the new medicine apprentice, Du Bin. However, as Sha Pingwei brought Du Bin to Yuan Buqu, an enemy attack occurred, and Yuan Buqu hurriedly rushed to the battlefield with his subordinates.

In the dangerous battlefield, Sha Pingwei was surrounded while pursuing the enemy, and Yuan Buqu came to his rescue. In the process, Yuan Buqu was shot with an arrow and seriously injured. Sha Pingwei brought Yuan Buqu back to the camp for treatment. Du Bingyan, accompanied by Liu Ruoqian, came to treat Yuan Buqu. It was only at this moment that she realized the man she encountered last night was Yuan Buqu.

Ke Shizhao returned to the Qi mansion, where Wang Beard informed him about the incident involving the troublemaking young man from Jiangzhou being taken away by Qi Tianlei. Wang Beard also mentioned that he discovered Qi Sanniang's martial skills. Feeling guilty for causing Yuan Buqu's injury on the battlefield, Sha Pingwei kneeled outside Yuan Buqu's tent to apologize. Seeing his nephew blaming himself, Liu Ruoqian comforted Sha Pingwei, explaining that the battlefield was unpredictable, and he shouldn't be too hard on himself. He then took Sha Pingwei away to treat his wound.

Upon waking up, Yuan Buqu saw the medicine apprentice who had been making medicine for him. He learned that the apprentice, Du Bin, was the one Sha Pingwei wanted him to meet. Yuan Buqu found Du Bin's face familiar but couldn't remember where he had seen him before. Yuan Buqu discovered that Du Bin had come to the camp to find his older brother. Du Bingyan had no choice but to lie, claiming her older brother's name was Du Kui. Yuan Buqu promised to help find him. Liu Ruoqian visited Yuan Buqu and informed him that the arrow had been poisoned. Yuan Buqu needed thorough recovery, and he instructed Du Bin (Du Bingyan) to take care of him. Reluctantly, Du Bingyan agreed to stay and look after Yuan Buqu.

Ke Shizhao and Fang Xiaoqiao discussed Qi Sanniang's martial skills, but Ke Shizhao didn't take it seriously. Fang Xiaoqiao felt jealous of how often Ke Shizhao interacted with Qi Sanniang. Ke Shizhao, using his future identity as the Qi mansion's young master, advised Fang Xiaoqiao not to be petty. Fang Xiaoqiao only asked Ke Shizhao to treat her wholeheartedly. Ke Shizhao explained that he was just testing Qi Sanniang and asked Fang Xiaoqiao to help investigate Qi Sanniang's true intentions.

Fang Xiaoqiao took advantage of the opportunity to deliver medicine to Qi Tianlei and inquired Li Yuhu about Yangzhou embroidery. Li Yuhu declined to answer, citing that the embroidered garments and accessories in her family were made by skilled embroiderers. Fang Xiaoqiao then asked her what knowledge she acquired during her girlhood. Li Yuhu explained that she had learned about business and managed her family's eighteen businesses.

Fang Xiaoqiao shared the gathered information with Ke Shizhao, and he advised her to have Grandma check the Qi mansion's accounts. On that day, Grandma was concerned about her grandson Qi Tianlei's weak health preventing him from managing affairs. She was relieved that Ke Shizhao was helping and worried about the future management of the Qi family businesses. Fang Xiaoqiao mentioned that Third Madam (Qi Sanniang) was skilled in business and finance, not household chores. Upon hearing this, Grandma was delighted and urged Fang Xiaoqiao to bring Third Madam, Du Bingyan, to test her abilities.

In his room, Qi Tianlei taught Li Yuhu to recite poetry. Despite making frequent mistakes, Qi Tianlei hesitated to punish her. Once Li Yuhu successfully memorized the verses, Qi Tianlei rewarded her with a kiss on her hand, leaving Li Yuhu moved. Fang Xiaoqiao informed Qi Tianlei and his wife that Grandma wanted to see them. They went to meet Grandma and Qi Tianlei's mother. Grandma asked Li Yuhu whether she had managed the eighteen businesses in Yangzhou, and Li Yuhu reluctantly admitted to helping her parents manage the businesses. Faced with Grandma's inquiries about business management experience, Li Yuhu improvised answers on the spot. Grandma was pleased with her capabilities and appointed Li Yuhu to oversee the financial review of the Qi family's fourteen businesses in Linzhou the next day. Qi Tianlei couldn't refuse and had to awkwardly smile with Li Yuhu.

Knowing that she couldn't complete the financial review, Li Yuhu planned to take Xiao Xi and return to Yangzhou. Qi Tianlei warned her that leaving would expose her as an impostor of Du Bingyan, which would also endanger her parents in Yangzhou. Qi Tianlei learned that Xiao Xi knew many business-related songs in Yangzhou. He instructed her to write down these songs for Li Yuhu to memorize overnight. He then taught Li Yuhu some auditing techniques and shared a secret about one of the Qi family's fourteen businesses – Dali Timber. It was running at a loss. Lastly, Qi Tianlei advised Li Yuhu to act according to his hints the next day.

The following day, Li Yuhu successfully managed the financial review with the knowledge Qi Tianlei imparted. However, she forgot the name of the loss-making business at the end. In a quick decision, she asked the managers of the fourteen businesses to tally their accounts on the spot. Guided by Qi Tianlei's hints, Li Yuhu successfully identified Dali Timber as the loss-making business. Ke Shizhao suspected Li Yuhu's abilities and made her carefully examine Dali Timber's accounts. Unable to handle the situation, Li Yuhu pretended to feel unwell and even vomited with Qi Tianlei's guidance. This led Grandma to mistakenly think that Li Yuhu was pregnant, and she urgently had Qi Tianlei take her back to their room for rest.

Back in the courtyard, Li Yuhu learned that Qi Tianlei had tricked everyone into believing she was pregnant. Feeling both embarrassed and angry, she playfully chased Qi Tianlei, not realizing that Fang Xiaoqiao witnessed the scene. Fang Xiaoqiao hurriedly informed Ke Shizhao that Qi Tianlei and his wife were practicing martial arts and that Qi Tianlei was not actually sick. Fang Xiaoqiao and Ke Shizhao went to check and witnessed Li Yuhu playfully scolding Xiao Xi. This put Ke Shizhao's suspicions to rest.

Li Yuhu and Qi Tianlei successfully dispelled Ke Shizhao's doubts. After returning to her room, Li Yuhu asked Qi Tianlei why he had pretended to be sick when he wasn't. Qi Tianlei had no choice but to reveal some hidden stories and secrets of the Qi family's past.

Years ago, Qi Tianxiang, the eldest brother of the Qi mansion, suddenly died under mysterious circumstances. Less than a year after his death, Qi Tianlei's second brother, Qi Tianfang, also suffered misfortune and was bitten to death by a snake. During that time, the eldest and second young masters of the Qi mansion passed away successively. Rumors spread throughout the Qi mansion that the third young master, Qi Tianlei, would not live past the age of twenty-five. At that time, Qi Tianlei's health deteriorated further, resembling a sick bird trapped in a golden cage. Overwhelmed by despair, he one day escaped from attendants and servants and ran to the desolate wilderness, intending to end his life. Eventually, his mentor Liu Ruoqian saved him from this predicament. Liu Ruoqian brought Qi Tianlei back to the Qi mansion, treated his illnesses, and taught him martial arts.

It was through Liu Ruoqian's arrival that Qi Tianlei learned of the immense wealth and envy-inducing status of the Qi mansion. Liu Ruoqian advised Qi Tianlei to pretend to be seriously ill and to alternate between good and bad health to make the predators underestimate him. Although Li Yuhu was empathetic towards Qi Tianlei's situation, she didn't want to stay in such a dark environment. She declared her intention to return to Yangzhou. Qi Tianlei asked Li Yuhu to stay and help uncover the predators within the mansion. With her sense of justice, Li Yuhu readily agreed.

Du Bingyan cared for Yuan Buqu at the military camp. One day, while changing his bandages, she noticed scars all over his body. Upon hearing the backstory of the injuries Yuan Buqu sustained while serving the country, she admired his courage. Liu Ruoqian learned from his nephew Sha Pingwei that General Yuan Buqu had lost two wives: the first died in childbirth, and the second died of a serious illness during a distant military campaign. Additionally, after Yuan Buqu's third wife left the Yuan residence, he did not seek another wife despite his busy military duties. Observing Du Bingyan's care for Yuan Buqu in the camp, Liu Ruoqian deduced her true identity as a woman based on her name, and he realized she was the missing Du Bingyan.

Du Bingyan prepared nutritious meals specifically for Yuan Buqu and even fed him due to his inconvenience. Qi Tianlei tested the herbal medicine brought by Fang Xiaoqiao on white mice. The mice gradually died, and Li Yuhu realized Qi Tianlei's intentions.

Liu Ruoqian offered to check Du Bingyan's pulse to confirm her true identity as a woman. He prescribed medication for her and asked her to look at it in her room. Upon seeing the prescription, Du Bingyan realized that her mentor knew her real identity and said that military rules were strict. She worried that her disguise as a man might be uncovered in the military camp. If she needed help, she could come to him the next day.

The next day, Liu Ruoqian assured Du Bingyan that he would help her through her difficulties. He then brought her to examine Yuan Buqu. After treating his injuries, Yuan Buqu's wounds had already healed well. Yuan Buqu found no record of a person named Du Kui in the military records and asked Du Bingyan about her intentions. She struggled to explain, but Liu Ruoqian's intervention cleared Yuan Buqu's suspicions.

Suddenly, Sha Pingwei reported that the enemy had challenged them to battle. Yuan Buqu decided to lead the charge himself, but his wounds might rupture during the fight. Liu Ruoqian brought Du Bingyan along to ensure Yuan Buqu's safety. On the battlefield, Yuan Buqu assessed the enemy's formation and found that they mainly consisted of cavalry. He gathered his soldiers to discuss a strategy. Du Bingyan came up with a clever plan. She suggested that the enemy's troops were exhausted and that they had reduced the number of soldiers cooking, indicating a shortage of supplies. She also suspected that the enemy's horses were not well-fed. She proposed feeding black beans to the soldiers in the front lines. When the enemy's horses got busy eating the beans, they wouldn't follow commands, allowing them to catch the enemy off guard. Yuan Buqu greatly agreed with the plan and instructed his troops accordingly. Thanks to Du Bingyan's strategy, Yuan Buqu's forces gained a significant advantage.

Du Bingyan asked Liu Ruoqian how he knew her real name and even the name of another girl, Li Yuhu. Liu Ruoqian mentioned the incident where the two girls accidentally swapped veils and flower sedan chairs in Yangzhou. He also claimed to have a knack for fortune-telling and was nicknamed Liu Banxian. Du Bingyan admired Liu Ruoqian's talents and expressed her intention to learn not only medicine but also swordsmanship from him. She even expressed her willingness to consider Liu Ruoqian as her adoptive father. Finally, Liu Ruoqian explained that he had come from Linzhou and that the third young master of the Qi mansion was his disciple. He mentioned that Qi Tianlei's illness was a ploy to deal with the corrupt individuals within the mansion. He hoped that just as Li Yuhu and Qi Tianlei had developed a strong bond, Du Bingyan and Yuan Buqu in Jingzhou could also find mutual understanding and create a happy marriage.

Due to their victory on the battlefield, Yuan Buqu ordered a celebration feast that night, which excited the soldiers. Du Bingyan noticed a shortage of medicinal herbs in the camp. Liu Ruoqian planned to return to Linzhou in the next few days to collect medicinal herbs and check on Qi Tianlei and Li Yuhu's situation. Du Bingyan unexpectedly found a half piece of gold-foil lotus flower, which she brought to Liu Ruoqian. He informed her that it was a token of love between his senior brother and a beloved woman named Feng Che. Despite saving many lives, Feng Che, as a healer, couldn't save himself.

Yuan Buqu ordered his subordinates to invite Liu Ruoqian and his disciples to attend the victory celebration feast. However, Du Bingyan was worried about her low alcohol tolerance and declined the invitation. At the celebration, Yuan Buqu didn't see Du Bingyan. He praised Liu Ruoqian for his intelligent and compassionate disciple who had ventured into Jingzhou alone and cared deeply for his soldiers' well-being. Yuan Buqu mentioned corresponding with other generals to help Du Bingyan find her missing brother. Liu Ruoqian expressed his reluctance as Du Bingyan's mentor if she were to leave the camp. Upon hearing that Du Bingyan might leave, Yuan Buqu, although saddened, respected her decision.

Seeing Yuan Buqu's distressed expression, Liu Ruoqian invited him to the tent for a consultation. Liu Ruoqian inquired if Yuan Buqu had something on his mind. Yuan Buqu admitted that he had felt a sense of familiarity upon first seeing Du Bingyan but couldn't recall where or when they had met. Sensing Yuan Buqu's inner turmoil, Liu Ruoqian hinted at the truth, and Yuan Buqu finally learned that Du Bingyan was a woman.

Yuan Buqu recalled the woman he had seen by the lake and realized that Du Bingyan was the same person. Liu Ruoqian explained that Du Bingyan wasn't the same person as Li Yuhu, the woman from Yangzhou intended for Yuan Buqu. He revealed the complex backstory to Yuan Buqu.

The next day, Du Bingyan came to the tent to change Yuan Buqu's bandages. She noticed that Yuan Buqu had written a couplet expressing affection. She asked if he had someone in mind, and Yuan Buqu didn't deny it. However, he expressed uncertainty about whether that person reciprocated his feelings. Du Bingyan praised Yuan Buqu's military achievements and talents, assuring him that the person must have feelings for him. Yuan Buqu took the opportunity to ask if Du Bingyan, as a woman, would consider marrying him. Du Bingyan blushed and shifted the topic.

Yuan Buqu showed Du Bingyan a portrait of the woman he admired and asked what gift he should give to express his feelings. When Du Bingyan opened the scroll, she discovered that the woman in the portrait was herself. Yuan Buqu admitted that he had fallen in love with her at first sight and returned a silk handkerchief she had dropped that day. Despite Liu Ruoqian's revelation about the mistaken marriage ceremony, Yuan Buqu confessed that whether or not it was a mistake, he was devoted to Du Bingyan alone. After spending time together, Du Bingyan felt the same way, and they embraced each other in mutual understanding.

Sha Pingwei accompanied Liu Ruoqian back to Linzhou to gather medicinal herbs. Before leaving, Liu Ruoqian advised Du Bingyan to take care of Yuan Buqu's arrow wound, be cautious within the camp, and avoid revealing her true gender. Du Bingyan entrusted Liu Ruoqian with a gift for Li Yuhu and asked him to be careful on his journey.

Fang Xiaoqiao felt jealous seeing Li Yuhu make Grandma so happy. Although she had seen Li Yuhu practicing martial arts, Ke Shizhao advised Fang Xiaoqiao to pay attention to any clues left behind. Ke Shizhao suspected that Third Mistress Du Bingyan might have a hidden identity. Fang Xiaoqiao suggested using the crystal goose, a gift from Grandma, to test this. Ke Shizhao praised her idea and suggested that she propose displaying the crystal goose during a family banquet to provoke a reaction from Du Bingyan.

At the fifteenth-day banquet, Ke Shizhao signaled Fang Xiaoqiao to propose showcasing the crystal goose. Seizing the opportunity when Grandma praised Li Yuhu's attire, Fang Xiaoqiao suggested that Third Mistress should wear the crystal goose to complete her look. Grandma asked why Third Mistress wasn't wearing the crystal goose she had given her earlier. She asked Qi Tianlei to accompany his wife to retrieve and wear the crystal goose.

Initially, Du Bingyan couldn't give the crystal goose to Li Yuhu due to the circumstances at the fairy temple. Consequently, Li Yuhu didn't possess the item. Just as they were getting anxious, Liu Ruoqian returned and delivered the gift from Du Bingyan. Li Yuhu and Qi Tianlei were pleasantly surprised to find that the gift was the crystal goose.

Qi Tianlei and Li Yuhu returned to the banquet. Li Yuhu claimed that she had entrusted the crystal goose to Qi Tianlei the second day she arrived at the Qi mansion. However, Qi Tianlei couldn't find it now. Surprising everyone, Li Yuhu admitted that Qi Tianlei often teased her like this. She then asked Qi Tianlei to show the crystal goose to everyone. Seeing the crystal goose, Ke Shizhao felt a sense of dissatisfaction.

Having successfully navigated this challenge, Li Yuhu didn't want to stay in the challenging environment of the Qi mansion any longer. She packed her belongings to leave, prompting Qi Tianlei to tease that if she left, he might have to find another beautiful wife. Eventually, Li Yuhu realized that Qi Tianlei's words were directed at her. Qi Tianlei confessed that he only wanted her, not any other well-bred ladies. He pleaded with her not to leave and kissed her. Li Yuhu, now certain of his true feelings, responded with a kiss of her own to express her affection.

Li Yuhu thanked Liu Ruoqian for timely delivering the gift of a crystal goose, which helped her avoid this test. She inquired and learned that Du Bingyan and Yuan Buqu were deeply in love on the front lines. Qi Tianlei felt that this was a wonderful outcome, finding suitable partners on both sides. Qi Tianlei discovered that Liu Ruoqian's visit to Linzhou this time was to purchase medicinal herbs for the front-line military camp. Coincidentally, he knew of an herb shop and intended to take his master there for the purchase.

Qi Tianlei handed the list of medicinal herbs to Qi Yansheng and asked her to go to Madame Shu's herb shop. He instructed Ji Jingtang to expedite the process as mentioned in the letter. Yansheng brought the list and the letter written by Qi Tianlei to the herb shop and asked Ji Jingtang for assistance in purchasing the herbs. Madame Shu found the handwriting on the list strangely familiar and inquired with Yansheng. She was surprised to learn that the person who wrote the list was none other than Liu Ruoqian, her husband. Liu Ruoqian had been adopted by Madame Shu's father when he was an orphan, and they had grown up together as childhood sweethearts. Later, Madame Shu became his wife. Two years ago, Liu Ruoqian had left after an argument with Madame Shu, prompting her to search for her husband.

In order to allow Du Bingyan to operate openly in the military camp, Yuan Buqu took the initiative the next day. In front of everyone, he announced that his newly wedded wife had come to the camp in men's clothing. He had Du Bingyan brought before all the officers and soldiers and revealed her true identity as a woman. According to military regulations, women who entered the camp without permission were to be executed. While Sha Pingwei was surprised by Du Bingyan's true identity, he also pleaded for her, citing her contributions to the camp.

In the end, Yuan Buqu acknowledged that his wife had violated the military regulations, and he, as her husband, should bear the responsibility. He confessed to turning a blind eye to a family member's actions and decided to punish himself. He was sentenced to a hundred lashes with a military cane. The military adviser suggested, based on historical precedents, that Yuan Buqu could use the "cutting hair to replace the head" method as a way to atone for the offense. Yuan Buqu personally cut off Du Bingyan's waist-length hair as a symbol of atonement, thus saving her life.

Yansheng, along with Madame Shu, found Qi Tianlei and learned that Liu Ruoqian had just left for some errands. Qi Tianlei was surprised to discover that Madame Shu was, in fact, his master Liu Ruoqian's wife. Liu Ruoqian, who was originally an orphan, was adopted by Madame Shu's father, and they had grown up together. Liu Ruoqian had left two years ago after an argument, and Madame Shu had been searching for him ever since.

Qi Tianlei paid his respects to his master's wife, Madame Shu, and asked her to return to the herb shop to prepare the herbs. He promised to find Liu Ruoqian as soon as possible to reunite them. Yansheng found Liu Ruoqian and brought him in front of Qi Tianlei. Qi Tianlei pretended that the herb shop was missing a specific herb called "Danggui" and asked his master, Liu Ruoqian, to go to the herb shop personally.

Accompanied by Yansheng, Liu Ruoqian arrived at the herb shop. Madame Shu intentionally hid to avoid being seen by her husband. Liu Ruoqian learned from Ji Jingtang that the herb shop's owner had quarreled with her husband and was looking for him everywhere. Liu Ruoqian thought of his wife and, upon seeing a familiar jade pendant, realized that Madame Shu was right in front of him. The husband and wife reunited after many years and were overwhelmed with joy.

Liu Ruoqian promised that he would return promptly after delivering the herbs to the front lines and would never separate from his wife again. Madame Shu complained that her husband had always been focused on helping others and never cared about her, but in the end, she chose to support Liu Ruoqian's decision.

In the military camp, there were many wounded soldiers, and medicinal herbs were scarce. Some injured soldiers were in critical condition due to a lack of hemostatic medicine. Du Bingyan remembered the herbal knowledge she had learned from her master and led a group of soldiers to gather herbs on the mountain at night. Although Du Bingyan successfully found the hemostatic herbs, she accidentally injured herself. She returned to the camp alone to treat her leg wound. When Sha Pingwei learned of Du Bingyan's injury, he hurriedly rushed to her tent. Du Bingyan explained that her injury was not serious, and Sha Pingwei felt relieved.

Upon hearing about Du Bingyan's injury, Yuan Buqu also hurried to the tent. Hearing Sha Pingwei's concern for Du Bingyan, he couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy. Yuan Buqu dismissed Sha Pingwei and personally examined Du Bingyan's injury, deeply worried about her. Knowing that it was inconvenient for a young woman like her to stay in the military camp, he initially wanted to send her back to the Yuan residence or to Yangzhou. However, Du Bingyan refused to leave and expressed her desire to return to the capital alongside Yuan Buqu. She promised to come up with a solution during her recovery and assured him that she would always stay within his sight to ease his worries.

To allow Du Bingyan to move freely in the military camp without suspicion, Yuan Buqu publicly announced that his newly wedded wife, disguised as a man, had arrived at the camp. He had Du Bingyan brought before the officers and soldiers, revealing her true identity in front of everyone. According to military regulations, a woman entering the camp without authorization would face execution. Although

Yuan Buqu praised Du Bingyan for her wisdom, comparing her to Zhuge Liang. With just one clever plan, she had effectively revealed her true identity and also gained the recognition of Sha Pingwei as her brother-in-law. Yuan Buqu rearranged the wedding hall and brought the hair that Du Bingyan had cut off. He also cut a strand of his own hair and placed them together, hoping that this symbolic gesture would unite them as husband and wife, deeply in love and without suspicion. The two embraced and kissed in the newly arranged wedding hall, making up for the missed wedding ceremony.

Madame Shu prepared Liu Ruoqian's luggage for his departure and also made him a new outfit. After being separated from her husband for many years, Madame Shu did not want them to part again. She wanted to accompany Liu Ruoqian to the military camp. Liu Ruoqian, however, explained that the journey was long, and women were not allowed inside the camp. He persuaded his wife to stay in Linzhou and wait for his return.

Qi Tianlei brought Li Yuhu to bid farewell to Liu Ruoqian. Liu Ruoqian advised his disciple not to sit idly by and to quickly let Grandma know about the conspiracy of the evildoers in the Qi family. Qi Tianlei came up with a plan to make Grandma aware of Ke Shizhao's wrongdoing towards Ji Jingtang. The next morning, Liu Ruoqian headed to the border town, and Madame Shu, in disguise, secretly followed him. Along the way, Liu Ruoqian noticed Madame Shu's presence and reluctantly allowed her to accompany him to the border town.

Although Qi Tianlei's plan received support from his master, Liu Ruoqian, he remained concerned that once the truth was revealed, Grandma might still favor Ke Shizhao. Grandma had always been fond of Ke Shizhao, and he was skilled at winning people over. Apart from his mother and his mute sister, Qi Yansheng, everyone else in the Qi household admired Ke Shizhao. To proceed cautiously, Qi Tianlei remembered that Grandma had always wanted to acquire a shop in another region. He planned to persuade Grandma to send Ke Shizhao to oversee this matter, using this opportunity to report Ji Jingtang's parents' case to her.

Upon hearing that Ke Shizhao had been instructed to oversee the purchase of a shop, he became suspicious as he suspected that it was Qi Tianlei's idea. He asked Fang Xiaoqiao to pay close attention to the household affairs.

After confirming that Ke Shizhao had left the Qi residence, Qi Tianlei specially invited Grandma and the other female members of the Qi family to watch a traditional opera called "The Story of Ding Lang's Vengeance." After watching the performance, Grandma sympathized with the protagonist of the opera. Qi Tianlei used the opera to inform Grandma that the story was based on real events and promised to bring the real person to meet her. The next day, Li Yuhu found an opportunity to send Fang Xiaoqiao away, and Qi Tianlei brought Ji Jingtang to meet Grandma. Under Grandma's questioning, Ji Jingtang revealed the plot where an innocent beggar's life was sacrificed to frame the Ji family's herb shop for financial gain. He explained that he had no prior knowledge of these events and only realized the truth when he encountered the beggar's mother, who was being pursued by the evildoers. Ji Jingtang had fled Jiangzhou to protect her and had accidentally become separated from her.

Ji Jingtang told Grandma that the evildoer he was referring to was Ke Shizhao and hoped that Grandma would intervene on behalf of the Ji family. Ji Jingtang presented a blood-written letter from his father in prison, expressing his helplessness in seeking justice and the loss of crucial evidence. Knowing that Grandma had a reputation for kindness and justice, Ji Jingtang hoped she could provide fairness to the Ji family. However, Grandma considered Ji Jingtang's account to be one-sided, and she believed that the authorities could not handle this matter. She offered Ji Jingtang a sum of money, but he refused it, seeking only a fair resolution. Seeing that Grandma chose to support her grandson and his evildoer brother, Ji Jingtang took his leave.

Grandma inquired with Qi Tianlei about how he had met Ji Jingtang. She instructed him not to meddle further in Ji Jingtang's affairs. She also expressed disbelief in the allegations, stating that if Ke Shizhao had brought bad luck to the Qi family, her eldest and second sons wouldn't have died inexplicably, and Qi Yansheng wouldn't have become mute, and Qi Tianlei himself wouldn't have been predicted to die before the age of 25. Despite Qi Tianlei's concerns, Grandma did not want to believe it and told him to keep quiet.

After dealing with the matters at the shop, Ke Shizhao returned to the Qi residence. Fang Xiaoqiao informed him about bringing a young man from out of town to meet Grandma. Ke Shizhao arrived at Grandma's place with the gifts he had purchased. Grandma advised Ke Shizhao not to spend money on such gifts in the future and requested that their relatives refrain from sending local products as well. She accepted the tea leaves Ke Shizhao brought and asked him to send the other gifts back to Jiangzhou. This surprised Ke Shizhao.



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