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Love Is Written in the Stars – Judy Qi, Ao Ruipeng

Love Is Written in the Stars is a historical fantasy comedy directed by Shen Jinfei, led by Qi Yandi and Ao Ruipeng, co-starring Yi Bochen, Yang Xinying, Yang Lin, Pan Yuetong, Quan Peilun, Xu Xiaohan, and Zhang Keai.

The drama tells the story of Zhou Yuan, a young girl who has a talent for martial arts. She would become seriously ill when she falls in love. After entering the "Qing Yun Academy" in the capital disguised as a man, she falls in love with Wei Qi, a young marquis who would bring bad luck to his wife.


Love Is Written in the Stars

English Title: Love Is Written in the Stars
Chinese Title: 看见缘分的少女
Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Tag: Special Power, Cross-Dressing, Rich Male Lead, Playful Female Lead, Arrogant Male Lead
Episodes: 24
Duration: 46 min.
Director: Shen Jinfei
Writer: Zhou Miao, Huang Xiaoqiao
Producer: Tang Fan, Xu Wenjun, Dai Ling, Chen Xixiao, Li Dan
Released Date: 2023-03-31
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MangoTV Drama, Viki



Zhou Yuan, a girl with unemotional abilities meets Wei Qi, the young master of the Hou Mansion who has a bumpy marriage fate.

One is afraid of marriage, and the other hopes to marry. These two individuals, with vastly different backgrounds, experience many humorous things together.

Through their clashes, they gradually develop feelings for each other.


Fate is invisible and intangible, but it is a different story in dramas and plays. Here, some people can form fate while others possess other abilities. And so, the story of forming fate begins here.

One day, the young master Wei Qi from the Duke family came to the Hongxian Temple to pray to the Matchmaker for a good marriage. The shadow guard, Wei Ying, however, felt that his young master lacked nothing in terms of marriage prospects. Jie Yuan Si (The Matchmaker office)'s list of prospective spouses always had the young master at the top, year after year.

However, only the person involved, Wei Qi, knows the frustration behind it. For five years, eligible young men in the capital have already taken on wives and concubines, but he remains on the list of unmarried men. People who come to the Hou Mansion for marriage proposals come one after another, but there are also many who break off the engagement. Over the years, Wei Qi has tried everything from matchmaking to marriage arrangements, but none of them have been successful. Those girls may say they like him, but no one has ever pursued him. Even a master diviner told him that his fate was ill-starred, and if he couldn't get married this year, he probably wouldn't have any hope in this lifetime.

The master of Hongxian Temple gave Wei Qi a method to borrow luck from the Flower God by finding a hundred-year-old peach tree on an auspicious day in the lunar calendar, making a blood pact and using money as a token. Wei Qi received the incense burner from the master with great piety and decided to give it a try. Just as the ceremony was about to be completed, a person "dropped" from the sky. However, Wei Qi never expected that the person who came was a man. It turned out to be Qing Tian Hu, a man who was recently wanted by the local government office and was sent to beat him up.

Wei Qi was determined to protect his incense burner and remained in a defensive state. However, Qing Tian Hu was relentless and ended up intentionally knocking over the incense burner. Wei Qi was so angry that he took off his coat and was determined to have a life-and-death battle with Qing Tian Hu. But just as he was about to counterattack, he accidentally bumped into a stone and fell forward uncontrollably. He bumped into Qing Tian Hu's mask and inadvertently kissed his lips before fainting.

Before her older brother could find out, Zhou Yuan quickly returned to Qingyun Academy. Holding her fox mask, she was secretly pleased, unaware that Wei Qi was rushing over. Qingyun Academy used to be the Ministry of War's martial arts training ground and is now the highest institution for selecting martial arts talents for the imperial court. It only admits male disciples and is divided into three levels: Cloud, Wind, and Earth. The top students are admitted to Piaomiao Court, wearing white robes; the next level enters Fuyao Hall, wearing blue robes; and the lowest level enters Fangyuan Chamber, wearing brown robes. If you encounter someone wearing a color other than these three robes, you must avoid them. Just then, some spoiled youths insulted her older brother. Zhou Yuan had promised her father and brother not to reveal her identity as a female and her martial arts skills outside, so she swallowed her anger and waited for a chance to seek revenge when no one was around.

When Zhou Yuan was a child, she contracted a strange illness that would flare up whenever she became emotional. As a result, the doctor sealed her acupoints, making it difficult for her to feel desire. Because of this, her family didn't force her to learn feminine skills and allowed her to focus on martial arts training. They even supported her decision to dress like a man and attend the Qingyun Academy. She was enjoying her first day at the academy when she unexpectedly encountered two unwelcome visitors, one of whom was Wei Qi, whom she would later beat up.

When Wei Qi was focusing on the chessboard, Li Mian, the son of the leader of the Martial Art Alliance, came over to tease him. They soon started fighting, and as expected, Wei Qi won again. Zhou Yuan was watching intently and couldn't help but think of the wishing talisman she had found belonging to Wei Qi. While lost in thought, someone bumped into her, causing the talisman to fly out and land at her brother's feet. To make matters more nerve-wracking, Wei Qi started walking toward them. Wei Qi mistook Zhou Ping for Qing Tian Hu and challenged him to a fight. Seeing this, Zhou Yuan quickly went back to her room, changed into her clothes, put on a mask, and came out to help her brother.

But she was no match for Wei Qi and could only escape to Hongxian Temple. She was trying to jump onto the roof to hide, but unexpectedly got sucked into the painting. And to her surprise, Pei Yin, the fairy, appeared in front of her and took her on a journey through the fantasy world. However, Zhou Yuan never expected to see with her own eyes that the red thread of fate in her hand was directly connected to Wei Qi's hand. Just when she was incredulous, she suddenly flew out of the painting and fell onto Wei Qi. After Wei Qi probed a bit, he realized that this "man" who suddenly appeared in Hongxian Temple was not Qing Tian Hu.

The master of Hou Mansion, Wei Ning, heard that Wei Qi had caused trouble at Qingyun Academy and ruined the marriage that was about to be secured. He scolded him fiercely. Wei Qi was planning to sneak away quietly, but he was stopped by his sister Wei Qing. Meanwhile, something unexpected happened on Zhou Yuan's side. Her identity as Qing Tian Hu was discovered by Zhou Ping.

Zhou Yuan coincidentally saved a woman who claimed to be forced into marriage by her family and was about to jump into a lake. Zhou Yuan was indignant and furious, but she suddenly realized that Miss Chen's inn was neatly arranged and did not seem like a place to commit suicide. By the time she realized that something was wrong, it was too late. When Zhou Yuan woke up, she found herself wearing a wedding dress and sitting in the new room. Through the red veil, she vaguely saw a man stumbling towards her. When she looked down at the red thread of the matchmaker on her hand, she knew something was wrong. Soon, the appearance of Wei Qi confirmed her suspicions.

Upon seeing that Wei Qi was completely drunk and out of control, Zhou Yuan planned to sneak away quietly. However, for some reason, her body was not under her control, and she could only do whatever Wei Qi said. While she was pondering over the reason for this, her mouth uncontrollably kissed Wei Qi's face. Perhaps it was this kiss that immediately sobered Zhou Yuan up, and she remembered being hypnotized before falling asleep. She was about to get up and leave, but was pulled back by Wei Qi.

As Wei Qi's face drew closer, Zhou Yuan couldn't help but recall the words of the Fairy . During this period, she would be inseparable from Wei Qi, and it would be difficult to tell them apart. Just as she was about to accept her fate, Wei Qi suddenly fell unconscious beside her. The illusion of the Fairy then appeared, explaining the truth to her. It turned out that the person who had hypnotized her during the day possessed a unique ability called "Yan Ling." To break this Yan Ling, all that was needed was to bite the other person's lips. Zhou Yuan didn't want to wait foolishly until dawn, so she could only try the Fairy's method and bite Wei Qi's lips.

Fortunately, as Fairy predicted, Yan Ling really broke the code. At the same time, Wei Qi also woke up. When Wei Qi woke up, he found out that his "wife" was actually the "man" he met at Hongxian Temple that day. He was about to get angry, but he didn't expect his body to act according to Zhou Yuan's words, completely beyond his own control. Zhou Yuan was suddenly interested, as it turned out that this method not only broke Yan Ling's code but could even reverse it.

Outside the bridal chamber, the instigator Ning Lan was lying on the wall, intending to watch Wei Qi make a fool of himself. But he never expected that Wei Qi would "fly" out with Zhou Yuan on his back. As Ning Lan watched in amazement, Fairy suddenly appeared and took Wei Qi away. On the other side, Zhou Yuan ordered Wei Qi to carry her to the lake and instructed him to forget everything that happened tonight by tomorrow. Wei Qi stood in the boat swaying and was about to fall when he suddenly fell into the lake. Just when he thought he couldn't escape death, a woman in a red dress appeared in the lake and saved him.

When Wei Qi woke up on the second day, he heard two shocking news from Wei Qing. One was that Miss Chen, who was previously engaged, was kidnapped by Qing Tian Hu, and the other was that he had gotten married. He couldn't help but think of the woman in red he saw before passing out, and a smile appeared on his face. However, he couldn't find his new bride no matter how hard he looked. What's more, he was annoyed by the rumors circulating in the streets, mocking him for letting his bride run away with someone else on the first day of his marriage.

Today, Zhou Yuan was guided by Moon Under the Moon to the Cloud Pavilion of Qingyun Academy, and unexpectedly discovered a whole new world here. Fairy was lying on the bed, seemingly waiting for a long time. He told Zhou Yuan that their fate was sealed the day she took Wei Qi's copper coin. Until Zhou Yuan finds her true fate with Wei Qi, their bond will not be broken.

So, the Fariy took Zhou Yuan as his disciple and gave her a ring. But Zhou Yuan never expected that her "senior brother" would be the bandit who had stunned her that day. Ning Lan talked about his background, with a mix of laughter and sadness on his face. A year ago, he was just a wandering idler in the mountains. But when he was ready to expand his territory, Wei Qi and his soldiers raided his old lair. Since then, Ning Lan has been obsessed with seeking revenge against Wei Qi.

Zhou Yuan took a task from Pei Yin to follow Wei Qi. At this moment, Wei Qi was drunk and couldn't distinguish east from west. When he saw Zhou Yuan dressed in red, he thought of the woman who had saved him before the adventure. He took advantage of his drunkenness and pulled Zhou Yuan into his arms, asking if she was the woman from that day.

When facing Wei Qi's inquiry, Zhou Yuan quickly turned her face away and lied that she was just a passerby. Wei Qi's face immediately showed displeasure, revealing obvious anger. From childhood to adulthood, he had always been alone, and the happiness he finally caught disappeared overnight. He pushed Zhou Yuan away and urged her to leave. Zhou Yuan also didn't want to be entangled with him, but just as she was about to leave, she heard Wei Qi coughing behind her. Zhou Yuan's heart softened and she turned back to take care of Wei Qi, promising to become friends with him. However, Wei Qi was not grateful and insisted on pushing Zhou Yuan far away.

Because he was almost drunk into a puddle of mud, not only could Wei Qi not push Zhou Yuan away, but he also stumbled and fell on Zhou Yuan. Helpless, Zhou Yuan had to reach out to protect his head and shouted for the Duke Mansion's hidden guards to appear. The hidden guards recognized Zhou Yuan and quickly greeted her as madam. Zhou Yuan was so angry that she ordered them to take Wei Qi back to the Hou Mansion. The next morning, Wei Qi woke up from a nightmare. In the dream, he was tied up and thrown into a woodshed. Suddenly, a mysterious person walked in from outside, and that person exuded an evil aura, cursing Wei Qi to never have a good ending in this life, and everyone who came near him would eventually stay away from him.

However, Zhou Yuan seemed to be an exception. Just as he was about to go to the academy, Zhou Yuan appeared out of nowhere and rudely sat on his carriage, carrying the Jie Yuan stone that he had lost. Wei Qi was so angry that he drove Zhou Yuan off the carriage with both hands and feet. Zhou Yuan was not weak either and chased after Wei Qi all the way to the academy. Using the Jie Yuan stone as leverage, Zhou Yuan demanded to be friends with Wei Qi, and even bowed in front of everyone. Wei Qi was somewhat surprised, but ultimately refused.

After that, Zhou Yuan always appeared mysteriously, like a fly that couldn't be shaken off. Wei Qi, helpless, took Zhou Yuan to the bathroom. Zhou Yuan indeed showed a nervous look, which made Wei Qi even more curious about why Zhou Yuan always came to take a bath at midnight and why she always clung to him. Just then, Ning Lan suddenly appeared, released Zhou Yuan from her troubles, and "tied up" Wei Qi at the Hongxian Temple. Wei Qi was controlled by Ning Lan's Yan Ling and could only worship Zhou Yuan in front of the Fariy.

Wei Qi brought Zhou Yuan back to his mansion, and as soon as he saw Wei Ning, he knelt down skillfully and declared that he had chosen Miss Chen as his bride that night. The father and son disagreed and argued endlessly, eventually ending the conversation without any joy. Seeing this, Zhou Yuan hurriedly comforted Wei Ning, stating that she was a friend of Wei Qi and promised to help him establish a relationship. Afterwards, Zhou Yuan caught up with Wei Qi and bet with him to play hide and seek.

Normally, Zhou Yuan wouldn't be able to find Wei Qi in the bustling city, but now she had the Jie Yuan thread in her hand. Simply following the direction of the Jie Yuan thread, she easily found Wei Qi. Zhou Yuan appeared leisurely behind Wei Qi, holding a basket of small snacks and trinkets. When Wei Qi saw that Zhou Yuan had bought all the things that come in pairs in the street for him, his heart softened, and he decided to genuinely befriend her. To celebrate their first day as friends, Wei Qi invited Zhou Yuan to a restaurant to enjoy some fine cuisine.

However, Zhou Yuan never expected that Wei Qi, who had been thinking about Miss Chen all the time, would be strolling around the street holding a man's hand. In the moment when Wei Qi turned his head, Zhou Yuan urged him to walk quickly. After Wei Qi had gone far away, Zhou Yuan immediately went to look for Miss Chen, but unexpectedly saw Ning Lan. She was interrogating Ning Lan, but Wei Qi suddenly appeared behind them and overheard their conversation.

Wei Qi caught up with Miss Chen and announced that he wanted a divorce. If this had happened before, Wei Qi would have made the whole Chen family suffer. However, he mistakenly believed that Miss Chen, who had married him and saved him from drowning, was the same woman who eloped with another man. Therefore, he softened his heart and gave her a stack of money. Miss Chen thought it over and decided to tell Wei Qi the truth - the person he was referring to was not her. After learning the truth, Wei Qi felt sad and went to the lake to clear his mind. Zhou Yuan saw this and quickly went to comfort him, encouraging him to treat the next fate well. Wei Qi seemed to have figured something out, and finally showed a smile on his face. With the warm sun and gentle breeze, Zhou Yuan was momentarily mesmerized by Wei Qi's smiling face.

Zhou Yuan couldn't understand why her heart was beating faster at that moment, so she went to talk to Ning Lan. The two talked for a long time, and Ning Lan got so excited that he threw an apple out the window. Wei Qi, who was downstairs, heard the noise and thought that a thief had broken in, so he cautiously went upstairs to investigate. Unexpectedly, he met Zhou Yuan, who had fallen from the window. Wei Qi was puzzled and didn't understand why Zhou Yuan suddenly appeared there. Zhou Yuan couldn't think of anything to say, so she quickly pretended to faint.


When Zhou Yuan woke up, Wei Qi looked at her with great concern and urged her not to do anything as dangerous as what she did today. Zhou Yuan didn't take it seriously and bluntly said that she had climbed trees and walls many times when she was a child, and had fallen down many times too. Wei Qi frowned and anxiously urged Zhou Yuan to promise him that she would not do this kind of thing again in the future. Hearing Wei Qi's tone a bit harsh, Zhou Yuan couldn't help but mutter to herself that maybe Wei Qi had no friends because of his bad temper. Upon hearing this, Wei Qi's face immediately darkened. Zhou Yuan quickly realized her inappropriate words and apologized to him.

Wei Qi is so nervous about Zhou Yuan because in his past, anyone who got close to him had a bad ending. But for Zhou Yuan, even if she dies tomorrow, she still wants to be friends with Wei Qi. She heavily pats Wei Qi's shoulder and declares that she willingly wants to be friends with him. As she speaks, she hands him the Jie Yuan Stone. Seeing Zhou Yuan's determination, Wei Qi finally smiles and solemnly grasps the Jie Yuan Stone in his hand.

Ning Lan was very sorry because his Yan Ling almost caused Zhou Yuan to be injured. He was both angry and anxious, but didn't know how to use this ability and how to dissipate it. Zhou Yuan seemed to have an idea and pushed Ning Lan onto the bed, pretending to want to kiss him forcibly. Ning Lan was scared and blocked Zhou Yuan's face with his hand, reminding her that men and women should not be intimate. But Zhou Yuan didn't care at all because she wanted to bite Ning Lan's lips and have the ability to make him obey her commands.

Just as the two were struggling, Wei Qi walked in from outside. Upon seeing this scene before him, Wei Qi was extremely shocked. He had thought that the reason Zhou Yuan insisted on being friends with him was because she had feelings for him. Wei Qi felt a mix of emotions and didn't know how to deal with them, so he sought advice from the qin master Lin Yan. It seemed as though his heart had never been moved by anyone before, except for the time he met the woman in red at the brink of death.

He initially thought that the woman in red was Miss Chen, so he was willing to bless her to find her own happiness. Later, through many clues, he discovered that it was likely Zhou Yuan who had saved him. However, Wei Qi, who is still unaware of the identity of the woman in red, couldn't figure out who had saved him. Upon hearing Wei Qi's story, Lin Yan remained calm on the surface and tried to console him. But in her heart, she was in turmoil, unable to control her emotions. Because in Lin Yan's heart, Wei Qi was the man worth spending her lifetime with.

The Jie Yuan Si is a special agency established by the Ministry of Household Affairs, specializing in arranging marriages between men and women. It can urge young men and women of marriageable age to marry in a timely manner, and the matchmaking between men and women is facilitated by the Fairy Pei Yin. Cui Ying, who is in charge of the marriage registry, is responsible for the affairs of the Jie Yuan Si, and only those who are registered in the marriage registry are eligible to receive wedding invitations. Zhou Yuan was puzzled as to why Wei Qi wasn't simply given a wedding invitation directly.

Pei Yin couldn't help but burst into laughter, so he used his magic to let Zhou Yuan appreciate the vastness of the marriage book. Before Zhou Yuan could enjoy it, Wei Qi came in angrily. As soon as he entered the room, Wei Qi searched for Pei Yin's whereabouts, annoyed that Zhou Yuan was flirting with different men all day long.

Zhou Yuan didn't want to entangle with him, but instead reached out to grab his personal item, hoping to draw out the owner of the lovesick butterfly on his body and bring about a marriage. However, Wei Qi misunderstood Zhou Yuan's intentions and suggested they go eat first, interrupting her actions. Zhou Yuan thought that since they were going to eat, she would invite Li Mian to teach Wei Qi how to date a girl. The exceptional girls approached Wei Qi one by one, but none caught his eye. Zhou Yuan was anxious and hurriedly urged Li Mian to use his true skills. As Zhou Yuan approached, Li Mian recognized at a glance that she was a girl.

On the other side, Wei Qi saw Zhou Yuan and Li Mian getting very close, so he immediately rushed over to separate them. Wei Qi also quietly reminded Li Mian that Zhou Yuan is a lesbian. Then, he sternly warned Li Mian not to get close to Zhou Yuan again. While the two were arguing, they met a little girl selling sugar paintings. Not only did the little girl sell sugar paintings, but she also did divination, predicting that Wei Qi would meet a destined person within a hundred meters. Upon hearing this, Wei Qi was delighted, not even noticing when Ning Lan took his handkerchief.

On the way back, Ning Lan saw someone frantically grabbing a book. He eagerly went to check it out, only to find that the book's direction did not meet his expectations. He was annoyed and went to find the author, but was surprised to find that it was Lin Yan. During their conversation, Lin Yan took off her mask, revealing her true identity. Lin Yan had a unique ability since she was young - she could know someone's recent whereabouts just by looking at their face. When her mask fell off, Lin Yan quickly covered her face, but she forgot that there was a window behind her. Fortunately, Wei Qi, who happened to be passing by, came to her rescue. Ning Lan also learned from this incident that Lin Yan was the one who had a crush on Wei Qi. He was excited to tell Pei Yin about it, but Lin Yan suddenly knocked him out from behind.

When Zhou Yuan found out that Wei Qi had made friends outside, she urged him to bring them over to meet her. At first, she didn't think much of it, but when they arrived at Wei Qing's house, she regretted it a bit. Wei Qing was a widow, and almost every man who laid eyes on her coveted her. To prevent these ambitious men, Wei Qing set traps in every corner of her home. Wei Qi had a habit of taking medicinal baths since he was young, so he wasn't affected by the poisonous smoke. Unfortunately, Zhou Yuan was not so lucky and was exposed to the smoke, causing her body to itch unbearably. When Wei Qi teasingly remarked about it, Zhou Yuan angrily pressed her face close to his, forcing him to experience her discomfort as well.

As they scratched each other's itches, they argued over who would take the medicinal bath first. In the end, Wei Qi had to compromise and let Zhou Yuan go first. After the bath, Wei Qi sent Zhou Yuan back to her room to rest. However, Zhou Yuan had no idea that today was the anniversary of Wei Qing's husband's death. Wei Qing drank several glasses of wine to the moon and ended up getting drunk, talking to Zhou Yuan about many things. Wei Qi told Zhou Yuan that his brother-in-law went to battle for military achievements but never came back. So every year on this day, his sister would come back to the place where they first met and remember their love.

Seeing that Wei Qi was feeling a little desolate, Zhou Yuan used Pei Yin's skills to bring him into a dreamland. Zhou Yuan picked up a lovesick wood and attracted lovesick butterflies. She used this to comfort Wei Qi, telling him that as long as he had expectations in his heart, he could form a relationship on the marriage tree. Gentle warmth floated in Wei Qi's eyes as he gazed at Zhou Yuan and softly said that he only needed her. Zhou Yuan had not yet heard his words when she saw him slowly approaching her. However, at this moment, the voice of a maid pulled them back to reality.

Wei Qi came up with an idea that perhaps they could use the Jie Yuan tree to allow his sister to meet her husband in her dreams. Wei Qing held the Jie Yuan tree and indeed saw her beloved in her dream. Tears fell from her eyes, but the smile on her face became more apparent. Seeing his sister fall asleep peacefully, Wei Qi smiled with relief. He then held Zhou Yuan's hand and entrusted his own fate to her. Upon hearing this, Zhou Yuan was momentarily stunned and even fell backwards. Wei Qi quickly caught her waist and helped her lie down on the bed to rest.

Cui Ying received the news that Wei Yin was hiding the whereabouts of the stranger and did not report it to Ning Lan, who has the ability of Yan Ling. She quickly sent a paper crane to Pei Yin with the message, urging him to return to Jie Yuan Si. However, Pei Yin, who was at Yue Xia Lou, was very unruly and threw the paper cranes that Cui Ying had sent one by one out of the window. Nevertheless, he also guessed that Cui Ying knew about Ning Lan's situation and planned to move to a new location.

After writing five chapters of the script for Lin Yan, Ning Lan finally returned to Yue Xia Lou. When Zhou Yuan learned that Lin Yan was the owner of Xiang Si Die, she quickly took Ning Lan to find her. Zhou Yuan was puzzled, wondering why Lin Yan had been avoiding meeting Wei Qi, whom she admired. Lin Yan didn't know how to answer, feeling anxious with Ning Lan's sarcastic remarks beside her. She then jumped into the well next to her in a moment of desperation.

Zhou Yuan rescued her and personally wiped her wet hair. Lin Yan's heart softened and she began to tell Zhou Yuan about her story with Wei Qi. When she was young, she suffered from myopia and her eyes were sometimes good and sometimes bad, so she was often bullied by her classmates. However, Wei Qi was always the first to extend a helping hand to her and save her from danger. After hearing their story, Zhou Yuan became even more determined to bring them together. In order to teach Wei Qi how to get along with Lin Yan, Zhou Yuan decided to dress up as a woman and let Wei Qi learn to get along with her first. However, Lin Yan had her own ideas. She knew that Wei Qi did not belong to her and could see that he was interested in Zhou Yuan, so she secretly made up her mind to help them get together.

While Zhou Yuan was changing her clothes, Li Mian went outside to buy two paintings. These paintings were not ordinary paintings, but ones that could predict the fate of the painter's marriage. Li Mian opened his painting scroll with ease, revealing a beautiful peach tree. Wei Qi was not convinced and snatched the other painting, but there was only a circle inside. Wei Qi was angry and vowed to find the painter. Meanwhile, the painter was confidently working on their artwork in their room.

Pei Yin was painting vigorously when Cui Ying suddenly arrived with people, planning to take him back to the Jie Yuan Si. However, Pei Yin refused to leave and disappeared in a cloud of black smoke when they weren't paying attention. On the other side, Zhou Yuan had changed into women's clothing. Although she wore a veil, her red attire made the two boys in the room mesmerized. Li Mian couldn't help but tease and joke with Zhou Yuan, but Wei Qi became jealous and chased Li Mian out.

Wei Qi knew he had a crush, but he didn't dare to confess his feelings. So, he became increasingly agitated and restless, urging Zhou Yuan to quickly change back into men's clothing. Zhou Yuan thought that it was because she was wearing a veil that Wei Qi couldn't get into the right mindset to be with a girl. So, she decided to take off the veil. Unfortunately, she hadn't worn women's clothing in a long time, so she fiddled with it for a while but couldn't take off the veil. Wei Qi had no choice but to step forward and personally untie the knot for her. In the instant that the veil slipped off, Zhou Yuan's rosy and adorable face appeared before Wei Qi's eyes, causing his heart to flutter with joy and excitement, making his heart race wildly.

Seeing Wei Qi's reaction, Zhou Yuan was happy in her heart and took him to the street, pretending to be Lin Yan and going on a date with him. On the way, Zhou Yuan talked to Wei Qi about Lin Yan's feelings for him, trying to evoke his memories of Lin Yan. However, Wei Qi didn't want to remember that period of his life. At that time, he was kidnapped by a mysterious person, and even after investigating for so long, they still haven't found the kidnapper. What made him even more sad and confused was that during the three days he was missing, no one went to look for him. Everyone's life went on as usual, as if he didn't exist in this world.

Upon learning about Wei Qi's experience, Zhou Yuan felt a bit heartbroken and promised to create beautiful memories with him. She took Wei Qi's hand and wove a dreamlike scene for him. However, Wei Qi became deeply immersed in the illusion, mistaking Zhou Yuan for a woman and wanting to kiss her under the beautiful fireworks. Zhou Yuan's voice awakened him from the dream, and he felt embarrassed and quickly made an excuse to leave. On the way back, Wei Qi recalled his experiences with Zhou Yuan and realized that he had developed an improper affection for her. Unfortunately, Zhou Yuan was still a man in his eyes, and he had to suppress his feelings for her as best he could.

Just when he was feeling upset, a master suddenly appeared beside him. The master told him that his fate was within reach and if he didn't cherish it well, it would disappear. Upon hearing the master's words, Wei Qi seemed to be lost in thought. Later, the master walked into an empty space and slowly took off the mask on his face. However, tears had already formed behind the mask. Lin Yan remembered the past. When she accidentally learned that Wei Qi had been kidnapped, she quickly took the mask that had fallen on the scene and went to find her father. She thought her father would rescue Wei Qi, but it wasn't until three days later, when Wei Qi came back in a sorry state, that she realized her father cared more about keeping the Lin family out of trouble than Wei Qi's life and death. And now, she finally understands that her feelings for Wei Qi seem to be not love, but redemption.

Recalling the events of tonight, Wei Qi went to bed with a smile on his face. In his dream, he saw the Jie Yuan tree blooming passionately, but soon a person appeared on it. Pei Yin probed Wei Qi and found out that he had deep feelings for Zhou Yuan, who was actually a woman. The next morning, Wei Qi woke up to find Zhou Yuan sleeping next to him. Zhou Yuan was startled and quickly got up to investigate, but the room had turned into an ordinary grocery store, and even the ring left by Pei Yin was of no use. She then went to Hongxian Temple but could not find any trace of Pei Yin.

Seeing how nervous Zhou Yuan was about Pei Yin, Wei Qi became extremely jealous, thinking that their relationship was not simply that of master and disciple. When he was feeling very worried, the master suddenly called him over and told him not to rush things, but to let fate take its course.

Zhou Yuan prayed in front of the maple tree outside the Hongxian Temple for Pei Yin's safety and hoped he wouldn't get into trouble outside. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew, causing her hair tie to loosen and her long hair to cascade down to her waist. She tried to reach for it on tiptoe, but the branch was too high for her to reach. At that moment, Wei Qi appeared behind her and retrieved the hair tie from her. Zhou Yuan turned around and felt the warmth emanating from Wei Qi. Her heart pounded, and she wondered if she had truly fallen for him. Wei Qi tied her hair up for her.

Memories flooded Wei Qi's mind, and he regretted mistaking Zhou Yuan for a man before, which caused him to miss out on many romantic moments. From then on, he promised to cherish the time he spent with Zhou Yuan. He was not in a rush to reveal her disguise as a man and wanted to see when she would confess to him. Cui Ying ordered someone to send a paper crane to Zhou Yuan, inviting her to Jie Yuan Si. When they met, Zhou Yuan asked Cui Ying about Pei Yin's whereabouts, but she confessed that she didn't know. Cui Ying complained to Zhou Yuan and asked her to help the couples who were indebted to Pei Yin to get married. Zhou Yuan opened the marriage announcement and saw that the groom and bride's name were Li Mian and Lin Yan.

Li Mian found the little girl who sells sugar paintings and asked her to tell his fortune. The girl told Li Mian that fate was predetermined and his destiny was not to soar like a dragon but to roll in the mud. Hearing this, Li Mian became angry and smashed the sugar painting, questioning the girl's ability to predict the future. The little girl also became angry and insisted that she could really see his marriage fate. Li Mian smiled smugly, thinking that the little girl had fallen into his trap. The girl "saw" that Li Mian would marry a woman in the latter part of this month.

In order to clear away the distractions around Li Mian and allow him to marry Lin Yan, completing the task of Jie Yuan Si, Wei Qi didn't hesitate to sacrifice his own looks. On the other hand, Zhou Yuan found Li Mian with the marriage proposal and informed him that he would be getting married this month. The Li family took this marriage very seriously and celebrated it with seven days of fireworks. However, at the same time, the Li Mansion was not peaceful. The Li family's treasured Xing Luo Sword seemed to have been cursed a few days ago, making loud noises in the middle of the night and even attacking people suddenly.

Tomorrow morning, the Li family will come to the Lin Mansion to welcome the bride. Lin Yan looked up at the colorful fireworks in the sky, but there was no joy on her face. Her marriage was never in her control, and no one would come to save her from this cage. However, just as she was feeling sad, Ning Lan descended from the sky. In front of Ning Lan, Lin Yan became herself again, the arrogant and lively miss. Ning Lan put Zhou Yuan's ring on Lin Yan's finger, hoping that she could use the power of the ink reading to find Pei Yin. And Lin Yan did not disappoint, as she discovered Pei Yin's recent whereabouts. However, what Ning Lan did not expect was that Pei Yin, who everyone had been worried about, had been drinking and eating meat all day long, enjoying himself.

Ning Lan was so angry that he almost stormed off, completely forgetting about Lin Yan behind him. As Ning Lan was about to leave, Lin Yan finally told him that she was getting married. Ning Lan couldn't understand it at all. Just a while ago, Lin Yan was the one who was trying to set up Wei Qi and Zhou Yuan, how could she now willingly marry someone she didn't like? Ning Lan was anxious, so he used the power of his ring to investigate Lin Yan's past. It turned out that Lin Yan's father had teamed up with the Shen Ji Men to kidnap Wei Qi before, and Lin Yan was also threatened by the Shen Ji Men. If she even breathed a word of this, the whole Lin family would be killed without a burial place.

Ning Lan suddenly realized that this was the reason why Lin Yan had been avoiding Wei Qi. Ning Lan felt sorry for Lin Yan and persuaded her to escape from this trap. However, at that moment, Lin Yan's father, Lin Jin, suddenly burst in. Seeing that Ning Lan was about to use his abilities, Lin Yan quickly grabbed a vase and smashed it toward him. She promised her father that she would sit in the Li family's wedding sedan tomorrow.

The little girl selling sugar paintings is Dream-Knowing Lady of the Jie Yuan Si. That night, she dreamt of Li Mian and Lin Yan's wedding. However, during the wedding, Lin Yan publicly assassinated Li Mian. The next morning, she quickly sent someone to Li Mansion to persuade them to cancel the wedding. But the wedding had already started and most of the guests had arrived, so cancellation was impossible. Therefore, the Li family ordered people to inspect the bride's sedan chair at the entrance before letting anyone into the mansion, to confirm that there were no abnormalities.

Cui Ying asked Zhou Yuan to deliver a congratulatory gift to the Li family on behalf of Jie Yuan Si. She also handed her a mysterious box and instructed her to personally give it to Li Mian. When she arrived at the Li family's house, Zhou Yuan finally realized that Jie Yuan Si's gift not only included the box she was holding, but also several large boxes of treasure. However, Wei Qi felt that one of the boxes was very strange. He opened it and found a little girl sleeping inside.

The little girl told Zhou Yuan that she was the Dream-Knower Bi Xingyue from the Jie Yuan Si, and she came to the Li family secretly to verify her dream from last night. Zhou Yuan was shocked after hearing Bi Xingyue's dream from last night. On the other side, Li Mian put the Xing Luo Sword back into the secret room and prepared to focus on his wedding. However, he didn't expect that Lin Yan would suddenly appear behind him and push him to the ground. Lin Yan slowly walked towards the Xing Luo Sword, then picked it up and fiercely swung it at Li Mian.

Li Mian had some skills, and soon broke free from Lin Yan's control. Looking at Lin Yan's empty eyes, Li Mian guessed that she must have been possessed by some evil spirit. As a libertine, Li Mian became interested and wanted to flirt with Lin Yan. Suddenly, Lin Yan took out a hairpin from her sleeve and stabbed it fiercely towards Li Mian. Before Li Mian could react, Ning Lan, who had used his abilities to escape from the cell, had already knocked him unconscious.

Seeing the bloodstained hairpin in Lin Yan's hand, Ning Lan thought that Lin Yan had injured Li Mian in order to escape from marriage. He was afraid that the Li family would make things difficult for her because of this, so he quickly took her hand and fled. But halfway through, Lin Yan suddenly stopped. Ning Lan looked at her in confusion. Unexpectedly, Lin Yan's eyes suddenly became fierce, and she violently threw him to the ground. Only then did Ning Lan realize that Lin Yan had been turned into a puppet by Shen Ji Men.

Just as Ning Lan was about to take his last breath, Lin Yan suddenly collapsed. Ning Lan didn't have time to adjust himself and quickly reached out to hold Lin Yan. Then Zhou Yuan and Wei Qi appeared. After chatting for a while, Lin Yan slowly regained consciousness and didn't know why she was there. Ning Lan was a bit flustered and quickly lied, saying that Wei Qi had saved her. Zhou Yuan caught Ning Lan's gaze and saw that Lin Yan still had feelings for Wei Qi, so she signaled Wei Qi to take responsibility for this love debt. Wei Qi had no choice but to promise to resolve this karmic relationship. However, he also made a request to Zhou Yuan that he would never allow himself to be tied down by fate in the future.

Wei Qi told Lin Yan that he no longer remembered much about what happened when he was a child. He didn't want to pursue who had kidnapped him back then, and he didn't want anyone else to be tormented by that memory. Hearing Wei Qi's words, Lin Yan couldn't help but burst into tears. A piece of emptiness in her heart was suddenly filled with some color.

In Wei Qi's eyes, although Li Mian was somewhat flirtatious in his daily life, he, like Lin Yan, treated his emotions sincerely. If Lin Yan truly admired Li Mian, he would naturally be one hundred percent supportive. However, if the two had no mutual feelings, he didn't want Lin Yan to be trapped by the world in her heart.

At this time, a servant's shouting came from the courtyard, and everyone remembered that Li Mian was still injured and lying in the secret room. When everyone rushed to the secret room, Li Mian had already woken up, and Bi Xingyue was also there. Lin Yan apologized to Li Mian and expressed her unwillingness to marry him. But many guests had already arrived outside, and it was probably too late to call off the wedding. After discussing it, they decided to find a replacement bride for Lin Yan and marry Li Mian. Through the combined workings of fate and human actions, Bi Xingyue became the replacement bride.

When it comes to getting married, Bi Xingyue has no experience and recklessly drops her veil on the high stage. The bride suddenly changes, causing chaos in the hall. Sharp-eyed people notice that Bi Xingyue and Li Mian are wearing Jie Yuan clasps. These clasps only lock in those with fate and can only be unlocked after the wedding ceremony. Upon hearing this, the couple quickly gets up and completes the wedding ceremony.

Everyone originally planned to collaborate secretly, with Li Mian and Bi Xingyue getting married outside while Wei Qi and Zhou Yuan pretend to have the wedding night in the room, and Ning Lan sends Lin Yan back safely. But unexpectedly, under a series of misunderstandings, they all end up together. On one side, Li's father learns that the substitute bride is Mengzhi from Jie Yuan Si and is overjoyed, urging Li Mian to keep the bride. Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan unintentionally drinks the bedding wine and drunkenly talks about the day she helped Miss Chen get married. While everyone is immersed in the joyous occasion, Shen Ji Men arrives quietly.

Due to natural disasters, people who yearn for freedom and do not want to be recruited by the court established the Shen Ji Men, an organization with extraordinary abilities. Their predecessors were ordinary villagers from the Wu Yin Village. Xue Deng, a member of Shen Ji Men, fought with Pei Yin, but Pei Yin managed to dodge Xue Deng's puppet threads, although he was still covered in wounds. Pei Yin took out the Wu Yin Stone that absorbed the power of Yan Ling and promised to cut ties with Shen Ji Men as long as Xue Deng could let go of his hatred. Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan seemed to sense Pei Yin's presence and kept babbling incoherently, begging Pei Yin not to make any promises. Zhou Yuan is a female character.

Xue Deng didn't want Pei Yin's life, but wanted to know the truth about the disaster of the Wu Yin tribe, and why they disappeared overnight. Pei Yin admitted that his memory had long been taken away, and he didn't remember what had happened. Just then, Wei Qi and Zhou Yuan arrived in time and cut Xue Deng's puppet strings. Wei Qi went forward to confront Xue Deng, but he was not his match. Seeing this, Zhou Yuan rushed forward.

When Wei Qi tried to charge forward, Pei Yin quickly stopped him, knowing that it would be suicidal to do so. At this moment, Zhou Yuan and Xue Deng were deadlocked, and neither side could gain the upper hand. After a while, Zhou Yuan's power became even stronger, causing Xue Deng to panic. However, Zhou Yuan didn't know why she had such a powerful ability and could only ask Xue Deng to let go. A strong aura filled the air, and the two fell to the ground. Wei Qi quickly went to check on Zhou Yuan, but she was unconscious and without consciousness.

In her dream, Zhou Yuan heard a strange voice. Before she could figure out where the voice was coming from, several meteorites fell from the sky without mercy, heading straight towards a village. Zhou Yuan instinctively wanted to warn the villagers to escape, but she was too far away and the meteorites were moving extremely fast. Just as she spoke, a loud noise came from the village, followed by a raging fire that was enough to turn the entire village into ashes.

Here, Ning Lan and Lin Yan had unconsciously walked to the Lin mansion. Seeing the worry on Ning Lan's face, Lin Yan comforted him, saying that some things had to be faced alone. To give Lin Yan some strength, Ning Lan recited a poem from the book and sincerely wished her well. Unexpectedly, Lin Yan suddenly approached him, stood on tiptoe, and bit Ning Lan's lip. The words of blessing just now were brought to Ning Lan by Yan Ling, but this was also the farewell gift that Lin Yan gave him.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Lin mansion, Lin Peng, was not there. He found Xue Deng who was running away in a panic and wanted him to become his helper. However, Xue Deng mocked Lin Peng and told him that he was a traitor from the Wu Yin village. It turned out that Xue Deng had captured Lin Peng to punish him for escaping from Wu Yin village. Therefore, Xue Deng disabled Lin Peng's special ability and made him a "useless person".

After being in a coma for many days, Zhou Yuan slowly woke up and saw Ning Lan by her side. Ning Lan told Zhou Yuan about everything that had happened recently, including the fact that her brother Zhou Ping had been dismissed from the academy because of offending Jie Yuan Si. Zhou Yuan hurriedly went to find the headmaster and offered to leave the academy as a condition for allowing him to stay. Just then, Wei Qi suddenly appeared and helped the Zhou siblings out of their predicament.

Zhou Yuan accidentally pricked her finger and her fresh blood slipped off her fingertip, but it disappeared into Wei Qi's palm. Both of them were puzzled, and they suddenly found themselves very close to each other. Zhou Yuan realized later that Wei Qi seemed to be imitating her. After some thought, they finally figured out the reason for this. On the night of the fight with Xue Deng, Zhou Yuan unintentionally absorbed his abilities, which allowed her to have the technique of puppetry. Pei Yin seemed to have already noticed Zhou Yuan's special ability and was determined to seek out Cui Ying to retrieve his own memories.

Upon learning that Lin Yan was banned from using her feet, Ning Lan was furious and insisted on going to Jie Yuan Si to demand an explanation. He was about to get up when Cui Ying suddenly arrived uninvited. It turned out that Cui Ying had promised Pei Yin to return his memories, but the condition was to register Ning Lan in the Jie Yuan Si. However, before this could be resolved, Cui Ying was betrayed by Pei Yin, and all the embarrassing past events were relayed to Ning Lan. It was then that Ning Lan realized that Jie Yuan Si had only been established for sixteen years.

Most of the mutants in this world are nothing more than vessels chosen by abilities, until their bodies and minds are completely exhausted. Hearing Cui Yong's words, Ning Lan couldn't help but think of those mutants he had seen before, and was really frightened. Cui Ying didn't urge him, but only left the contract for him to consider. However, Cui Ying also said that if he didn't sign the contract for a day, she would not go to the Lin Mansion for a day. After thinking for a long time, Ning Lan finally decided to sign the contract and join the Jie Yuan Si.

Wei Qi searched for a long time and found very little information about mutants, so he had to ask his father. From his father, he learned that the reason why the Ministry of Households established Jie Yuan Si was to protect those mutants. But he also advised Wei Qi not to get too close to them, although mutants and ordinary people look no different. Wei Qi promised, but when he returned to his room, he pondered over his father's words and wondered why his father avoided mutants. Just then, Zhou Yuan's voice came from outside.

Zhou Yuan followed a dragonfly and arrived at the Hongxian Temple where she finally met Pei Yin. Zhou Yuan immediately confronted Pei Yin and demanded to know why he had suddenly disappeared. Pei Yin told Zhou Yuan about Xue Deng's true nature, but he didn't know how to explain Zhou Yuan's ability to absorb Xue Deng's power. He held Zhou Yuan's hand and couldn't help but think of someone from his past who had the same ability as Zhou Yuan. When Pei Yin held Zhou Yuan's hand, Wei Qi became jealous and quickly stepped forward to separate them.

On this trip, Zhou Ping invited Doctor Cui to join them. From him, Zhou Yuan heard about a strange healing technique called the Chu Yun Heart Method. Legend has it that many years ago, there was an extraordinary expert in the study of acupuncture and the yin and yang of stones in Nanzhao. His medical skills were divine, and he could even revive the dead. After this expert passed away, someone compiled and organized all his lifetime's learning into a book called the Chu Yun Heart Method. This book was hidden in the book depository of the Qingyun Academy and was guarded by each successive head of the academy. However, this does not mean that Zhou Yuan can use Wei Qi's power to learn this technique because there is still a hurdle to overcome in order to practice the Chu Yun Heart Method.

At night, Zhou Yuan quietly sneaked into the library and found the Chu Yun Heart Method. But after just one glance, she was possessed by demons. Even someone as confident as Zhou Yuan couldn't pass this test. While feeling uneasy, Wei Qi suddenly arrived. Zhou Yuan's body heated up, and her face turned red. Wei Qi approached to ask what was wrong, but unexpectedly Zhou Yuan pounced on him and kissed him. However, she wasn't fully conscious. Wei Qi's mind was in turmoil, on one hand, he longed for Zhou Yuan's warm breath, on the other hand, he worried that the commotion would attract attention. Soon, many people arrived, but Wei Qi had already hidden Zhou Yuan in a secret place.

The library has been stolen. If someone with ill intentions takes advantage of this, the consequences would be unimaginable. Zhou Ping didn't know what to do at first and had to ask Wei Qi for his plans. Wei Qi didn't answer directly, only told him not to worry. Later, he gathered the managers and teachers of the academy and announced that he was giving up all rights to the academy and resigning as the head of the academy. When Zhou Yuan woke up and heard the news, she hurried to find Wei Qi in the academy. However, she couldn't find Wei Qi anywhere in the entire academy, but instead encountered Li Mian, who was gloating. Zhou Yuan was furious and lashed out at Li Mian.

Finally, Zhou Yuan found Wei Qi in the attic. She quietly leaned against the door and listened to the conversation between Wei Qi and Ning Lan inside. Ning Lan was puzzled why Wei Qi would give up the position of the head of Qing Yun Academy for Zhou Yuan. For Wei Qi, Zhou Yuan was always the most important, and the position of the head of Qing Yun Academy was just a title. Zhou Yuan was touched by these words. She didn't want Wei Qi to sacrifice for her, so she planned to go to the Jie Yuan Si to clarify the situation and restore Wei Qi's position as the head of the Qing Yun Academy. Ning Lan was anxious and used Yan Ling to make Zhou Yuan fall down hard. Wei Qi was heartbroken and quickly went to check on her. Ning Lan realized things were not good and quickly made an excuse to leave.

Wei Qi and Zhou Yuan looked at each other, eyes wide open. Wei Qi mentioned what happened last night, which made Zhou Yuan blush and hurriedly claimed to have something to do and left.



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