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Cast of Wrong Carriage Right Groom

Cast of the Chinese Drama Wrong Carriage Right Groom
  • Tian XiweiLi YuhuMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Li Yuhu, the wife of Qi Tianlei, was born and raised in the most renowned martial arts family in Yangzhou. She has been showered with affection by her parents since childhood. In terms of appearance, she is as beautiful and elegant as a flower and possesses striking charm. Her personality is characterized by boldness, a straightforward nature, bravery, rebelliousness, playfulness, liveliness, and a spirited and active demeanor, resembling a tomboy with a strong and distinct personality.
  • Ao RuipengQi TianleiMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Qi Tianlei, Li Yuhu's husband, is a refined and well-educated man, known for his gentle and virtuous nature. He originally lived a carefree and privileged life, growing up in a comfortable environment as a young gentleman. However, his life took a tragic turn when his father passed away, and both of his brothers were killed by a group led by his own cousin, Ke Shizhao. Qi Tianlei had to pretend to be sick in order to survive and endure many years of suffering.
  • Zhao ShunranYuan BuquMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Yuan Buqu, the commander of the Eagle Army, is renowned for his military achievements and exudes an air of prestige. He is a professional killer, and outsiders fear various titles associated with him. Unexpectedly, he married the physician Du Bingyan. Through numerous clashes of wits and courage, they developed feelings for each other. Despite being a victorious general in battles, he finds himself repeatedly defeated by his wife, Du Bingyan.
  • Bai BingkeDu BingyanMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Du Bingyan, the daughter of a wealthy merchant family in Yangzhou, is a knowledgeable and virtuous young woman. The family was about to face a great misfortune and was forced to marry the famous but terminally ill third son of the Qi family, as it was the only way to save her family. Du Bingyan made the sacrifice and married him. However, due to heavy rain on her journey, she ended up marrying the wrong person and was sent to the military camp, where she was mistaken for a male recruit. She became a military doctor, but unexpectedly, General Yuan Buqu, who was like a furious and unbeatable final boss, blocked her way, and Du Bingyan did her best to avoid him.
  • Zhan YuSha PingweiSupport Role
  • Ding YiyiPrincess Chang PingSupport Role
  • Li YananLiu RuoqianSupport Role
  • Quan PeilunKe ShizhaoSupport Role
  • Wang JiaxuanJi JingtangSupport Role
  • Li YuXiao XiSupport Role
  • Li YanmanXiu BoSupport Role
  • Chen SisiMrs. QiSupport Role
  • Gao ShuguangLi MingshengSupport Role
  • Ming JiajiaYoung EmpressSupport Role
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