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Well-Intended Love Season 2 – Xu Kaicheng, Simona Wang

Well-Intended Love S2 is a youthful romantic drama directed by Wu Qiang, starring Xu Kaicheng, Simona Wang, Ian Yi, Liu Jiaxi, Huang Qianshuo, He Qianying, Sky Li, and Ding Ning.

The drama tells the sweet love story of female artist Xia Lin who is “engaged” to Ling Yizhou, the richest man in Gangdong due to a scandal. They develop mutual affection in playing a couple and finally express their love for each other after experiencing several twists and misunderstandings together.


Well-Intended Love Season 2

English Title: Well-Intended Love Season 2
Chinese Title: 奈何boss要娶我2
Genre: Youth, Romance
Episodes: 16
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Wu Qiang
Writer: He Dun, Yang Huai
Producer: Chen Yitao Fang Fang, Bian Liang, Zhang Shanshan
Product Company: Sohu Video, HUACHENMEICHUANG
Broadcasting Website: Kukan, WeTV, Netflix, Viki
Released Date: February 13, 2020


Xu Kaicheng Xu Kaicheng as Ling Yizhou
Simona Wang Simona Wang as Xia Lin
Ian Yi Ian Yi as Chu Yan
Liu Jiaxi Liu Jiaxi as Jia Fei
Huang Qianshuo Huang Qianshuo as Wen Li
Sky Li Sky Li as Fu Weining
He Qianying He Qianying as Ruan Meng


Xia Lin, an artist working hard for actress dream, accidentally met Ling Yizhou, the richest man in Gangdong, at a party. But she was involved in the rumor of seducing Ling Yizhou.

In order to save her beloved career, Xia Lin wanted to clarify the situation together with Ling Yizhou.

Ling Yi Zhou told Xia Lin that the way to stop the negative public opinion was to guide the topic to a positive way, they can sign an agreement to pretend to be engaged until the negative public opinion stopped.

After long consideration, Xia Lin agreed, and they started to date in the mode of a couple.

After playing the role of a couple, they had a mutual affection for each other. However, they were disrupted by the intrigues of the outside.

Ling Yizhou and Xia Lin face them together, clear up the misunderstandings, and finally express their affection for each other and get married sweetly.

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