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The Ordinary Road – Guo Qilin, Gina Jin

The Ordinary Road (The Road to Ordinary) is an urban drama directed by Liu Jin, led by Guo Qilin and Gina Jin Chen, co-starring Yan Zidong, Zhu Zhu, and Kang Keren.

The drama tells the story of a group of young people who are new to the workplace and undergo growth and transformation.


The Ordinary Road

English Title: The Ordinary Road
Chinese Title: 平凡之路
Genre: Urban, Law, Drama
Tag: Workplace Setting, Internship
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Liu Jin
Writer: Chen Tong
Product Company: NCM
Released Date: 2023-05-03
Broadcast Website: NewTV热播剧场 Hit Drama, WeTV



Pan Yan is a apprentice lawyer at Rongke Law Firm. He and other apprentices Shu Yinan, Zuo Na and Zhu Xinxin experiences the confusion of first starting to work.

In the course of their internship, they receives various types of litigation assignments.

As trainee lawyers, they are not able to undertake the litigation entrusted to them by themselves, nor are they able to determine the direction and strategy of the litigation.

But with the initial fear of the law, they all work diligently to prepare information and make suggestions for each litigation.

Growing-up pains do not only occur in the workplace, but also in the family. How to manage the relationship with their parents also exhausts them.

In the end, with the guidance and help of the firm's senior partners, Lan Hong and Du Feiyu, and after communication with their parents, they both grow up.


On the day of the internship interview at Huanjing Law Firm, there were more than 20 applicants vying for just two positions. Pan Yan, a young man living in a bungalow, got an interview opportunity through a friend and hurriedly washed up before rushing over, without even putting on the suit his mother had taken out for him. On the other hand, Shu Yinan, who lived in a luxury villa, dressed in a high-end suit and drove to the interview. However, he went to Huanjing Law Firm and coincidentally met the interviewer in the elevator, smoothly introducing himself. Pan Yan also squeezed into the same elevator, feeling embarrassed as he looked around and saw that all the other applicants were wearing suits while he was in casual clothes. It was only when he arrived at the law firm with everyone else that Pan Yan realized he had gone to the wrong place and immediately turned around to rush to Rongke.

When he arrived at Rong Ke's office, his friend's request had already been waiting for a long time. Pan Yan approached and greeted Zuo Na, explaining that he had been delayed by something. Zuo Na directly took Pan Yan to Du Feiyu's office and asked him to accept the interview. After reading Pan Yan's resume, Du Feiyu was interested in the cases he had handled and asked Pan Yan to carefully explain the process of the case, which mainly involved property disputes arising from the father's failure to repay borrowed money. Considering that hiring an outside lawyer was too expensive, Pan Yan represented himself and successfully won the case by presenting evidence. Du Feiyu was satisfied with what he heard and continued to ask for a practical solution to the issue of different amounts of money. Pan Yan's realistic response passed the interview, and he was assigned to work under the guidance of intern lawyer Zuo Na.

Meanwhile, Shu Yinan was interviewing at the Huanjing Law Firm. His resume was excellent and he smoothly answered the interviewer's questions, catching the attention of Liao Songting, who had recently arrived at the firm. After the interview, Liao Songting went to Rongke to try and take away Lu Shuangjian's client information. Zuo Na was hesitant, so he brought up their previous teacher-student relationship to try and get what he wanted. Pan Yan, who was nearby, saw this and quickly called Yi Fan over to help Zuo Na out. Yi Fan and Pan Yan worked together to convince Liao Songting to back down, and the client information was successfully kept.

Later, Pan Yan learned from his colleague about Rong Ke's past. It turned out that when Liao Songting joined Rong Jing, he took away several excellent lawyers, which made Rong Ke very quiet and lost many clients. Pan Yan was surprised to hear this because he thought Rong Ke still had many elites, but apparently only a few newbies were left. Since Rong Ke was too busy, Du Feiyu asked Zuo Na to delegate some work to Pan Yan, as they were relatives. Zuo Na took Pan Yan to a place where nobody was around, told him not to disclose their relationship, and asked him to go downstairs to buy food.

When Pan Yan was going downstairs, he met Shu Yinan in the elevator. They greeted each other and asked about their interview results. Shu Yinan was surprised to learn that Pan Yan had passed the interview and had already started working. They didn't talk for long before parting ways. After buying lunch, Pan Yan went to the office and invited Zuo Na and Du Feiyu to eat together. During the meal, Du Feiyu talked about Lu Shuangjian's client, and he was worried that the case would be taken over by Liao Songting. As expected, Zuo Na called Xiao Ai and learned that Lu Shuangjian had decided to go on a business trip. She felt disappointed, as losing an important client was a big blow. Du Feiyu comforted Zuo Na, saying that losing cases was common, but Zuo Na didn't want to give up. She planned to continue to work hard and not waste the effort she had put in before, so she asked Pan Yan to help organize the materials.

As the end of work approached, colleagues gradually left, but Pan Yan and Zuo Na were still sorting out the invoices between Shuangjian Group and Qian Ning, showing no intention of leaving. Pan Yan understood the whole case and proposed his idea to Zuo Na, saying that no matter what, they had their advantages, but they were stuck in not being able to schedule a meeting with the other party, so they couldn't come up with any solution. Then, Pan Yan also said that if there was really no way for this case, they could switch to another one, and he asked Zuo Na not to get stuck in one place. However, Zuo Na was unwilling to give up and interrupted Pan Yan from continuing to speak.

During the day, Pan Yan made plans with his girlfriend to have dinner with her parents, but as time went by, it got later and later. His girlfriend urged him to come quickly, which made Pan Yan very conflicted. Zuo Na noticed that Pan Yan was troubled and suggested he leave work early. Pan Yan was very happy to hear this and quickly made his way to meet his girlfriend, Dong Jiaorao, thinking it wouldn't be appropriate to show up empty-handed to meet her parents. He suggested buying a cake, but Dong Jiaorao refused, saying that she really likes Pan Yan and wanted to make sure her parents didn't worry, and told him to follow her instructions later.

Pan Yan was honest in his words, which made Dong Jiaorao's parents very satisfied. However, they were not very happy with Pan Yan's current job and were subtly suggesting that he change jobs or leave Jiaorao because they valued Jiaorao and did not want her to suffer. Pan Yan understood the meaning of his girlfriend's father's words and felt complicated. He thought of making a name for himself in the law firm and giving his girlfriend a better life. So Pan Yan went back to work overtime at Rongke, and on the way, he messaged his mother, telling her that he wouldn't be coming home tonight and that if relatives had anything to do, they could find him. He also told his mother not to worry about him.

After working overtime until late at night, Pan Yan and Zuo Na finally finished organizing the materials. Pan Yan wanted to pack up and go home to get some sleep, but when he learned that Zuo Na wanted to stay behind, he asked why and found out that she wanted to see Lu Shuangjian before Shuangjian Group signed a contract with Huanjing. She wanted to try to negotiate something. After listening to her, Pan Yan offered to go with her but was refused, as he was wearing casual clothes and it wasn't appropriate to meet the client. After saying goodbye to Zuo Na, Pan Yan returned to the office and saw that the notice board had not been taken care of, so he went to level it out with his tools. He then took a photo of the sky at four in the morning and sent it to his girlfriend.

After Zuo Na introduced him, Lu Shuangjian was somewhat interested. However, when he learned that Zuo Na did not go to Huanjing with Liao Songting but stayed at Rongke, he was a bit surprised and lost some interest in hearing more. Zuo Na noticed Lu Shuangjian's expression and quickly seized an opportunity to persuade him. She suggested that he listen to her once, then listen to what Liao Songting had to say, and then decide. Meanwhile, Pan Yan saw Zuo Na's phone ringing on the desk and took it with him to Shuangjian Group. He happened to meet Liao Songting and his assistant, and they all took the elevator together before splitting up.

At this moment, Zuo Na was still fighting for it. She mentioned Lu Shuangjian's idea of winning the case, and just as Lu Shuangjian was moved by her words, suddenly a phone call came in.

Lu Shuangjian's son, Lu Yuntao, had a car accident while reversing and encountered a scam. Pan Yan heard the whole process and cleverly suggested some ideas, which surprised Lu Shuangjian and left an impression on him. They exchanged contact information. Pan Yan suggested that Zuo Na should also join, hoping that Lu Shuangjian would consider Rongke. With Zuo Na's detailed information and Pan Yan's quick thinking, Lu Shuangjian was somewhat hesitant and was not focused on signing the contract with Liao Songting.

Meanwhile, when Shu Yinan reported to Huanjing, he found that his colleagues were excellent and felt a bit strange. On the other hand, when Pan Yan and Zuo Na returned to Rongke, they were immediately questioned by Du Feiyu for letting Zuo Na meet with clients without the supervision of a mentor, which is not allowed for interns. Pan Yan wanted to help Zuo Na out, but he was also blamed by Du Feiyu.

After a while, Zuo Na was called to the office by Du Feiyu, and Pan Yan followed worriedly, thinking that they were going to get scolded again. However, the situation suddenly turned around when Lu Shuangjian agreed to continue working with Rong Ke. He appreciated Rong Ke's meticulousness, so Zuo Na received some praise. After walking out of the office, Zuo Na was a little uneasy in her heart, but she realized it after taking a sip of water. Pan Yan could tell she was happy and told her not to hide her emotions. Xiao Ai called, wanting Pan Yan's help in resolving a dispute involving Lu Yuntao. Pan Yan and Zuo Na rushed over and found out that the other party was unwilling to come down, so they went to a nearby drink stand to inquire about the situation. At first, the lady claimed not to know anything, but after they bought a few bottles of water, she revealed that when Lu Yuntao hit someone, he immediately got out of the car and left his business card with the other party, with a very sincere attitude.

A group of people came to the entrance of the alley, and Zuo Na and the others guessed that the leader was the son of the lady who was hit. He was insistent on asking for money. Pan Yan was very good at handling the situation and specifically chose a place with a surveillance camera to meet. Not only did he make the other party back down, but he also successfully resolved the issue. On the other hand, Liao Songting felt that Shu Yinan was a bit exaggerated and proud and unsuitable to stay at Huanjing, so he tactfully asked him to leave Huanjing.

Liao Songting said that due to client relationships, Shu Yinan needed to leave on his own initiative. Shu Yinan was somewhat skeptical and felt that Liao Songting was biased against him. He also believed that he was right. Even though this society required good interpersonal skills and a superior family background to rely on, he would not bow down. He only wanted to rely on his own efforts to get a job. After speaking, he packed up and left Huanjing.

When Lan He saw that Shu Yinan was leaving dissatisfied, she went to persuade him and also talked a lot of sense. She mentioned Rong Ke downstairs, which was the law firm where Liao Songting had previously endured humiliation. So Shu Yinan had a sudden inspiration and took his backpack to Rong Ke.

Shu Yinan wanted to prove to Liao Songting and his parents that he could help Rong Ke make a comeback based on his excellent abilities. His words moved Du Feiyu, who immediately helped him with the job application and also intended to let Pan Yan leave. Zuo Na felt uneasy about this and tried to delay Du Feiyu to help Pan Yan complete his employment contract. But Du Feiyu still insisted on asking Pan Yan to leave and asked Zuo Na to inform him.

When Pan Yan saw that Shu Yinan was also applying for a job, he warmly introduced Rong Ke's situation to him and said that the two of them should get along well in the future.

Later, Zuo Na brought Pan Yan to the meeting room and gently informed him of his dismissal. Pan Yan was somewhat surprised and tried hard to stay at Rongke. Yang Pingan happened to bring Yi Fan into the meeting room, and when Pan Yan saw him, he quickly stopped Yang Pingan and talked about his employment contract. Yang Pingan didn't want to embarrass Yi Fan, so he agreed to let Pan Yan stay. However, Zuo Na was a bit angry because the mentor could only bring one or two interns, and now there were already three. It was obvious that Du Feiyu valued Shu Yinan highly, and Pan Yan staying would only waste time. But Pan Yan insisted on staying because he had already stepped into Rongke and wouldn't leave easily.

Since Shu Yinan was excellent in all aspects, Du Feiyu personally introduced him to various places, which surprised everyone and made them think that Shu Yinan had an unusual background. When Du Feiyu saw that Pan Yan was still at Rongke, he was very angry and went to find Yang Pingan. Du Feiyu didn't want Pan Yan, he wanted Yang Pingan to take him. At that time, Pan Yan was in the pantry asking his colleague Zheng Mang about Du Feiyu, but all he got was a laugh, which made Pan Yan's mood a bit complicated. When he returned to his desk, he learned that Zuo Na had left, so he apologized and caught up with her. He learned that she didn't take it to heart, which made him feel a little better. Zuo Na reminded Pan Yan to attend the internship assistant training class and pulled him into the group since he wasn't in it. The lawyer assistant training class was taught by Yi Fan, and everyone put away their phones when they saw her arrival.

Before the training session, Yi Fan asked everyone to introduce themselves. Shu Yinan had an impressive resume that surprised their colleagues. When it was Pan Yan's turn, he introduced himself as coming from a small town, and his sincere words impressed everyone, catching Yi Fan's attention. Suddenly, Du Feiyu knocked on the door and asked Shu Yinan to join him in meeting with a client, making Pan Yan envious. Shu Yinan thought it was a formal meeting with the client, but it turned out to be a flattering drinking session, which made him feel out of place.

After meeting with Cai Xiaolei, Zuo Na learned that she was pregnant during their conversation. Zuo Na quickly advised her not to make impulsive decisions since Cai Xiaolei was the third party and already in an unfavorable position. Continuing on this path would only make matters worse. Meanwhile, the interns at Rong Ke Law Firm were working on the assignments left by Yi Fan. As the end of the workday approached, Zhu Xinxin felt tired and began to slack off with Fan Xiaotian, gossiping about Shu Yinan. They were all curious about Shu Yinan since it was common for employees to leave Rong Ke and join Huan Jing, but rare for employees to switch from Huan Jing to Rong Ke. Suddenly, a phone rang, and Pan Yan happened to pass by and answered it. Everyone became nervous, and Pan Yan, noticing their reactions, became suspicious and had to inquire about the caller's identity.

When Du Feiyu, who was drunk, was sent home, Shu Yinan couldn't help but feel a little sad when he heard that Du Feiyu only went to the party for Rong Ke. The phone rang again, and the caller urged Du Feiyu to respond. Since Du Feiyu and Shu Yinan's phones couldn't be reached, Pan Yan had to add the contact information of someone who called himself Luo Xiaolong. Upon inquiry, Pan Yan learned that Luo Xiaolong had come to deliver a notice of infringement, causing him to message Zuo Na for Du Feiyu's contact information.

Little did Pan Yan know, accepting this case would cause a big disaster. It was because of this that Pan Yan had to stay and work overtime again. When Yi Fan saw that he was still there after work, she assigned him a task of organizing several related cases to the Sun Jianye and Zhang Rumei cases. This made Pan Yan even busier, and he had to work until dawn before going home. He saw a new suit that his mother had purchased and felt moved. He quickly tried it on and ate some corn left by his mother. He then took a photo of himself in the new suit and sent it to Jiaorao.

On a sunny morning, Shu Yinan prepared to leave with his coffee, while Li Min tried to persuade him to leave Rongke and advised him to try another law firm. However, Shu Yinan insisted on staying at Rongke and left without saying much. Meanwhile, Pan Yan put on the suit his mother had bought him and went to work with great spirit. He met client Zhang Rumei at the entrance of the law firm and led her to the meeting room, where he entertained her kindly. Later, Pan Yan saw Du Feiyu and Shu Yinan chatting in the tea room and wanted to bring up the matter of Luo Xiaolong. However, Du Feiyu criticized Pan Yan's suit, leaving him speechless. Without giving Pan Yan a chance to speak, Du Feiyu immediately left. Seeing Pan Yan's embarrassment, Shu Yinan lent him his own suit.

Due to Zhang Rumei's bipolar disorder and Yi Fan not coming to Rongke, emotions began to escalate, and Pan Yan and Zuo Na were unable to stop it. They started pushing and shoving each other. In anger, Zuo Na said something wrong, which made Zhang Rumei even angrier. Shu Yinan saw that something was wrong and quickly got up to stop Zhang Rumei, and the commotion was finally stopped in time. Before leaving, Zhang Rumei stated that if Sun Jianye wanted a divorce, he could not remarry or have children, which was an unreasonable condition. Yi Fan arrived to work just in time, and Pan Yan informed her of Zhang Rumei's situation and took on the task of communicating with her. Pan Yan believed that Zhang Rumei might not actually want a divorce, which is why she was behaving unreasonably.

Next, Pan Yan looked at the suit that Shu Yinan had lent him and found that it was torn. He went up to ask for the price so that he could pay him back and get a new one from Zhang Rumei. At first, Shu Yinan refused, but after repeated requests from Pan Yan, he agreed to go back and check the price. On the other side, Zuo Na called Cai Xiaolei to complain about a customer and said that there was no difference between the customer and her parents. Zuo Na didn't know that Cai Xiaolei was already with her father Zuo Dajian and was even pregnant with his child. Zuo Dajian wanted to give Cai Xiaolei a formal status, which was why he asked Zuo Na's mother for a divorce.

Du Feiyu took Shu Yinan to meet a client. While riding the elevator, they ran into Liao Songting, and the atmosphere became awkward. They were all heading to the press conference of the Da Jiang Group to meet their client, General Jiang. General Jiang mentioned that he had received an infringement notice drafted by Rong Ke and had successfully resolved the tricky dispute by calling someone who claimed to be Du Feiyu's assistant. Du Feiyu laughed heartily upon hearing this, thinking that it was Shu Yinan who had handled it and looked at him in a new light. Shu Yinan quietly informed Du Feiyu that he did not draft the infringement notice and wondered whether to tell General Jiang about it. However, Du Feiyu believed that the matter had been resolved and did not want to cause any further trouble.

Zuo Dajian met with Zuo Na and discussed the topic of divorce both directly and indirectly. He completely ignored the fact that his affair had affected his wife and daughter. Zuo Na was very sad about this and went to talk to Cai Xiaolei about her grief. However, to her surprise, her best friend said the same things as her father, making her realize that something was wrong. After some questioning, Cai Xiaolei revealed that she was Zuo Dajian's mistress, which made Zuo Na very sad.

Pan Yan, who is good at dealing with people, met several employees from the neighboring law firm in the elevator. He found out that Du Feiyu had started working there when he entered their office. He immediately approached Du Feiyu and told him about Luo Xiaolong's matter, also stating that it had already been resolved. However, Du Feiyu was angry when she found out about this and believed that Pan Yan had handled the matter without permission and did not report it to her. She gave him two options, either resign voluntarily or be dismissed by the law firm.

Pan Yan didn't think it was his fault. He was angry that all the blame was placed on him when it was clearly Du Feiyu's fault for not answering her phone and messages. He left in a huff. Sitting at his desk, Pan Yan was still upset. He asked Shu Yinan for a life motto: "Don't let the world control your emotions, don't let your emotions control your rationality." He wrote it down and stuck it on his desk, feeling a little better.

The human resources manager, Guan Xiu, talked to Pan Yan about the matter of answering phone calls, wanting to let him know the pros and cons. Shu Yinan's issue with Jiang Zong was handled by Pan Yan, who immediately sought Du Feiyu's plea and explanation. Coincidentally, Zuo Na approached Du Feiyu about Lu Shuangjian's matter and learned about the misunderstanding in Pan Yan's handling of the situation. She spoke up to explain for Pan Yan. Du Feiyu then realized that he had misunderstood Pan Yan and called Guan Xiu to let her know that Pan Yan could stay and just needed to write a review. Pan Yan was very happy to hear this and immediately returned to his desk. Guan Xiu went to see Du Feiyu and reminded him not to be too impulsive in communicating with his assistants next time.

Zuo Na and Shu Yinan were working on a case in the conference room when Pan Yan took the opportunity to offer to take them out for lunch. While they were chatting, Zuo Na received a phone call and hurriedly packed up and left the law firm. She rushed to the hospital and learned that her mother had attempted suicide by cutting her wrist, after being coerced by Zuo Dajian to sign a divorce agreement. Fortunately, her uncle discovered her in time and took her to the hospital for timely treatment. Zuo Na became emotional and burst into tears. Zuo Dajian rushed over and blamed her, thinking that she shouldn't have disclosed the affair with Cai Xiaolei.

At this moment, the nurse pushed Zuo Na's mother out, and Zuo Dajian went forward to help. Zuo Na looked at her mother holding Zuo Dajian's hand and was stunned on the spot. She didn't expect her mother to still have feelings for Zuo Dajian. Even though she knew he had made mistakes, she still indulged him and forgave him. She didn't understand why this relationship needed to be maintained, and she didn't understand why her mother still loved Zuo Dajian.

When Pan Yan finished work, the office phone rang again. After hesitating for a while, he answered it and found out that the caller was looking for Zuo Na to talk about Lu Shuangjian buying a house. He wrote down the details on a memo and stuck it on Zuo Na's desk, taking a photo as evidence just in case, and also told Shu Yinan about it. When Shu Yinan said he would contact the caller, Pan Yan gave him the contact information. However, Pan Yan didn't go home directly. He went to Zhang Rumei's place to see if he could talk to her, but the security guard told him that she wasn't home, so he had to wait outside her door.

Shu Yinan reported the progress of the Lu Shuangjian case to Du Feiyu, who was very satisfied upon hearing it. He once again took Shu Yinan to meet the client, claiming that if the meeting was successful, he would let Shu Yinan take over. Shu Yinan was very happy, but due to his straightforward character, he did not understand the client's needs and only focused on expressing his own opinions, which made the client very angry. On the way back from the meeting with the client, Du Feiyu reminded Shu Yinan not to speak professionally to unprofessional people. At the appropriate time, he should understand what the client needs and complete it for them through legal channels. Shu Yinan was very frustrated after hearing this and returned home without eating.

Pan Yan thought of several ways to enter the residential area but was recognized by the security guards each time. However, he did not give up and contacted Sun Jianye to obtain an access card, which allowed him to enter the residential area smoothly. Pan Yan found Zhang Rumei's residence and persuaded her to divorce Sun Jianye, but was rejected once again.

When Pan Yan couldn't reach Zhang Rumei on the phone, he went to wait downstairs at her place hoping to find a solution. He happened to meet Shu Yinan, who had just finished attending a class reunion. After learning that Pan Yan came for Zhang Rumei, Shu Yinan advised him to apply for mediation at the court. However, Pan Yan believed there was still a way around this case, and they ended up arguing due to their different opinions.

The next day, Shu Yinan proposed to Du Feiyu to transform their law firm into a company to ensure each lawyer's strengths and advantages could be fully utilized, and most importantly, to have good connections and reputation. This was so that Rong Ke could revive, taking the cases of Sun Jianye and Zhang Rumei as examples. Du Feiyu was pleased with the proposal and agreed to let Shu Yinan participate in investigating Sun Jianye's case, as well as allowing him to share some of Zuo Na's workload and informing him that she was on leave. Du Feiyu also wanted to use this opportunity to teach Shu Yinan to be flexible and not too stubborn in handling cases.

At lunchtime, Pan Yan and a few others were eating together when Shu Yinan saw them and joined in. He told Pan Yan that he had joined Sun Jianye's case and asked about Zuo Na. Fan Xiaotian joked that Pan Yan and Zuo Na were related and that he would probably know more about her. Shu Yinan looked surprised and his face didn't look right. Meanwhile, Zuo Na was cleaning the house when her uncle came looking for her because she wasn't answering her phone. She realized her phone was on silent and replied to the messages, most of which were from concerned colleagues. Her uncle suggested she not go back to her old house until her mother was discharged from the hospital to avoid getting emotional.

In the evening, Zuo Na visited her mother at the hospital and was heartbroken to see her in low spirits. She messaged Zuo Dajian to ask why he had come to the hospital, but he just sent her some money to take his wife out, which made her angrier. She hadn't expected him to not show up when her mother was sick and only send money. She sent him a message cursing him out. Meanwhile, Pan Yan was packing up to leave work when Shu Yinan stopped him and asked about Zuo Na. Pan Yan unintentionally mentioned that his girlfriend's relative was sick, thinking it was related to Zuo Na. Shu Yinan said he had a doctor in his family who could help and Pan Yan messaged his girlfriend about it. Suddenly, Lao Chunxue messaged saying she had arrived at the law firm's building, so Pan Yan said goodbye to Shu Yinan and went downstairs to meet his mother.

Zuo Na returned to the hospital ward with a better mood and informed her mother that Zuo Dajian would not come. Her mother was very sad when she heard this and insisted that she would not agree to a divorce if Zuo Dajian did not come to see her. Zuo Na felt very sad when she heard her mother's words, which were just like Zhang Rumei's. On the other hand, Shu Yinan did not go home after work, but chose to stay in the company to work overtime. He sorted out the relationship between Sun Jianye and Zhang Rumei's cases and found the importance of it.

When he was working, Shu Yinan happened to meet Pan Yan and talked to him about the ideas he had sorted out during overtime last night. He speculated that the reason why Zhang Rumei did not want to divorce Sun Jianye was because she was unhappy that he had abandoned her after marriage, which also indicated that their marriage had already broken down. However, Pan Yan had a different opinion, and the two of them argued about it. When they saw Zuo Na come to work, they asked her for her thoughts on this matter. Zuo Na was worried about her family situation and absent-mindedly asked them to discuss it themselves.

After some discussion, Pan Yan and Shu Yinan decided to investigate separately. Pan Yan went to the Zhang Rumei community, hoping to persuade her to reconcile and not pursue legal proceedings, but he met Zhang Rumei's lawyer, Liao Songting, and was kicked out of the community. Shu Yinan, on the other hand, went to visit the neighbors in the community to get a detailed understanding of Sun Jianye and Zhang Rumei's relationship, in order to confirm if there were any other reasons for their relationship.

Zhang Rumei finally agreed to a settlement, and everyone was very happy to hear it. Shu Yinan suggested that everyone have a dinner to celebrate, and Pan Yan agreed. However, several colleagues were in a hurry to leave, and Zuo Na also refused, so only the two of them went. Zuo Na was not in a hurry to leave, looking at the surveillance at home with a heavy heart. Shu Yinan noticed that Zuo Na was worried and proposed to take the barbecue home with them and eat with her. The three of them started eating, and Pan Yan was the first to ask about Shu Yinan's reason for coming to Rongke. He found out that it was because of a conflict with his parents, which was somewhat unexpected because he was ahead of Rongke, and Shu Yinan was now in a precarious position. Then, Shu Yinan asked Zuo Na why she didn't want to leave Rongke. Zuo Na thought for a moment and claimed that she hated people who betrayed others, especially those who left with their team like Liao Songting. Shu Yinan agreed with her, as he also disliked such people.

After three rounds of drinks, the three of them talked about their parents and Zhang Rumei's case. Zuo Na thought that Zhang Rumei was a traditional woman, which is why she was so stubborn and refused to get a divorce. The other two also said a lot. After getting drunk, Pan Yan expressed his thoughts. He believed that he and Jiaorao had different family backgrounds, but they would definitely love each other more instead of ending up like his separated parents. After this heartfelt conversation, the relationship between the three of them became even more relaxed.

On the way home, Zuo Na asked Pan Yan to send her those small compositions. They were one of the reasons that drove Zhang Rumei, and she wanted her mother to gradually come to terms with her emotions and not dwell on her past sadness. But the situation with Lao Chunxue did not improve, which worried Zuo Na greatly. So, she arranged to meet with Zuo Dajian to ask him to take a look at her mother. However, Zuo Dajian was very unwilling and tried to use money to brush her off again before leaving in a hurry. Zuo Na was infuriated and felt helpless watching him leave.

Pan Yan and Shu Yinan reported on the progress of Zhang Rumei's case. Yi Fan was worried that both parties might change their minds at the last minute and urged them not to be too sure of their words. Only when the two sides reconciled on the spot, could the case be settled, meaning that they would both have made great contributions. On the day of the court mediation, Sun Jianye was anxious to deal with his work, and he urged the judge to complete the process as quickly as possible. This caused Zhang Rumei's dissatisfaction, and she wanted to know the reason why Sun Jianye divorced. Liao Songting took this opportunity to play a video, which was the oath of love made by Zhang Rumei and Sun Jianye on their wedding day. After watching it, Sun Jianye's emotions began to become abnormal, and Zhang Rumei stood up and accused him, making the scene chaotic. Sun Jianye's expression became increasingly abnormal, and he began to feel psychologically unwell from Zhang Rumei's voice, then fainted in front of everyone. Everyone rushed to contact an ambulance and sent Sun Jianye to the hospital.

Due to Sun Jianye's collapse in public, the mediation with Zhang Rumei has once again become tense, and Rong Ke has been asked to complete the reconciliation within a week. If he fails, he will have to change law firms. Pan Yan and Yi Fan are both helpless and can only ask both sides to calm down. Pan Yan's heart is in turmoil. Just then, Jiaorao proposed to break up with him. He was surprised to see the message and hurriedly called her, but she didn't answer. Jiaorao called Zuo Na and claimed that a relative had passed away at home and she wouldn't come back for the time being. She wanted to consider whether to live in a small town or go to a big city, so she asked Zuo Na to take care of Pan Yan more. Shu Yinan rushed to the hospital when he heard the news and saw that Pan Yan and Zuo Na didn't look good, so he didn't ask much. Du Feiyu went alone to meet Sun Jianye's son and managed to trick him with a few words, successfully stabilizing the case. Everyone has their own shining point, but it will be different in different places.

Lao Chunxue left a note saying that she was going for a walk outside. Zuo Na was angry when she found out, and her uncle was also worried. He asked Zuo Na to contact some of Lao Chunxue's friends. Her uncle suggested calling Zuo Dajian, but when Zuo Na called, she found out that her mother wasn't there, so she hung up the phone. At this time, Zuo Dajian was taking pictures for Cai Xiaolei and completely disregarding Lao Chunxue's safety. Zuo Na immediately went to the square when she heard that Lao Chunxue had appeared there, but she couldn't find her after several rounds. When she returned home in disappointment, Zuo Na found that her mother had already returned home, and she was relieved.

The law firm received a divorce case, and Pan Yan became emotional when he talked about it, scaring Shu Yinan. Fan Xiaotian started a small group chat to gossip about it. This made Shu Yinan angry, feeling disrespected by his colleagues, who then left when they claimed to have other things to do. Left confused, Left Na reminded him to respect his colleagues equally to receive respect in return, especially since Shu Yinan has a high education and can come across as arrogant in conversation. As everyone started to leave work, Pan Yan stopped Left Na, hoping to get Dong Jiaorao's address to find out why they broke up. However, Left Na did not agree and told him to prepare himself before asking again.

To expedite the divorce case, Left Na, Shu Yinan, and Du Feiyu visited Sun Jianye to understand his reasons for breaking up with Zhang Rumei. Sun Jianye tried to appear innocent, but he had simply lost interest in her and refused to admit his wrongdoing, blaming everything on his wife. When Shu Yinan asked if he had an affair, it made him angry and upset, causing Du Feiyu to intervene.

Here, Zhang Limei is unwilling to divorce and is very upset about the phone call from her son who tried to persuade her, feeling that no one supports her rights. On the other hand, Zheng Mang saw Zhang Rumei calling Pan Yan and hurriedly reminded him not to answer. Pan Yan reluctantly answered the call and, when asked about Sun Jianye's condition, had to reveal that Sun Jianye had recovered and been discharged. Then he hung up. Zheng Mang told Pan Yan to be more clever with his words. If the other side recorded the call, it would not be good for them and the case would only become more difficult to handle. When leaving work, Zheng Mang reminded Pan Yan again that if Zhang Rumei calls him again, he should politely refuse to communicate. Only by strictly sticking to business would he avoid trouble.

However, Pan Yan is kind-hearted and still worried that Zhang Rumei might do something irrational. He is absent-minded when he gets home and keeps messaging Zhang Rumei. His mother noticed that something was wrong and asked him about it. She was surprised to learn that he was worried about a client. Meanwhile, Shu Yinan is very concerned about Zhang Rumei's case and drew a few pictures when he got home, asking Zuo Na for her opinion. However, their ideas didn't match up and they hung up after only a few words.

Pan Yan was worried when he couldn't get through to Zhang Rumei on the phone, thinking that she might be in a bad state of mind. He quickly rushed over with his mother Tang Meiyan. To his surprise, his mother's words had a great impact on Zhang Limei's decision to divorce, which he did not expect. The reason Tang Meiyan was able to persuade Zhang Rumei was mainly because they were both women who had been hurt in marriage, and they could empathize with each other. Plus, Zhang Rumei was not an unreasonable person and also believed that the marriage was a failure. After Tang Meiyan's persuasion, she became a bit hesitant.

In order to help Zhang Rumei and Sun Jianye have a dignified divorce, Pan Yan asked Du Feiyu to give them a chance. Perhaps, if they communicated well, they would understand each other's thoughts and reasons for divorce. Pan Yan's words were very insightful and Du Feiyu was also moved by them, asking Pan Yan to explain the reason for doing this. Pan Yan told them about his breakup with Jiaorao and how he saw his own shadow in Zhang Rumei. He knew that feeling was not pleasant, so he wanted to help Zhang Rumei. Therefore, Du Feiyu agreed to go see Zhang Rumei with Pan Yan. Pan Yan was very happy and even wore a suit for the occasion.

After Du Feiyu and Pan Yan cooperated with each other successfully, they got Zhang Rumei to agree to a meeting, which made Pan Yan also have a new appreciation for Du Feiyu. On the way back, Pan Yan sincerely apologized to Du Feiyu for the incident with Da Jiang last time and for arranging the meeting with Zhang Rumei without telling him. However, Du Feiyu did not respond and instead left Pan Yan by the roadside to meet Sun Jianye alone, hoping to persuade him to meet Zhang Rumei. When everyone saw that Pan Yan was unhappy upon returning to the law firm, Fan Xiaotian started gossiping about what had happened in the group chat. Shu Yinan sent a message to stop him.

Pan Yan was surprised to see Jiaorao appearing at his doorstep, and he quickly embraced her. The two of them reconciled. Zuo Dajian had an affair with Cai Xiaolei, and when Zuo Na brought their mother to visit and saw this scene, she felt very sad.

A mother posted a video online seeking justice for her son, and Pan Yan happened to be involved in the matter, which also affected the Rongke Law Firm. Yi Fan told Pan Yan that if he couldn't prove his innocence, he would face criminal liability, which meant his future career as a lawyer would be interrupted.


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