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The Outsider –  Zhang Yuqi, Vengo Gao

The Outsider is an urban romantic drama directed by Cui Liang, led by Kitty Zhang Yuqi and Vengo Gao Weiguang, co-starring Zuo Xiaoqing, Jia Jinghui, Shi Shi, Guo Xiaoran, Zhao Yaoke, Wang Jialin, Lu Yongzhuo, and Shi An, with special appearances by Tao Hong, Cao Xiwen and Ren Youlun.

The drama is based on a novel of the same name written by Bu Jing Yu.

After the death of the company's founder, Wang Ju'an starts a series of struggles with the company's senior management over the company's operation, and the employee Su Mo is inadvertently involved. They go from being wary to getting to know each other and finally gaining their hearts.


The Outsider

English Title: The Outsider
Chinese Title: 繁华似锦, 误入浮华
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama
Tag: Multiple Couples, Boss-Employee Relationship, Workplace Setting, CEO Male Lead, Power Struggle, Poor Female Lead
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Cui Liang
Writer: Zhang Jie
Producer: Xie Ying
Product Company: SMG Pictures, YOUKU, Beijing Hekuan Pictures & Media Co.
Released Date: 2023-06-25
Broadcast Website: Youku, 优酷, youku.tv



Two years after the death of founder Wang Jianming, Ansheng Group was in a business crisis.

The eldest son of the Wang family, Wang Ju’an, and his aunt Wang Yanan, who was the chairman of the group, started a battle for power due to a disagreement in business philosophy.

The struggle at the top of Ansheng affected the bottom employee, Su Mo. She inadvertently offended Wang Ju’an.

Wang Ju’an was very strict with his employees, but fortunately, Su Mo withstood the test with her usual diligence and grew up quickly under his guidance.

Su Mo’s career has just been going smoothly. she had a conflict with Wang Ju’an again to claim the rights for her uncle’s family.

Wang Ju’an fired Su Mo, but to his surprise, Su Mo became Wang Yanan’s “supervisor” beside Wang Ju’an.

They went from being wary to knowing each other, and finally, they can’t help but fall in love.

However, Su Mo’s position and Wang Ju’an’s arrogance brought the relationship to an abrupt end.

Wang Ju’an was affected by the untimely death of his younger brother and the revelation of his adopted son’s identity, and Su Mo put aside her career to help him.

Wang Jiu’an finally reaped true love. He started a new chapter of life together with Su Mo.


Modern metropolis Shanghai. Su Mo, a white-collar worker, is working in a high-end clothing store, striving every day, hoping to succeed in this big city based on her own abilities. On this day, Wang Juan, a director of Yan Sheng Group, had to buy a new set of clothes at the clothing store because his luggage was lost at the airport. He was rushing to attend a board meeting at Yan Sheng Group. While Wang Juan was purchasing clothes at the store, Su Mo's colleague Jin Yan provided him with service. They immediately clashed and started to dislike each other. Seeing the situation, Su Mo took the initiative to replace Jin Yan. Finally, the deal was made, and Su Mo generously attributed the transaction to Jin Yan's credit, making Jin Yan happy. Shortly after Wang Juan left the clothing store, Su Mo realized that she forgot to give Wang Juan the complimentary men's cologne. She hurriedly caught up with Wang Juan and sincerely apologized to him. Wang Juan gave Su Mo a meaningful look and glanced at her.

Hastily, Wang Juan hurried back to Yan Sheng Group, where a board meeting was taking place. Three years ago, Wang Juan went to France to turn around a struggling subsidiary on the brink of bankruptcy. Now, Yan Sheng Square was facing the edge of bankruptcy, and he hurriedly returned to prepare to save it. Wang Siwei, Wang Juan's younger brother, continued to harbor animosity towards his older brother. When Wang Juan presented his preliminary transformation plan, Wang Siwei aggressively challenged him. Wang Juan calmly stated that he was willing to wager all his shares in Yan Sheng, and if he failed, he would surrender all his shares. Wang Juan's boldness astonished everyone at the board meeting. In the final vote, as Wang Siwei saw everyone in the meeting raising their hands in agreement, reluctantly, he had to raise his hand as well. Wang Juan's proposal passed unanimously, and Wang Siwei's face turned dark on the spot.

After the meeting, Wang Siwei angrily stormed into Zhang Yanan's office. Zhang Yanan was the chairman of Yan Sheng. She was classmates with Wang Juan and Wang Siwei's late father, Wang Jianming. They, along with a few other classmates, co-founded Yan Sheng Group, and Yan Sheng Square was the foundation of their group, so she attached great importance to it. Zhang Yanan was discussing the next steps with Wang Juan when Wang Siwei burst in and accused the board of deliberately assigning him the responsibility of demolition work to exclude him from the core of the board. Zhang Yanan explained that it was a decision made by the board, not a personal one. Wang Siwei angrily stormed out of the office. Then he went to inform his business partner Shang Chun that Wang Juan had returned, and their previous plans for cooperation might have to be terminated due to this incident.

Mo Weiqing, a wealthy and beautiful woman, came to Su Mo's store to buy clothes. Mo Weiqing was extremely picky about Su Mo's professional service, and Su Mo patiently served her despite the annoyance. Su Mo's colleagues sympathized with her. At that moment, Shang Chun came to find Mo Weiqing, and Mo Weiqing immediately changed from being willful to gentle and virtuous. As usual, Shang Chun paid for all the clothes and shoes Mo Weiqing chose with his credit card. While Su Mo was processing Shang Chun's payment, Shang Chun's fiancée, Lin Ailin, suddenly arrived. Mo Weiqing wanted to escape, but Su Mo intentionally stopped her. Mo Weiqing had no choice but to confront Lin Ailin with a brave face. Lin Ailin looked down on Mo Weiqing with a superior attitude and humiliated her before leaving with a proud demeanor. Mo Weiqing, feeling humiliated, vented her anger on Su Mo and threatened to file a complaint against her.

Wang Juan personally inspected the marketing department, and then he summoned Zhao Qingxiang and Cong Rong, the heads of departments one and two, to his office. It turned out that Wang Juan overheard Zhao Qingxiang and Cong Rong discussing the company's situation in the elevator. Wang Juan had a conversation with the two of them and promised that the office they were in would be the future office of the Director of Business Development. He would choose one of them for that position. The atmosphere instantly became tense, and as soon as Zhao Qingxiang left the room, he directly declared war on Cong Rong, determined to win the Director position.

Due to Mo Weiqing's complaint, Su Mo was forced to resign as she felt the need to defend her dignity. Unexpectedly, life struck back at her immediately. Su Mo's mother called to inform her that her father was hospitalized and needed medical expenses. Su Mo didn't expect life's blows to come so quickly, and she was extremely worried. Cong Rong called Su Mo and asked her to pick up her son, Ke Le, at the store. Su Mo readily agreed. That evening, after Su Mo finished helping Ke Le with his homework, Cong Rong rushed back home. Cong Rong was very grateful for Su Mo's help and mentioned a job opportunity for her. Su Mo was pleasantly surprised.

Su Mo made thorough preparations that night and went to Yan Sheng for an interview the next day. Zhao Qingxiang and Cong Rong, among others, interviewed Su Mo. Just as Su Mo was answering Zhao Qingxiang's question, Wang Juan happened to pass by. Wang Juan came over curiously, and when he saw that the interviewee was Su Mo, he was stunned.

Su Mo's performance in the interview impressed Wang Juan. However, after looking at Su Mo's resume, he was curious why she didn't start working right after graduation and waited three years to participate in the interview. The interviewers asked Su Mo to show her graduation certificate, and she immediately felt embarrassed. Su Mo hesitated but eventually took out her certificate, explaining that she obtained her undergraduate degree through self-study. The interviewers were stunned, and Wang Juan angrily criticized them for not being strict enough in their screening process. Wang Juan left in a huff, and Cong Rong followed him. Su Mo caught up with Wang Juan and confessed that she had taken the blame for cheating on behalf of her ex-boyfriend during her college years, which is why she didn't have her graduation certificate. Wang Juan scoffed and said that if not having the certificate was the result of her actions, it only proved her foolishness. Su Mo indeed regretted her past actions and had no words to respond.

That evening, Cong Rong invited Su Mo to her home. Cong Rong was worried about her son Ke Le's extracurricular homework, and Su Mo used her expertise to help solve the problem. Su Mo also expressed her urgent need for a job, and Cong Rong wanted to help her. Hearing the reasons for Su Mo's dismissal, Cong Rong breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that Mo Weiqing was a good friend of Cong Rong's, and she was willing to speak up for Su Mo. That night, Su Mo found Mo Weiqing at the club, where Mo Weiqing was drinking with Shang Chun and Wang Siwei. Su Mo took the initiative to plead with Mo Weiqing and shared her rejection by Yan Sheng earlier that day. Wang Siwei felt a sense of camaraderie upon learning that Su Mo had been rejected by Wang Juan.

When Wang Siwei found out that Wang Juan was at the club that night attending a gathering with his classmates, he had an idea. Wang Siwei used the excuse of requiring Su Mo to sincerely apologize, which could only be done through drinking. Su Mo was forced to drink one glass after another. Mo Weiqing found it boring and left early, while Wang Siwei became more audacious and kept pouring drinks for Su Mo.

In the club room, Wang Juan suddenly discovered someone moving under his blanket on the bed. Curiously, he lifted the blanket to find Su Mo lying there, fully clothed. Su Mo, sobering up and seeing Wang Juan, felt a mix of urgency and anger. She angrily berated him, and Wang Juan, feeling puzzled, believed that Su Mo had ulterior motives and angrily exchanged words with her. Both of them suspected each other's ill intentions, and after hurriedly getting dressed, Su Mo left.

The next day, Su Mo went to Cong Rong's office and angrily accused Mo Weiqing of being narrow-minded and plotting against her. Cong Rong didn't believe that Mo Weiqing was that kind of person and wanted the two of them to have a face-to-face confrontation to clarify things. When Mo Weiqing arrived, she explained her early departure and admitted that she didn't know what Wang Siwei and Shang Chun did afterwards. Su Mo didn't believe her and thought that if Mo Weiqing could be a third party in a relationship, she could do even more despicable things. Su Mo decided to find evidence on her own. When Cong Rong learned that Wang Siwei was with Su Mo the previous night, she had a good idea of what had happened.

Su Mo confronted the lobby manager at the club, demanding answers. The manager, acting on Wang Siwei's orders, stubbornly refused to provide the surveillance footage from the previous night. Shortly after, the club staff reported that the surveillance was not working and couldn't be retrieved. Su Mo reluctantly left in frustration. Not long after, the person sent by Wang Juan also reported that they couldn't find the club's surveillance footage and mentioned that Su Mo had been looking into it as well. Wang Juan seemed to be deep in thought upon hearing this.

In the evening, while staying at her uncle's house, Su Mo overheard her aunt complaining about her insufficient living expenses. Su Mo felt sad but helpless. The next day, Su Mo went to the school to attend a parent-teacher meeting for her cousin Zhong Sheng. She happened to encounter Zhong Sheng being bothered by a classmate, Wang Jian, who was a rich underachiever. After helping Zhong Sheng resolve the situation, Su Mo went to the classroom and had just sat down when Wang Jian's parent, Wang Juan, arrived late and sat next to Su Mo. It turned out that Wang Jian was Wang Juan's younger brother, mischievous and academically poor. Wang Juan had been publicly criticized by the teacher, while Su Mo was admired because Zhong Sheng was a top student.

After the parent-teacher meeting, the teacher called Wang Juan and Wang Jian to the office for a talk. Wang Juan had to lower his head and be extremely cautious. The teacher also mentioned that Zhong Sheng's parent requested Wang Jian to be moved to a different seat, and Wang Juan hastily agreed. However, Wang Jian anxiously tried to dissuade Wang Juan, as he wanted to continue sitting next to Zhong Sheng. Wang Juan assured the teacher that he would educate Wang Jian well. After leaving the teacher's office, both Wang Juan and Wang Jian felt extremely dejected.

Zhong Sheng was dissatisfied with being seated with Wang Jian, believing that Wang Jian would affect her own grades. Su Mo took the initiative to explain the situation to the homeroom teacher. As an excellent student like Zhong Sheng, the homeroom teacher naturally believed her and immediately informed Wang Juan of Zhong Sheng's thoughts, expressing the need to consider the opinions of other students. Therefore, the arrangement was set in stone! However, this greatly displeased Wang Jian. He insisted on being seated with Zhong Sheng, and the homeroom teacher had no choice but to be unable to intercede. Wang Juan then sought out Su Mo.

Wang Juan stated that as long as Zhong Sheng continued to be seated with Wang Jian, he agreed to let Su Mo join Yan Sheng. This condition was very tempting for Su Mo, considering the trouble caused by the complaint against her. The job offer was indeed timely for Su Mo! Su Mo was considering accepting Wang Juan's condition, thinking that if there was a way out, she should take it. However, before Su Mo could respond, Zhong Sheng directly rejected Wang Juan on behalf of Su Mo. She claimed that her sister would not compromise because of this and mentioned the incident at the club. In the end, Su Mo did not say anything, and the group dispersed unhappily. Before leaving, Wang Juan tried to persuade Su Mo to accept his condition, but Su Mo could no longer agree no matter what.

Shang Chun and Wang Siwei were disappointed that the incident from the previous night didn't escalate completely. They didn't want to let it go and planned to focus their efforts on Su Mo. They planned to continue causing disruptions in Wang Juan's life until they got what they wanted. Su Mo rejected Wang Juan's condition, which meant she had to continue looking for a job. She submitted her resume to a new company and the interview went well. However, when the HR department asked Su Mo to provide the contact information of her previous company, Su Mo felt guilty and hesitant. She couldn't forget what Cong Rong had told her that the complaint couldn't be withdrawn, and if the new company investigated her previous employment, it would surely affect her chances of getting hired. Knowing this, Su Mo directly refused the HR department's request, stating that she had wasted both parties' time and promptly left the company. As soon as she stepped out, she unexpectedly received a call from Wang Siwei. Su Mo wasn't very familiar with the voice and almost didn't recognize it. Wang Siwei asked to meet with Su Mo.

Su Mo was still not completely at ease with what happened at the club that night, and she didn't have a pleasant expression towards Wang Siwei. To her surprise, Wang Siwei took out a bank card and stated that it contained 300,000 yuan, hoping that Su Mo would take the money and demand an explanation from Wang Juan. Su Mo had no interest in the power struggle between the two brothers and was about to refuse Wang Siwei. At that moment, Wang Juan suddenly appeared. Unexpectedly, Wang Siwei immediately changed his stance, stating that he gave Su Mo the money to shut her up and prevent her from causing further trouble. Seeing this, Su Mo was confused, and it made her realize Wang Siwei's true colors. He was not a good person.

Su Mo tried her best to explain and prevent Wang Juan from misunderstanding, but it was in vain. Wang Juan's attitude towards Su Mo was infuriating, filled with distrust. The issue of her fake educational background seemed to be deeply rooted in Wang Juan's mind. After a verbal dispute, the two brothers left one after another. The bank card was left on the ground, and Su Mo initially planned to leave it there. However, she realized that the card was the only evidence she had so far, so she took it home. Unexpectedly, the card went missing the next day. Su Mo didn't want to complicate the situation further and subsequently approached both Wang Siwei and Wang Juan. She obtained written agreements from Wang Juan to prove her innocence!

Meanwhile, Zhong Sheng still hadn't accepted Wang Jian's invitation to be his desk mate, which greatly frustrated Wang Jian. Wang Jian took a cold shower in an attempt to catch a cold. Finally successful, he used this as an opportunity to discuss his thoughts with his older brother, Wang Juan. Wang Jian claimed that as long as he could help Su Mo, Zhong Sheng would never abandon Wang Jian. He also mentioned that Su Mo ended up in her current situation because of malicious complaints. Wang Juan went to Su Mo's previous workplace to investigate the matter and understood the truth. He then agreed to Wang Jian's plan! Afterwards, they found Su Mo and persuaded her to sign a third-party contract. Only then did Su Mo smoothly enter Yan Sheng.

However, Su Mo's days at Yan Sheng were not easy. The office was filled with gossip about her, with everyone believing that she had strong connections in the background. Fortunately, some of Su Mo's previous colleagues also joined Yan Sheng, which was a comfort for her. Su Mo learned from her colleagues that Wang Juan had taken the initiative to investigate the reason behind the complaint, which made her express gratitude towards him. Of particular note to Su Mo was that Wang Juan used the perfume she had chased after him to catch a whiff of!

Wang Siwei went to work as usual, but what was different this time was that when he was waiting for the elevator, he unexpectedly saw a familiar figure—it was Su Mo! Su Mo had actually joined Yan Sheng! This news caught Wang Siwei and Shang Chun off guard, and Shang Chun even blamed Wang Siwei. After all, the sudden return of Wang Juan had caused the failure of the acquisition of Yan Sheng Plaza, and with the subsequent incident at the club, Shang Chun had some doubts about Wang Siwei's abilities. However, after a brief internal conflict, Shang Chun immediately came up with a new plan, this time targeting the head of the Procurement Department, Lao Yu!

Wang Siwei soon found Lao Yu because Wang Juan's upgrade and renovation of Yan Sheng had touched on Lao Yu's interests to some extent, especially with the recent three-party bidding. Lao Yu was not at all pleased with Wang Juan, and now with Wang Siwei's various insinuations, Lao Yu seemed to have a firm idea!

Later, Wang Siwei took the evidence of Lao Yu's false bidding and went to Zhang Dong, hinting at Wang Juan's involvement in false bidding and kickbacks, and stating that Wang Juan was not suitable to continue as the CEO. Zhang Dong saw through Wang Siwei's intentions—it was nothing more than Wang Siwei wanting to become the CEO himself! At this moment, Wang Juan arrived in time and also handed over evidence of Lao Yu's false bidding. It turned out that Wang Juan had kept a trump card, hoping to rejuvenate the Procurement Department. To some extent, Wang Siwei had also helped Wang Juan. Soon, Lao Yu was dismissed! This major change served as a wake-up call to everyone in the company, and it also served as a wake-up call to Su Mo. Su Mo understood that she had to do something, or one day she would be replaced due to inadequate abilities!

As news reported on the recent situation of En Sheng Group's stock, the upgrade and renovation of En Sheng started to show initial results. Wang Juan's abilities as the CEO were also recognized by everyone. As a result, Zhang Dong immediately wanted to find more assistants for Wang Juan. However, Wang Juan only requested for an assistant, and Tian Yu successfully took on the role! During a meeting, Cong Rong proposed the addition of a parent-child economic project. Unexpectedly, this idea immediately triggered Zhao Qingxiang's dissatisfaction. He bluntly stated that the parent-child economy contradicted En Sheng's high-end positioning and even launched personal attacks against Cong Rong. This displeased everyone at the meeting, and Wang Juan straightforwardly demanded that Zhao Qingxiang apologize to Cong Rong. However, Zhao Qingxiang promptly presented the contract he had signed with high-end clients, instantly saving face for himself. Since Wang Juan had mentioned that there would be a director position in the Business Development Department after the merger, the competition between the two had already begun!

After the meeting, Cong Rong and Zhao Qingxiang crossed paths in the pantry. Without mincing words, Cong Rong hit Zhao Qingxiang where it hurt, saying that he was a mama's boy. Coincidentally, Zhao Qingxiang's mother called him at that moment. In this round, Cong Rong emerged victorious!

Su Mo found Cong Rong and mentioned that everything was going smoothly for her in the company. She expressed her desire to take on smaller projects to improve her abilities. Although Cong Rong understood that Su Mo might not be fully competent, she still gave her the opportunity. Su Mo was thrilled and, after receiving the materials, worked overtime to complete the tasks. Finally, Su Mo's hard work caught Cong Rong's attention, and Cong Rong assigned her the Creative Hot Pot project. Su Mo was entrusted with meeting Mr. Lu, the head of Creative Hot Pot, at the airport, and the project began under Cong Rong's guidance!

Su Mo met with Mr. Lu, and the group directly visited En Sheng for on-site inspections. Everything went smoothly, except that Mr. Lu was dissatisfied with another hot pot restaurant located on the same floor of En Sheng Plaza. He bluntly expressed his inability to accept that the previous hot pot restaurant was a project negotiated by Zhao Qingxiang from the Business Development Department. In the end, Su Mo and Cong Rong managed to convince Mr. Lu and salvage the situation! Cong Rong noticed that Mr. Lu enjoyed attending social events, so she deliberately took Su Mo along to a social gathering. Through this, Su Mo learned more about Mr. Lu.

From Mr. Lu's assistant, Su Mo learned that recently, Mr. Lu had been experiencing intestinal spasms due to some matters. Mainly, Mr. Lu wanted to sponsor a movie that his idol was about to shoot. He came to Shanghai to seek help from Shang Chun, who was Lin's son-in-law! Shang Chun was also present at the social gathering and exchanged greetings with Su Mo. Su Mo didn't want to get too involved with Shang Chun, but her dress suddenly malfunctioned. Fortunately, Shang Chun promptly used his own brooch to resolve Su Mo's embarrassment!

The relationship between Shang Chun and his fiancée also encountered some issues due to the incident involving Mo Weiqing before. When Shang Chun returned from the social gathering, his fiancée suspected him.

Wang Juan returned home and discussed the topic with Wang Jian. As they chatted, they mentioned Zhong Sheng's sister. Wang Juan recalled the scene where Shang Chun helped Su Mo fix her dress at the social gathering and his face turned unpleasant for some reason, causing him to inexplicably get angry!

At the banquet, the scene where Shang Chun helped Su Mo with a brooch caught the attention of Mr. Lu. Through Su Mo's connection with Shang Chun, Mr. Lu readily agreed to sponsor the project!

Mr. Lu, Cong Rong, and Su Mo had a meal together. During the meal, Mr. Lu expressed his gratitude to Su Mo. Seeing Mr. Lu in a good mood, Cong Rong and Su Mo thought that their cooperation with him regarding the Jutianxia project would progress smoothly, especially after the incident at the social gathering. However, they were surprised to learn from Mr. Lu that Jiake, where Shang Chun is located, is in a competitive relationship with En Sheng. Mr. Lu straightforwardly stated that he cannot offend Shang Chun and decisively declined the collaboration with En Sheng, despite the favorable conditions proposed by Cong Rong. He mentioned the possibility of future cooperation but declined Cong Rong's offer. Nevertheless, Mr. Lu remained grateful to Su Mo. In light of the failed collaboration, Su Mo proposed that Mr. Lu recommend Fang Zong from Tianfuxuan to En Sheng. She hoped to facilitate Tianfuxuan's entry into En Sheng Plaza, and Mr. Lu readily agreed. With Mr. Lu's help, Cong Rong successfully secured the contract with Tianfuxuan, and Su Mo played a significant role. Cong Rong openly stated that she would apply for a special bonus for Su Mo.

After handling work matters, Su Mo realized that she had forgotten to return Shang Chun's brooch. She promptly sent it to him. After the incident, Shang Chun learned about the good relationship between Mo Weiqing and Cong Rong at En Sheng. He expressed his hope for Qingqing to persuade Cong Rong to change jobs and asked Qingqing to pay more attention to Cong Rong's work. Qingqing bluntly stated that Shang Chun only wanted to use her as a "spy." Shang Chun seemed lost in thought.

The competition between Cong Rong and Zhao Qingxiang finally came to an end, with Cong Rong emerging as the winner in the Business Development Department. Cong Rong became the Director of the Business Development Department, and they went from being equals to holding different positions. The department achieved significant results, with a record-high investment rate. Everyone in the department was delighted, and Wang Juan personally celebrated. The transformation of En Sheng made progress, and everyone was happy except for Mr. Xu, who appeared melancholic and seemed dissatisfied with Wang Juan's actions. After the celebration, Mr. Xu found Zhang Dong and expressed his disappointment in Wang Juan, criticizing him and stating that Wang Juan was no different from Wang Siwei, lacking competence. However, Zhang Dong disagreed and said it was a good thing. Mr. Xu instantly understood Zhang Dong's intention and thought to himself, "He's manipulating things quite well!"

Cong Rong, Su Mo, and Mo Weiqing made an appointment to celebrate Cong Rong's promotion. With Cong Rong mediating, the misunderstanding between Mo Weiqing and Su Mo was finally resolved. Mo Weiqing sincerely apologized, admitting that although she wasn't involved in the club incident, she understood that it had hurt Su Mo and apologized for it. She mentioned that she had contacted Su Mo's former manager to withdraw the complaint and requested the manager to return Su Mo's bonus. Unfortunately, the manager evaded the issue, citing that it had been too long. Upon hearing this, Su Mo finally understood Mo Weiqing's character. The two of them set aside their previous grievances and celebrated Cong Rong's promotion together.

Although the business development work went smoothly, the transformation of En Sheng was still not completed. Wang Juan proposed a new department optimization plan that involved several departments such as administration and human resources. Some senior employees, including Mr. Xu and Director Cao, were dissatisfied with this. Wang Juan clearly understood that their objections were simply about power. Only Haoran, who had climbed up step by step, was different from others.

Although Cong Rong and Zhao Qingxiang were no longer on the same level, their relationship did not break due to the competition. Zhao Qingxiang graciously accepted his defeat and thoughtfully provided Cong Rong with resources for the English training she needed. Zhao Qingxiang went for fencing practice and happened to meet Wang Juan. They not only engaged in fencing but also discussed work. Wang Juan openly stated that Zhao Qingxiang had a significant advantage in interpersonal communication; he had just joined the wrong department!

Wang Juan was concerned about Wang Jian's studies and was surprised when Wang Jian expressed his desire to cancel his math tutoring sessions and asked Zhong Sheng's sister, Su Mo, to teach him instead. He thought that Su Mo could earn some extra money, especially considering that Su Mo's father needed money for a heart stent. After hearing this, Wang Juan paused for a moment, seemingly understanding Su Mo's difficulties.

There was an incident of someone attempting to jump off the En Sheng Plaza! Wang Juan, Su Mo, and the others quickly rushed to the scene. It turned out to be the family member of Lao Yu, sitting on the railing and crying out for justice for Lao Yu. This drew the attention of the crowd. Zhao Qingxiang tried to pull the person back when they were off guard but failed. In a desperate moment, Su Mo kicked away a bag that was far from Mrs. Yu, causing her to fall onto the bag. Although Mrs. Yu was hurt, she was saved. Despite the timely intervention, public opinion erupted, and En Sheng made it to the trending topics. During the board meeting, Wang Siwei seized this incident to express strong dissatisfaction with Wang Juan's actions. Mr. Xu also took the opportunity to suggest that the departmental reform should not continue. Wang Juan became furious upon hearing this, vehemently stating that the trending topic was deliberately fabricated and had nothing to do with the departmental reform. In fact, there were internal parasites within the company.

Wang Juan collected evidence of Lao Yu's bribery and thoroughly investigated the elevator supplier. He bypassed Director Zhang and directly submitted the evidence to the relevant department under his real name. Soon, Lao Yu was arrested by the public security authorities! Afterward, Wang Juan went to Director Zhang to apologize, but Director Zhang criticized Wang Juan for going too far with his actions. Wang Juan expressed that he needed Director Zhang's support for his actions!

The company's incident that trended online caused a stir, and Su Mo and her colleagues couldn't avoid discussing it. Everyone was worried and hesitant, and Wang Juan was also trying to find a solution as quickly as possible. After all, the power of public opinion was significant. After an investigation, it was found that most of the users were concentrated in Southeast Asia. Once everything was prepared, Wang Juan took Su Mo to participate in an interview, hoping to turn the situation around!

The host asked Su Mo about the situation that day, and Su Mo frankly stated that she noticed tissues under Mrs. Yu's bag and speculated that she cherished her bag. In a desperate moment, she came up with the plan to kick away the bag, saving Mrs. Yu from tragedy. Wang Juan also expressed that he didn't know what consequences Su Mo would face if something happened, and he deeply regretted not handing over the bribery evidence to the police immediately. He would actively cooperate with the police and handle the matter properly. In addition, Wang Juan also emphasized the phenomenon of certain employees buying luxury items for their wives and sending their daughters abroad for education. Although he didn't directly mention Lao Yu's name, the power of the internet was limitless. Soon after the interview, netizens quickly discovered that Lao Yu's daughter was studying abroad and often flaunting her wealth online. The situation was successfully turned around, and the crisis was resolved!

With the matter of En Sheng resolved, some were delighted while others worried. In the underground parking lot, a woman suddenly appeared behind Wang Juan and attempted to attack him, even spraying an unknown liquid. It turned out to be Lao Yu's daughter. Due to the online exposure of her father's wrongdoing, her previous posts were dug up, and she sought revenge by targeting Wang Juan. Su Mo appeared in time, standing in front of Wang Juan and speaking up for him, stating that all of this was caused by Lao Yu's corruption. However, Lao Yu's daughter couldn't listen to reason and insisted that online exposure had severely affected her and prevented her from studying properly. Su Mo angrily confronted her, pointing out that she didn't study at all and only indulged in luxuries and flaunting her wealth. This enraged Lao Yu's daughter, and she threw some unknown powder at Su Mo. Wang Juan promptly protected Su Mo behind him, and finally, security guards took her away. The situation was resolved.

Following that, Su Mo received good news about her job confirmation. Her contract officially transferred from a third party to En Sheng! On the other hand, Shang Chun witnessed another failure of his plan. The staged suicide and the trending topic both failed, and he blamed Wang Siwei for not handling things well, deliberately intensifying the conflict between Wang Siwei and Wang Juan. Wang Juan sought the help of Hao Chengyi, who had unique insights into departmental optimization compared to other senior employees. Hao Chengyi believed that personnel changes were necessary and unavoidable. He also openly admitted that Director Cao, responsible for personnel matters, lacked initiative and had many problems. Wang Juan seemed to appreciate his perspective. Director Cao wasn't idle either. When he encountered Su Mo, who had just been confirmed, he celebrated while subtly implying his efforts in the matter. It seemed like he had some plan in mind.

Wang Siwei's shop acquisition work was not going smoothly. The reason was that several shops were reluctant to sign agreements, including Su Mo's uncle's shop. As they couldn't continue their scallion pancake business after the demolition, her uncle's family refused to sign the agreement. Unexpectedly, Wang Siwei directly demolished the surrounding houses, which affected her uncle's business and accidentally caused him injury. Additionally, with Zhong Sheng's college entrance examination approaching, the family didn't want to continue the entanglement and reluctantly signed the agreement. The shop was demolished!

Approaching the college entrance examination, Wang Jian's grades improved significantly. Wang Jian understood that Zhong Sheng wanted to attend Fudan Medical School, so he became more dedicated to his studies. Zhong Sheng witnessed Wang Jian's efforts and the two studied together to prepare for the college entrance examination. After a successful completion of the examination, Su Mo and the others celebrated for Zhong Sheng. Unexpectedly, Auntie accidentally revealed the truth about Zhong Sheng's father being injured. Upon learning that it was related to En Sheng, Zhong Sheng immediately wanted to seek justice for his family. Fortunately, Su Mo stopped him in time, emphasizing the need for evidence in any action.

Wang Jian's grades were also good, surpassing the admission cutoff for a prestigious university. However, to the surprise of his eldest brother Wang Juan, Wang Jian wanted to study film and television acting! This drove Wang Juan crazy, but Wang Jian didn't listen to his two brothers and remained firm in his decision, causing great distress for Wang Juan!

Wang Jian insisted on studying acting, which greatly displeased Wang Juan. However, Wang Jian didn't listen to his older brother's words. Helpless, Wang Juan turned to Su Mo, hoping that Zhong Sheng could persuade Wang Jian to change his mind.

Wang Juan expressed his thoughts to Su Mo, but she believed that it was Wang Jian's own business and had nothing to do with her sister, Zhong Sheng. Su Mo mentioned the incident where Zhong Sheng's father was injured due to the demolition of the shops. However, Wang Juan believed that Wang Jian's desire to study acting was only to be closer to Zhong Sheng. He didn't want his younger brother to regret his decision in the future. Su Mo eventually agreed to tell Zhong Sheng about it, but whether Zhong Sheng would intervene or not depended on his own decision.

Upon returning home, Wang Juan mentioned the incident of someone getting injured during the demolition work to Wang Siwei. Wang Siwei stated that as long as the job was completed, he hadn't done anything wrong. The two of them argued again. Meanwhile, Su Mo and Zhong Sheng discussed their career choices. Zhong Sheng changed his aspiration from becoming a doctor to studying finance. Su Mo mistakenly thought that Zhong Sheng changed his mind for money and advised him to stick to his dreams. Zhong Sheng expressed that being a doctor wasn't his dream, and he simply wanted to do something for others. After his father's injury, Zhong Sheng realized that even as a doctor, he needed a solid foundation in material wealth to help others. He believed that in order to help others, he needed to become strong himself. Hearing this, Su Mo finally understood that Zhong Sheng's decision wasn't impulsive but something he had thought through. She felt relieved and promised to support him.

Wang Juan and Wang Jian once again discussed their career choices. This time, they sat down and had a calm conversation. Wang Jian expressed his genuine passion for acting and stated that it was indeed his dream, not solely motivated by his desire to be closer to Zhong Sheng. Seeing how serious Wang Jian was, Wang Juan finally agreed. As an older brother, he genuinely wanted Wang Jian to pursue his dreams.

As usual, Director Cao invited Hao Chengyi to go bowling. Suddenly, he noticed Su Mo passing by and went after her, claiming that the weather was bad and it would be inconvenient for her to take a taxi, so he offered to drive her home. Su Mo reluctantly agreed, unable to refuse. Director Cao left Hao Chengyi behind and walked with Su Mo towards the parking lot. Inside the car, Director Cao helped Su Mo fasten her seatbelt, and due to the close proximity, Su Mo felt slightly uncomfortable. After all, Director Cao was a married man. The scene was witnessed by Wang Juan and Tianyu. During the ride, Director Cao complimented Su Mo's good temperament and made remarks about his own deteriorating relationship with his wife. He hinted at Su Mo, implying that their relationship wasn't purely professional. Su Mo understood the underlying meaning in Director Cao's words and asked him to stop the car, not wanting to be further entangled with him. However, Director Cao kept driving. Determined, Su Mo insisted on opening the car door, and only then did Director Cao stop the car. Su Mo was able to leave without further incident.

The next day, Su Mo delivered documents to Anna and was seen by Director Cao passing by. Director Cao used the excuse of borrowing the documents as a reason to call Su Mo into his office. He then closed the curtains and attempted to give Su Mo a necklace worth thousands of yuan, claiming that he had received a fine for parking at the intersection and wanted Su Mo to compensate him. As he spoke, he tried to make physical advances towards Su Mo, but she resisted. Just at that moment, Anna knocked on the door and entered the office. Seeing this, Director Cao immediately threw dirty water at Su Mo's head. Su Mo had no choice but to leave. The incident quickly spread throughout the company, and colleagues started discussing Su Mo and Director Cao's relationship. They even connected it to Su Mo's previous conversion to a regular employee, discussing her behind her back and intentionally distancing themselves from her, finding various excuses to refuse meals together.

Unable to bear it any longer, Su Mo approached Wang Juan and asked him to help her report Director Cao for sexual harassment. Wang Juan stated that they would need evidence and hoped that Su Mo could gather proof to clear her name. Facing difficulties in the department's optimization work, Director Cao openly stated that various departments had objections. Wang Juan, upon seeing this, asked Cong Rong to conduct an internal investigation in the investment department and specifically instructed Su Mo to complete it before leaving work. Su Mo worked overtime to conduct the investigation, and Director Cao made another move. He asked Su Mo to come to his office, and Su Mo hesitated for a moment before agreeing. Inside the office, Director Cao once again revealed his ugly side, speaking nonsensically. Su Mo played along with his words and suddenly changed the topic. She confronted Director Cao and revealed that she had recorded the entire conversation. This time, she had evidence. Zhang Dong also intervened and demanded that Director Cao resign voluntarily the next day. Wang Juan suggested involving the police, as they shouldn't let a similar incident to the one with Lao Yu repeat itself. Ultimately, the matter was handled properly.

Su Mo thanked Wang Juan but couldn't understand why Hao Chengyi appeared so timely. Wang Juan, with the phrase "pleasant cooperation," left Su Mo confused.

The matter involving Director Cao finally took a turn. There were significant personnel changes, and Zhao Qingxiang was transferred to the Human Resources Department as the director. Upon seeing the final outcome, Su Mo finally understood the true meaning behind Wang Juan's phrase "pleasant cooperation." It turned out that Wang Juan used Su Mo's situation as an opportunity to deal with Director Cao and arrange for Zhao Qingxiang to be placed in the Human Resources Department. With various incidents occurring, Su Mo's perception of Wang Juan also changed. In the evening, as she recalled various things about Wang Juan, she unconsciously wrote about her and Wang Juan's matters.

Zhao Qingxiang successfully took up his new position and moved into Director Cao's former office. With Anna's assistance, the office decorations were tidied up. Anna was also excessively flattering towards Director Zhao, but he took it as a joke. Upon assuming his new role, he immediately noticed the high turnover rate among female employees at Yansheng Plaza. Anna believed it was because of the high work intensity at Yansheng, and married female employees wanted to switch to a more relaxed company. However, specific details would require further study based on data analysis.

With Zhao Qingxiang's personnel transfer, some people were happy while others were worried. When Zhao Qingxiang happily reported the situation to his mother, Zhang Dong became furious on the other side. With consecutive incidents involving Lao Yu and Director Cao, there were few of the original employees left at Yansheng Plaza. Zhang Dong and Lao Xu were dissatisfied with Wang Juan's actions, especially how he arranged for Hao Chengyi to assist Lao Xu at Yansheng Hotel. Although Lao Xu was dissatisfied, he was still confident in keeping an eye on him. Zhang Dong was highly dissatisfied with Wang Juan's personnel arrangements, but he understood that Yansheng's transformation was a top priority. He only requested that Lao Xu closely monitor Wang Juan.

Although Shang Chun was no longer at Yansheng, he still cared deeply about the company's affairs. He never forgot to inquire about the happenings at Yansheng when dining with Mo Weiqing. Even the matter involving Su Mo and Director Cao was fully understood by Shang Chun.

The college entrance examination had ended, and for high school seniors who had just finished, the upcoming summer vacation was a rare time to relax. Everyone had various plans for the holiday, and discussions about vacation arrangements were happening in school. Wang Jian specifically found out that Zhong Sheng would be going to Moganshan with her friends during the vacation. Back home, Wang Juan arranged for Wang Jian's study abroad matters and reminded him to focus on practicing oral English. Feeling uneasy about Wang Jian being in England, Wang Juan planned to meet him in England while attending a conference in France. Unexpectedly, Wang Jian seemed indifferent and assured Wang Juan that he could handle everything, making Wang Juan feel relieved. On the other hand, Su Mo was also preparing for Zhong Sheng's camping trip to Moganshan.

Soon, the day of departure arrived, and Wang Juan sent Wang Jian off. Upon reaching the airport, even before boarding the plane, Wang Jian immediately sent Wang Juan's people away and confidently declared that he was already a college student capable of taking care of himself. As soon as he fooled the person away, Wang Jian quickly obtained Zhong Sheng's location from a classmate and headed straight to Moganshan, happily looking for Zhong Sheng. Shortly after arriving, Wang Jian received a video call from Wang Juan, which startled him. He quickly switched the video to audio mode and falsely claimed that he had already landed, even speaking a few sentences in English to deceive Wang Juan. While Wang Juan was complaining about Wang Jian's poor spoken English, he unexpectedly heard Zhong Sheng's voice, which scared Wang Jian, causing him to immediately hang up the call.

Wang Juan immediately contacted Su Mo and told her about the situation. Both of them were worried about what might happen and immediately drove to Moganshan. On the other side, Wang Jian happily joined the gathering with everyone. In the evening, the two of them were chatting outside the tent when a flying insect bit Zhong Sheng, causing a large swelling. Zhong Sheng was in great discomfort, and the two of them entered the tent. Wang Jian found the first aid kit and offered assistance. Unexpectedly, Wang Juan and Su Mo arrived just in time and saw the two familiar figures inside the tent. Both of them immediately panicked, and Su Mo wanted to rush in. Fortunately, Wang Juan stopped her in time. They each contacted Zhong Sheng and Wang Jian separately, fearing that something might have happened. They then spent the night resting at a service area. Su Mo helped a sleeping Wang Juan swat mosquitoes, getting closer to him in the process, which led to some teasing from Wang Juan. Finally, they rushed back together, and Wang Juan even wanted to treat Su Mo to a nice breakfast. In the evening, Su Mo couldn't help but care about Wang Juan and sent him a video of the egg pancakes, but she managed to hold back her concern in time. It felt strange to her. Wang Juan looked at the glaring "typing" indicator and also felt something peculiar. They then separately inquired about the events at Moganshan and were relieved to know that nothing had happened.

Back at the company, Cong Rong found Wang Juan and expressed her desire to transfer to the Marketing Department. She provided valid reasons, and Wang Juan gladly agreed. Cong Rong would bring an assistant with her to the Marketing Department. Su Mo lacked confidence, but Wang Juan encouraged her to fight for herself. Meanwhile, other colleagues had their own hidden thoughts and were secretly competing. Xiao Lei even gave Cong Rong a gift, expressing his desire to join the Marketing Department.


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