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Welcome to Milele Village – Jin Dong, Zu Feng

Welcome to Milele Village is a cross-border drama directed by Jin Ye, led by Jin Dong, Zu Feng, Zhang Yuqi and Liu Guanlin, co-starring Liu Mintao and Ding Yongdai, Zhao Ziqi, Wang Ziquan, He Luoluo, Wang Shengdi, Angel, Zou Dejiang, Zhou Zhi, Ning Xin, Peng Bo, and Xie Lintong, with special appearances by Liu Jia and Ding Liuyuan, Wang Zijian, Yue Yang, Huang Chengcheng and Wang Ce.

The drama tells the story of Chinese healthcare workers who save lives and build deep friendships with local people in Africa.


Welcome to Milele Village

English Title: Welcome to Milele Village
Chinese Title: 欢迎来到麦乐村
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Medical
Episodes: 35
Duration: 45 min.
Director: JIn Ye
Writer: Liang Zhenhua, Hu Yating, Zhang Xian
Producer: Liang Zhenhua
Released Date: 2023-11-21
Broadcast Website:, Youku, 优酷



At the juncture of setbacks in both work and marriage, Dr. Ma Jia, a physician at Jiangsu University Affiliated Hospital, coincidentally joins the 25th batch of medical aid teams sent abroad by Jiangsu Province. He travels far to the African country of Zambia. Confronted with a vastly different environment and significant Sino-African cultural differences, Ma Jia, navigating between persistence and surrender, gradually overcomes real-life challenges and adjusts his mindset. In the process, he comes to understand the responsibilities and mission of being a Chinese medical aid worker abroad.

During the two years of foreign aid, amidst the refining of his body and mind, and under the scrutiny of emotions and reason, Ma Jia and his colleagues in the medical aid team station themselves in "Milele Village." They undergo a journey of joy and inspiration, reunions and farewells, experiencing a growth that evokes mixed feelings. With their superb medical skills, they alleviate the suffering of the African people and establish deep and heartfelt friendships with numerous African patients. The magical land of Africa and its friendly people bring precious enlightenment to Chinese medical aid workers, touching their hearts and lives.

As the time to return approaches, Ma Jia and his companions truly understand the significance of "Milele Village" and profoundly realize that what they leave behind are moving memories worth cherishing for a lifetime.


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