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Sisterhood – Yang Chaoyue, Liu Yan, Fan Ming

Sisterhood is a sitcom directed by Zhang Xiaohe, Tai Tianyun, led by Yang Chaoyue, Liu Yan, and Fan Ming, co-starring Shang Jiuxi, Zhuang Zexi, and Han Mo.

The drama tells the family story of the Fang family. The youngest daughter of the Fang family, Fang Xiang has just graduated from college, her sister Fang Hong is facing a mid-life crisis and her father Fang Ming is at a loss after retirement.



English Title: Sisterhood
Chinese Title: 家有姐妹
Genre: Urban, Comedy, Family, Life
Episodes: 24
Duration: -
Director: Zhang Xiaohe, Tai Tianyun
Writer: Yang Siyuan
Product Company: SMG PICTURES
Released Date: 2022-12-23
Broadcast Website: 家有姐妹官方频道



Fang Xiang, the youngest daughter of the Fang family, has just graduated from college and entered society. The older sister, Fang Hong, believes that "the eldest sister is like a mother", disregarding the feelings of Fang Xiang, and keeps intervening in her sister's work and life with passion.

The two sisters with very different personalities and different perceptions are constantly in friction and collision, making this originally harmonious and close family noise.

The sisters quarrel all day with their father Fang Ming caught in the middle.

He has lived most of his life for his daughter, but as they become matures and independent, Fang Ming feels less and less wanted.

So Fang Ming begins to try to find a presence.

In this way, the Fang family grows up in a fierce and joyful "fighting".

Eventually, the younger sister finds her own direction in life.

The middle-aged sister resolves her career crisis, learns to face her marital problems, and finds the best parent-child relationship.

The father, who is getting older, also finds a new pursuit in life.


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