2023 Chinese Drama List

Rebirth For You – Ju Jingyi, Joseph Zeng

Rebirth For You is an ancient romance drama directed by Zhi Lei and starring Ju Jingyi, Joseph Zeng, Wang Zhuocheng, Wang Yiting, Li Yizhen, Li Yunrui.

The drama is adapted from Zhizhi's romance novel "Mu Nan Zhi / 慕南枝". It tells the inspiring story of Jiang Baoning, the princess Jia Nan, and Li Qian, a guard from the Imperial Army, who fall in love despite their identity difference and work together to protect their family and country.


Rebirth For You

English Title: Rebirth For You
Chinese Title: 嘉南传
Genre: Historical, Romance, Political
Tag: Love Triangle, Marriage, Arranged Marriage, Mean Male Lead, Jealousy, Strong Female Lead
Episodes: 40
Duration: 52 min.
Director: Zhi Lei
Writer: Ju Fangfang, Zhi Zhi
Producer: Zhang Meng, Liu Yiheng, Yu Jiaoyu, Yu Ping, Yi Wenyang
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Studio 48 Movie Production
Released Date: 2021-10-17
Broadcast Website: WeTV, TencentVideo, MGTV



Jiang Baoning, the princess of Jia Nan, relies on her intelligence to balance all the forces step by step. She falls in love with Li Qian, a guard of the imperial army, and they overcome the obstacles of identity differences and finally reap happiness.


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