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Beauty of Resilience – Ju Jingyi, Guo Junchen

Beauty of Resilience is a historical Xianxia drama directed by Hu Yijuan and Chen Guohua, led by Ju Jingyi and Guo Junchen, co-starring Liu Dongqin, Lu Tingyu, Ma Yue, Zhang Zhihao, SNH48-Song Xinran, Nie Zihao, SNH48-Jiang Shan, Kou Zhenhai, Huang Haibing, Jin Qiaoqiao, Shi Yueling, Lin Fengsong, He Yichen, Hu Kun, Sun Zihang, Zhang Dabao, Zhang Jiaxin, Qiu Dingjie, Guo Kangmin。

The drama is adapted from the popular Xian Xia novel "误长生 / Wu Chang Sheng" by Lin Jiacheng and tells the magnificent Xian Xia story of Wei Zhi, the female lead, and Yan Yue, the male lead, who go through hardships and finally break the destiny of "Phoenix Nirvana will shake the three worlds" and rewrite the fate together.


Beauty of Resilience

English Title: Beauty of Resilience
Chinese Title: 花戎
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Immortal
Tag: Xianxia, Student-Teacher Relationship, Heartbreak, Strong Male Lead, Kind Female Lead, Bullied Female Lead
Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Hu Yijuan, Chen Guohua, Hu Yijuan
Writer: Qian Yu
Producer: Dai Ying, Liu Yiheng, Zhang Yan, Yu Ping, Li Shengjie
Product Company: iQIYI, 48 MOVIE PRODUCTION
Released Date: 2023-06-01
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, 爱奇艺



In the mortal realm of the Wei Kingdom, cultivating immortality was prevalent, but longevity remained elusive for the majority of common people.

Wei Zhi, a girl who was always seen as unlucky, though quiet and unassuming, possessed a strong character. She boldly participated in the adulthood ceremony to determine one's aptitude for cultivation.

During the ceremony, the reflection of a phoenix appeared in the Divine Mirror for the group of thirty-six individuals that Wei Zhi belonged to.

As a result, they were all sent to the White Egret Academy for further education, and Wei Zhi, with exceptional talent, became a popular candidate for inheriting the Phoenix bloodline.

In the academy, the teacher, Yan Yue, was extremely strict and tormented the pampered sons and daughters of noble families.

In truth, Yan Yue was the Heavenly Sovereign from the Heaven realm, who descended to the mortal world with the purpose of finding the inheritor of the Phoenix bloodline.

According to legends, the Phoenix was a terrifying existence destined to bring about the destruction of the three realms. Killing the Phoenix was not only Yan Yue's mission but also the greatest trial to determine whether he could successfully ascend to become the Heavenly Sovereign.

Bound by celestial laws, Yan Yue was unable to interfere in mortal affairs, yet he gradually developed a strong interest in Wei Zhi, who was both intelligent and resilient.


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