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Love Forever Young – Alen Fang, Liu Lingzi

Love Forever Young is a historical romantic comedy directed by Li Xiaojiang and Xia Yu, starring Alen Fang, Liu Lingzi, Ma Wenyuan, Su Xiaotong, Feng Mingchao, and Dai Yanni.

Adapted from the manga of the same name, the drama tells the story of two sects who have been feuding over territory for three generations but have a love story finally.


Love Forever Young

English Title: Love Forever Young
Chinese Title: 燕山派与百花门
Other Titles: The Legend Of Yanshan and Baihua
Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy, Wuxia
Tag: Martial Arts, Adapted from a Manhua, School Rivalry, Idol Actress
Episodes: 26
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Li Xiaojiang, Xia Yu
Writer: Liu Liang, Feng Xiaoran
Producer: Zhu Xianqing
Released Date: 2023-08-10
Broadcast Website: Youku, 优酷,



The misty Yanshan Mountains are home to two major sects: the Yanshan Sect, consisting of male disciples, and the Baihua Sect, consisting of female disciples.

Despite coexisting in the same vicinity, these two sects have limited interactions due to their strict rules. However, nothing can deter the young generation's yearning for love, leading to a series of intricate and joyful stories.


A hundred years ago, Yan Wudi and Jing Feihua clashed fiercely over the prime cultivation land of Yanshan. Yan Wudi claimed the mountaintop and founded the Yanshan Sect, while Jing Feihua occupied the mountainside and established the Baihua Sect. The Yanshan Sect only accepts male disciples, and the Baihua Sect exclusively trains female disciples; these two sects have had no interaction for generations. The current head of the Yanshan Sect, Yu Chengxian, is well over a hundred years old and has secluded himself from worldly affairs. All matters within the sect are managed by his four disciples, with Tang Zongze handling most of the affairs. Despite his announcement of retiring and wandering the world, Yu Chengxian has not yet designated a successor, leading to internal tensions within the Yanshan Sect. Just as the Yanshan Sect is in a state of chaos, a disciple of the Baihua Sect, Hua Jingxiang, arrives to challenge them at their doorstep.

The news of Zhao Xingmu's victory over Yue Qingqiu spread like wildfire. Tie Liufeng felt a slight unease and sent someone to bring back his trusted disciple, Gu Yulang. Ever since the confrontation, Jun Weiqi couldn't forget Li Yixin. He decided to secretly leave the mountain and go to Baihua Sect in search of his dream lover. When Jun Weiqi arrived at Baihua Sect to find Li Yixin, he was discovered by Hua Jingxiang, who apprehended him on the spot. He initially thought of admitting defeat and begging for mercy, but a single phrase completely enraged Hua Jingxiang. At a critical moment, Yu Chengxian stepped in to save the day. A fierce battle ensued between Zhao Xingmu and Hua Jingxiang, causing significant damage to the entrance of Baihua Sect. Hua Jingxiang vowed revenge, and Yu Linglong devised a plan, having Hua Jingxiang write a letter requesting that Yanshan Sect contribute funds and effort to repair the sect's entrance.

Yue Qingqiu got lost and injured her foot at night. Zhao Xingmu appeared and helped her down the mountain, but unexpectedly, on the way, Yue Qingqiu slipped and fell off a cliff. Zhao Xingmu leaped to rescue her and both fell together. Hua Jingxiang, upon learning that Yue Qingqiu hadn't returned late at night, believed that Yanshan Sect had abducted her. In the deep gorge at night, Zhao Xingmu managed to bring food for Yue Qingqiu, who experienced the feeling of being cared for for the first time. Hua Jingxiang led her disciples with great momentum to demand Yue Qingqiu's return from Yanshan Sect. However, from top to bottom, Yanshan Sect was no match for Hua Jingxiang, and they had to yield. Hua Jingxiang threatened to search the mountain, and Jun Weiqi, who had come to assist, stepped forward and was kicked down by Li Yixin. Unable to find Yue Qingqiu, Hua Jingxiang flew into a rage. Just at this moment, the disheveled Yue Qingqiu and Zhao Xingmu appeared.

Cheng Cheng's mother, Xia Xinhe, was a defector from the sect many years ago. This time, Cheng Cheng returned to Baihua Sect under his mother's orders, sparking a conflict between Baihua Sect and Yanshan Sect. Gu Yulang returned to the sect and mentioned Xia Xinhe to Tie Liufeng, who reacted with discomfort. Zhao Xingmu was tasked with repairing the entrance of Baihua Sect, and Jun Weiqi stubbornly tagged along. This gave Yue Qingqiu an opportunity to get close to Zhao Xingmu, and Jun Weiqi could also freely seek Li Yixin for martial arts practice without restraints. Yu Linglong, with her sisters, drew their swords to intercept Zhao Xingmu, pretending to defend her senior sister. However, Yue Qingqiu, with a simple mindset, unaware of the scheme, stood in front of Zhao Xingmu. Zhao Xingmu and Jun Weiqi returned to Yanshan Sect. Zhao Xingmu examined Jun Weiqi's injuries and discovered that his longevity skill had advanced by one level.

Yu Linglong, dressed in night attire, arrived to disrupt the mountain gate, but unexpectedly encountered another figure in black attire. Yu Linglong approached and easily knocked down the opposing person with a palm strike, only to reveal that it was Gu Yulang beneath the mask. Gu Yulang, with a congenital weakness, lacked martial skills and couldn't withstand the force of Yu Linglong's strike, quickly losing consciousness. Unaware that it was Yu Linglong, Yue Qingqiu engaged in a fight, discovering that the opponent was actually using the Illusionary Flower Divine Technique. Zhao Xingmu suddenly appeared, and Yu Linglong, not interested in a prolonged battle, picked up Gu Yulang and escaped.

The selection of the Yanshan Sect's new sect leader officially commenced, and Yu Chengxian suddenly appeared. He cast his vote for Tang Zongze, who smoothly assumed the position of sect leader.

Yu Chengxian arrived at a mountain cave where a young girl lay, and it was none other than the previous generation's leader of Baihua Sect, Fairy Shaohua. Jun Weiqi had a heart-to-heart conversation with Li Yixin, stating that his master, Tang Zongze, had assumed the position of sect leader, with the hope of easing tensions between the two sects, allowing them to openly pursue a relationship. Gu Yulang went to Baihua Sect for a talk, but he didn't expect Hua Jingxiang to be a tough nut to crack. She immediately tied him up, intending to use him as a sacrifice for a ritual. Under pressure, Gu Yulang blurted out the name "Xia Xinhe." Hua Jingxiang released Gu Yulang, with the condition that he disclose information about Xia Xinhe.

Yu Linglong accompanied Gu Yulang down the mountain, asking him how he knew about Xia Xinhe. Gu Yulang then revealed the details of Cheng Cheng's involvement.

Zhao Xingmu's longevity skill broke through to the fifth level, and even at Baihua Sect, Yue Qingqiu had a sensation. She went to Yanshan Sect to find Zhao Xingmu, but was intercepted by Yu Chengxian, who struck her acupoint from a distance. Worried about her master, Yu Linglong was advised by Gu Yulang to return to the sect with Cheng Cheng disguised as a man in order to be cautious. However, their plan was overheard by Xia Xinhe lurking outside. Xia Xinhe infiltrated Yanshan Sect, injuring Tang Zongze. Feeling guilty, Tang Zongze closed his eyes, ready to face the consequences, and the past grudges and love gradually resurfaced.

Li Yixin hadn't seen Jun Weiqi for a long time, feeling strangely uneasy, making her unable to focus on her martial arts practice. She didn't understand the source of this feeling, so she decided to find Jun Weiqi and get to the bottom of things.

Tang Zongze left a letter, passing on the position of the sect leader to Tie Liufeng. Tie Liufeng set aside his personal grudges with Tang Zongze and discussed countermeasures with the fellow sect members. When Yue Qingqiu discovered that her master had been abducted by Xia Xinhe, Hua Jingxiang left instructions for Yue Qingqiu to take over as the sect leader and guide Baihua Sect through this difficult time. Xia Xinhe, along with the injured Hua Jingxiang, arrived in a forest and pushed her into Tang Zongze's embrace.

Both of them knew they were going to die, and they had long let go of their past conflicts, instead rekindling the feelings they once had. Xia Xinhe didn't kill them; instead, she gave her wedding attire, which she hadn't worn in the past, to them as a gift. Using firecrackers as a signal, she called disciples from both sects to witness their wedding.

Xia Xinhe publicly announced that Hua Jingxiang and Tang Zongze would marry today, leaving everyone astonished. What she didn't expect was that Tang Zongze would actually leave his sect, expressing his willingness to marry Hua Jingxiang. Hua Jingxiang also stated her willingness to give up the position of sect leader and become Tang Zongze's wife. The two knelt down, holding hands, and vowed to be together for a lifetime. Xia Xinhe and Hua Jingxiang then used their sect's secret technique, the "Burning Heart Seal," to duel, and both were hit by the other's move. If one is hit by the "Burning Heart Seal," as long as they feel emotions, they will suffer from the torment of intense heartburn, a painful experience. Xia Xinhe didn't expect that Hua Jingxiang would actually disable her own martial arts, breaking the "Burning Heart Seal."

Cheng Cheng became an orphan, remaining silent all day, and Li Yixin, also an orphan, empathized with him. Yue Qingqiu took on the heavy responsibility of being the sect leader, with Yu Linglong providing her with advice, while Cheng Cheng served as the liaison between the two factions, gradually easing the tensions between them. The leadership of the Yan Mountain Sect fell to the fourth-generation disciples, and among them, only Zhao Xingmu and Gu Yulang had the highest prestige. Zhao Xingmu and Gu Yulang had a heart-to-heart conversation over drinks; neither of them wanted to take on the position of sect leader, as they each had their own hidden motives. Yu Chengxian, along with Jun Weiqi, found the former external disciple they had accepted, the martial arts alliance leader Lu Renjia, and asked him to find a way to resolve the technique within Jun Weiqi's body.



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