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The Love by Hypnotic – Ling Meishi, Alen Fang

The Love by Hypnotic is a historical romantic drama directed by Li yang, led by Alen Fang Yilun and Ling Meishi, co-starring Zhang Bohan, Zhou Zixin, Dong Yanlei, Ni Hanjin, Liao Huijia, Li Jinyang, Guan Chang, Wang Haoge, Wen Yuqi.

The drama is adapted from the cartoon "Wang Ye Bu Yao A", which tells the story of Xiyue Princess, Li Mingyue, who comes for a political marriage, and Li Qian, Xuanzi Lord of Beixuan. They go through various ups and downs, from disliking each other to mutual love, and come together for life finally.


The Love by Hypnotic

English Title: The Love by Hypnotic
Chinese Title: 明月照我心
Genre: Historical, Romance
Tag: Love Triangle, Sibling Rivalry, Love/Hate Relationship, Revenge, Steamy Kiss, Arranged Marriage
Episodes: 36
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Li Yang
Writer: Yang Shiye
Released Date: 2019-10-14
Broadcast Website: TencentVideo, WeTV



Li Qian, Xuanzi Lord, and Li Mingyue, the Xiyue princess, were forced to have a political marriage. Although they did not like each other at the beginning, they fell in love and got together after going through all kinds of hardships together.


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    1. Very nice drama, the director is to wise to have this kind and Alen and Ling Meishi did a great acting,, hope for another drama for Ling meishi ❣️❣️