2023 Chinese Drama List

Her World – Gao Lu, Zhang Jingchu, Zhang Hanyun

Her World is an urban romantic drama directed by Wen Deguang, starring Gao Lu, Zhang Jingchu, Zhang Hanyun, Wang Longzheng, David Wang, and Darren Chen.

This drama tells the story of three urban women in the second half of their lives: corporate executive Li Yingnan, full-time housewife Ai Ying, and legal professional Ying Xiaomei. They face the ups and downs of love, hate, and complex relationships in their marriages and careers, all while reflecting on their personal growth journeys.


Her World

English Title: Her World
Chinese Title: 她的城
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama
Tag: Female Centered Plot, Multiple Mains
Episodes: 32
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Wen Deguang
Writer: Chen Shuo, Su Mei, Meng Xiaobao
Producer: Wu Zheng, Gong Fangyuan
Product Company: iQIYI
Released Date: 2023-08-17
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



The drama tells the ultimate emotional story of three women from different backgrounds in the city, who bravely face life's challenges and turn the corner with a bold and determined attitude.


  • 2023-09-15 16:45:09

    Life is a collection of odds and ends

    Although the plot was scattered and clichéd, it captured the daily life of women in their 30s. Wealthy wives in high society seem stable but not easy, single women face the bitterness of work, and the unhappiness of marriage, making them feel even more unbearable.

    The helplessness of surviving in a private enterprise and the hardships of life forced her to be as resilient as an unkillable cockroach. But whose life isn't filled with heartaches? I used to think that the one I love is separated by mountains and oceans, but in reality, there are paths through the mountains and boats across the sea. Mountains and seas can all be overcome; the real challenge lies within the human heart.

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