2023 Chinese Drama List

The Love You Give Me – Wang Yuwen, Wang Ziqi

The Love You Give Me is an urban romantic drama directed by Ding Yingzhou, led by Wang Yuwen and Wang Ziqi, co-starring Li Chuan, Ma Xinrui, Chen Xinhai, and Li Xingyao, with a special appearance by Cui Yixin.

Based on the novel of the same name by Shi Dingrou, the drama tells the story of Min Hui and Xin Qi, who fall in love but are separated due to a misunderstanding. Years later, Min Hui and Xin Qi reunite, staging a sweet and sadistic story in the workplace and in life.


The Love You Give Me

English Title: The Love You Give Me
Chinese Title: 你给我的喜欢
Genre: Urban, Romance, Life, Drama
Tag: Second Chance Romance, Misunderstanding, With Child, Secret Child, Break up, Motherhood
Episodes: 28
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Ding Yingzhou
Writer: Guo Shuang
Producer: Huang Xing, Chu Fei, Wang Rui, Zhang Chi
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures
Released Date: 2023-04-24
Broadcast Website: WeTV, 腾讯视频, Viki



Min Hui wants nothing more than to "destroy herself" and Su Tian wants nothing more than to meet Xin Qi, but neither of their wishes comes true.

When the two girls, who have never met, meet on a long-distance bus, Min Hui says nothing about herself, but a curious Su Tian senses what is on her mind and sacrifices her life to save her.

In order to fill her inner guilt, Min Hui decides to replace Su Tian to meet Xin Qi but unexpectedly gets into an awkward relationship.

She decides to fulfill Su Tian's wish no matter what, but at the cost of a new life.


There is a rumor in the investment banking market that Xin Qi, who is under thirty years old, took down the biggest merger and acquisition case in the US last year, as well as the recent case of Wei Ran Group, which he successfully helped them win in less than two years. Recently, it is said that Xin Qi invested in a technology company in Silicon Valley last month, and the company's market value has multiplied, so he is known as the "unicorn" in the investment banking market.

Outside the cocktail party, the assistant introduced Xin Qi to the CEO of Guanchao Group, Cheng Qirang, whose wife is Zheng Yiting, the only daughter of the chairman of Guanchao, Zheng Bangguo. The couple has a good relationship. Meanwhile, Guanchao Group's biggest competitor, Baian Technology, has made rapid progress in the past three years. It is said that Baian Technology's director, Min Hui, is very young. At this moment, Min Hui appeared in a wine red dress, which surprised everyone. It was said that she rarely attends cocktail parties, so it was rare to see her there.

At the party, Min Hui knew that she did something wrong five years ago, so she sincerely apologized to Cheng Qirang. However, he was unforgiving and wanted to embarrass her. Min Hui had a clever idea and sat on Cheng Qirang's lap, hoping to make him back down. Zheng Yiting saw this and poured red wine on Min Hui's head. Min Hui was at a loss and apologized quickly before leaving. But Zheng Yiting didn't want to let her go so easily, and poured red wine on her again. Xin Qi couldn't bear to watch and stepped forward to protect Min Hui. Everyone was shocked to see this, and when Min Hui turned around and saw Xin Qi, she was stunned. Cheng Qirang recognized Xin Qi and revealed his identity as the CEO of Bluebird Group.

Even though Xin Qi still resents what happened five years ago, he didn't want to see Min Hui get hurt and tenderly wiped the red wine off her face. Min Hui claimed that the past is the past and they should look forward. But Xin Qi couldn't forget and left without answering her. Then, Min Hui called Cheng Qirang and said that she had completed what he had instructed and asked him to fulfill his promise as soon as possible. Cheng Qirang smiled triumphantly and claimed that his father was already on the plane back, but he heard the sound of the phone being hung up on the other end right after he finished speaking.

Later, Min Hui went to the hospital to visit her son, Min Quanquan. After gently coaxing him to sleep, she quietly left the ward to get water. At that moment, the attending doctor and neighbor, Zhou Ruji, appeared, and they went together. Min Hui mentioned the matter of inviting Doctor Cheng, sounding very exhausted. Zhou Ruji was surprised to hear this because Doctor Cheng's schedule was very tight, and it was not something ordinary people could request. It turned out that Min Hui agreed to Cheng Qirang's request for the sake of Min Quanquan's surgery. Zhou Ruji sighed after hearing this. If it weren't for Quanquan's young age, he would have been confident in performing the surgery himself. Doctor Cheng was very knowledgeable in this field, and under his leadership, the surgical risk would be minimized. He felt sorry for Min Hui's compromise.

The next day, Xin Qi and his assistant Ha Di went to the hospital for a check-up. When the results were not yet available, Xin Qi became impatient. Seeing that Ha Di insisted on waiting for the results, he had no choice but to go outside to take a breath. Then, Xin Qi went to the restroom and coincidentally met Min Quanquan. The two of them had the exact same hand-washing steps, even down to pulling their hair after washing, which surprised Xin Qi. Meanwhile, Min Hui was searching for Quanquan in the hallway and accidentally bumped into Xin Qi. She saw a nurse pushing a patient with many wounds and bloodstains nearby and worried that Xin Qi's condition might worsen. So she hugged him to prevent him from turning around. However, this move caused Xin Qi to misunderstand, thinking that Min Hui was intentionally approaching him, and he angrily left.

The incident where Min Hui approached Cheng Qirang at the reception the other day was widely discussed among Baian employees. Min Hui directly confronted Cheng Qirang about it. Cao Mu, the Vice General Manager of Baian's R&D department and Min Hui's good friend, informed her that the matter would soon be covered up and that she should not worry too much. Suddenly, the General Manager of R&D, He Haixiang, called and informed them of a problem with the Mister Project. The two of them immediately rushed over.

To deal with his blind date, Xin Qi grabbed Min Hui and claimed that she was his girlfriend. Min Hui, thinking about the hospital project, cooperated by staying silent. The blind date got angry and left directly. Xin Qi let go, thinking that Min Hui could do anything for the project. He then suggested meeting on Thursday before leaving without waiting for her response.

At the hospital, Min Quanquan's biggest wish was to find a suitable dad. When she was buying a doll, she ran into Xin Qi, who was there for treatment. Quanquan took the initiative to greet Xin Qi and expressed her wish. Xin Qi felt uncomfortable upon hearing this and felt sorry for Quanquan. Before they could chat for long, Zhou Ruji came over. Quanquan called him "Dad Zhou," which made Xin Qi mistakenly think that he was Quanquan's father. Xin Qi paid attention to the name on Zhou's white coat. Just as he was about to leave, he heard Min Hui's voice from behind. When he turned around, he saw Quanquan calling her "Mommy." Seeing the three of them looking intimate, he mistakenly thought they were a family of three and suddenly became emotional, which surprised Ha Di as well.

At the Bluebird Investment Department, Min Hui had arranged to meet Xin Qi at 10 o'clock, but the time had passed and she was unable to find her assistant. She had no choice but to wait patiently. However, Min Hui became more anxious as she thought about how today was also the day when Quanquan had surgery. Suddenly, Zhou Ruji called and informed her that Quanquan's surgery had been moved up. Faced with a dilemma, Min Hui chose to go to the hospital to accompany Quanquan into the operating room. Meanwhile, Xin Qi had wanted to discuss the project with Min Hui, but upon learning that she had already left, he became angry again. As he watched Quanquan being pushed into the operating room, Min Hui was filled with worry, but Cao Mu arrived just in time to accompany her. Cheng Qirang suspected that Xin Qi and Min Hui had an unusual relationship, so he asked Cheng Dini to investigate the matter, hoping to gain confidence in the Intelligent Heart Surgery Assistance System project.

Min Quanquan's surgery was very successful, and Min Hui was overjoyed and cried tears of happiness. Her worries were finally relieved, and she hugged Cao Mu and cried. When they went to do some boxing for relaxation, Cao Mu couldn't help but remember the time when he interviewed Min Hui. Although he knew she was pregnant, he hadn't asked about her private life in the past few years, but he had always been concerned about her. After Min Hui finished boxing, she confided in Cao Mu about her past with Xin Qi. Cao Mu was shocked to hear it and thought that their story was very dramatic. He wanted to know what would happen when they met again. Min Hui didn't answer the question, only saying that she would secure the hospital project.

When Min Hui arrived at Bluebird, Xin Qi was still upset about their last missed meeting. Even though Min Hui had locked his computer, he was still reluctant to meet with her and sent his assistant to discuss the collaboration instead. However, there was traffic on the way and Min Hui caught up with him on her motorcycle, offering to give him a ride. Initially, Xin Qi was hesitant, but he didn't want to miss out on the opportunity, so he hopped onto the back of Min Hui's motorcycle. It turned out that Xin Qi was in a hurry to deliver a gift to Doudou, a patient who had undergone heart surgery. As Xin Qi gently spoke to Doudou, Min Hui, who was sitting next to him, remembered their past affectionate moments and couldn't help but smile.

After Min Hui offered to give him a ride, Xin Qi agreed to talk to her about the Myster project. Min Hui explained that the reason she wanted Jia Ren Hospital to collaborate with Myster was to lay the foundation for their next research goal: developing artificial intelligence cardiac modeling software. If they can successfully develop this software, patients in areas with poor medical conditions could receive better treatment. Min Hui has already completed over half of her research and only needs to collect clinical data. Her words deeply touched Xin Qi, and he agreed to give Myster a chance.

When Zhou Ruji said he didn't have time for the checkup, Xin Qi stood up to prepare to leave. At that moment, Min Hui arrived with her son Quanquan to look for toys, causing Xin Qi to misunderstand once again. When Quanquan saw Xin Qi, he blurted out "handsome daddy," which surprised Min Hui. Xin Qi was angry, thinking that since Min Hui was already married with a child, she shouldn't let her child speak recklessly. He left after saying this. Min Hui chased after him to apologize for what Quanquan said, but this only made Xin Qi angrier. He felt that she had not felt guilty at all in the past five years and had a happy family. Before Min Hui could reply, he left.

On the way to the bidding meeting at Jiaren, Cao Mu accidentally hit Chen Jiajun, who was riding a bicycle, and quickly took him to the hospital. While waiting for the examination results, Cao Mu realized that she didn't have enough time and quickly left her phone number, her watch as collateral, and asked Zhou Ruji to help with the follow-up examination. Then she hurried to the bidding meeting.

At the bidding meeting, Xin Qi, a major shareholder of Jiaren Hospital, was also one of the judges. Mister and Guanchao competed against each other. Min Hui represented Mister and explained their ideas, but Xin Qi deliberately made things difficult for her by asking several questions in a row. Min Hui managed to answer all of them, which surprised Xin Qi. When it was Lin Xiyue's turn to represent Guanchao, Xin Qi didn't ask any questions, which made Cao Mu suspicious. She thought Xin Qi didn't come to win Min Hui back, but rather to deliberately make things difficult for them. Min Hui was confident in her speech since Guanchao's technology was not yet mature, while Mister had excellent screening accuracy.

The results of Jia Ren's bidding for the selected company will be announced in two days. Min Hui wanted to leave with Cao Mu and happened to see Xin Qi walking towards them. Cao Mu greeted him and praised him with her eloquence, but Xin Qi didn't respond. Instead, he thought that although Cao Mu's strength was not evident, her eloquence was extraordinary. Suddenly, Min Hui remembered Chen Jiajun from the hospital and hurried over to find out that he was okay. She offered to fulfill any request he might have. Chen Jiajun said he wanted to stay in the hospital for a few more days and asked Cao Mu to help him get his clothes from his place. Cao Mu readily agreed and, upon seeing the layout of Chen Jiajun's room, realized he was living alone and decided to hire a nurse for him.

On the way to the company, Xin Qi suddenly felt uncomfortable, and as luck would have it, they had just finished the chocolates in the car. He asked Ha Di to pull over to the side of the road and went to the convenience store alone to buy some more. Meanwhile, Min Hui and her son were also in the convenience store. Quanquan kept clamoring to eat snacks, but Min Hui, considering his condition, didn't buy any for him. Instead, she promised to take him to the convenience store to look around. At that moment, Zhou Ruji called, and Min Hui told Quanquan not to go anywhere while she went out to take the call.

When Xin Qi saw Quanquan in the convenience store, he was a little surprised. Then he saw Quanquan shooting at him with a toy gun, so he picked one up and started playing with him. When Min Hui arrived and saw this scene, she was hesitant to intervene. However, when she heard Xin Qi asking about Quanquan's birthday, she hurriedly went over to take Quanquan away. This made Xin Qi more suspicious that Quanquan might be his child. But Min Hui denied that Quanquan was Xin Qi's child and told him not to think too much about it. Xin Qi held onto Min Hui and wouldn't let go, but fortunately Doctor Cheng arrived in time to help diffuse the situation. Afterwards, Xin Qi looked at the trees planted in his new home and couldn't help but think of his wonderful past with Min Hui, feeling very conflicted.

At Mister Corporation, Min Hui was subjected to sexual harassment by Director Ding. Instead of tolerating it, she fought back and embarrassed Director Ding in public. The bidding results were announced, and Jiaren ultimately chose Guanchao. This made Min Hui very confused as she was confident in her abilities and didn't expect to lose to Guanchao's unfinished product. She went to find Xin Qi in anger, but he insisted that the selection process was fair and asked Min Hui to accept the result.

Min Hui accidentally discovered that President Jiaren Puhua went to see a luxury residence, so she waited outside for him to come out. Just then, Cheng Qirang happened to pass by and became curious when he saw what was happening. However, he was unexpectedly caught by President Jiaren Puhua when he tried to investigate, which surprised him greatly. Because Min Hui's movements were too big, her blouse accidentally got torn. When Cheng Qirang saw this, he lent her his own shirt and joked that she had learned how to catch people since last year. After thanking him, Min Hui left. She thought that President Puhua seemed a bit strange, as the outside world had been saying that he was frugal, but he had been showing some bureaucratic tendencies during events. So, she planned to follow and observe him.

In the mall, Min Hui followed President Puhua and saw him enter a suit shop's fitting room while talking on the phone with a Ms. Lin. She eavesdropped on their conversation by eavesdropping outside the door. However, the door suddenly opened, and she didn't know where to hide. Fortunately, Ha Di appeared in time to block her. Min Hui's lipstick accidentally stained the clothes that Ha Di was trying on, so she had to buy them.

Later, the two went to a coffee shop where Min Hui wasted no time in telling Xin Qi about the benefits that Pu Hua, the director, had received from watching the tide. She proposed a collaboration between Bluebird and Pu Hua. Initially, Xin Qi was still angry about something that had happened five years ago and refused outright, but he eventually agreed to the partnership after Min Hui mentioned that it was crucial to Bluebird's future in investment banking. He also suggested that they should follow his plan. Min Hui claimed that she had a plan in mind since she had worked with Lin Xiyue for two months and had some understanding of her. Xin Qi agreed to listen to her.

The next day, Min Hui met with Mrs. Pu and brought up the bidding matter. When Mrs. Pu showed no interest in continuing the conversation, Min Hui put her phone on the table and waited for Xin Qi and his team to arrive. When Xin Qi and his team walked in, Lin Xi Yue noticed Min Hui and Mrs. Pu's meeting and became unsettled. Min Hui thought it was about time to leave and lied about going to the restroom. Xin Qi, who was nearby, saw this and left as well. Unbeknownst to Lin Xi Yue, their conversation was heard loud and clear by Min Hui and Xin Qi. Xin Qi was impressed by Min Hui's cleverness and decided to cancel the bidding for Guanchao. Instead, they would investigate Puhua and consider the next bidding company when the time comes.

A few days later, Cao Mu received news that Jiaren had decided to cooperate with Mister, so she immediately went to inform Min Hui of the news. As expected, Min Hui had already anticipated this and Cao Mu was impressed by Min Hui's ability to turn things around. To celebrate the partnership between Mister and Jiaren, Cao Mu took precautions and invited Xin Qi, Min Hui, and the R&D department to join them. Seeing the awkward atmosphere, Cao Mu raised a toast to celebrate, and then asked everyone to start eating. During the meal, Chen Jiajun called, and Cao Mu hurried outside to take the call. She learned that he would be discharged from the hospital the next day and promised to visit him then.

When they returned to the dinner, Cao Mu saw that Min Hui was leading the drinking, knowing that it was to help Xin Qi block the alcohol and also worried about his health, so she was somewhat touched. But Xin Qi claimed that he wouldn't be grateful and told Min Hui not to do anything meaningless. He had never forgotten what happened in the past and still harbored some resentment towards her. Min Hui, on the other hand, felt aggrieved when she heard that Xin Qi was still resentful of her for deceiving him in the past. She recounted how she had stayed by his side and talked about their past and read Su Tian's diary to him every day while he was in a coma. She did all this to keep him going and didn't think she owed him anything. But Xin Qi had driven her away at that time, which made Min Hui feel sad. She didn't understand why all that she had done couldn't prove that she had loved him. Xin Qi fell into deep thought and was about to say something when Cao Mu rushed over and took Min Hui away.

Due to Quanquan's special condition, even after the surgery, he still has to wear a heart monitor when he is discharged from the hospital. Quanquan felt uncomfortable because the kindergarten kids laughed at him for wearing this device. Zhou Ruji tried to comfort him by telling him it was a gift from Iron Man, but Quanquan, being a clever kid, saw through it. When Min Hui heard this, she felt sorry for Quanquan and promised not to let him go to kindergarten for a while. At this moment, Hadi reported his work and mentioned that Min Hui's son, Quanquan, had been discharged from the hospital. He suggested that they could visit him on behalf of the Bluebird team. Xin Qi agreed and even asked Hadi to buy some fruits for Quanquan.

When they arrived at the hospital downstairs, Xin Qi happened to meet Min Quanquan. Seeing him looking dejected, Xin Qi asked him what was wrong and learned that Quanquan was uncomfortable wearing a heart monitor. Xin Qi then went to buy some props and made a Iron Man's heart for Quanquan, which looked very cool. Quanquan was also very happy and gestured to Xin Qi several times. Xin Qi took the opportunity to ask about Min Hui's situation in the past five years and learned that she had been single all along. Xin Qi thought about it and sent Quanquan to Min Hui's place.

The next day, wearing the energy heart made by Xin Qi, Quanquan received a lot of love from children and showed a long-lost smile. He then recorded a video and sent it to Min Hui. At that time, Min Hui was in the Bluebird Investment Department, reporting on the recent work of the closely held company. After reporting, she talked about Quanquan's situation and then thanked Xin Qi sincerely. Just as she was about to leave, Xin Qi stopped her. Ha Di saw the situation and went out, giving the two of them some time alone. Xin Qi mentioned what Min Hui had said when she was drunk last time, and he had thought about it a lot since that night. They hadn't seen each other for five years, and the past should be put behind them, so he suggested starting as friends. Min Hui was a little surprised but agreed.

Meanwhile, Cai Wenji injured her leg and went to the hospital for treatment. She was very afraid of pain and cried out loudly. Zhou Ruji happened to be in the emergency department and took the initiative to take over the treatment, giving her a gift to distract her attention. Cai Wenji was deeply moved by Zhou Ruji's gentleness and noticed that he was a doctor in the cardiac surgery department after learning his name.

Last time, Xin Qi promised to send an Iron Man toy to Quanquan. He specially customized one from overseas and had it delivered to the kindergarten. Min Hui was in the middle of a test when the kindergarten teacher called, claiming that Quanquan had been injured and taken to the hospital. She quickly asked for leave and rushed over. Min Hui saw Xin Qi in the operating room and was full of doubts. She quickly asked him about Quanquan's condition and was almost in tears with worry. Ha Di came over and told Min Hui that Quanquan was bleeding heavily and needed a blood transfusion, but the hospital's O-type blood was being given to a car accident victim. Min Hui became even more anxious because her blood type was not a match. When she saw that Xin Qi offered to donate blood, she hesitated and said that direct relatives could not donate blood. Xin Qi was surprised to hear this, even though he had anticipated it earlier. When he heard the result, he was still somewhat shocked.

Suddenly, the kindergarten teacher called and told Min Hui that Quanquan was okay, and they were waiting for her on the first floor. Min Hui then realized that Xin Qi had tricked her and didn't know what to say. Xin Qi questioned why Min Hui had given birth to Quanquan without telling him. Min Hui said that it was her own decision and had nothing to do with anyone else. They argued about it and eventually parted ways.

Since Xin Qi found out that Quanquan was his biological son, he couldn't sleep at night and fantasized about Quanquan calling him "Daddy." In order to get closer to Quanquan, Xin Qi planned to rent a place at Min Hui's house. When Min Hui returned home and opened the door, she was shocked to find Xin Qi in her home with luggage. She asked him why he was there, and he said he wanted to move in.

In the morning, Min Hui was startled to see Xin Qi in the living room when she came out after washing up. She quickly put on her coat and Xin Qi, unfazed, searched for water to drink. At that moment, there was a knock on the door, and Min Hui opened it to find Zhou Ruji. She quickly shut the door and asked Xin Qi to hide, then used the opportunity to demand that he meet with Quanquan. Xin Qi reluctantly agreed, but couldn't help being curious about who was at the door. He peeked out and saw that it was Zhou Ruji delivering breakfast, and felt a little jealous. Min Hui hurried Zhou Ruji away, not wanting him to discover her relationship with Xin Qi.

Facing the fact that Xin Qi will be living in the house, Min Hui proposed several rules, which were basically to keep their relationship a secret and respect each other's privacy in common areas. Also, whenever Xin Qi decides to leave, Min Hui will agree to it. Xin Qi agreed to these rules, thinking that he could settle down, but he encountered a problem when he took a shower and found that the water was cold, which caused him to catch a cold and feel tired. Min Hui was also affected, as having one more person in the house made it difficult for her to sleep and caused her to feel a bit exhausted at work.

Zhou Ruji, who went to study in another city, met Yao Zizhu, a patient whom he had helped treat his leg injury last time. Seeing Yao's enthusiastic greeting, Zhou agreed to exchange contact information with her. On the other hand, when Xin Qi saw Min Hui wanting to ride a motorcycle to take Quanquan to school, he was worried about safety issues and hurriedly stepped forward to stop her, and they began to argue. Quanquan saw that they could not resolve the argument and reminded them that he was almost late for school, so Min Hui promised to take Quanquan to school in Xin Qi's car. On the way there, Xin Qi asked Quanquan to take out the sumptuous breakfast he had prepared, and he was very proud of himself. Min Hui was surprised to find that Xin Qi had even prepared a child seat and was quite unexpected.

After taking Quanquan to school, they both went to work and resumed their roles. Just then, Mister and Blue Bird were having a meeting, and Min Hui was supposed to give a report on the first phase of the test. However, when she opened her computer, she realized that she had taken the wrong one. She remembered that it was Quanquan who had packed the computer in the morning, and she realized that she had mixed it up with Xin Qi's computer. Xin Qi also noticed the problem and became nervous. They looked at each other and remained silent. Fortunately, Min Hui was proficient in giving the report and was able to present the test process and results without reading from the script. This surprised Xin Qi, and he couldn't help but smile.

After dropping off Quanquan at school, the two of them went to work at the company, assuming their respective roles. Mester and Bluebird were having a meeting, and Min Hui was scheduled to give a report on the first phase of the test. When she opened her computer, she realized she had picked up the wrong one, as she remembered that Quanquan had taken her computer in the morning. She then realized that she had mixed up her computer with Xin Qi's. Xin Qi also noticed the problem and both of them looked at each other nervously without saying anything. Fortunately, Min Hui was skilled enough to give the report without notes, detailing the testing process and results. This surprised Xin Qi, and he couldn't help but smile.

After the meeting, they returned to the office, where Xin Qi immediately started cracking Min Hui's computer. Suddenly, Min Hui walked in and asked for her computer back, but Xin Qi refused, and they got into an argument. Just then, Ha Di came in to report on his work, and Min Hui and Xin Qi quickly acted as though they were discussing work. Min Hui took advantage of the situation to take her computer back. Ha Di advised Xin Qi to move back to his own place, as he didn't know what might happen if he stayed there any longer. However, Xin Qi wanted to continue living there, so he bought Quanquan his favorite Iron Man toy and a bed and coffee maker for himself. When Min Hui came home from work, she discovered several new things in the house and asked about them. After an argument, Quanquan appeared and stopped them.

The next day, Xin Qi took Quanquan to go shopping and they even picked out several sets of parent-child outfits. They also bought the toy that Quanquan had been wanting for a long time, and their relationship was getting better and better. Xin Qi also wanted to take Quanquan to many places to make up for the four years of absence and lack of company with Quanquan. He also felt sorry for Quanquan's illness and wanted to give him the best things in the world.

Due to Xin Qi not getting involved with Min Hui's decisions, their home was extravagantly decorated, which made Min Hui somewhat angry. She believed that Quanquan was still young and their previous life was not great, but at least they were happy. Therefore, she did not want Xin Qi to be wasteful. However, Xin Qi thought he was not wrong. He genuinely wanted to live with Quanquan and bought those things for Quanquan's sake. The two children were about to start arguing again, so Xin Qi intervened and playfully coaxed Min Hui to ease the tension. Min Hui claimed that Quanquan's antics didn't work on her, and they had to stick to their principles. Xin Qi didn't want to continue the discussion, so he took Quanquan to play nearby.

Yesterday, Xin Qi's words made Min Hui distracted at work. She was worried that if Xin Qi continued to live with them, she would lose her freedom and have to face the person she didn't like every day. So, in the evening, she took the opportunity when Xin Qi was free to ask when he would leave. Xin Qi replied that he would stay indefinitely, and Quanquan agreed, saying he liked being with Xin Qi because it made him less lonely when playing with toys. This made Min Hui unable to ask further and just walked away.

After putting Quanquan to bed, Min Hui wanted to talk to Xin Qi again. She went to the living room and saw that his computer crashed during a video conference. She offered to help him fix it, and Xin Qi was surprised but agreed. He used his phone for the video conference while Min Hui fixed his computer. After a while, Min Hui told Xin Qi that his computer was fixed and took the opportunity to talk about Quanquan. She wanted to know Xin Qi's true intentions, as she would never let Quanquan leave her. Xin Qi knew that Min Hui couldn't bear to part with Quanquan but didn't understand why she gave birth to him, knowing that Xin Qi had a hereditary heart disease. Min Hui understood Xin Qi's anger, but she felt the child's heartbeat and couldn't bear to give him up. Xin Qi also understood Min Hui and claimed that he stayed for Quanquan's sake, asking her not to overthink. His words reassured Min Hui, and she felt less depressed.

In the evening, Cheng Qirang arranged to meet Xin Qi in a private room and presented him with the core project that Guangchao had been researching for nearly four years. The report was about early screening technology for malignant tumors. Xin Qi showed some interest and briefly skimmed through it. Meanwhile, in the hall, the R&D department one and two of Mister were having a dinner party. Min Hui was curious about the purpose of the dinner until Ding Yifeng publicly introduced his assistant, Zhong Meimei. Then she understood that Ding Yifeng had taken a liking to Zhong Meimei and was taking good care of her, making her feel flattered. On the other hand, Cheng Qirang saw that Xin Qi was interested in their core project, so he took the opportunity to suggest that Guangchao and Bluebird work together. Xin Qi realized that Cheng Qirang was trying to use Bluebird as a cash cow and only said he would consider it later.

As the dinner party drew to a close, Min Hui planned to leave with Cao Mu. She inadvertently saw Ding Yifeng harassing Meimei while drunk. Min Hui intervened and protected Meimei, warning Ding Yifeng not to go too far. However, Ding Yifeng was too drunk and started to verbally insult Min Hui and Quanquan. Xin Qi happened to come out of the private room and heard what was happening. He was very angry and punched Ding Yifeng. Min Hui was shocked to see this and put down the cup she was going to throw at Ding Yifeng. Xin Qi left after the fight, and Min Hui caught up with him to thank him and remind him to go back early.

The next day, Ding Yifeng admitted that he was unlucky to have been beaten up at the dinner party the night before since the other person was the CEO of Bluebird Group. However, he was still angry and directed his frustration towards Meimei. Min Hui saw this and planted a virus software on Ding Yifeng's phone, causing him to make a fool of himself in public. Later, Min Hui ordered a cake to thank Xin Qi for his help the night before. Xin Qi was pleased and couldn't stop holding the cake. When it was time to take Quanquan to school, Xin Qi offered to drive him there, but Min Hui refused. However, Xin Qi used Little Beauty to lure Quanquan, and he was able to pick up Quanquan smoothly. This made Min Hui angry, and she had to go with them.

When Xin Qi was doing the second round of testing at Jia Ren, he saw that the weather seemed to be about to rain, so he asked Ha Di to take a detour to pick up Min Hui at Bai An. As a result, Ding Yifeng happened to take a photo of them and wanted to use it to write an article. The next day when Min Hui went to work, she noticed that everyone's face looked off. Just when she was wondering, Cao Mu anxiously called Min Hui to her office and told her about the photo. Soon, the photo spread throughout the entire Bai An company and everyone was discussing Min Hui, even rumored that she had an unusual relationship with Ding Yifeng.

Coincidentally, Xin Qi came to Bai An to discuss work and heard their conversation. He went straight to Min Hui's office to ask about the company's public opinion and even accused her of dealing with her own private matters. Min Hui was speechless when she heard this and handed him the photo to see. Xin Qi then realized that he had misunderstood and didn't know what to say for a while.

On the other side, Ding Yifeng intentionally asked Zhong Meimei to come to the office to pick up a pen, just to look at her figure. Min Hui happened to pass by and helped Meimei out of the situation. She then claimed that she wanted to see CEO He and asked Ding Yifeng to accompany her. Min Hui found out that the address on the photo was Ding Yifeng's residence, so she showed the evidence to CEO He. At first, Ding Yifeng refused to admit it, but he finally confessed after Min Hui took his phone and found the hidden folder. However, he was still very defiant.

CEO He asked Min Hui how she wanted to handle the situation. Min Hui suggested that Ding Yifeng should release an apology letter in the company to clarify her innocence. Otherwise, she would resign immediately and left after speaking.

When they returned to the office, Min Hui breathed a sigh of relief, but Cao Mu was worried that she would actually resign and advised her to think it over. Min Hui explained that she had only made the threat to resign to scare General Manager He, since the Mistre project was in her hands and only by doing so could Ding Yifeng be punished and learn a lesson. However, Ding Yifeng was still not giving up and suggested to General Manager He that they approach Xin Qi to take over the project. Xin Qi saw through Ding Yifeng's intentions and deliberately brought him to the underground parking lot to show him his car. Ding Yifeng recognized that it was the same car he had seen before and became nervous. Xin Qi claimed that he didn't want others to gossip about his personal affairs and indirectly warned Ding Yifeng not to interfere, also stating that Mistre's partners would not be replaced.

After returning from Lan Niao, Ding Yifeng posted an apology letter on Bai'an. Min Hui and Cao Mu were very happy to see it, and Min Hui felt much better, even when wiping Quanquan's face, her smile never faded. Xin Qi was also somewhat excited to see this. When he heard Min Hui wanting to thank those around her, he became interested and sat beside her. But when Min Hui only thanked Cao Mu and the R&D Department's second team, he felt a little angry and mentioned that Ding Yifeng came to see him and how he had taught Ding Yifeng a lesson. Min Hui became angry upon hearing this, feeling that such actions only confirmed the two's positions, but Xin Qi didn't care and only cared about Quanquan at the moment.

In the evening, Xin Qi watched TV dramas with Quanquan, and also read fairy tales to their son with Min Hui. The three of them got along more harmoniously. Quanquan also slept with Min Hui and Xin Qi, and the two of them stayed with Quanquan, feeling sleepy quickly. In order not to wake Quanquan up, they had to stay and not leave. Xin Qi quietly asked Min Hui if she had any regrets, after all, Quanquan's illness was difficult to cure, and he also felt sorry for Min Hui for taking care of their child alone for so many years. Min Hui said she had no regrets and said that no mother in the world would abandon her child. If it really happened, there must be a reason for it. After speaking, she fell asleep. The next morning, Quanquan saw Xin Qi and Min Hui sleeping together with him and curiously asked if they would never separate for their entire lives. The two of them looked at each other and the atmosphere became awkward for a moment.

Xin Qi was very jealous when Zhou Ruji suddenly visited. He mistakenly thought that Min Hui had more than just a friendship with Zhou Ruji. So he specifically found Min Hui and wanted to talk about Zhou Ruji. Min Hui said that she and Zhou Ruji were just friends, and there was no other relationship between them. She asked Xin Qi not to overthink it.

Cao Mu, who is usually decisive, was upset today. When Min Hui asked about the reason, Cao Mu said that she was worried about Chen Jiajun's affairs. Just as they were talking, Mr. He called, and the two guessed that the other was about funding for artificial heart modeling. So they rushed over. Cao Mu did not expect that He Haixiang would change his mind. He had promised to approve the funding for artificial heart modeling before, but now he wanted to switch to a liposuction machine, which made them both very angry. Min Hui suspected that Ding Yifeng was behind the scenes, and when Mr. He said that as long as they secured investment, she could continue to develop the artificial heart model, she was very angry and promised to secure investment.

Cao Mu caught up with Min Hui, she didn't expect Min Hui to be so brave. After all, research and development requires a large amount of funding and can't be found just anywhere. So Cao Mu gave Min Hui an idea, suggesting that she talk to Xin Qi about this research and development, perhaps the other party would be interested and agree. Cao Mu also suggested that Min Hui could be a little gentle, trying to cook a meal for the other person, so that the other person could let their guard down. So, unusually, Min Hui sent a message to Xin Qi, asking him if he would come home for dinner tonight, which was unexpected for Xin Qi.

When Xin Qi returned home from work, he saw the sumptuous meal that Min Hui had carefully prepared, and he was very surprised. Min Hui had a bright smile on her face and was wearing a sweet dress, serving Xin Qi intimately. Xin Qi realized that Min Hui had something to talk to him about, so he let her be straightforward. Min Hui truthfully told him about the need for funding for the development of a model of an artificial heart, and wanted Xin Qi to consider it. However, Xin Qi had already been in deep communication with Guan Chao about a project related to cancer, so he claimed that if Min Hui had talked to him about this earlier, there might have been a chance. But Min Hui didn't give up, saying that she could shorten the research and development time to two years, as long as Xin Qi gave her a chance. She even praised Xin Qi for having insight more than Mr. He. Xin Qi heard this and smirked, then replied with a serious expression, saying he was willing to give Min Hui a chance.

Since Chen Jiajun moved out, Cao Mu has been feeling a little upset, especially when she received the playground that Chen Jiajun sent over, thinking that the other party didn't want to see her. When Cao Mu went to the parking lot after work, she found someone following her from behind, so she stopped and waited for the other person to appear. It turned out to be Chen Jiajun, which was a bit unexpected for her. The reason why Chen Jiajun came this time was to apologize to Cao Mu. After he finished speaking, he turned and left. By the time Cao Mu wanted to say something, Chen Jiajun had already gone far.

In order to shorten the development time for the artificial heart model, Min Hui worked overtime for several nights. Xin Qi took a brief look and pointed out the problems in Min Hui's report, and also provided her with the materials he had found. The two of them then had a heated discussion. Without realizing it, they got closer and closer to each other, and after looking at each other, the atmosphere started to heat up, so they awkwardly avoided each other.

Half a month later, Min Hui finally achieved her goal of making the development of the artificial heart modeling smoother. To help her relax, Cao Mu took her to a new bar, and they had a great time playing. Min Hui accidentally got drunk, so Cao Mu had to call Zhou Ruji and ask him to send Min Hui home. When Xin Qi saw the two of them on his way home, he felt jealous and helped Min Hui back, sending her home himself. Zhou Ruji was reluctant to part with Min Hui, so he reminded Xin Qi to give Min Hui some stomach medicine. Sure enough, Min Hui soon complained of stomach pain, and Xin Qi rushed to find the medicine and tried to give it to her. But when Min Hui, who was drunk, saw Xin Qi in front of her, she remembered the time they had been together and couldn't help kissing him. This surprised Xin Qi, and even his mouth couldn't help but curl up when he was taking a shower.

The next day, when Min Hui woke up from her hangover, she remembered the scene of kissing Xin Qi the night before and felt a little embarrassed. She suddenly realized that she was late to send Quanquan to school, so she hurried to his room. Xin Qi told her that Quanquan had already been sent to school and the company had arranged for her to take a break and rest a little longer.

Early in the morning, Xin Qi finished reviewing the plan made by Min Hui. Although he was very interested, he pretended to be calm and asked Min Hui to evaluate the direction of the artificial heart modeling. He also promised to have Ha Di send the investment contract to Miss and give Min Hui six months of development time. Min Hui was shocked to hear this and didn't expect that Xin Qi would be willing to invest in her project. She was very excited. After discussing business, Xin Qi deliberately mentioned last night's incident. Min Hui was embarrassed and quickly got up and left.

At Bai'an Company, at first, CEO He doubted Xin Qi's investment motives for Miss. It was not until Min Hui and Cao Mu cooperated with each other that CEO He agreed to let her continue the research and development. To reward Min Hui for her recent hard work, Cao Mu decided to give her a day off so she could spend some quality time with Quanquan and take him to the amusement park. At the same time, Xin Qi and Cheng Qirang played golf together and talked about their cooperation. Xin Qi politely refused to cooperate with Guanchao, which made Cheng Qirang somewhat angry. Especially when he heard Xin Qi's implicit criticism of Lin Xiyue, he left with a cold face after a few words.

Last time, Cao Mu made an appointment with Chen Jiajun to learn swimming. So she dressed up and showed up. However, she had to wait for a while before Chen Jiajun showed up, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, which surprised her a little. Chen Jiajun claimed that he didn't need to get in the water for the first lesson, so he didn't change into swimming trunks, and wanted to teach Cao Mu how to breathe while swimming. But Cao Mu wanted to dive in quickly and learn directly. Chen Jiajun understood Cao Mu's intention and nodded in agreement.

When he learned that Min Hui had taken Quanquan to the amusement park, Xin Qi rushed over after finishing his work. Meanwhile, Zhou Ruji was shopping with Yao Zizhu and helped her choose clothes. He accidentally saw a pair of high heels that were suitable for Min Hui, so he couldn't help but buy them in the store. At that time, Min Hui was trying to catch a toy, but failed several times in a row. Quanquan comforted her not to be too competitive and suggested going to ride the carousel. Min Hui had to take Quanquan to line up. When her balloon accidentally flew onto a tree, she was about to jump up and get it when Xin Qi suddenly appeared and took it down, scaring Min Hui. They started quarreling again.

Afterward, the three of them went to play games together, such as catching dolls, riding on the carousel, tossing rings, shooting balloons, and bumper cars. The atmosphere was very cheerful, and their relationships became more harmonious. Quanquan was also very happy and suggested bringing the dolls that Xin Qi had caught to school to show off, which made Xin Qi very happy. Suddenly, Quanquan saw someone catching small fish and curiously went to take a look, leaving Xin Qi and Min Hui alone. Xin Qi was attracted to the cotton candy cart nearby and couldn't help but talk about his time in the orphanage. At that time, he and several other children shared cotton candy and he thought that if the cotton candy was bigger, they could keep eating it. Min Hui felt sorry for Xin Qi and greeted the cotton candy vendor herself, making a big cotton candy for Xin Qi, which made him feel a little embarrassed.

On the way home, Min Hui, Xin Qi, and Quanquan were joking and playing as they walked to the bottom of the building. Zhou Ruji happened to come to see Min Hui and felt a little uncomfortable seeing them together, so he stopped Min Hui and gave her the gift he had bought for her. Min Hui was puzzled until Zhou Ruji claimed that he bought it to celebrate her successful search for investment, and she accepted it. Then, Xin Qi saw Quanquan praising the gift that Zhou Ruji gave to Min Hui, and couldn't help feeling jealous, even mocking Zhou Ruji's taste. Min Hui saw that Xin Qi was jealous, so she intentionally showed off the gift to make him even angrier.


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