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From Love To Happiness – Lee Wei, Yao Di

From Love To Happiness is a modern drama directed by Gong Zhaohui, starring Lee Wei, Yao Di, Li Qin, Huang Jue, Du Guanru, and Huo Nifang.

The drama revolves around the complex love-hate relationship among Hua Weilin, Shen Yu, Gu Xiaowei, and Zhu Tiesi, spanning two stages of life: school and society, with the hot topics of family, friendship, education, and life choices.

It explores women's choices and growth in love, revealing the ultimate meaning of a happy life.


From Love To Happiness

English Title: From Love To Happiness
Chinese Title: 从爱情到幸福
Genre: Romance, Urban, Family, Life, Drama
Tag: Rich Male Lead, Nice Male Lead, Life Lesson, Smart Male Lead, Hardworking Female Lead, Married Life
Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Gong Zhaohui
Writer: Zhang Lai
Product Company: SMG
Released Date: 2016-06-16
Broadcast Website: Fresh Drama, Idol & Romance



Shen Yu and Gu Xiaowei fall in love with Hua Weilin, a boy with artistic talent, but Hua Weilin is forced to drop out of the art school and lose the opportunity to receive higher education due to a sudden family change and goes into society early.

Hua Wei Lin's difficult life has always touched the hearts of these two girls.

Shen Yu perseveres and marries him in spite of her parents' opposition and organizes a family, living a hard life without regret.

However, as life begins to change for the better, the small family collapses overnight, over a small matter, a little unease, a suspicion...


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