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Detective Samoyeds – Xu Haiqiao, Ju Jingyi

Detective Samoyeds is a historical suspense web drama directed by Wang Junye, starring Xu Haiqiao, Ju Jingyi, Li He, Zhang Xinyuan, Liu Guanlin, and Cheng Xiaomeng.

The drama tells the story of various skilled detective team members in Chang'an City of the Tang Dynasty, who work together to investigate the treacherous cases that happen one after another.

The first season aired on February 15, 2017. The second season was released on May 10, 2017.


Detective Samoyeds

English Title: Detective Samoyeds
Chinese Title: 热血长安
Genre: Historical, Suspense, Thriller, Crime
Tag: Investigation, Martial Arts, Bromance, Murder, Tang Dynasty, Strong Female Lead
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Wang Yong(Wang Junye)
Writer: He Cai Tou Deng Ren
Product Company: YOUKU
Released Date: 2017-02-15
Broadcast Website: Youku, youku.tv



In 626 A.D., the capital city of the Tang Dynasty, Chang'an, is suddenly full of suspicious cases, and people are scared.

The Da Li Si sets up an investigation team to investigate these seemingly bizarre events, with members including Sha Mo Duo Luo, Shangguan Zisu, Li Zhi, Huang Sanpao, Gongsun Siniang, and Tan Shuangye.

In a series of treacherous cases, the investigation team restores the truth and dispels the superstitions.

As the investigation progresses, the team gradually discovers that Hei Jialuo is trying to destroy the harmonious Tang Dynasty by despicable means.

In the end, the investigation team completely smashes Hei Jialuo's evil plot.

Besides the unchanging passion of teenagers, they have a firm heart of responsibility to protect their family and country.


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