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Confess Your Love – Nene, Song Jiyang

Confess Your Love is a romantic drama directed by An Dong, starring Nene and Song Jiyang.


Confess Your Love

English Title: Confess Your Love
Chinese Title: 麻烦请你先告白
Genre: Romance, Drama
Tag: Identical Twin Female Lead, Meet Again, Steamy Kiss, Kiss Scenes
Episodes: 24
Duration: 12 min.
Director: An Dong
Writer: An Ji Er
Producer: Tang Mingyang
Released Date: 2023-06-28
Broadcast Website: WeTV, 腾讯视频



Lin Chen, a graduate student from the Medical School, who decides to take on the identity of her sister, Lin Wan, an obscure celebrity who fell into a coma due to an accident.

In an unexpected turn of events, Lin Chen coincidentally meets Lu Xun, a man she had a secret crush on during their student days, leading to the rekindling of their past relationship.


The agent in front quickly informed Linwan that this would be the last love announcement, and if she couldn't remember any ripples, she wouldn't get any good resources in the company.

Upon hearing the words from the person in front of her, Linwan reassured them, but unexpectedly, at this moment, Liu Yan snatched the list from Linwan's hand and prepared to recklessly violate the rules of the program group. Before the person in front could refute her, she quickly slapped them and sternly warned Linwan.

To her surprise, this action of hers was quickly captured on video by Lin Chen, Linwan's twin sister who was standing beside her. Lin Chen captured two different sides of her personality and was prepared to expose it online. Liu Yan was forced to let go of what she had in her hand and walked away. Before leaving, she couldn't help but remind Linwan not to wear a red dress later.

To her surprise, when she turned around, she saw the other person actually dressed in red. It turned out that before this, Linwan herself had been attacked and hospitalized, so Lin Chen, as her sister, had to impersonate her and appear under the spotlight. When she heard about the arrival of a new person, she took the initiative to approach and propose a collaboration.

Before Lin Chen could finish speaking, the man in front turned around, and she suddenly realized that the guy was none other than Lu Xun, whom she had confessed to during her youth. She stood there dumbfounded.

Lu Xun adjusted his glasses and immediately expressed that the price of 100,000 yuan was too cheap. His powerful aura momentarily stunned Lin Chen.

Seeing her surprised expression, Lu Xun also asked if she knew him. Upon hearing his words, Lin Chen quickly covered her face, afraid that the person in front of her recognized her and hurriedly fled in a panic.

When she went outside, she quickly packed her things, preparing to slip away before Lu Xun could recognize her.

Afterwards, Lin Chen also confessed to Meng Jiao about her secret crush on Lu Xun during high school and the painful memory of being rejected. Once again, she felt utterly embarrassed.

Thinking about what happened before, Lin Chen became extremely afraid that Lu Xun would think she was a weirdo. After that, she planned to pack up and escape with Meng Jiao. However, the people outside suddenly informed them about the upcoming event. Consequently, Lin Chen reluctantly mustered the courage to go, but upon entering the venue, nobody chose her.

Just as she was about to turn around and leave, Lu Xun suddenly stepped forward and announced that he intended to choose Lin Chen. They spent the evening camping together, and Liu Yan intentionally provoked a competition with Lin Chen. Unexpectedly, Lin Chen ended up passionately kissing Lu Xun directly.

Seeing them passionately kissing, it immediately shocked Liu Yan, who was standing beside them. Meng Jiao quickly approached to join the excitement and captured this highlight moment on camera. The people around them started discussing the scene.

While being close to Lin Chen, Lu Xun took the opportunity to discuss the price with her. When Lin Chen went outside, Meng Jiao pulled her aside and praised her.

Even the person in front couldn't believe why Lu Xun would cooperate with Lin Chen in such a manner to complete the task.

Afterwards, Lin Chen and Lu Xun sat together in the car. To ease the awkward atmosphere, Lin Chen purposely coughed a few times. Lu Xun noticed her nervousness and mentioned that he felt somewhat familiar with her. However, Lin Chen kept denying it.

Seeing Lin Chen's triumphant appearance, Liu Yan started planning to frame her. Subsequently, she intentionally claimed that the bracelet she sponsored went missing, intending to embarrass Lin Chen publicly. Unexpectedly, Lu Xun immediately stepped forward to defend Lin Chen, successfully driving Liu Yan away.

When Lin Chen returned home, she kept complaining about Lu Xun to Meng Jiao, but accidentally sent a voice message to him. As they were about to retract their steps, the phone suddenly shut down.

Afterwards, in order to prevent Lu Xun from seeing the messages she sent, Lin Chen quickly ran to his room to find out what was going on.

However, at that moment, someone passed by in the corridor. Lu Xun hastily brought the person into his room and closed the door and windows. But now it was 3 a.m., and once Lin Chen entered, she kept searching for Lu Xun's phone and intended to destroy the evidence. Unexpectedly, Lu Xun, seeing her urgency, stubbornly refused to hand over the phone. While they were struggling for the phone, they collided with each other.

At that moment, Lu Xun's younger brother suddenly walked in, and Lin Chen immediately hid under the covers in front of her. However, she accidentally exposed herself.

When Lin Chen went to sleep, she suddenly had a terrifying nightmare. After that, she continued to work on advertising shoots with Liu Yan, only to encounter Liu Yan's scheme.

When the sponsor, Mr. Wang, heard Lin Chen badmouthing his product, he became very angry and wanted her to withdraw from the project. At that moment, Lu Xun stepped forward to help Lin Chen resolve the situation. When they left, he solemnly stated to the person in front of him that he had no intention of replacing her.

Lu Xun quickly told the person in front of him that he could consider renewing the contract. However, at that moment, Liu Yan suddenly showed up and planned to convince the person in front to choose her instead of Lu Xun.

Before Lin Chen could refuse, Liu Yan immediately offered a tempting price to persuade the person in front to agree.

On the other hand, Lu Xun firmly believed that Lin Chen wouldn't give up on choosing him. However, when he confidently walked out, he suddenly realized that Lin Chen hadn't chosen him at all. He angrily told his younger brother that he was prepared to quit the recording of the variety show.

Upon learning that Lin Chen didn't choose Lu Xun, Meng Jiao also stood up for her. Unexpectedly, Lin Chen revealed the payment record from Liu Yan's transfer and planned to directly buy back Lu Xun in three days, considering it a fair deal.

When Lu Xun was about to leave, he overheard his younger brother's words and decided to stay to face what would happen next.

When the show started recording, Liu Yan was still performing in front of the camera, but Lu Xun ignored her completely.

At that moment, Lin Chen herself suddenly appeared and quickly brought in a high school classmate, Zheng Ziyan, to join them in filming the show. Lu Xun, on the side, turned black-faced and ignored Liu Yan.

When they were making the cake, Lu Xun learned that Lin Chen was allergic to chocolate. He intentionally helped her by eating the cake from her mouth.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone around was stunned, including Lin Chen, who had a look of incredulity on her face. Even the people around were momentarily speechless. Seeing Lu Xun's reaction, Lin Chen angrily returned the things.

Afterwards, their footage was widely circulated online, and netizens began to suspect that their relationship was genuine. When Liu Yan returned home, she angrily called Lin Chen and urged her to return the money.

When Lin Chen went out for a meal, she complained to Zheng Ziyan, who was in front of her, about the lack of final payment. She couldn't understand why Lu Xun silently returned to help her. Although Zheng Ziyan repeatedly emphasized his outstanding qualities, Lin Chen showed no interest whatsoever.

After that, Lin Chen received a sudden phone call from Meng Jiao, learning about her sister's situation. She hurriedly ran over, and while she was near the trash bin, she recalled the terrifying experience and crouched on the ground in fear.

Later on, Lin Chen suddenly heard footsteps behind her and swung the stick in her hand. Unexpectedly, it was Lu Xun.

Afterwards, Zheng Ziyan also arrived at the hospital, and in the absence of others, Lu Xun personally admitted that he knew Lin Chen's true identity.

In the face of Zheng Ziyan's questioning, Lu Xun immediately admitted that he already knew Lin Chen's true identity.

However, from Zheng Ziyan's perspective, it was precisely his silent companionship for the past six years, taking care of Lin Chen and understanding her life preferences. The person in front of him was just an ordinary classmate by her side.

Upon learning that Lu Xun hadn't revealed his connection to Lin Chen, Zheng Ziyan became curious about what he was afraid of. Lu Xun, after listening to what the person in front of him said, continued to inquire about what was written in that letter. Although Zheng Ziyan knew it was just a blank piece of paper, he had no intention of telling Lu Xun.

At that moment, Lin Chen arrived in her car to pick everyone up. While the three of them were in the car, they remained silent throughout the journey.

Later on, Lu Xun returned home alone. He quietly opened the box and prepared to examine the ring inside. At that moment, his younger brother suddenly burst into the room and spoke about encountering Lin Chen at the hospital during the day, as well as the sudden turn of events where she became a vegetable. Surprisingly, Lu Xun showed no sign of astonishment.

The next day, when Lin Chen was walking on the street, reporters swarmed around her, eager to join the commotion. Liu Yan, who was standing beside her, felt extremely jealous seeing Lin Chen's triumphant appearance. After that, she also started suspecting Lin Chen's true identity.

When Lin Chen and Lu Xun finished the filming activity, they accidentally drank a beverage that Liu Yan had tampered with, and Lin Chen immediately began experiencing an allergic reaction.

By the time Lin Chen realized something was amiss, she had already started experiencing allergic symptoms. She quickly pretended to go to the restroom and asked Meng Jiao, who was beside her, to help cover up the traces of her allergic reaction on her neck.

At that moment, Liu Yan, who was hiding nearby, silently prepared to watch Lin Chen's drama unfold. Without saying a word, she immediately ran into the restroom and questioned Lin Chen about her true identity. Facing the camera, in order to clear suspicion, Lin Chen ate the chocolate piece that Liu Yan had in her hand on the spot.

When Lin Chen came out, her whole body started feeling uncomfortable. At this critical moment, Lu Xun, standing outside the door, stepped forward and protected Lin Chen, sending Liu Yan away. Without hesitation, he took her to the hospital for treatment.

Later, Lin Chen woke up and began preparing to help her sister take on the supporting role in the online drama. She planned to meet the investor, Director Liu. However, at the dinner gathering, Lin Chen was surprised to see Liu Yan's presence. Both of them were vying for the same role.

During the dinner, Director Liu had ill intentions and attempted to be inappropriate with the two girls. At this crucial moment, Lu Xun stood up to protect Lin Chen and publicly revealed that he knew her true identity.

Previously, in the company, Lu Xun accidentally stumbled upon photos of Lin Chen during her volunteer days and became very curious. During a meeting, he immediately recognized Lin Chen on the large screen of the romance variety show and learned from his subordinate that the lady in front of him was just a relatively unknown actress named Linwan. Afterward, he made a point of finding Lin Chen and couldn't help but chuckle upon hearing what she said with her back turned to him.

Without hesitation, Lu Xun picked up Lin Chen and left in a graceful manner.

When Lin Chen woke up from the bed, it was already daytime, and she had a splitting headache. Meng Jiao, who was by her side, kept blaming the producer from the previous night and anxiously inquired about Lin Chen's condition.

Lin Chen's mind was in chaos at the moment. It was her first time drinking so much alcohol in her life. Suddenly, there was a frantic knocking on the door. When they opened the door, they found Liu Yan walking in from outside.

She carefully thanked Lin Chen and, thereafter, Lin Chen encountered difficulties with the producer's wife while working, and she publicly accused her of being a home-wrecker. No one stood up to defend Lin Chen.

At that moment, when Lin Chen was feeling trapped, Lu Xun suddenly stood up and publicly declared that Lin Chen was his girlfriend.

When the person in front saw Lu Xun and Lin Chen kissing, they still doubted that they were doing it to absolve themselves of guilt.

When they presented the photos, Lu Xun calmly continued to speak for Lin Chen and planned to have the person's wife go back and investigate to see if what they said was true.

Other people around, seeing the affectionate scene between Lu Xun and Lin Chen, continued to capture beautiful moments, and their love story gradually gained attention online. Everyone came forward and enthusiastically discussed it.

At the hospital, Zheng Ziyan saw the intimate photos of Lin Chen and Lu Xun on his phone. He immediately confronted the person in front of him with the phone in hand. Unexpectedly, Lu Xun himself arrived afterwards, and Lin Chen sat cautiously between them, too afraid to speak.

When they went outside, it started raining. Lin Chen, seeing the awkward situation, proactively suggested getting an umbrella. In that moment, Zheng Ziyan continued to angrily confront Lu Xun. At this time, Lu Xun also noticed someone following them. When he chased after them, he discovered a stranger who had held a grudge against him all these years. The two of them stood facing each other quietly in the rain.


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