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The Substitute Princess’s Love – Dylan Kuo, Zhang Miaoyi

The Substitute Princess's Love is a historical romantic comedy directed by Shi Liang, starring Dylan Kuo, Zhang Miaoyi, Ren Yunjie, Liu Zhiwei, Song Muxin, Liu Shuyuan, and Wu Yijia.

The drama tells the story of the "age difference" love between the "uncle" Lord and the "loli" Princess.


The Substitute Princess's Love

English Title: The Substitute Princess's Love
Chinese Title: 偷得将军半日闲
Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy, Drama
Episodes: 24
Duration: -
Director: Shi Liang
Writer: Ke Yitong
Producer: Luo Jianwei, Zhang Haijun
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



The God of War, Wen Ye, died in battle on the eve of his wedding, and the whole nation mourned. The bride-to-be was the legitimate daughter of the Shen family, and Lady Shen was reluctant to let her daughter marry and become a widow. However, she was also afraid of being criticized for canceling the wedding. So, she found Shen Keyi, her illegitimate daughter who had been living outside, and forced her to marry in her daughter's place.

Due to a mistaken war report, Wen Ye returned victorious and became the true royal consort after marrying into the palace. Shen Keyi and the prince became an loving couple. After facing various challenges, they finally understood the true essence of love and protection.

In the end, they chose to be together, not seeking riches or worldly prosperity, but only wishing to steal moments of leisure that belonged to just the two of them.


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