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Boys to Men – Xu Kaicheng, Liu Shuailiang, Fan Jinwei

Boys to Men is a fencing-themed youth drama directed by Yang Xi, starring Xu Kaicheng, Wang Jiayao(Wang Jingping), Liu Shuailiang, Chen Shimin, Fan Jinwei, and Zhou Yixuan, with Sun Wei in a special appearance.

The drama revolves around the growth and journey of three brothers from the same school, Ouyang, Fan Qi, and Chen Qingteng, as well as their bond of destiny and mutual companionship, telling the story of young men who are brave enough to follow his dreams, firmly believing in them and fighting for them.


Boys to Men

English Title: Boys to Men
Chinese Title: 拜托啦师兄
Genre: Youth, Sport, Drama
Episodes: 38
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Yang Xi
Writer: Zhou Luming
Producer: Liu Lu
Product Company: XINGGE MEDIA
Released Date: 2019-08-30
Broadcast Website: 熱點劇場Hotspot!



The fencing genius, Ouyang, experienced a dramatic change in his life on his 20th birthday.

Ouyang, who had just won the World Championship, was injured in a motorbike race and fell into a deep coma.

Five years later, Ouyang awakens from his slumber to find his father Ou Xiong dead, his girlfriend Chu Chu, and his family business all taken away by his best friend Fan Qi.

At the bottom of the pile, Ouyang is depressed. But his love for fencing reawakens him.

With the help of his uncle Zhou Miyang and the mysterious Mr. Z, Ouyang is "reborn". Through his tireless efforts, he returns to the top of his sporting career, finds out the truth about his father's death, and wins back the heart of his lover.


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