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Yes! Mr. Fashion – Chen Xuedong, Ouyang Nana

Yes! Mr. Fashion is a fashion romantic drama directed by Guo Jingming, starring Chen Xuedong, Ouyang Nana, Yvonne Yung Hung, Wu Junmei, Ren Yankai, Wang Tonghui, Wang Duo, Riva Chang, Peng Xinchen, and Yuan Ziyi.

This drama is about the heir of a fashion group, Shang Boran, who secretly infiltrates his own magazine company “Fengshang Group” in order to find out the truth about his mother’s death, and encounters a double challenge of love and career.


Yes! Mr. Fashion

English Title: Yes! Mr. Fashion
Chinese Title: 是!尚先生
Genre: Romance, Urban
Episodes: 28
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Guo Jingming, Luo Huide, Wu Bin, Zheng Yi
Writer: Li Qian, Mao Mouren, Feng Tian, Liu Xuan
Producer: He Jin
Broadcasting Website: CN Drama(Youtube)
Released Date: June 8, 2016


Chen Xuedong Chen Xuedong as Shang Boran
Ouyang Nana Ouyang Nana as Lu Xiaokui
Yvonne Yung Hung Yvonne Yung Hung as Shang Yunxi
Wu Junmei Wu Junmei as Leng Shan
Ren Yankai Ren Yankai as Gao Min
Wang Tonghui Wang Tonghui as Han Feng
Riva Chang Riva Chang as Xue Zhenni
Wang Duo Wang Duo as Wang Xingren
Yuan Ziyi Yuan Ziyi as Victoria


After hearing the news of his father’s death, the heir of Fengshang Group, Shang Boran, has doubts about the distribution of the company’s assets.

In order to stop Leng Shan from monopolizing the group and to find the truth about his mother’s death, he secretly infiltrates a fashion magazine.

After a chance encounter with a naive and optimistic newcomer, Lu Xiaokui, they become a workplace rival and roommate by accident.

They gradually develop a mutual affection for each other while “killing” each other, and eventually work together to find the truth, complete the “revenge” plan and gain love.

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