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Wait, My Youth – Nicky Li, Zhao Yiqin

Wait, My Youth (Salute To My Youth) is a youthful school romantic drama directed by Shen Qinyuan, starring Li Jiaqi, Zhao Yiqin, Li Geyang, Xu Mengyuan(Xu Qingya), Dong Yanlei, Wu Shuangyi, and Wei Tianhao.

The drama tells the story of a group of teenagers who go from their youth in high school to their maturity in society, experiencing a series of joys and troubles, and reaping sweet love, pure friendship, and warm affection.


Wait, My Youth

English Title: Wait, My Youth
Chinese Title: 等等啊我的青春
Genre: Youth, School, Romance, Friendship
Tag: First Love, Student, Coming of Age, Life Lesson, Friends to Lovers, Jealousy
Episodes: 24
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Shen Qinyuan
Writer: Tian Xiaotian
Producer: Wang Jian, Du Peng
Released Date: 2019-03-19
Broadcast Website: Fresh Drama, Idol & Romance, Netfilx



Su Cancan, a young girl who loves literature, met her good friends during her adolescence, the lively and cheerful Xu Meili, the handsome and unrestrained Lan Tianye, the gentle and elegant Lin Jiaze, the beautiful and melancholy Tao Yating.

In everyone’s growth, there are many little secrets, there are also many worries. The sweetness and sadness of life also left one after another time’s mark on Su Cancan.

Whether it is a secondary school or university time, in Su Cancan’s short but long youth, she has many unforgettable memories.

These memories contain laughter and tears.

Su Cancan grew up slowly in ignorance, not only gaining family love, friendship but also experiencing a shining transformation.

After growing up, Su Cancan finally relied on her own efforts to reach a place she never dreamed of during her youth, and also unconsciously became someone else’s dream.

The dream at the age of eighteen became a reality at the age of twenty-eight. The people who were with her at the age of eighteen are still with her at the age of twenty-eight.

A hurricane of youth suddenly blew by, leaving a field of golden memories.


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