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The Snow Moon – Nicky Li, Zuo Ye

The Snow Moon is a historical fantasy romantic drama directed by Hui Yu, starring Nicky Li, Zuo Ye, Wang Tingxu, Xiang Xin, and Bo Lai.


The Snow Moon

English Title: The Snow Moon
Chinese Title: 风月如雪
Other Titles: 狐妖皇帝
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Tag: Xianxia, Fox Demon, Demon Male Lead, Reincarnation, Fate, Revenge
Episodes: 24
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Hui Yu
Writer: Luo Yong
Released Date: 2023-09-28
Broadcast Website: Youku,, 优酷



The fox demon, Boqiu, endured a thousand years of solitude and a tortured love across nine lifetimes to break the curse afflicting his beloved, Su Xiaohuan, which caused her to tragically die in each cycle.

In this lifetime, Su Xiaohuan met her demise at the hands of Boqiu. Raised in the streets, Su Xiaohuan experienced the ups and downs of human society, surviving with her audacious and thick-skinned personality. She was later manipulated by the deposed Crown Prince Xuanyuan Qingchuan of the former dynasty, who sent her to the imperial palace, placing her beside the notorious bloodthirsty fox demon, rumored to be the one she sought revenge against.

Unexpectedly, due to fate, she once again fell in love with the fox demon without realizing it. In this lifetime, Boqiu chose to break free from the bonds of destiny by sacrificing himself, rather than acknowledging his beloved, in order to sincerely love and influence the world, ultimately breaking the curse that plagued Su Xiaohuan.


No one knew that the one residing in the palace was not the sovereign but a fox demon that consumed the essence of humans. Periodically, officials would offer young women as sacrifices to the fox demon. All the civil and military officials feared the fox demon, and loyal ministers and generals tried every means to eliminate it, but none survived.

The fox demon's name was Bo Qiu. If the fox demon sovereign wasn't eliminated, the entire city's people would suffer. At this time, Su Xiaohuan was dressed as a man, narrating the story of the fox demon to everyone. She even offered to help eradicate the fox demon if people were willing to contribute. However, everyone thought Su Xiaohuan was a scammer and left directly.

Su Xiaohuan noticed the snowfall and, at this moment, a man appeared beside her. Upon learning that Su Xiaohuan wanted to eliminate the fox demon, he offered his help. Su Xiaohuan, lacking magical powers, quickly begged for mercy, claiming she knew nothing. She mentioned that her mother used to be a demon hunter but had passed away recently. The man suggested Su Xiaohuan become a maid, assuring her that the fox demon wouldn't harm her. Reluctantly, Su Xiaohuan agreed because she knew too much about the fox demon, and the man didn't want to let her go.

After changing into women's clothing, Su Xiaohuan caught the eye of Lord Qian Sui. After he left, Su Xiaohuan overheard the maids saying she would be eaten tomorrow, but she seemed unusually cheerful today. Su Xiaohuan had planned to escape at night, even sticking on talismans, thinking the guards couldn't see her. To her surprise, they drew their swords, scaring Su Xiaohuan, who hastily retreated.

At that moment, Bo Qiu was punishing ministers, believing their failure to find the woman in the portrait was a crime. Suddenly, a guard reported that Lord Qian Sui had found the woman. Meanwhile, Su Xiaohuan was being forcefully bathed by two older maids who seemed intent on scrubbing her skin off.

After being dressed up, Su Xiaohuan was brought to Bo Qiu's residence. The guards at the door were trembling, and when Su Xiaohuan wasn't paying attention, they quickly left. Forced to face the situation, Su Xiaohuan knelt down to greet Bo Qiu, fearing she might be eaten.

Bo Qiu asked Su Xiaohuan to stand and look at him. Su Xiaohuan dared not meet Bo Qiu's gaze, but Bo Qiu saw her face and wondered if she had really forgotten him.

Bo Qiu gradually approached Su Xiaohuan, threatening to kill her if she didn't remember him. This frightened Su Xiaohuan, who suddenly recalled Bo Qiu. One night, while attempting to escape, Su Xiaohuan accidentally stumbled into Bo Qiu's bath. Surprisingly, she asked Bo Qiu to help cover for her.

Bo Qiu asked if Su Xiaohuan smelled the odor on him, claiming he reeked. This was related to the night Su Xiaohuan spoke about the fox demon, mentioning it had eaten hundreds of kilograms and must be getting fat. At that time, Su Xiaohuan didn't know the fox demon was Bo Qiu. Now, she could only try to explain, stating that she only smelled his body fragrance.

Bo Qiu even instructed Su Xiaohuan to remove the lice from his body, warning that any missing would be her trouble. Su Xiaohuan hurriedly explained, and Bo Qiu expressed dissatisfaction with her current state. He made her repeat what she said the day before, initially refusing, but Bo Qiu threatened her, forcing her to comply. Later, Bo Qiu assigned Su Xiaohuan the task of washing clothes, secretly vowing not to let her leave his side in this lifetime.

On the way to wash clothes, Su Xiaohuan covered herself with many talismans, complaining about Bo Qiu. Someone tapped her back, and she, thinking it was Bo Qiu, quickly apologized. To her surprise, it was Lord Qian Sui, who criticized her for not revealing the truth. Lord Qian Sui disclosed that he was, in fact, the crown prince, aiming to reclaim the throne, and had been undercover near the fox demon. He mentioned the necessity of finding the fox demon's tail to kill it, and Su Xiaohuan pledged to help.

Subsequently, Su Xiaohuan researched various ways to eliminate foxes, accumulating garlic and potent wines. She even drank a considerable amount of the wine to marinate herself. While examining fox fur with a magnifying glass, she saw Bo Qiu returning. Su Xiaohuan was searching for things on Bo Qiu's bed, but when he approached, she took out many prepared magical tools, none of which were effective against Bo Qiu.

Bo Qiu approached Su Xiaohuan, commenting on the pleasant fragrance she emitted. He mentioned that her current scent could greatly stimulate his appetite, then embraced her, startling Su Xiaohuan, who screamed in response.

Su Xiaohuan didn't expect Bo Qiu to embrace her. At this moment, Lord Qian Sui timely appeared, claiming to have something important to report. Lord Qian Sui stated that he had killed all the demon hunters in the city, a deed Bo Qiu found commendable. Su Xiaohuan, on the side, became worried upon hearing this, as she was also a demon hunter.

Su Xiaohuan quickly knelt down, denying being a demon hunter and even claiming to have a deep-seated hatred for them. Bo Qiu asked for the reasons, and Su Xiaohuan fabricated an extremely false excuse. Bo Qiu naturally didn't believe her and instructed Lord Qian Sui to investigate the matter of the mysterious seal. Lord Qian Sui agreed to handle it.

After Lord Qian Sui left, Su Xiaohuan used the excuse of wanting to take a bath to leave. Bo Qiu agreed. Once outside, Su Xiaohuan stopped Lord Qian Sui, revealing that she had almost been eaten. Lord Qian Sui assured her of his protection and, to Su Xiaohuan's confusion, entrusted her, the supposedly weakest demon hunter, with the task. He showed her a jade pendant that matched the one she had, promising to reveal the truth to her in the future.

That night, in order to complete the mission quickly and uncover her past, Su Xiaohuan planned to dirty Bo Qiu's clothes so that he would go for a bath, and she could find fox fur. However, all her efforts were in vain; nothing seemed to affect Bo Qiu. Su Xiaohuan even prepared feces for him, and Bo Qiu intentionally smeared it on her hand. Awkward but unable to protest, Su Xiaohuan endured as Bo Qiu announced his intention to take a bath, making her believe the opportunity had come.

While wiping Bo Qiu's body, Su Xiaohuan attempted to find his fur. Bo Qiu conjured many petals, and Su Xiaohuan remarked on the petals. Bo Qiu mentioned that Su Xiaohuan used to like them, claiming to feel like he had known her for a thousand years. Su Xiaohuan quickly changed the topic, focusing on giving Bo Qiu a bath to find the fur. Despite searching many areas, she couldn't find it. Worried that the fur might be on his tail, she moved downward and got caught by Bo Qiu when she reached his tail.

Su Xiaohuan thought Bo Qiu would finish bathing after this, but unexpectedly, Bo Qiu asked her to spend the night with him.

Su Xiaohuan didn't expect that after just one day, Bo Qiu would ask her to warm his bed. Su Xiaohuan was afraid of the icy bed, and despite its coldness, she had to help warm it. As a result, Su Xiaohuan took out her good friend, the cute hedgehog Jing Kun, saying that she couldn't sleep without him. Su Xiaohuan planned to wait until Bo Qiu fell asleep to try to obtain his fur.

Su Xiaohuan asked Bo Qiu why he wasn't sleeping. Bo Qiu explained that closing his eyes made him recall events spanning a thousand years. Su Xiaohuan shared that she had a similar dream, witnessing a little girl whose family was killed, and she begged for mercy, but the killer didn't listen. Before Su Xiaohuan could finish, Bo Qiu closed his eyes and fell asleep. Thinking her chance had come, Su Xiaohuan not only failed to get the tail fur but also had her hand pressed all night.

Su Xiaohuan felt that obtaining Bo Qiu's tail fur was an extremely difficult task. She even worried that if she didn't succeed, Bo Qiu might eat her. She cleaned for a hundred years while feeling sad. Bo Qiu came over and asked what she was thinking. Su Xiaohuan didn't say but inquired about his eating preferences. Bo Qiu said he liked raw food and opened his mouth toward Su Xiaohuan. Unafraid, she even closed her eyes to let him eat, but Bo Qiu found it uninteresting and stopped teasing her.

Seeing Su Xiaohuan behaving well that day, Bo Qiu said he would grant her one wish. Su Xiaohuan wished to obtain Bo Qiu's fur, but he refused. In that case, Su Xiaohuan asked Bo Qiu to treat her to a hearty meal, and he agreed. However, the food was not delicious; it was like chewing wax, and she even found a hair in it. Su Xiaohuan thought it was the fox demon's fur, making her even happier.

Su Xiaohuan hesitated about whether to give the items to Lord Qian Sui. At that moment, Lord Qian Sui approached, and Su Xiaohuan gave him the tail fur. Lord Qian Sui asked her to lure the fox demon into a magical formation, assuring her that there would be no more fox demon after today, and he promised to reveal her past after completing the task.

At night, Su Xiaohuan arrived at Bo Qiu's sleeping quarters, seeing him painting. In the painting, there was a woman in the front and a fox in the back. Su Xiaohuan even asked if it was a fox demon eating a maiden, but Bo Qiu said it was the other way around—an unexpected revelation that shocked Su Xiaohuan.

Bo Qiu asked Su Xiaohuan if she wanted to eat fox demon. Su Xiaohuan was frightened, and she quickly found an excuse, saying that she wanted to take Bo Qiu to see the scenery. Su Xiaohuan thought she was undoubtedly going to die, but Bo Qiu let her lead the way. Later, the two sat under a tree and watched the night sky together. Bo Qiu even asked Su Xiaohuan to sit closer to him. At first, Su Xiaohuan dared not, but she didn't want to go against Bo Qiu's wishes.

Su Xiaohuan approached Bo Qiu, and he used magic to make petals fall. Su Xiaohuan liked it very much, and Bo Qiu said it was good if Su Xiaohuan liked it. Liking it meant that Su Xiaohuan had not forgotten the past. Su Xiaohuan didn't understand what Bo Qiu was saying. Suddenly, she saw a shooting star, and Su Xiaohuan was very excited. At first, Bo Qiu thought Su Xiaohuan wanted to see more, but she quickly refused.

Su Xiaohuan remembered what Qiansui had said. When five shooting stars fell, the formation would activate, and Su Xiaohuan just needed to find an excuse to leave first. Su Xiaohuan took the opportunity to say that her stomach hurt and she wanted to go to the restroom, and Bo Qiu agreed. When Bo Qiu heard Su Xiaohuan sneezing, he put his clothes on her. On the other side, Qiansui was activating the formation. Su Xiaohuan was about to leave but felt a bit uneasy in her heart. She still wanted to leave, but then she saw a small dog that looked like her own at home. Su Xiaohuan saw that the dog was injured and carried her away.

Suddenly, the sky thundered, and Bo Qiu was struck by lightning. The little dog accidentally ran to Bo Qiu's side. In order to save the dog, Su Xiaohuan came over. Unexpectedly, when the last formation activated, Su Xiaohuan actually blocked it for Bo Qiu. The final lightning did not strike Bo Qiu but directly hit Su Xiaohuan, who was holding him from behind. Su Xiaohuan collapsed on the ground on the spot.

Bo Qiu didn't expect that Su Xiaohuan would actually take the last blow for him. He didn't understand why Su Xiaohuan came back, and he also used magic. After that, Bo Qiu held Su Xiaohuan and prepared to leave. Su Xiaohuan lay in Bo Qiu's arms like this. When Qiansui came over, he happened to see Bo Qiu carrying Su Xiaohuan away.

When Su Xiaohuan woke up again, she found Bo Qiu by her side. Su Xiaohuan remembered that she had clearly run away, but now she was next to Bo Qiu. If Bo Qiu knew that she was harmed because of him, he would not spare her. She dared not open her eyes and could only pretend to be dead. Bo Qiu saw that Su Xiaohuan had already awakened, so he let her wake up.

Su Xiaohuan took the initiative to apologize to Bo Qiu, saying that she didn't mean to harm him; she was coerced by someone. But Bo Qiu asked Su Xiaohuan who the person was, and she refused to reveal the identity of the person. Su Xiaohuan was relieved to know that the dog had been taken to the veterinarian for treatment. Watching Bo Qiu applying medicine to her, Su Xiaohuan felt like she saw her mother.

When Su Xiaohuan woke up again, she found herself sleeping with Bo Qiu in her arms. Su Xiaohuan quickly got up and looked for her pet. At this time, Bo Qiu woke up, and Su Xiaohuan asked if anything had happened between them. Bo Qiu said nothing had happened, and Su Xiaohuan was relieved. Bo Qiu deliberately frightened Su Xiaohuan, saying he wanted to drink her blood. Su Xiaohuan said she already had someone in her heart. Bo Qiu asked what he looked like, but Su Xiaohuan said she couldn't remember.

Qiansui's subordinates were seriously injured, and he came to see Su Xiaohuan. However, they had long prepared to eliminate the fox demon, and unexpectedly, a woman ruined their plans. They were determined not to let this person go. Su Xiaohuan took care of Bo Qiu and had her own concerns. She was worried that Bo Qiu would eat her. Bo Qiu asked her to write a poem within seven steps, or he would eat her. Su Xiaohuan was forced to recite a poem. Bo Qiu then asked her to go to the flower garden to collect honeybees.

However, at this time, Qiansui came to take Su Xiaohuan away, and she was very afraid because she hadn't completed the task.

Qiansui came to take Su Xiaohuan away, and she was worried that she would be tortured by Qiansui. Su Xiaohuan was considering that if Qiansui wanted to harm her, she would reveal all of Qiansui's secrets. However, Qiansui did not accuse Su Xiaohuan of harming him.

Su Xiaohuan was still explaining, but Bo Qiu asked Qiansui to take Su Xiaohuan for questioning. If they couldn't find out the truth, Qiansui would be dealt with. Su Xiaohuan thought she was undoubtedly going to die. However, after Qiansui took Su Xiaohuan away, she contemplated whether to assassinate Qiansui. The opportunity for assassination was there, but the chances of her survival were also zero. Qiansui did not imprison Su Xiaohuan but took her back to her former residence.

The common people here didn't even have a mouthful of rice, and children were sick with fever everywhere. Some even died of hunger. Qiansui immediately ordered his subordinates to bring all the food from the mansion. Su Xiaohuan also saw Qiansui's sincerity, and now she believed that Qiansui was the former prince.

Qiansui said that his former family was also persecuted by the fox demon. He had to go into hiding, waiting for the day he could seek revenge. Su Xiaohuan did not expect Qiansui to have experienced so much. Qiansui also said not to be blinded by the current good behavior of the fox demon. A child came to Su Xiaohuan asking for food, so she decided to sell her jade pendant. Su Xiaohuan felt responsible for the suffering of the common people and decided to sell the jade pendant.

Qiansui learned about this and revealed that Su Xiaohuan was the daughter of the prime minister. They were childhood sweethearts, and they both had jade pendants. The prime minister sacrificed his own son to the fox demon to protect Qiansui. Su Xiaohuan asked about her parents, but Qiansui said they were killed by the fox demon. Su Xiaohuan then remembered her dream, realizing it was true. Seeing the suffering of the common people, Su Xiaohuan vowed to seek revenge. She knew she was the only one who could get close to the fox demon and had the best chance of killing it.

After an investigation, it was found that only the Heavenly Scroll and Earth Scroll could kill the fox demon. However, they were now in the possession of the fox demon. Only those of royal blood could comprehend their secrets. Qiansui drew symbols on Su Xiaohuan's hands to help her quickly find the Earth Scroll.

Su Xiaohuan arrived at Bo Qiu's sleeping chamber, hiding a dagger in her right hand with the intention of killing Bo Qiu. However, Bo Qiu noticed Su Xiaohuan and greeted her. Su Xiaohuan quickly acted very friendly and spoke to Bo Qiu. However, even after returning, Su Xiaohuan continued to feel that Bo Qiu was her enemy, and she was determined to kill him.

Bo Qiu deliberately frightened Su Xiaohuan, suggesting that she become a part of his body, causing the dagger in Su Xiaohuan's hand to drop to the ground. Bo Qiu did see the dagger in Su Xiaohuan's hand but did not directly address it. While Bo Qiu was away, Su Xiaohuan used the symbols on her hand to search for the Earth Scroll. However, Bo Qiu discovered her, and Su Xiaohuan quickly denied it. Bo Qiu teased her a bit but didn't press further.

In the garden, Su Xiaohuan tried to kill Bo Qiu again, but Bo Qiu swiftly moved, causing Su Xiaohuan's dagger to stab a beehive. This led to Su Xiaohuan being chased by bees, and the assassination attempt failed. Su Xiaohuan then attempted to poison Bo Qiu with a poisoned wine. She intentionally poisoned the wine and sent it to Bo Qiu during the mealtime. However, Bo Qiu insisted that Su Xiaohuan share the meal with him. Su Xiaohuan wanted to refuse but didn't dare.

Bo Qiu deliberately offered wine to Su Xiaohuan, who quickly declined. However, Bo Qiu still drank the wine. Bo Qiu asked Su Xiaohuan if she had poisoned the wine, and frightened, she denied it. Bo Qiu drank quite a bit of wine, suddenly felt severe chest pain, and Su Xiaohuan pretended to be concerned. Bo Qiu claimed he was poisoned and only Su Xiaohuan's blood could save him. Terrified, Su Xiaohuan thought Bo Qiu was going to drink her blood.

However, Bo Qiu was just playing a trick on Su Xiaohuan. He was not poisoned, and Su Xiaohuan's plan to poison him was abandoned. Later that night, Su Xiaohuan, taking advantage of Bo Qiu's sleep, tried to use a kitchen knife to kill him. However, she was discovered again, and Su Xiaohuan could only explain that she was practicing martial arts. Bo Qiu asked her to demonstrate, and Su Xiaohuan reluctantly wielded the knife towards her own head, causing blood to flow from her mouth. Bo Qiu told Su Xiaohuan to leave. Before she could react, a dark figure suddenly attacked Su Xiaohuan.

Su Xiaohuan had just left the door when she encountered an attack by men in black. Fortunately, with Lord Qiansui's help, Su Xiaohuan was able to avoid the danger. Lord Qiansui treated Su Xiaohuan very well and even took the kitchen knife off her head. Su Xiaohuan hurriedly prepared to go back, after all, if Bo Qiu found out, he would surely scold her again for eating his things.

After Su Xiaohuan returned, Bo Qiu questioned her about where she had been. Su Xiaohuan hurriedly explained, and Bo Qiu used magic to leave a seal on Su Xiaohuan's head. Bo Qiu deliberately told Su Xiaohuan that this was a bug he left behind, and if she did anything against his will, the bug would crawl into their stomachs. If Su Xiaohuan left Bo Qiu's presence, there would be problems.

Su Xiaohuan held Bo Qiu's clothes all day, afraid that the bugs would run into her body. Su Xiaohuan overheard the maidservants talking about her spending the whole night with Bo Qiu and surely doing something indecent. She was very angry and then said that Bo Qiu was not capable at all. The maidservants suddenly knelt down, and Su Xiaohuan thought it was her charm that made everyone afraid to confront her. In fact, Bo Qiu had long been standing behind Su Xiaohuan, and the maidservants knelt down upon seeing him.

Bo Qiu also heard Su Xiaohuan saying that he was not capable. He directly carried Su Xiaohuan and walked toward the bedroom, throwing her onto the bed. Seeing that Su Xiaohuan was about to be bullied by Bo Qiu, she quickly said to the window that the Fox Demon Lady is very powerful. Now Bo Qiu dared not touch Su Xiaohuan.

Lord Qiansui saw Su Xiaohuan always wearing the clothes of the Fox Demon Lady and was very surprised. Su Xiaohuan said that if it weren't for the damn bugs, who would want to wear his clothes. However, Su Xiaohuan did not tell Lord Qiansui about the bugs on her body but claimed that she was too cold. Today, Lord Qiansui came to tell Su Xiaohuan that tonight is the night of the lunar eclipse, and it is also the weakest time for Bo Qiu. Every time, Bo Qiu would hide, and Lord Qiansui asked Su Xiaohuan to send a signal if she found Bo Qiu's hiding place. Su Xiaohuan agreed.

As night fell, Su Xiaohuan, thinking about Bo Qiu's hiding place, suddenly saw a dark figure outside the window. When Su Xiaohuan went out, she was shocked to see Bo Qiu covered in blood and the ground littered with the corpses of the men in black. Su Xiaohuan was astonished by Bo Qiu's appearance.

Just as she was about to inform Lord Qiansui, Bo Qiu grabbed Su Xiaohuan's hand and asked her to help him bathe. Looking at Bo Qiu with closed eyes, she thought of this as the best opportunity to kill him. Su Xiaohuan took out the dagger hidden on her body, but suddenly remembered Bo Qiu's kindness to her, and hesitated. However, thinking of Bo Qiu killing her entire family, she decided to go ahead. However, Bo Qiu suddenly woke up, and Su Xiaohuan quickly explained that the dagger was a gift for him.

At this point, the full moon had risen. Bo Qiu asked Su Xiaohuan to help him back, but she hastily explained that she had urgent matters to attend to and left. On the other side, Lord Qiansui was still waiting for Su Xiaohuan's signal, but the lunar eclipse had already passed, indicating that Su Xiaohuan had failed.

While using the toilet in Bo Qiu's room, Su Xiaohuan accidentally dropped the jade pendant into the pit. At this moment, she noticed numerous runes and suspiciously unrolled a scroll. However, Bo Qiu arrived and informed Su Xiaohuan that the toilet here couldn't be used, and her magical powers wouldn't work; otherwise, there might be unforeseen consequences. Doubting Bo Qiu's words, Su Xiaohuan accidentally stepped on feces, and Bo Qiu advised her to rest for the night without attending to him.

Seizing the opportunity at night, Su Xiaohuan tried to call Lord Qiansui out. She quietly called for Lord Qiansui, and as they were about to speak, Bo Qiu unexpectedly appeared. Su Xiaohuan quickly explained that she and Lord Qiansui were in love and had been in love for a long time. Bo Qiu took Su Xiaohuan back, and despite her explanations, Bo Qiu kissed her. Su Xiaohuan, unable to break free, had no choice but to compromise and engage in a kiss with Bo Qiu.


  • 2023-09-29 16:35:43

    Nicky Li and Zuo Ye: An Ultimate Tortured Love Unfolds, Revealing the Cold and Warmth of the World

    "The Snow Moon" centers around the torturous love spanning nine lifetimes, crafting a plot that tugs at the heartstrings and, through character delineation, dissects the myriad facets of the world. It is both heartwarming and thought-provoking.

    It begins with Su Xiaohuan entering the palace as a maid and encountering Bo Qiu. The two, brought together by fate, fall in love once again, their connection both familiar and unfamiliar. Various ambiguities make one sigh, "Marriage destiny is predetermined." Bo Qiu, gentle and considerate, and Su Xiaohuan, lively and cheerful, experience many amusing incidents in the palace, portraying playful and sweet moments.

    However, the good times are short-lived as Bo Qiu's true identity is exposed, causing the two to gradually drift apart. To ensure Su Xiaohuan's safety, Bo Qiu chooses to cherish her from a distance. Later, Su Xiaohuan narrowly escapes death but misunderstands Bo Qiu's actions, leading to resentment. This twist abruptly tightens the emotional strings.

    As layers of mist disperse, the sweet love story turns bitter across nine lifetimes, directly impacting the heart. The ingenious plot design of "The Snow Moon" elicits a myriad of emotions from the audience, gripping their hearts.

    Bo Qiu and Su Xiaohuan's love transcending time and space moves heaven and earth; despite their tumultuous fate, they never give up on each other. This beautiful love ultimately triumphs over the shackles of destiny, providing hope.

    The story's design, weaving together the light and darkness of human nature, captivates the heart while broadening horizons. It helps us understand the coexistence of good and evil, showcasing the potential for light to overcome darkness.

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