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The Grand Princess – Zhao Jinmai, Zhang Linghe

The Grand Princess is a historical romantic drama directed by Gao Yijun, led by Zhao Jinmai and Zhang Linghe, co-starring Chen Heyi, Liu Xuhui, Cheng Guo, He Qiu, Yu ZhJinwei and Zhao Ke, with Yi Daqian, Sun Rui and Wang Bowen in special appearances.

The drama is adapted from Mo Shu Bai's novel " Zhang Gong Zhu / 长公主", which tells the story of Li Rong, the Grand Princess of the Daxia Dynasty, and Pei Wenxuan, the chief minister of the dynasty, who turned enemies into friends, and lovers, regained their trust, and worked on a career together. They finally got together after the twists and turns.


The Grand Princess

English Title: The Grand Princess
Chinese Title: 度华年
Other Titles: 长公主
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Gao Yijun
Writer: Rao Jun
Producer: Yuan Yumei, Hu Ke
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: Youku



As husband and wife in the Daxia Dynasty, Grand Princess Li Rong, the regent of the country, and the current prime minister Pei Wenxuan, share a dream that spans two lifetimes.

In their previous lives, due to misunderstandings, they had a love-hate relationship. In their reincarnation, the two return to their youth when they first met.

In this new life, they seek to uncover the truth behind the political intrigues and change the destiny that ultimately led to their deaths.

Resolving the misunderstandings of their past lives, they transform from enemies to close friends, and from close friends to lovers.


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