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Small Town Stories – Karlina Zhang, Gao Zhiting

Small Town Stories is an urban light comedy directed by Guo Zengyou, led by Zhang Jianing and Gao Zhiting, co-starring Wu Xingjian, Song Jiateng, Zhu Rui, Lu Xiaoyu, Na Ren Hua, Tan Xihe, Tian Zheng, Wang Qing, and Chen Xianxuan, with a special appearance by Xu Shaoying.

The drama tells the story of a postgraduate student majoring in oboe, who "escapes" the big city and returns to his hometown to start a different kind of struggle.


Small Town Stories

English Title: Small Town Stories
Chinese Title: 小城故事多
Genre: Urban, Romance, Comedy, Friendship, Life, Drama
Tag: Enemies to Lovers, Return to Hometown, Slow Burn Romance, Multiple Couples, Musician Female Lead, Event Manager Male Lead
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Guo Zengyou
Writer: Xu Jianbo, Shen Taoran
Producer: Jia Yiqun
Released Date: 2024-01-21
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, YoYo English Channel, YoYo Television Series Exclusive



Mu Di, a talented young girl specializing in the suona with high academic qualifications, had to return home for rehabilitation due to illness. There, she encountered Bai Lang, the intelligent and capable owner of a planning company.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the two found themselves having to run the planning company together. In the process of managing the business, Mu Di not only experienced a unique warmth of human connections but also befriended members of the local folk music band. She gained inspiration to combine traditional art with pop culture. Mu Di developed a new understanding of the folk music she loved, continually improving with each performance, earning more and more praise.

Her relationship with Bai Lang transformed from initial opposition to mutual appreciation.

In the end, Mu Di, along with the members of the folk music band, used performances as an opportunity to make traditional folk music known and loved by more people. Under Bai Lang's influence, Mu Di let go of pressure, confronted her inner self, and not only found a passion for her career but also discovered emotional fulfillment.


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