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My Love from the Ocean – Li Hongyi, Zhou Yutong

My Love from the Ocean is a fantasy romantic drama directed by Wu Qiang, starring Li Hongyi, Zhou Yutong, Wang Xiuzhu, Hu Haobo, Chen Meilin, and Liu Wenhan, with special appearances by Huang Wenhao, Min Zheng, and Hong Shijie.

The drama tells the story of a worldwide drug poisoning incident that leads treasure hunter Chi Lu to accept a commission to come to Haiyan disguised as a visiting scholar, inadvertently shattering Dai Xi's peaceful life and leading to a feud between the mermaid clan and humans.


My Love from the Ocean

English Title: My Love from the Ocean
Chinese Title: 来自海洋的你
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Suspense
Tag: Investigation, First Love, Reincarnation, Slow Burn Romance, Multiple Couples, Interspecies Romance
Episodes: 28
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Wu Qiang
Writer: Yao Yao
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, HONGQUAN FILMS
Released Date: 2018-06-12
Broadcast Website: WeTV, 腾讯视频



A worldwide drug poisoning incident leads treasure hunter Chi Lu to accept a commission to come to Haiyan disguised as a visiting scholar, thus shattering the peaceful life of the girl Dai Xi.

As the mission progresses, their relationship gradually heats up.

However, with the disappearance of Dai Xi's father, Professor Dai, and the exposure of Chi Lu's identity, the true formula of the mysterious drug gradually emerges.

The mysteries confused Dai Xi, her body also has some unusual changes that cannot be ignored.

In the process of finding her father, Dai Xi gradually unravels the mystery of her birth, while at the same time, the tragic case of the mermaid tribe that took place on Shuigong Island twenty years ago is also uncovered.

The mermaid's tear, which the mermaid tribe has been searching for, is inside Chi Lu's body.

As a mermaid princess, Dai Xi is in a desperate situation.

The death of the real culprit, Cheng Hongwei, puts Dai Xi and Chi Lu on opposite sides of the fence from their former friend.

When Dai Xi decides to take on the mission of her clan, what will happen to her love for Chi Lu?


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