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My Boss – Chen Xingxu, Zhang Ruonan

My Boss is an urban romantic light comedy directed by Chen Mingzhang, led by Chen Xingxu and Zhang Ruonan, co-starring Chen Xiaoyun, Li Junxian, He Wenjun, Li Dianzun, Chen Haolan, Xie Shuai, Fan Shuaiqi, and Ye Xiaowei.

The drama is based on Ye Feiran's novel of the same name. It tells the story of Qian Heng, the founder of Junheng Law Firm, and Cheng Yao, a rookie lawyer, who accidentally become roommates from their workplace partners and grow together in their work and life concepts, and eventually stay together for life.


My Boss

English Title: My Boss
Chinese Title: 你也有今天
Genre: Urban, Romance, Comedy, Law, Drama
Tag: CEO Male Lead, Naive Female lead, Boss-Employee Relationship, Overbearing CEO, Cohabitation, Hardworking Female Lead
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Chen Mingzhang
Writer: Li Jingling
Producer: Xu Xiaolu
Product Company: Linmon Media
Released Date: 2024-01-04
Broadcast Website: Linmon Media Official Channel, Viki, Youku



Carrying the innocent dreams of becoming a lawyer, Cheng Yao was admitted to a top-tier law firm. She decided to move to a location closer to the company for a more convenient work life. Unexpectedly, her landlord rented the same room to another tenant, leading to a dispute between Cheng Yao and the other tenant. To her surprise, that person turned out to be her law firm's boss, Qian Heng.

On the first day, Qian Heng assigned Cheng Yao to his team and initiated a grueling training program, with the goal of eventually driving her out since she had entered the firm through connections. Cheng Yao, unaware of the true intentions, believed herself to be lucky and worked even harder. She excelled in a series of challenging exercises, which earned her the respect of Qian Heng.

As they spent their days working and living together, their relationship evolved from adversaries to caring for each other. Over time, sparks of love ignited between them. After weathering numerous trials and tribulations, Cheng Yao grew into a capable lawyer and embarked on a happy marriage with Qian Heng.


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