2024 Chinese Drama List

The Starry Love – Chen Xingxu, Landy Li

The Starry Love (Love When the Stars Fall) is an ancient mythological drama directed by Zhu Ruibin, and starring Chen Xingxu, Landy Li, Chen Muchi, and He Xuanlin.

The drama is based on the novel of the same title by writer Yidu Junhua and tells the story of a pair of twin sisters with very different personalities in the human royal family, who are married by mistake due to an accident. It is not only causing numerous jokes but also involves two romantic and beautiful love stories.


The Starry Love

English Title: The Starry Love
Chinese Title: 星落凝成糖
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Immortal
Tag: Xianxia, Nice Male Lead, Strong Male Lead, Twin Exchange, Arranged Marriage, Prince Male Lead
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zhu Ruibin
Writer: Ma Jia
Producer: Liu Ning
Product Company: Perfect World Pictures, OMNIJOI
Released Date: 2023-02-16
Broadcast Website: Youku, Viki, youku.tv



The queen of the human race gave birth to twin sisters, one good and one evil.

The older sister, Qing Kui, is gentle and kind. She is admired by the human race, so was chosen by the gods as the Heavenly Concubine.

The younger sister, Ye Tan, was smart and cunning and was bullied, so she was promised to the demon world as a demon concubine.

During the marriage between the gods and the devils, the twin sisters’ palanquin is accidentally switched, and Night Tum becomes a happy couple with the Emperor Xuanshang, while Qing Kui becomes a pawn of the third highness Miao Feng to compete for the crown.

The two CPs made numerous jokes, but their feeling for each other also grew.

At this time, the crisis of extinction comes, the four worlds learned that the identity of the twin sisters is about the survival of the four worlds, they want to kill the twin sisters.

The two CPs are faced with a huge test between thinking about life and holding on to their love. Finally, the two sisters break through the situation with courage, ushering in the light after darkness.



At the beginning of creation, the four realms' beings were born from the two qi, clear and turbid. However, they feared the power of chaos. Fortunately, the gods of the heavenly realm sealed chaos in the Gui Xu, but unexpectedly, the roots of the Eastern Hill Holy Tree grew deep into the sea, and chaos became its soil. It gave birth to a pair of twin flowers that could open the Gui Xu. To maintain peace, the beings from the four realms joined forces to eradicate the twin flowers. However, the spiritual body of the flowers did not perish and fell into the body of the human queen.

The queen was in labor at that time and finally gave birth to a pair of twins. Eighteen years quickly passed, and the two princesses grew up to become graceful and dignified. They learned from the palace maids that although they were born at the same time, their destinies were different. Princess Qing Kui was born with auspicious signs and was crowned as the Heavenly Goddess in childhood. She has always been a model for the world. However, the second princess Ye Tan was different. The queen died of difficult childbirth when she was born, and she was born with evil signs. Even her own wet nurse died in the process. Therefore, the emperor confined her to Zhao Lu Palace.

Ye Tan suffered a lot there, but she also swore never to bow down to anyone. Ye Tan and Qing Kui were completely different in character.

Today is the day when Yè Tán and Qīng Kuí are supposed to leave the palace. Yè Tán wanted to leave but was stopped by soldiers at the gate. Feeling like everyone already thinks she's a bad person, Yè Tán decides to act like one. Meanwhile, Qīng Kuí meets the emperor and presents him with a gift. However, in Ye Tan's Palace, the father has been kidnapped by Yè Tán. The father is actually transformed by a little sparrow. She confesses her dissatisfaction to the sparrow.

Qīng Kuí tries to help but the emperor is too angry and Yè Tán is thrown into the dungeon.

On another side, Shào Diǎn Yǒu Qín has been imprisoned in a mirror for 1,500 years and is about to be released. He arrives at the palace and his family and friends are amazed by how much he's grown and changed, but he's not familiar with social customs. His father informs him that Qīng Kuí is going to be his wife, but he rejects the idea. Meanwhile, the emperor holds a banquet for Qīng Kuí while Yè Tán remains imprisoned.

Qīng Kuí knows that they may not meet again after they get married and Yè Tán learns that Shào Diǎn Yǒu Qín will sacrifice himself to seal the Gui Xu. Qīng Kuí will be alone for all her life after becoming immortal. Yè Tán feels bad for Qīng Kuí and vows to stop her from marrying Shào Diǎn Yǒu Qín.

Later on, Ye Tan arrived at the city of Wang Liang, where everyone was fierce and evil, but Ye Tan was not afraid at all. She came here to find someone. Fortunately, Shao Dianyouqin happened to be in the city to inquire about the situation of the Chenyuan tribe. Qing Kui was promised to Shao Dian You Qin while Ye Tan was promised to the Chenyuan tribe.

Ye Tan looked down on the people who were supposed to help her, and as a result, she was chased by them. Fortunately, Shao Dian You Qin came out to help resolve the situation. Ye Tan saw that Shao Dian You Qin was very skilled, so she asked him to help kidnap Shao Dian You Qin. However, Shao Dianyouqin claimed that he was Shao Dian You Qin, but Ye Tan didn't believe him. After showing his proof of identity. However, Shao Dian You Qin mistook Ye Tan for Qing Kui.

Ye Tan planned to make Shao Dian You Qin back off by intentionally provoking him. She wanted to make him take the initiative to cancel the engagement, and even though Shao Dian You Qin also wanted to cancel the engagement, he was too scared to propose it himself.

Ye Tan pretended to be very arrogant and domineering to make Shao Dian You Qin back off, but just then, Shao Dian You Qin saw two groups of people from the Chenyuan tribe coming. Ye Tan immediately shouted for help when she saw them, and they saw someone trying to assassinate someone. Since they had seen their faces, the other side naturally wanted to kill the two of them.

Originally, Ye Tan wanted to use their help to get rid of Shao Dian You Qin, but unexpectedly, Shao Dian You Qin protected her behind him. Shao Dian You Qin even fought against the other side, which Ye Tan never expected.

Wu Dai's arrival ended the fight between Shaodian Youqin and Chao Feng, and they left. Chao Feng intentionally framed the assassination on the God tribe, and Wu Dai, despite being tall and powerful, was easily convinced by his words due to his low intelligence. Shaodian Youqin used magic to come to the human world and brought Ye Tan with him. To avoid being discovered by the king, Ye Tan hid on the side and saw Shaodian Youqin give the royal decree to the king, indicating that he was determined to marry Qing Kui. Ye Tan came up with a plan to make the Beast tribe's Di Lan Jue provoke a conflict between the Chen Yuan realm and the Heavenly realm at the upcoming engagement ceremony, causing the two armies to go to war and allowing them to take Qing Kui in the chaos. Di Lan Jue agreed, but he actually planned to take Ye Tan as his queen as well.

When Shaodian Youqin went to the human world, Ye Tan used his own power to make him have many distractions and worries. He asked Feichi to arrange the marriage for him, and he had to continue to let go of his desires. Chao Feng urged Wu Dai to make the Chen Yuan tribe's presence known at the engagement ceremony, overshadowing the God tribe. With just a few words, Wu Dai was convinced and decided to show the God tribe the bravery of the Chen Yuan tribe. The next day, the God tribe and the Chen Yuan tribe faced off, and Chao Feng and Shaodian Youqin recognized each other. Qing Kui and Ye Tan were dressed in fancy clothes and were warned by the king to be cautious in their behavior. Ye Tan was scolded by the king for causing trouble and embarrassing him again when she married into the Chen Yuan realm.

Chao Feng saw Ye Tan and recognized her as the woman who was with Shaodian Youqin the day before. He knew that she had seen his face and was afraid she would marry someone from the Chen Yuan realm. However, Shaodian Youqin was powerful and had killed the Princess, which was a capital offense. Chao Feng didn't know what to do.

Just then, Di Lan Jue tried to stir up trouble between the two realms with an arrow, but failed. He then used a magical object to create chaos, hoping to take Ye Tan away. Ye Tan refused to go, and Qing Kui needed help, so Ye Tan switched places with her.

When Shaodian Youqin saw someone pretending to be a god on the city wall, he chased after them, and Di Lan Jue ran away. Chao Feng took advantage of Shaodian Youqin's absence to switch Qing Kui and Ye Tan in the wedding sedan. Qing Kui didn't suspect a thing, but Ye Tan knew something was wrong.

Di Lan Jue accidentally sent Ye Tan to the Heavenly Realm and immediately gathered his troops to rescue her. However, before he could leave, the Beast King's men captured him. Ye Tan wanted to explain everything to Shaodian Youqin, but was stopped and had to enter the Heavenly Realm against her will.

At the same time, Qing Kui arrived at the Chen Yuan realm and intended to explain that she was the Qing Kui who was going to marry someone from the God Realm, but Chao Feng reminded her not to say anything. Shaodian Youqin and Ye Tan were supposed to cross the marriage bridge together to see if they were meant to be, but Ye Tan was afraid of being exposed and didn't want to go. However, Shaodian Youqin dragged her across the bridge, and they were surprised to find out that they were destined for each other.

The gods of the heavenly realm gave Ye Tan many treasures, and she was overjoyed but didn't know why. Shaodian Youqin ordered Fei Chi to take her to the Heavenly Pavilion, and later the goddess Ni Hongshang wanted to see her. When they entered the sleeping chamber, Ye Tan released Momo and wanted her to teach her magic, to turn these treasures into handkerchiefs, as she planned to take them to the mortal world. Momo was shocked that Ye Tan wanted to escape to the mortal world as soon as she arrived.

Qing Kui arrived at Chen Yuan and stayed in the Zhuo Xin Palace. She was told to stay there until the Crown Prince was chosen and it was time for the wedding. Su Shui, a maid, was responsible for serving Qing Kui and fulfilling her needs. Qing Kui had a scent of the Nine Heavens Sandalwood, which was considered the most elegant and refined scent in the mortal world. However, it was forbidden in Chen Yuan, and even the King and Queen did not like it. The maid warned Qing Kui not to use it again. Later, the maids took Qing Kui to remove the scent from her body, but to her surprise, it was actually a painful back scrub.

Meanwhile, Qing Kui thought about whether Ye Tan had gone to the Heavenly Realm. At that time, Ye Tan and her friend from the Beast Realm, Slowly, wanted to leave the Tian Pa Yard, but were stopped by General Guang Tian. It turned out that Shaodian Youqin had ordered that Ye Tan and Slowly couldn't leave the Tian Pa Yard before the banquet.

The fairies brought clothes and accessories to dress up Ye Tan. Ye Tan used the ankle strap of her footwear as a headband, which she thought was pretty, but she knew it was actually an ankle strap. At the banquet, the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress arrived late, and Ye Tan discovered that the food served was not delicious dishes but rather a clear energy. Mortals can get sick by only eating simple grains, but the Divine clan can cultivate Qi by eating clear energy. However, as a human, Ye Tan found it too bland and unsatisfying, and even felt a cold sensation in her body after inhaling it. The Heavenly Empress realized that Ye Tan was not adapted to the food and ordered for human food to be made using high-quality clear energy. However, even after eating it, Ye Tan still felt a cold sensation in her body.

At this time in the Chen Yuan world, the ruthless king and queen held a welcoming banquet for Qing Kui in the Fen Yuan Palace. The ruthless king has always disliked the gods' customs and manners, so he allowed Qing Kui to skip the fake etiquette. The queen was more amiable and introduced Qing Kui to the three princes of Chen Yuan world. Wu Dai, the first warrior of Chen Yuan world, was under the main hall and he didn't care about anyone other than the ruthless king. The second prince was born from the queen and was named Ding Yun, who helped the ruthless king. Qing Kui wanted to drink with Ding Yun, but she found that the cup was filled with blood. She had to take a sip and immediately vomited it out. Chao Feng knew that the person in front of him, Ye Tan, was actually Qing Kui. She was a pure body and couldn't drink such things, so he pretended to be drunk and accidentally knocked over Qing Kui while whispering in her ear.

Qing Kui became suspicious, but she didn't expect Chao Feng to know her identity. She suspected that Chao Feng had switched with someone else, but Chao Feng denied it and threw the blame on Ding Yun. As a newcomer to the Chen Yuan world, Qing Kui did not know Chao Feng's cunning and easily believed his lies. The Heavenly Emperor summoned Shaodian Youqin and criticized Ye Tan's behavior. Shaodian Youqin was ordered to teach Ye Tan before the wedding to maintain the dignity of the Heavenly Realm. Ye Tan gradually found a red fruit and ate it to fill her stomach. She and Qing Kui were twin sisters who shared the same pain. Ye Tan had planned to contact Qing Kui by carving a message on her hand, but she was too afraid of pain. It was Qing Kui who took the initiative to make contact in the Chen Yuan world and they arranged to meet in the Wangliang City tomorrow.

Later on, Qing Kui wrote a letter to her father in the human world, hoping for his help. Ye Tan went to seek the help of Shaodian Youqin, but unexpectedly, the fruit she ate was the Jianmu fruit, also known as the Lingxiao forbidden fruit, which is used by the divine immortal couples who want to reproduce. As soon as Shaodian Youqin finished speaking, the Jianmu fruit in Ye Tan's mouth flew into his mouth, and Ye Tan suddenly rushed up and kissed him.

Ye Tan and Shaodian Youqin's intimate actions caused his emotions to become unstable. As a star spirit, his emotional fluctuations caused the stars to tremble and directly affected the weather in the celestial realm. Shaodian Youqin pushed Ye Tan away and learned that she had eaten a lot of Building Wood Fruits, which are used by the gods to cultivate and reproduce. She was also persistently clinging to him, so he angrily used magic to seal her.

To get the token, Ye Tan tricked Qing Heng into eating hotpot and drinking alcohol until he was drunk. While talking, Qing Heng revealed that Shaodian Youqin used to be kind and friendly, but after being given the task of repairing the ruins, he closed himself off and practiced in solitude for thousands of years, leading to his current cold demeanor.

While Ye Tan and Slowly worked together to open the Tianmen Gate, she fell from the Nine Heavens and was caught by Slowly, who transformed back into his original form. At the same time, Qing Kui left Chen Yuan to go to the Demon City to buy medicine. Chao Feng knew of her actions and ordered Gu Haichao to watch her and not let her leave the city.

Fei Chi disturbed Shaodian Youqin in the Xuanjing Realm, as he was urgently summoned to the Penglai Junque for a meeting. Ye Tan had boiled some of the eggs laid by the Immortal Crane's flock into tea eggs, and another immortal had complained that the Yunshan new tea had been stolen and the ten thousand-year-old tea tree had been cut down for firewood. They demanded that the Divine Lord mediate the situation.

Outside the palace gates of Penglai, Shaodian Youqin, a demon with a head as big as a cow, caused a lot of trouble within half a day. Not only were two immortals affected, but Shaodian Youqin's divine cow mount was also eaten by Shaodian Youqin. Erlang Shen came to report that Ye Yan escaped to the mortal realm and left a letter for Shaodian Youqin. After reading the letter, Shaodian Youqin became angry and burned it before leaving. The twin sisters met in the demon city and were chased by a masked killer named Chao Feng. Ye Yan's magic weapons and slow resistance bought some time for them to discuss their escape plan. They split up and ran away, but Ye Yan was caught by Chao Feng and was almost killed. Shaodian Youqin appeared just in time to save Ye Yan. Knowing he could not defeat Shaodian Youqin, Chao Feng fled. Meanwhile, Qing Kui encountered many masked killers while running away, but was saved by Chao Feng. She confirmed that the person who wanted to harm her was Prince Ding Yun of the Second Palace. Shaodian Youqin brought Ye Yan back to the heavens. Although she committed many mistakes and should have been punished by the Thunder Department, her status as a celestial being made it difficult to punish her. She apologized and acted spoiled, causing Shaodian Youqin to become conflicted. He finally gave her a small red gem that would cause pain if she misbehaved again. After waking up, Shaodian Youqin did not trouble her further and let her accompany Ye Yan. Zhuo Jiuyin followed Chao Feng to the Zhuo Heart Palace and overheard Qing Kui's true identity. Chao Feng deliberately fought with Qing Kui to create an impression that he couldn't win, but secretly used Yin techniques to indirectly kill Zhuo Jiuyin. Gu Haichao was instructed to blame Zhuo Jiuyin for chasing them in the demon city. Qing Kui wanted to confess to the Second Prince and the Queen of Li, but Chao Feng used magic to knock her unconscious. When Qing Kui woke up, she learned that Chao Feng had been punished and confessed to killing Zhuo Jiuyin. Ye Yan tried to escape again, but Shaodian Youqin caught her. Outside the palace gates of Penglai, Shaodian Youqin's head was as big as a cow, causing a lot of trouble within half a day. Not only were two immortals affected, but Shaodian Youqin's divine cow mount was also eaten by Shaodian Youqin. Erlang Shen came to report that Ye Yan escaped to the mortal realm and left a letter for Shaodian Youqin. After reading the letter, Shaodian Youqin became angry and burned it before leaving. The twin sisters met in the demon city and were chased by a masked killer named Chao Feng. Ye Yan's magic weapons and slow resistance bought some time for them to discuss their escape plan. They split up and ran away, but Ye Yan was caught by Chao Feng and was almost killed. Shaodian Youqin appeared just in time to save Ye Yan. Knowing he could not defeat Shaodian Youqin, Chao Feng fled. Meanwhile, Qing Kui encountered many masked killers while running away, but was saved by Chao Feng. She confirmed that the person who wanted to harm her was Prince Ding Yun of the Second Palace. Shaodian Youqin brought Ye Yan back to the heavens. Although she committed many mistakes and should have been punished by the Thunder Department, her status as a celestial being made it difficult to punish her. She apologized and acted spoiled, causing Shaodian Youqin to become conflicted.

Ye Tan was taken back to the heavenly palace, and at night she had a nightmare where her sister Qing Kui accused her. Ye Tan woke up scared and worried about her sister's safety. She tried to communicate with Qing Kui through writing, and her sister reassured her not to worry. Ye Tan wanted to exchange places with Qing Kui, but her sister refused because she was afraid it would put Ye Tan in danger.

Ye Tan was very worried about her sister, and her friend Man Man advised her not to do anything rash. Qing Kui burned the letter she wrote to the emperor because she believed that as long as Ye Tan was safe in the heavenly palace, it was enough. Meanwhile, Ye Tan vowed to find a way to rescue her sister.

Ye Tan had a magical tool in her chest, but she didn't know how to use it. She tried to extract it, but failed. She asked the immortals for help and stumbled upon them playing mahjong. They begged Ye Tan not to tell anyone, and she joined them. However, because of Shaodian Youqin's control, Ye Tan felt pain every time she spoke. She had to endure the pain and play mahjong with them in hopes of finding a way to break the seal on her.

Ye Tan learned that only Shaodian Youqin could break the seal, and she had no choice but to keep playing mahjong with them, hoping to leave the heavenly palace soon.

After Shaodian Youqin got married, his mother was still very worried about his safety. However, Shaodian Youqin found his mother's concern a bit uncomfortable because during his closed-door cultivation, he had to cut off all emotional ties, including family ties.

Ye Tan played cards with the immortals and won all of their treasures. The immortals had no choice but to accept their loss. Qing Kui thought about how Chao Feng was imprisoned for her, so she went to visit him in jail. Her subordinates immediately informed Chao Feng that Qing Kui was coming to visit him. They even beat up Chao Feng to make Qing Kui believe he was suffering. When Chao Feng saw that Qing Kui had given away all her valuable possessions to the soldiers just to see him, he was deeply attracted to her.

The immortals went to find Shaodian Youqin and spoke highly of Ye Tan. In reality, they were just trying to get Ye Tan to return their treasures. Shaodian Youqin knew that the immortals were being forced by Ye Tan to speak highly of him. He could see that they were dressed very shabbily. The immortals eventually had to tell Shaodian Youqin the truth. He was very surprised. Since Shaodian Youqin refused to agree, the immortals resorted to a last resort and pretended to be in distress. Shaodian Youqin had no choice but to return all of the treasures that Ye Tan had won.

Qing Kui finally saw Chao Feng. Chao Feng pretended to be very pitiful. Qing Kui knelt down and thanked Chao Feng for everything he had done for her. Qing Kui even offered to help cure Chao Feng's injuries. Chao Feng was afraid that Qing Kui would discover his tricks and quickly refused. But Qing Kui insisted on healing him. Chao Feng didn't say much more. After Qing Kui left, Chao Feng couldn't help but laugh.

To please Ye Tan, Shaodian Youqin brought a lot of human food. Unexpectedly, when Ye Tan smelled the food, he actually came over.

Ye Tan was surprised to find that Shaodian Youqin had prepared earthly food for her, but these dishes had to be paid for. Ye Tan thought that Shaodian Youqin was very stingy and even said that these things couldn't tempt her, but her stomach had already started rumbling. In the end, Ye Tan left, but when she got home, she looked at her treasures as if they were food. Shaodian Youqin thought that her plan had no effect on Ye Tan, but surprisingly, Ye Tan brought her treasure over just to have a good meal. Ye Tan had always eaten leftovers since she was young, so there was a reason for her appetite. She almost revealed the truth to Manman, but was scared into lying.

In the following days, Shaodian Youqin continued to use food to tempt Ye Tan, and eventually, Ye Tan couldn't resist the temptation and wanted to exchange her treasures for food. Shaodian Youqin also told Ye Tan that she had to attend classes from now on, but the benefit was that she could have good food every day. Ye Tan was very unhappy about this, but she agreed just for the food. Shaodian Youqin even gave Shaoci a list of Ye Tan's favorite foods, which made Shaoci think it was strange that Shaodian Youqin was so good to Ye Tan.

Chao Feng was brought to King Li, and he learned from his confidant in prison about everything that had happened recently. Chao Feng was brought to King Li, who found out that it was not the Second Prince who died, but his subordinate. When the Second Prince and the Queen tried to harm Chao Feng, the Crown Prince came to his rescue. The Crown Prince even brought the Second Prince's subordinate and said that he had received information that the Second Prince had traitorous intentions and even had spies in the army. King Li was very angry and punished him. In the end, all of the Second Prince's subordinates were silenced, and he was taken away. Chao Feng benefited from this incident and received a reward from King Li.

Bi Qiong has always liked Shaodian Youqin, but Shaodian Youqin only sees her as a little sister. Even if she becomes his apprentice, she would be very happy, but she later learns from a maid that if she becomes Shaodian Youqin's apprentice, there is no possibility of becoming his wife. Bi Qiong is so upset that she almost faints.

Actually, Ye Tan has been very curious about the school since she was young, but her father has always refused to let her go. Today is Ye Tan's first time going to school, and she can't be late. Bi Qiong is also going to class for the first time today, but she accidentally bumps into another fairy and scolds her. Ye Tan sees this and remembers how she was bullied by the nannies when she secretly studied. Ye Tan rushes to help the little fairy, but when Bi Qiong finds out that Ye Tan is Shaodian Youqin's wife, she even reports her to the teacher to get revenge. However, Ye Tan exposes her little tricks.

Shaodian Youqin scolds Ye Tan for a while after the incident, and Ye Tan is very angry and leaves. Shaodian Youqin is also angry when he learns that Ye Tan has been expelled from school. Later, the little fairy comes to tell him the truth, and Shaodian Youqin realizes his mistake.

Shaodian Youqin comes to find Ye Tan, and Ye Tan thinks he's there to make her apologize, but he actually brings her a test that's happening in three days. Shaodian Youqin went to plead with the teacher, and if Ye Tan can pass the test, she can be readmitted to school. Ye Tan originally didn't want to go, but Shaodian Youqin tells her that if she can pass the test, he will release her from the shackles on her body.



Chao Feng went to see his mother, but she was angry and hit him because she knew about his plan. Chao Feng's mother did not want him to be involved in the struggle, but he wanted to give his mother a better life. Chao Feng had been bullied by the queen since he was young, and he did not want to continue living like that. He felt sorry for his mother. However, the queen believed that everything was Chao Feng's fault and that he was using Wu Dai. The queen wanted her son to ascend to the throne, so she would not let Chao Feng get close to Qing Kui.

Shaodian Youqin prepared books for Ye Tan's exam. Ye Tan did not expect that there were so many books, and Shaodian Youqin was also there to help him learn important points. With Shaodian Youqin's guidance, Ye Tan thought he could succeed, but he failed the first time. Ye Tan accidentally transformed a lychee-flavored brush and tried to continue, but ended up accidentally turning Shaodian Youqin's hair into a mess, making him angry.

Di Lanjue exerted a lot of effort to finally get to the Heavenly Court to find Ye Tan. However, he accidentally fell and broke his foot. Fortunately, Ziwu found him and brought him back. Many people liked the little dog version of Di Lanjue and played with him. He could not turn back into his true form because he was injured.

The exam was about "dead wood in spring", but Ye Tan did not recognize it. During the exam, Ye Tan was sleepy and accused Shaodian Youqin of choosing the wrong question. Shaodian Youqin was embarrassed, and everyone had to remove their true form before entering the exam room. Bi Qiong walked past arrogantly and deliberately let Ye Tan go before her, but Ye Tan could not transform like the others, making Bi Qiong unhappy. 

The official assessment has begun, and everyone is using their magic. However, Ye Tan is struggling to complete the task. Suddenly, she remembers the spell that Shaodian Youqin taught him, and to everyone's surprise, Ye Tan completes the task quickly and successfully with blooming branches and birds flying over. However, she is later disqualified for using other spells and receives a lower grade than expected.

Meanwhile, the queen deliberately plants seeds of discord between Wu Dai and Chao Feng, insinuating that Chao Feng and Qing Kui are getting too close for the crown prince's position. Wu Dai is angry and confronts them. Qing Kui gives Chao Feng medicine, and although he was strong before, he pretends to be weak after seeing her. Qing Kui also makes Chao Feng small cakes, which reminds him of his childhood when he and his mother had to eat leftovers and bow down to the queen. Wu Dai tries to pick a fight with Chao Feng, but Qing Kui defends her and promises to help her clear her name. Wu Dai agrees to a martial arts competition with Qing Kui, but before that, Ye Tan secretly pricks Wu Dai with needles. Everyone thinks Qing Kui is foolish to fight Wu Dai, but she remains fearless.


When Wu Dai was about to attack Qing Kui, Chao Feng was ready to help, but unexpectedly Wu Dai fell to the ground and couldn't move. Qing Kui explained that it was because of her superb medical skills. After this incident, Qing Kui's life was saved. Man Man learned that Ye Tan had passed her assessment and gave her some delicious food. Hu Sui, who was saved by Ye Tan before, made pancakes for her and wanted to stay by her side. Ye Tan actually missed reading books when she was young, but her father didn't allow it. Every time, Qing Kui helped her secretly read books. Ye Tan still missed her sister Qing Kui. Ye Tan suddenly felt guilty for enjoying herself while Qing Kui suffered under Chen Yuan's rule. She was unhappy and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Ye Tan went to find Shaodian Youqin to ask her to lift the spell, but Shaodian Youqin kicked her out. After returning home, Ye Tan was very angry. Man Man thought they could please Shaodian Youqin and maybe she would lift the spell.

Qing Kui was studying medicine when Wu Dai suddenly came to her. The maid told Qing Kui that Wu Dai was very cruel to people, and Qing Kui was scared, thinking she would be killed. Unexpectedly, Wu Dai just took off his clothes and asked Qing Kui to teach him medicine. He didn't know anything about medicine and even took out a very thick needle. At this time, Chao Feng came over and argued with Wu Dai, worried that Qing Kui would be hurt. Chao Feng had unknowingly fallen in love with Qing Kui, but Qing Kui said she only wanted to repay her gratitude. Qing Kui didn't want to see them continue to argue, so she drove them both away.

Wu Dai and Chao Feng had completely fallen out because they both sincerely loved Qing Kui. Even someone nearby was commenting on Qing Kui's behavior. If anyone insulted her, they would kill them. Wu Dai happened to see Chao Feng and the two fought fiercely. Chao Feng almost exposed a flaw in anger, but luckily he reacted in time and pretended to be beaten by Wu Dai. This made the queen relax her guard.

Ye Tan is trying to please Shaodian Youqin by cooking his favorite dish, but Youqin is not used to the taste and becomes uncomfortable. Instead of eating, Ye Tan helps grind ingredients next to Youqin, who is now scared of him. Youqin even sees Ye Tan when showering, causing him to put his head in the bathtub out of fear. After a few days of Ye Tan's abnormal behavior, Youqin has nightmares and wakes up scared in the middle of the night.

Qing Heng sees Hu Sui, who is working under Ye Tan, and wants to help her. However, Hu Sui purposely sets boundaries with Qing Heng, making him hesitant to say anything.

Wu Dai always finds excuses to call Qing Kui over to help him with his injuries, which makes Chao Feng angry. To get Qing Kui to come more often, Wu Dai purposely reopens his wound. Chao Feng sees this and plans to confront Wu Dai, but decides to learn from him instead. Chao Feng pretends to be naive and intentionally hurts Wu Dai while they train, causing Wu Dai to stop teaching him. Just then, Qing Kui arrives and stops Chao Feng. Qing Kui noticed Chao Feng's plan all along and is angry, so he leaves.

Ye Tan has been constantly around Youqin, causing him to be scared of him. The empress dowager sees this and wants to match Youqin and Ye Tan together. Ye Tan acts understanding, but Youqin avoids him after they leave. The other players are waiting to create a romantic moment for them but end up causing trouble instead. Youqin and Ye Tan see this and leave together.

To punish Chao Feng, Qing Kui uses a potion to turn his face green. Although Chao Feng manages to detoxify himself, his hands turn green instead. He begs Qing Kui to help him detoxify again.

Chao Feng took the sea tide to apologize to Qing Kui and hoped that Qing Kui could provide the antidote. Although Qing Kui showed great sincerity, she repeatedly emphasized that Chao Feng should apologize to Wu Dai instead. Chao Feng did not want Qing Kui to mention Wu Dai again, so he took her to see the meteor shower.

The meteor shower occurs once every hundred years. A flash of light from the highest point of the heavenly realm falls to the ground, and the deep and dark sky shines brightly, creating a very charming scene. At this time, Shaodian Youqin also took Ye Tan to see the meteor shower. Ye Tan's celestial power was insufficient, and she was shivering at the boundary of the ninth heaven, her lips trembling and unable to speak. Shaodian Youqin immediately transferred her celestial power to warm her up.

Qing Kui was deeply moved by seeing such a beautiful meteor shower for the first time. In order to get the antidote, Chao Feng fabricated a very tragic background for himself and added many false details to arouse Qing Kui's pity. Hai Chao beside them laughed silently. In terms of strategy and methods, Chao Feng was one of the best in the Chen Yuan realm. Qing Kui was deceived by Chao Feng's lies and was really willing to help him detoxify.

Ye Tan saw that Shaodian Youqin was in a good mood tonight and immediately tried to please him to get back the Rainbow Light Treasure Eyes. After waiting for Shaodian Youqin's approval, Ye Tan found out that she had tried to decipher it too many times, which triggered an alarm mechanism. To unlock it smoothly, she needed to wait for another month. Ye Tan secretly complained in her heart that she still had to stay in the heavenly realm for another month. How many setbacks would Qing Kui experience during this month? Ye Tan looked up at the starry sky in a daze. Shaodian Youqin gave her a moon-white leaf, which had endless divine power and could often turn danger into safety. She could wear it for protection. Ye Tan was very moved, and knowing that she was afraid of the cold, Shaodian Youqin took off his cloak and put it on her, holding her shoulder and returning to the sleeping palace.

After hearing Chao Feng's story of his mother's unfortunate experiences from childhood to adulthood, Qing Kui learned that they were often hungry, blamed, and trapped in cold caves all day long. She prepared many medicinal materials and wanted to visit Chao Feng's mother. Chao Feng was afraid that his lies would be exposed, so he immediately had Hai Chao inform his mother.

Chao Feng's mother usually only criticized her son for indulging in pleasure-seeking. When she heard that he was trying to win a girl's heart, she immediately cooperated with her son's act and had her maids spread dried leaves all over the cave and used a lot of spider webs to decorate it. As a result, when Qing Kui and Chao Feng walked into the cave, they found that the cold wind was blowing, the leaves were trembling, and there were spider webs everywhere. Even the food was moldy and hairy.

Qing Kui immediately believed it was true and carefully helped diagnose Chao Feng's mother. She quickly determined that Chao Feng Mother's head ailment had been present for many years and was confident that her medicine could cure it.

Di Lanjue finally found an opportunity to sneak away and ran excitedly to Ye Tan, whom he had been thinking about day and night. Ye Tan and the spirit bird were both very happy. Di Lanjue did not hide his passion and obsession, and Ye Tan clarified once again that they could only have a sibling relationship and could not develop further. Di Lanjue had been rejected by Ye Tan many times, and each time he was deeply heartbroken. Suddenly, there was a loud noise in the heavenly realm.

Chao Feng has set his sights on the consort, which has made his mother very angry. She takes out a spiked club to teach her disobedient son a lesson. When Chao Feng hears his mother praise Qing Kui, he is happy. However, his mother emphasizes that a good girl like Qing Kui cannot be his wife and tells him to give up on his feelings for her.
Suddenly, there is a loud noise in the Abyss. Chao Feng's mother tells him to protect Qing Kui, and the sky is covered with dark clouds and lightning. Qing Kui rushes to Chao Feng with her servant to bring him medicine to treat his mother's gout. Chao Feng is touched and hugs her.
Crows are flying everywhere, and the surrounding air is filled with negative energy that is attacking the immortals and disciples of the Abyss. Lord Li calls all the Abyss disciples to defend against the crisis in Gui Xu.
Ye Tan urgently searches for Shaodian Youqin, who is currently in seclusion. Ye Tan screams his name outside the enchantment as the heavens are about to be attacked. Black energy tries to enter Shaodian Youqin's body, and Ye Tan is scared. She yells for Shaodian Youqin to run, but Shaodian Youqin protects Ye Tan and says the black energy is the obsession that prevents him from reaching the ninth level of cultivation.
Ye Tan suspects that Shaodian Youqin is worried about the death of his master, who sacrificed himself to stabilize Gui Xu and prevent it from being destroyed by demons. Shaodian Youqin was a young boy at the time and watched his mentor jump into the molten Gui Xu. Since then, fear and despair have haunted him. He is afraid of losing and avoids getting close to people. Whenever he reaches the highest level of cultivation, he sees the scared little boy holding his fists tightly and staring at him.
Ye Tan sees Shaodian Youqin ready to kill the boy who has been haunting him, and she steps in front of the boy. She reminds Shaodian Youqin that everyone has weaknesses and pain that cannot be let go of. These things have made them strong. It is important to turn their grief and anger into strength and learn to live with their past. Upon hearing Ye Tan's advice, Shaodian Youqin walks over and hugs the scared boy tightly.

They held each other tightly, drawing warmth and strength from one another. Soon, Shaodian Youqin's eyes regained their brightness, and his Class ten golden body returned.

In the tumultuous Gui Xu, many fairy envoys suggested that Shaodian Youqin go and repair it. However, the Emperor and Empress strongly objected, as Shaodian Youqin's master had sacrificed himself to repair Gui Xu in the past. Shaodian Youqin had trained hard for fifteen thousand years and was still unmarried, and they were unwilling to risk his life. The Empress begged the other fairy envoys to be lenient in memory of the deceased master god, but the safety of the heavens was of utmost importance. Shaodian Youqin stepped forward as the successor to the god and bore the mission of maintaining the security of the heavens. He secretly concealed his whereabouts and turned Ye Tan into a frozen walnut to protect his beloved's safety.

In the Chen Yuan realm, Lord Li ordered that whoever destroyed the heavens first would become the next ruler of the Chen Yuan realm. Chao Feng had long coveted the position of Crown Prince and intended to make a big move. However, he was worried about Qing Kui's situation and feared that someone would harm her while he attacked the heavens. He found an excuse to imprison her in the Soul Binding Cave. Although the Soul Binding Cave sounded like a terrifying place on the surface, the guards inside were all Chao Feng's men, and they were heavily guarded. It was a temporary measure to confine Qing Kui there.

As they were about to depart, Chao Feng hurried to see Qing Kui and expressed his feelings to her. Although he knew that Qing Kui was a princess of the mortal world, he liked her very much for her kindness and honesty. He hoped that she could give him a chance to win her over and could not resist kissing her. Chao Feng's kiss was passionate and stubborn, and Qing Kui felt his enthusiasm. She nodded and promised to wait for his triumphant return.


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