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The Starry Love Recap, Plot, Synopsis

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The Starry Love Synopsis

The queen of the human race gave birth to twin sisters, one good and one evil.

The older sister, Qing Kui, is gentle and kind. She is admired by the human race, so was chosen by the gods as the Heavenly Concubine.

The younger sister, Ye Tan, was smart and cunning and was bullied, so she was promised to the demon world as a demon concubine.

During the marriage between the gods and the devils, the twin sisters’ palanquin is accidentally switched, and Night Tum becomes a happy couple with the Emperor Xuanshang, while Qing Kui becomes a pawn of the third highness Miao Feng to compete for the crown.

The two CPs made numerous jokes, but their feeling for each other also grew.

At this time, the crisis of extinction comes, the four worlds learned that the identity of the twin sisters is about the survival of the four worlds, they want to kill the twin sisters.

The two CPs are faced with a huge test between thinking about life and holding on to their love. Finally, the two sisters break through the situation with courage, ushering in the light after darkness.


The Starry Love Recap

Episode 1 Recap

At the beginning of creation, the four realms' beings were born from the two qi, clear and turbid. However, they feared the power of chaos. Fortunately, the gods of the heavenly realm sealed chaos in the Gui Xu, but unexpectedly, the roots of the Eastern Hill Holy Tree grew deep into the sea, and chaos became its soil. It gave birth to a pair of twin flowers that could open the Gui Xu. To maintain peace, the beings from the four realms joined forces to eradicate the twin flowers. However, the spiritual body of the flowers did not perish and fell into the body of the human queen.

The queen was in labor at that time and finally gave birth to a pair of twins. Eighteen years quickly passed, and the two princesses grew up to become graceful and dignified. They learned from the palace maids that although they were born at the same time, their destinies were different. Princess Qing Kui was born with auspicious signs and was crowned as the Heavenly Goddess in childhood. She has always been a model for the world. However, the second princess Ye Tan was different. The queen died of difficult childbirth when she was born, and she was born with evil signs. Even her own wet nurse died in the process. Therefore, the emperor confined her to Zhao Lu Palace.

Ye Tan suffered a lot there, but she also swore never to bow down to anyone. Ye Tan and Qing Kui were completely different in character.

Today is the day when Yè Tán and Qīng Kuí are supposed to leave the palace. Yè Tán wanted to leave but was stopped by soldiers at the gate. Feeling like everyone already thinks she's a bad person, Yè Tán decides to act like one. Meanwhile, Qīng Kuí meets the emperor and presents him with a gift. However, in Ye Tan's Palace, the father has been kidnapped by Yè Tán. The father is actually transformed by a little sparrow. She confesses her dissatisfaction to the sparrow.

Qīng Kuí tries to help but the emperor is too angry and Yè Tán is thrown into the dungeon.

On another side, Shào Diǎn Yǒu Qín has been imprisoned in a mirror for 1,500 years and is about to be released. He arrives at the palace and his family and friends are amazed by how much he's grown and changed, but he's not familiar with social customs. His father informs him that Qīng Kuí is going to be his wife, but he rejects the idea. Meanwhile, the emperor holds a banquet for Qīng Kuí while Yè Tán remains imprisoned.

Qīng Kuí knows that they may not meet again after they get married and Yè Tán learns that Shào Diǎn Yǒu Qín will sacrifice himself to seal the Gui Xu. Qīng Kuí will be alone for all her life after becoming immortal. Yè Tán feels bad for Qīng Kuí and vows to stop her from marrying Shào Diǎn Yǒu Qín.

Later on, Ye Tan arrived at the city of Wang Liang, where everyone was fierce and evil, but Ye Tan was not afraid at all. She came here to find someone. Fortunately, Shao Dianyouqin happened to be in the city to inquire about the situation of the Chenyuan tribe. Qing Kui was promised to Shao Dian You Qin while Ye Tan was promised to the Chenyuan tribe.

Ye Tan looked down on the people who were supposed to help her, and as a result, she was chased by them. Fortunately, Shao Dian You Qin came out to help resolve the situation. Ye Tan saw that Shao Dian You Qin was very skilled, so she asked him to help kidnap Shao Dian You Qin. However, Shao Dianyouqin claimed that he was Shao Dian You Qin, but Ye Tan didn't believe him. After showing his proof of identity. However, Shao Dian You Qin mistook Ye Tan for Qing Kui.

Ye Tan planned to make Shao Dian You Qin back off by intentionally provoking him. She wanted to make him take the initiative to cancel the engagement, and even though Shao Dian You Qin also wanted to cancel the engagement, he was too scared to propose it himself.

Ye Tan pretended to be very arrogant and domineering to make Shao Dian You Qin back off, but just then, Shao Dian You Qin saw two groups of people from the Chenyuan tribe coming. Ye Tan immediately shouted for help when she saw them, and they saw someone trying to assassinate someone. Since they had seen their faces, the other side naturally wanted to kill the two of them.

Originally, Ye Tan wanted to use their help to get rid of Shao Dian You Qin, but unexpectedly, Shao Dian You Qin protected her behind him. Shao Dian You Qin even fought against the other side, which Ye Tan never expected.

Episode 2 Recap

Wu Dai's arrival ended the fight between Shaodian Youqin and Chao Feng, and they left. Chao Feng intentionally framed the assassination on the God tribe, and Wu Dai, despite being tall and powerful, was easily convinced by his words due to his low intelligence. Shaodian Youqin used magic to come to the human world and brought Ye Tan with him. To avoid being discovered by the king, Ye Tan hid on the side and saw Shaodian Youqin give the royal decree to the king, indicating that he was determined to marry Qing Kui. Ye Tan came up with a plan to make the Beast tribe's Di Lan Jue provoke a conflict between the Chen Yuan realm and the Heavenly realm at the upcoming engagement ceremony, causing the two armies to go to war and allowing them to take Qing Kui in the chaos. Di Lan Jue agreed, but he actually planned to take Ye Tan as his queen as well.

When Shaodian Youqin went to the human world, Ye Tan used his own power to make him have many distractions and worries. He asked Feichi to arrange the marriage for him, and he had to continue to let go of his desires. Chao Feng urged Wu Dai to make the Chen Yuan tribe's presence known at the engagement ceremony, overshadowing the God tribe. With just a few words, Wu Dai was convinced and decided to show the God tribe the bravery of the Chen Yuan tribe. The next day, the God tribe and the Chen Yuan tribe faced off, and Chao Feng and Shaodian Youqin recognized each other. Qing Kui and Ye Tan were dressed in fancy clothes and were warned by the king to be cautious in their behavior. Ye Tan was scolded by the king for causing trouble and embarrassing him again when she married into the Chen Yuan realm.

Chao Feng saw Ye Tan and recognized her as the woman who was with Shaodian Youqin the day before. He knew that she had seen his face and was afraid she would marry someone from the Chen Yuan realm. However, Shaodian Youqin was powerful and had killed the Princess, which was a capital offense. Chao Feng didn't know what to do.

Just then, Di Lan Jue tried to stir up trouble between the two realms with an arrow, but failed. He then used a magical object to create chaos, hoping to take Ye Tan away. Ye Tan refused to go, and Qing Kui needed help, so Ye Tan switched places with her.

When Shaodian Youqin saw someone pretending to be a god on the city wall, he chased after them, and Di Lan Jue ran away. Chao Feng took advantage of Shaodian Youqin's absence to switch Qing Kui and Ye Tan in the wedding sedan. Qing Kui didn't suspect a thing, but Ye Tan knew something was wrong.

Di Lan Jue accidentally sent Ye Tan to the Heavenly Realm and immediately gathered his troops to rescue her. However, before he could leave, the Beast King's men captured him. Ye Tan wanted to explain everything to Shaodian Youqin, but was stopped and had to enter the Heavenly Realm against her will.

At the same time, Qing Kui arrived at the Chen Yuan realm and intended to explain that she was the Qing Kui who was going to marry someone from the God Realm, but Chao Feng reminded her not to say anything. Shaodian Youqin and Ye Tan were supposed to cross the marriage bridge together to see if they were meant to be, but Ye Tan was afraid of being exposed and didn't want to go. However, Shaodian Youqin dragged her across the bridge, and they were surprised to find out that they were destined for each other.

The gods of the heavenly realm gave Ye Tan many treasures, and she was overjoyed but didn't know why. Shaodian Youqin ordered Fei Chi to take her to the Heavenly Pavilion, and later the goddess Ni Hongshang wanted to see her. When they entered the sleeping chamber, Ye Tan released Momo and wanted her to teach her magic, to turn these treasures into handkerchiefs, as she planned to take them to the mortal world. Momo was shocked that Ye Tan wanted to escape to the mortal world as soon as she arrived.

Episode 3 Recap

Qing Kui arrived at Chen Yuan and stayed in the Zhuo Xin Palace. She was told to stay there until the Crown Prince was chosen and it was time for the wedding. Su Shui, a maid, was responsible for serving Qing Kui and fulfilling her needs. Qing Kui had a scent of the Nine Heavens Sandalwood, which was considered the most elegant and refined scent in the mortal world. However, it was forbidden in Chen Yuan, and even the King and Queen did not like it. The maid warned Qing Kui not to use it again. Later, the maids took Qing Kui to remove the scent from her body, but to her surprise, it was actually a painful back scrub.

Meanwhile, Qing Kui thought about whether Ye Tan had gone to the Heavenly Realm. At that time, Ye Tan and her friend from the Beast Realm, Slowly, wanted to leave the Tian Pa Yard, but were stopped by General Guang Tian. It turned out that Shaodian Youqin had ordered that Ye Tan and Slowly couldn't leave the Tian Pa Yard before the banquet.

The fairies brought clothes and accessories to dress up Ye Tan. Ye Tan used the ankle strap of her footwear as a headband, which she thought was pretty, but she knew it was actually an ankle strap. At the banquet, the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress arrived late, and Ye Tan discovered that the food served was not delicious dishes but rather a clear energy. Mortals can get sick by only eating simple grains, but the Divine clan can cultivate Qi by eating clear energy. However, as a human, Ye Tan found it too bland and unsatisfying, and even felt a cold sensation in her body after inhaling it. The Heavenly Empress realized that Ye Tan was not adapted to the food and ordered for human food to be made using high-quality clear energy. However, even after eating it, Ye Tan still felt a cold sensation in her body.

At this time in the Chen Yuan world, the ruthless king and queen held a welcoming banquet for Qing Kui in the Fen Yuan Palace. The ruthless king has always disliked the gods' customs and manners, so he allowed Qing Kui to skip the fake etiquette. The queen was more amiable and introduced Qing Kui to the three princes of Chen Yuan world. Wu Dai, the first warrior of Chen Yuan world, was under the main hall and he didn't care about anyone other than the ruthless king. The second prince was born from the queen and was named Ding Yun, who helped the ruthless king. Qing Kui wanted to drink with Ding Yun, but she found that the cup was filled with blood. She had to take a sip and immediately vomited it out. Chao Feng knew that the person in front of him, Ye Tan, was actually Qing Kui. She was a pure body and couldn't drink such things, so he pretended to be drunk and accidentally knocked over Qing Kui while whispering in her ear.

Qing Kui became suspicious, but she didn't expect Chao Feng to know her identity. She suspected that Chao Feng had switched with someone else, but Chao Feng denied it and threw the blame on Ding Yun. As a newcomer to the Chen Yuan world, Qing Kui did not know Chao Feng's cunning and easily believed his lies. The Heavenly Emperor summoned Shaodian Youqin and criticized Ye Tan's behavior. Shaodian Youqin was ordered to teach Ye Tan before the wedding to maintain the dignity of the Heavenly Realm. Ye Tan gradually found a red fruit and ate it to fill her stomach. She and Qing Kui were twin sisters who shared the same pain. Ye Tan had planned to contact Qing Kui by carving a message on her hand, but she was too afraid of pain. It was Qing Kui who took the initiative to make contact in the Chen Yuan world and they arranged to meet in the Wangliang City tomorrow.

Later on, Qing Kui wrote a letter to her father in the human world, hoping for his help. Ye Tan went to seek the help of Shaodian Youqin, but unexpectedly, the fruit she ate was the Jianmu fruit, also known as the Lingxiao forbidden fruit, which is used by the divine immortal couples who want to reproduce. As soon as Shaodian Youqin finished speaking, the Jianmu fruit in Ye Tan's mouth flew into his mouth, and Ye Tan suddenly rushed up and kissed him.

Episode 4 Recap

Ye Tan and Shaodian Youqin's intimate actions caused his emotions to become unstable. As a star spirit, his emotional fluctuations caused the stars to tremble and directly affected the weather in the celestial realm. Shaodian Youqin pushed Ye Tan away and learned that she had eaten a lot of Building Wood Fruits, which are used by the gods to cultivate and reproduce. She was also persistently clinging to him, so he angrily used magic to seal her.

To get the token, Ye Tan tricked Qing Heng into eating hotpot and drinking alcohol until he was drunk. While talking, Qing Heng revealed that Shaodian Youqin used to be kind and friendly, but after being given the task of repairing the ruins, he closed himself off and practiced in solitude for thousands of years, leading to his current cold demeanor.

While Ye Tan and Slowly worked together to open the Tianmen Gate, she fell from the Nine Heavens and was caught by Slowly, who transformed back into his original form. At the same time, Qing Kui left Chen Yuan to go to the Demon City to buy medicine. Chao Feng knew of her actions and ordered Gu Haichao to watch her and not let her leave the city.

Fei Chi disturbed Shaodian Youqin in the Xuanjing Realm, as he was urgently summoned to the Penglai Junque for a meeting. Ye Tan had boiled some of the eggs laid by the Immortal Crane's flock into tea eggs, and another immortal had complained that the Yunshan new tea had been stolen and the ten thousand-year-old tea tree had been cut down for firewood. They demanded that the Divine Lord mediate the situation.

Outside the palace gates of Penglai, Shaodian Youqin, a demon with a head as big as a cow, caused a lot of trouble within half a day. Not only were two immortals affected, but Shaodian Youqin's divine cow mount was also eaten by Shaodian Youqin. Erlang Shen came to report that Ye Yan escaped to the mortal realm and left a letter for Shaodian Youqin. After reading the letter, Shaodian Youqin became angry and burned it before leaving. The twin sisters met in the demon city and were chased by a masked killer named Chao Feng. Ye Yan's magic weapons and slow resistance bought some time for them to discuss their escape plan. They split up and ran away, but Ye Yan was caught by Chao Feng and was almost killed. Shaodian Youqin appeared just in time to save Ye Yan. Knowing he could not defeat Shaodian Youqin, Chao Feng fled. Meanwhile, Qing Kui encountered many masked killers while running away, but was saved by Chao Feng. She confirmed that the person who wanted to harm her was Prince Ding Yun of the Second Palace. Shaodian Youqin brought Ye Yan back to the heavens. Although she committed many mistakes and should have been punished by the Thunder Department, her status as a celestial being made it difficult to punish her. She apologized and acted spoiled, causing Shaodian Youqin to become conflicted. He finally gave her a small red gem that would cause pain if she misbehaved again. After waking up, Shaodian Youqin did not trouble her further and let her accompany Ye Yan. Zhuo Jiuyin followed Chao Feng to the Zhuo Heart Palace and overheard Qing Kui's true identity. Chao Feng deliberately fought with Qing Kui to create an impression that he couldn't win, but secretly used Yin techniques to indirectly kill Zhuo Jiuyin. Gu Haichao was instructed to blame Zhuo Jiuyin for chasing them in the demon city. Qing Kui wanted to confess to the Second Prince and the Queen of Li, but Chao Feng used magic to knock her unconscious. When Qing Kui woke up, she learned that Chao Feng had been punished and confessed to killing Zhuo Jiuyin. Ye Yan tried to escape again, but Shaodian Youqin caught her. Outside the palace gates of Penglai, Shaodian Youqin's head was as big as a cow, causing a lot of trouble within half a day. Not only were two immortals affected, but Shaodian Youqin's divine cow mount was also eaten by Shaodian Youqin. Erlang Shen came to report that Ye Yan escaped to the mortal realm and left a letter for Shaodian Youqin. After reading the letter, Shaodian Youqin became angry and burned it before leaving. The twin sisters met in the demon city and were chased by a masked killer named Chao Feng. Ye Yan's magic weapons and slow resistance bought some time for them to discuss their escape plan. They split up and ran away, but Ye Yan was caught by Chao Feng and was almost killed. Shaodian Youqin appeared just in time to save Ye Yan. Knowing he could not defeat Shaodian Youqin, Chao Feng fled. Meanwhile, Qing Kui encountered many masked killers while running away, but was saved by Chao Feng. She confirmed that the person who wanted to harm her was Prince Ding Yun of the Second Palace. Shaodian Youqin brought Ye Yan back to the heavens. Although she committed many mistakes and should have been punished by the Thunder Department, her status as a celestial being made it difficult to punish her. She apologized and acted spoiled, causing Shaodian Youqin to become conflicted.

Episode 5 Recap

Ye Tan was taken back to the heavenly palace, and at night she had a nightmare where her sister Qing Kui accused her. Ye Tan woke up scared and worried about her sister's safety. She tried to communicate with Qing Kui through writing, and her sister reassured her not to worry. Ye Tan wanted to exchange places with Qing Kui, but her sister refused because she was afraid it would put Ye Tan in danger.

Ye Tan was very worried about her sister, and her friend Man Man advised her not to do anything rash. Qing Kui burned the letter she wrote to the emperor because she believed that as long as Ye Tan was safe in the heavenly palace, it was enough. Meanwhile, Ye Tan vowed to find a way to rescue her sister.

Ye Tan had a magical tool in her chest, but she didn't know how to use it. She tried to extract it, but failed. She asked the immortals for help and stumbled upon them playing mahjong. They begged Ye Tan not to tell anyone, and she joined them. However, because of Shaodian Youqin's control, Ye Tan felt pain every time she spoke. She had to endure the pain and play mahjong with them in hopes of finding a way to break the seal on her.

Ye Tan learned that only Shaodian Youqin could break the seal, and she had no choice but to keep playing mahjong with them, hoping to leave the heavenly palace soon.

After Shaodian Youqin got married, his mother was still very worried about his safety. However, Shaodian Youqin found his mother's concern a bit uncomfortable because during his closed-door cultivation, he had to cut off all emotional ties, including family ties.

Ye Tan played cards with the immortals and won all of their treasures. The immortals had no choice but to accept their loss. Qing Kui thought about how Chao Feng was imprisoned for her, so she went to visit him in jail. Her subordinates immediately informed Chao Feng that Qing Kui was coming to visit him. They even beat up Chao Feng to make Qing Kui believe he was suffering. When Chao Feng saw that Qing Kui had given away all her valuable possessions to the soldiers just to see him, he was deeply attracted to her.

The immortals went to find Shaodian Youqin and spoke highly of Ye Tan. In reality, they were just trying to get Ye Tan to return their treasures. Shaodian Youqin knew that the immortals were being forced by Ye Tan to speak highly of him. He could see that they were dressed very shabbily. The immortals eventually had to tell Shaodian Youqin the truth. He was very surprised. Since Shaodian Youqin refused to agree, the immortals resorted to a last resort and pretended to be in distress. Shaodian Youqin had no choice but to return all of the treasures that Ye Tan had won.

Qing Kui finally saw Chao Feng. Chao Feng pretended to be very pitiful. Qing Kui knelt down and thanked Chao Feng for everything he had done for her. Qing Kui even offered to help cure Chao Feng's injuries. Chao Feng was afraid that Qing Kui would discover his tricks and quickly refused. But Qing Kui insisted on healing him. Chao Feng didn't say much more. After Qing Kui left, Chao Feng couldn't help but laugh.

To please Ye Tan, Shaodian Youqin brought a lot of human food. Unexpectedly, when Ye Tan smelled the food, he actually came over.

Episode 6 Recap

Ye Tan was surprised to find that Shaodian Youqin had prepared earthly food for her, but these dishes had to be paid for. Ye Tan thought that Shaodian Youqin was very stingy and even said that these things couldn't tempt her, but her stomach had already started rumbling. In the end, Ye Tan left, but when she got home, she looked at her treasures as if they were food. Shaodian Youqin thought that her plan had no effect on Ye Tan, but surprisingly, Ye Tan brought her treasure over just to have a good meal. Ye Tan had always eaten leftovers since she was young, so there was a reason for her appetite. She almost revealed the truth to Manman, but was scared into lying.

In the following days, Shaodian Youqin continued to use food to tempt Ye Tan, and eventually, Ye Tan couldn't resist the temptation and wanted to exchange her treasures for food. Shaodian Youqin also told Ye Tan that she had to attend classes from now on, but the benefit was that she could have good food every day. Ye Tan was very unhappy about this, but she agreed just for the food. Shaodian Youqin even gave Shaoci a list of Ye Tan's favorite foods, which made Shaoci think it was strange that Shaodian Youqin was so good to Ye Tan.

Chao Feng was brought to King Li, and he learned from his confidant in prison about everything that had happened recently. Chao Feng was brought to King Li, who found out that it was not the Second Prince who died, but his subordinate. When the Second Prince and the Queen tried to harm Chao Feng, the Crown Prince came to his rescue. The Crown Prince even brought the Second Prince's subordinate and said that he had received information that the Second Prince had traitorous intentions and even had spies in the army. King Li was very angry and punished him. In the end, all of the Second Prince's subordinates were silenced, and he was taken away. Chao Feng benefited from this incident and received a reward from King Li.

Bi Qiong has always liked Shaodian Youqin, but Shaodian Youqin only sees her as a little sister. Even if she becomes his apprentice, she would be very happy, but she later learns from a maid that if she becomes Shaodian Youqin's apprentice, there is no possibility of becoming his wife. Bi Qiong is so upset that she almost faints.

Actually, Ye Tan has been very curious about the school since she was young, but her father has always refused to let her go. Today is Ye Tan's first time going to school, and she can't be late. Bi Qiong is also going to class for the first time today, but she accidentally bumps into another fairy and scolds her. Ye Tan sees this and remembers how she was bullied by the nannies when she secretly studied. Ye Tan rushes to help the little fairy, but when Bi Qiong finds out that Ye Tan is Shaodian Youqin's wife, she even reports her to the teacher to get revenge. However, Ye Tan exposes her little tricks.

Shaodian Youqin scolds Ye Tan for a while after the incident, and Ye Tan is very angry and leaves. Shaodian Youqin is also angry when he learns that Ye Tan has been expelled from school. Later, the little fairy comes to tell him the truth, and Shaodian Youqin realizes his mistake.

Shaodian Youqin comes to find Ye Tan, and Ye Tan thinks he's there to make her apologize, but he actually brings her a test that's happening in three days. Shaodian Youqin went to plead with the teacher, and if Ye Tan can pass the test, she can be readmitted to school. Ye Tan originally didn't want to go, but Shaodian Youqin tells her that if she can pass the test, he will release her from the shackles on her body.



Episode 7 Recap

Chao Feng went to see his mother, but she was angry and hit him because she knew about his plan. Chao Feng's mother did not want him to be involved in the struggle, but he wanted to give his mother a better life. Chao Feng had been bullied by the queen since he was young, and he did not want to continue living like that. He felt sorry for his mother. However, the queen believed that everything was Chao Feng's fault and that he was using Wu Dai. The queen wanted her son to ascend to the throne, so she would not let Chao Feng get close to Qing Kui.

Shaodian Youqin prepared books for Ye Tan's exam. Ye Tan did not expect that there were so many books, and Shaodian Youqin was also there to help him learn important points. With Shaodian Youqin's guidance, Ye Tan thought he could succeed, but he failed the first time. Ye Tan accidentally transformed a lychee-flavored brush and tried to continue, but ended up accidentally turning Shaodian Youqin's hair into a mess, making him angry.

Di Lanjue exerted a lot of effort to finally get to the Heavenly Court to find Ye Tan. However, he accidentally fell and broke his foot. Fortunately, Ziwu found him and brought him back. Many people liked the little dog version of Di Lanjue and played with him. He could not turn back into his true form because he was injured.

The exam was about "dead wood in spring", but Ye Tan did not recognize it. During the exam, Ye Tan was sleepy and accused Shaodian Youqin of choosing the wrong question. Shaodian Youqin was embarrassed, and everyone had to remove their true form before entering the exam room. Bi Qiong walked past arrogantly and deliberately let Ye Tan go before her, but Ye Tan could not transform like the others, making Bi Qiong unhappy. 

The official assessment has begun, and everyone is using their magic. However, Ye Tan is struggling to complete the task. Suddenly, she remembers the spell that Shaodian Youqin taught him, and to everyone's surprise, Ye Tan completes the task quickly and successfully with blooming branches and birds flying over. However, she is later disqualified for using other spells and receives a lower grade than expected.

Meanwhile, the queen deliberately plants seeds of discord between Wu Dai and Chao Feng, insinuating that Chao Feng and Qing Kui are getting too close for the crown prince's position. Wu Dai is angry and confronts them. Qing Kui gives Chao Feng medicine, and although he was strong before, he pretends to be weak after seeing her. Qing Kui also makes Chao Feng small cakes, which reminds him of his childhood when he and his mother had to eat leftovers and bow down to the queen. Wu Dai tries to pick a fight with Chao Feng, but Qing Kui defends her and promises to help her clear her name. Wu Dai agrees to a martial arts competition with Qing Kui, but before that, Ye Tan secretly pricks Wu Dai with needles. Everyone thinks Qing Kui is foolish to fight Wu Dai, but she remains fearless.


Episode 8 Recap

When Wu Dai was about to attack Qing Kui, Chao Feng was ready to help, but unexpectedly Wu Dai fell to the ground and couldn't move. Qing Kui explained that it was because of her superb medical skills. After this incident, Qing Kui's life was saved. Man Man learned that Ye Tan had passed her assessment and gave her some delicious food. Hu Sui, who was saved by Ye Tan before, made pancakes for her and wanted to stay by her side. Ye Tan actually missed reading books when she was young, but her father didn't allow it. Every time, Qing Kui helped her secretly read books. Ye Tan still missed her sister Qing Kui. Ye Tan suddenly felt guilty for enjoying herself while Qing Kui suffered under Chen Yuan's rule. She was unhappy and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Ye Tan went to find Shaodian Youqin to ask her to lift the spell, but Shaodian Youqin kicked her out. After returning home, Ye Tan was very angry. Man Man thought they could please Shaodian Youqin and maybe she would lift the spell.

Qing Kui was studying medicine when Wu Dai suddenly came to her. The maid told Qing Kui that Wu Dai was very cruel to people, and Qing Kui was scared, thinking she would be killed. Unexpectedly, Wu Dai just took off his clothes and asked Qing Kui to teach him medicine. He didn't know anything about medicine and even took out a very thick needle. At this time, Chao Feng came over and argued with Wu Dai, worried that Qing Kui would be hurt. Chao Feng had unknowingly fallen in love with Qing Kui, but Qing Kui said she only wanted to repay her gratitude. Qing Kui didn't want to see them continue to argue, so she drove them both away.

Wu Dai and Chao Feng had completely fallen out because they both sincerely loved Qing Kui. Even someone nearby was commenting on Qing Kui's behavior. If anyone insulted her, they would kill them. Wu Dai happened to see Chao Feng and the two fought fiercely. Chao Feng almost exposed a flaw in anger, but luckily he reacted in time and pretended to be beaten by Wu Dai. This made the queen relax her guard.

Ye Tan is trying to please Shaodian Youqin by cooking his favorite dish, but Youqin is not used to the taste and becomes uncomfortable. Instead of eating, Ye Tan helps grind ingredients next to Youqin, who is now scared of him. Youqin even sees Ye Tan when showering, causing him to put his head in the bathtub out of fear. After a few days of Ye Tan's abnormal behavior, Youqin has nightmares and wakes up scared in the middle of the night.

Qing Heng sees Hu Sui, who is working under Ye Tan, and wants to help her. However, Hu Sui purposely sets boundaries with Qing Heng, making him hesitant to say anything.

Wu Dai always finds excuses to call Qing Kui over to help him with his injuries, which makes Chao Feng angry. To get Qing Kui to come more often, Wu Dai purposely reopens his wound. Chao Feng sees this and plans to confront Wu Dai, but decides to learn from him instead. Chao Feng pretends to be naive and intentionally hurts Wu Dai while they train, causing Wu Dai to stop teaching him. Just then, Qing Kui arrives and stops Chao Feng. Qing Kui noticed Chao Feng's plan all along and is angry, so he leaves.

Ye Tan has been constantly around Youqin, causing him to be scared of him. The empress dowager sees this and wants to match Youqin and Ye Tan together. Ye Tan acts understanding, but Youqin avoids him after they leave. The other players are waiting to create a romantic moment for them but end up causing trouble instead. Youqin and Ye Tan see this and leave together.

To punish Chao Feng, Qing Kui uses a potion to turn his face green. Although Chao Feng manages to detoxify himself, his hands turn green instead. He begs Qing Kui to help him detoxify again.

Episode 9 Recap

Chao Feng took the sea tide to apologize to Qing Kui and hoped that Qing Kui could provide the antidote. Although Qing Kui showed great sincerity, she repeatedly emphasized that Chao Feng should apologize to Wu Dai instead. Chao Feng did not want Qing Kui to mention Wu Dai again, so he took her to see the meteor shower.

The meteor shower occurs once every hundred years. A flash of light from the highest point of the heavenly realm falls to the ground, and the deep and dark sky shines brightly, creating a very charming scene. At this time, Shaodian Youqin also took Ye Tan to see the meteor shower. Ye Tan's celestial power was insufficient, and she was shivering at the boundary of the ninth heaven, her lips trembling and unable to speak. Shaodian Youqin immediately transferred her celestial power to warm her up.

Qing Kui was deeply moved by seeing such a beautiful meteor shower for the first time. In order to get the antidote, Chao Feng fabricated a very tragic background for himself and added many false details to arouse Qing Kui's pity. Hai Chao beside them laughed silently. In terms of strategy and methods, Chao Feng was one of the best in the Chen Yuan realm. Qing Kui was deceived by Chao Feng's lies and was really willing to help him detoxify.

Ye Tan saw that Shaodian Youqin was in a good mood tonight and immediately tried to please him to get back the Rainbow Light Treasure Eyes. After waiting for Shaodian Youqin's approval, Ye Tan found out that she had tried to decipher it too many times, which triggered an alarm mechanism. To unlock it smoothly, she needed to wait for another month. Ye Tan secretly complained in her heart that she still had to stay in the heavenly realm for another month. How many setbacks would Qing Kui experience during this month? Ye Tan looked up at the starry sky in a daze. Shaodian Youqin gave her a moon-white leaf, which had endless divine power and could often turn danger into safety. She could wear it for protection. Ye Tan was very moved, and knowing that she was afraid of the cold, Shaodian Youqin took off his cloak and put it on her, holding her shoulder and returning to the sleeping palace.

After hearing Chao Feng's story of his mother's unfortunate experiences from childhood to adulthood, Qing Kui learned that they were often hungry, blamed, and trapped in cold caves all day long. She prepared many medicinal materials and wanted to visit Chao Feng's mother. Chao Feng was afraid that his lies would be exposed, so he immediately had Hai Chao inform his mother.

Chao Feng's mother usually only criticized her son for indulging in pleasure-seeking. When she heard that he was trying to win a girl's heart, she immediately cooperated with her son's act and had her maids spread dried leaves all over the cave and used a lot of spider webs to decorate it. As a result, when Qing Kui and Chao Feng walked into the cave, they found that the cold wind was blowing, the leaves were trembling, and there were spider webs everywhere. Even the food was moldy and hairy.

Qing Kui immediately believed it was true and carefully helped diagnose Chao Feng's mother. She quickly determined that Chao Feng Mother's head ailment had been present for many years and was confident that her medicine could cure it.

Di Lanjue finally found an opportunity to sneak away and ran excitedly to Ye Tan, whom he had been thinking about day and night. Ye Tan and the spirit bird were both very happy. Di Lanjue did not hide his passion and obsession, and Ye Tan clarified once again that they could only have a sibling relationship and could not develop further. Di Lanjue had been rejected by Ye Tan many times, and each time he was deeply heartbroken. Suddenly, there was a loud noise in the heavenly realm.

Episode 10 Recap

Chao Feng has set his sights on the consort, which has made his mother very angry. She takes out a spiked club to teach her disobedient son a lesson. When Chao Feng hears his mother praise Qing Kui, he is happy. However, his mother emphasizes that a good girl like Qing Kui cannot be his wife and tells him to give up on his feelings for her.
Suddenly, there is a loud noise in the Abyss. Chao Feng's mother tells him to protect Qing Kui, and the sky is covered with dark clouds and lightning. Qing Kui rushes to Chao Feng with her servant to bring him medicine to treat his mother's gout. Chao Feng is touched and hugs her.
Crows are flying everywhere, and the surrounding air is filled with negative energy that is attacking the immortals and disciples of the Abyss. Lord Li calls all the Abyss disciples to defend against the crisis in Gui Xu.
Ye Tan urgently searches for Shaodian Youqin, who is currently in seclusion. Ye Tan screams his name outside the enchantment as the heavens are about to be attacked. Black energy tries to enter Shaodian Youqin's body, and Ye Tan is scared. She yells for Shaodian Youqin to run, but Shaodian Youqin protects Ye Tan and says the black energy is the obsession that prevents him from reaching the ninth level of cultivation.
Ye Tan suspects that Shaodian Youqin is worried about the death of his master, who sacrificed himself to stabilize Gui Xu and prevent it from being destroyed by demons. Shaodian Youqin was a young boy at the time and watched his mentor jump into the molten Gui Xu. Since then, fear and despair have haunted him. He is afraid of losing and avoids getting close to people. Whenever he reaches the highest level of cultivation, he sees the scared little boy holding his fists tightly and staring at him.
Ye Tan sees Shaodian Youqin ready to kill the boy who has been haunting him, and she steps in front of the boy. She reminds Shaodian Youqin that everyone has weaknesses and pain that cannot be let go of. These things have made them strong. It is important to turn their grief and anger into strength and learn to live with their past. Upon hearing Ye Tan's advice, Shaodian Youqin walks over and hugs the scared boy tightly.

They held each other tightly, drawing warmth and strength from one another. Soon, Shaodian Youqin's eyes regained their brightness, and his Class ten golden body returned.

In the tumultuous Gui Xu, many fairy envoys suggested that Shaodian Youqin go and repair it. However, the Emperor and Empress strongly objected, as Shaodian Youqin's master had sacrificed himself to repair Gui Xu in the past. Shaodian Youqin had trained hard for fifteen thousand years and was still unmarried, and they were unwilling to risk his life. The Empress begged the other fairy envoys to be lenient in memory of the deceased master god, but the safety of the heavens was of utmost importance. Shaodian Youqin stepped forward as the successor to the god and bore the mission of maintaining the security of the heavens. He secretly concealed his whereabouts and turned Ye Tan into a frozen walnut to protect his beloved's safety.

In the Chen Yuan realm, Lord Li ordered that whoever destroyed the heavens first would become the next ruler of the Chen Yuan realm. Chao Feng had long coveted the position of Crown Prince and intended to make a big move. However, he was worried about Qing Kui's situation and feared that someone would harm her while he attacked the heavens. He found an excuse to imprison her in the Soul Binding Cave. Although the Soul Binding Cave sounded like a terrifying place on the surface, the guards inside were all Chao Feng's men, and they were heavily guarded. It was a temporary measure to confine Qing Kui there.

As they were about to depart, Chao Feng hurried to see Qing Kui and expressed his feelings to her. Although he knew that Qing Kui was a princess of the mortal world, he liked her very much for her kindness and honesty. He hoped that she could give him a chance to win her over and could not resist kissing her. Chao Feng's kiss was passionate and stubborn, and Qing Kui felt his enthusiasm. She nodded and promised to wait for his triumphant return.

Episode 11 Recap

Ye Tan knew that Shaodian Youqin had gone to Gui Xu and she was very worried. Although she usually had nothing good to say about Shaodian Youqin, she was still upset to hear that he had gone to his death without saying goodbye. Di Lanjue saw Ye Tan's concern and gave her his treasure - a pair of wings - to fly to the Ninth Heaven and see Shaodian Youqin one last time.

Empress was reluctant to let go of Shaodian Youqin. Her child was about to face a life-or-death battle, and no one had ever returned alive from Gui Xu. The emperor emphasized that Shaodian Youqin had already reached the tenth level of the golden body, but everyone knew that his mission as the heir to the heavenly king was to protect the safety of the heavenly realm, especially now that Gui Xu had undergone a strange transformation.

Ye Tan ran to the Ninth Heaven and shouted Shaodian Youqin's name loudly. The heavenly servants immediately stopped her from acting impulsively. When she saw Shaodian Youqin jump into Gui Xu, she suddenly felt a painful sensation in her heart. She had been pestering Shaodian Youqin these days, pretending to listen to him but actually trying to get him to unlock the Hong Guang Bao Yan on her body. Upon reflection, Shaodian Youqin had actually been quite good to her, helping her cultivate immortality, restore her studies, teaching her heavenly etiquette, and even building a dining hall for her. Ye Tan couldn't help but shed tears.

Empress saw Ye Tan's infatuation and couldn't help but comfort her by holding her shoulders. The Hong Guang Bao Yan existed, and as long as its light did not disperse, it meant that there was no danger to his survival. It would also protect Shaodian Youqin and ensure his safe return.

A familiar voice suddenly sounded behind Ye Tan. She turned around to see her father, Ye Tan, who was worried about being discovered by him as she pretended to be Qing Kui. Ye Tan immediately pretended to have a headache and ran to the side to rest, quietly observing the situation. She thought her father had come to inquire about her sister, but to her surprise, the leader of the Chen Yuan realm and his soldiers arrived and started looting. Ye Tan's father knew that the two tribes had a history of enmity and the situation was getting tense. He immediately left, showing no concern for his daughter's safety.

The Chen Yuan tribe and many celestial beings from the heavens began to fight fiercely. The scene was chaotic, with thunder rolling in the sky and chaos below. The Heavenly Queen and many celestial beings surrounded Ye Tan to protect her from harm. She was deeply moved by their actions, especially since her own father had deserted her in this dangerous situation.

Chao Feng quietly assessed the situation and ordered his team to hold their ground. He planned to strike when the heavens were most vulnerable, to ensure success. At this point, Lord Li had defeated the Heavenly Emperor in a fight. Chao Feng ordered his men to surround all the celestial beings from the heavens, as the Chen Yuan tribe was about to take over completely. Ye Tan suddenly remembered that Shaodian Youqin had told her that he had instructed the guards at the Southern Gate when he went to the Guixu. She believed that they would come to help soon, and delaying time was critical. Ye Tan deliberately called out Lord Li's name and made up some stories about him to confuse him. Lord Li was so confused that he raised his axe to attack Ye Tan. Just then, the guards from the Southern Gate arrived, flanking the Chen Yuan tribe and trapping them like fish in a barrel.

Episode 12 Recap

The heavens have turned the tide and have already taken control of the assassin from Chen Yuan Realm.  Suddenly, there was a loud noise and chaos filled the entire nine heavens.  Both the heavens and Chen Yuan Realm looked toward the chaos, and everyone was in danger.  Ye Tan felt the light emitted by the Hong Guang Bao Jing in her body gradually weakening, which meant that Shaodian Youqin had encountered an accident and was possibly in danger.

Ye Tan was very afraid and shouted Shaodian Youqin's name towards the chaos, calling out in a desperate and anxious voice.  His calls were heard clearly by Shaodian Youqin, who was covered in blood and lying in magma, unable to move.  Upon hearing Ye Tan's call, he remembered that she was his wife, and he couldn't let her down and leave her alone.  With this belief, Shaodian Youqin managed to eliminate the chaos and successfully escaped from it.

Shaodian Youqin stood before everyone again, like a warrior covered in golden light.  Chen Yuan Realm saw the return of their war god and immediately broke out in a cold sweat.  Fortunately, Chao Feng and his men quickly broke through and fled with the remaining soldiers.  Finally, the invasion of the Chen Yuan Realm was repelled, but Shaodian Youqin collapsed from exhaustion.

Ye Tan ran over and picked up Shaodian Youqin, shaking him, and couldn't help but ask why he was so foolish.  Shaodian Youqin looked at Ye Tan and murmured that as long as she was safe, it was enough.  After speaking, Shaodian Youqin's eyes lost their color, and he no longer had any breath.  All the elders of the heavens began to infuse true energy into Shaodian Youqin, trying to save his life, but ultimately determined that his divine consciousness had dissipated.  The Heavenly Emperor was also very sad and ordered his subordinates to erect a monument for the god.  Ye Tanwatched as Shaodian Youqin turned into specks of light and disappeared into the wind.

The immortal servants hurriedly ran to Ye Tan and urged her to go to the Nine Heavens Cloud Palace.  The Heavenly Empress and Qing Heng requested that Shaodian Youqin's divine consciousness be retrieved to revive him, but the Heavenly Emperor refused.  The immortal servants claimed that there was a secret book that recorded that it was impossible for a heavenly god to easily pass away, and as long as his divine consciousness was collected, there was a possibility of regeneration.

Qing Heng and Zi Wu both requested permission to enter the mysterious realm to rescue Shaodian Youqin, but the Heavenly Emperor refused to allow his children to take risks, claiming that they were his only surviving children. Ye Tan's back felt cold. Shaodian Youqin was willing to sacrifice himself for the safety of the entire heavens, but the Heavenly Emperor was willing to abandon him when he no longer had any use for them. The Heavenly Emperor did not tolerate any questioning and ordered Qing Heng and Zi Wu to be strictly guarded and completely confined.

Chao Feng's protection of the Chen Yuan Realm was commendable, and Lord Li began to take notice of him. The other two brothers deliberately provoked Chao Feng, claiming that on the day of the great battle, Chao Feng had been watching from the sidelines. If they had all fought together, the heavens might have been destroyed. However, Lord Li knew that it was only because Chao Feng had not taken risks that they had the opportunity to be rescued. With Lord Li's favor, the other two princes dared not speak out.

Ye Tan was confined in the palace and was very anxious. Shaodian Youqin's divine consciousness was gradually dissipating, and there was not much left. Fortunately, the immortal servant by her side remembered Shaodian Youqin's profound blessings to them and quietly let Ye Tan out. Ye Tan ran to Shaodian Youqin's sleeping quarters, and it seemed that the sleeping quarters sensed the owner's distress and immediately shook. All objects were sucked away by the void along with the divine consciousness. Ye Tan finally obtained three pieces of desire divine consciousness after much effort.

Ye Tan handed the three pieces of divine consciousness to the immortal elder, and the rest was to revive the divine consciousness. Ye Tan was the best candidate to revive Shaodian Youqin because she had successfully married him. It was evident that they were destined companions. As long as she made the three pieces of divine consciousness fall in love with her and integrated them into her life, Shaodian Youqin's revival was just around the corner.

Ye Tan still had Qing Kui on her mind. Although she acted recklessly and unreasonably, she was inherently kind and did not have the ability to make three men fall in love with her at the same time. In order to revive Shaodian Youqin, Ye Tan clenched her fists and reluctantly took on this difficult task.

Episode 13 Recap

Qing Heng is under house arrest, and many immortals want to rescue him. However, the guard who is in charge of watching over Qing Heng is obedient to the orders of the Heavenly Emperor. Ye Tan hands a magical tool to a maid and instructs her to rescue Qing Heng and meet at the Demon City.

Since the war between the Chen Yuan Realm and the Heavenly Realm, there have been countless casualties, and many generals who participated in the war were seriously injured. They learned that Qing Kui is skilled in the art of Qihuang and sought his help. Qing Kui is kind-hearted and accepts all visitors who come to him for treatment. At first, it was just the father of a maid by Qing Kui's side who was injured, but soon there were more than a hundred people seeking his help.

To prevent Qing Kui from being punished by Lord Li for using Qihuang, Chao Feng secretly sent letters to the injured nobles and officials, so that Qing Kui could practice medicine safely in the Abyss. Ye Tan secretly calls Qing Heng and Ziwu to meet in the Demon City, where Di Lanjue is also present. They discuss ways to find the three pieces of divine consciousness. Ziwu feels familiar with Di Lanjue at first sight. Di Lanjue once infiltrated the Heavenly Realm to find Ye Tan and was forced to become a pet dog. Ziwu adopted him and Di Lanjue lied that he had friends all over the world, successfully deceiving Ziwu.

Chao Feng secretly opened a clinic for Qing Kui, and the people who came to seek treatment were endless. Thanks to Qing Kui's superb medical skills, many people have recovered. They secretly admire Qing Kui and Chao Feng, and many people send gratitude gifts. The clinic is said to be opened by Chao Feng, but they keep it a secret due to the rules of the Chen Yuan Realm.

When the Snake Clan Saint Girl was promoted to the immortal level, she was disfigured. She secretly sneaked into the clinic, and Qing Kui was surprised to see the injuries on her face. She promised to do her best to restore her appearance.

Ye Tan and three other friends found a temple dedicated to Shaodian Youqin in the city of Wangliang, hoping to find divine knowledge there. However, they found it empty and were starving. They saw many offerings on the altar and started eating them, but were interrupted by a group of thugs.

The thugs were talking about a bounty for capturing a fire demon, and Ye Tan saw this as an opportunity to make some money. They went to the village and met the village chief, who laughed at them for being weak scholars. However, he gave them a chance to prove themselves by capturing the fire demon.

Ye Tan and his friends found the demon's hiding place and were shocked to see that it was a former god(Shaodian Youqin) with red hair. Ye Tan remembered the Heavenly Emperor's words and knew that he had to make the demon fall in love with him. However, the demon had a fiery temper and it was difficult to withstand his attacks.

Ye Tan remembered a gift the heavenly realm had given to her during her engagement ceremony, which was now a fire-resistant jacket. She asked the bird to give it to her, and the bird reluctantly obeyed.

Meanwhile, Qing Kui healed a scarred snake goddess and taught her and other snake girls how to take care of their skin. They were grateful and praised Qing Kui's name.

Episode 14 Recap

The snake goddess Jia Luo Lou and Qing Kui formed a deep friendship, and Jia Luo Lou was overjoyed that she no longer had to wear an ugly black veil.  However, Chao Feng interrupted their conversation and asked for help.  Ye Tan wanted to make the fire demon like her, so she and the spirit bird brought many gifts and decorated his dwelling.  

However, the fire demon was frightened by the banner with his image and burned it.  Ye Tan ran away from the fire, but she realized that the fire demon actually wanted to interact with humans, but his fiery nature made it dangerous.  Meanwhile, Jia Luo Lou reported Qing Kui to the Empress for practicing medicine in the Chen Yuan realm.

The Empress, who already had a grudge against Chao Feng, used this as an excuse to arrest Qing Kui and Chao Feng and bring them to Lord Li.  Lord Li was angry when he saw the medicinal herbs from Qing Kui's clinic, and the Empress added fuel to the fire.  

However, many people in the Chen Yuan realm had been cured of gout by Qing Kui's medical skills, and Jia Luo Lou testified to her own experience.  The people begged Lord Li to reconsider, and he eventually lifted the ban on medicine.

Ye Tan brought some good wine to the fire demon and gave him a unique name "Lamu". The fire demon loved wine so much that he was very happy to make friends with someone. He immediately drank with Ye Tan.

As some villagers passed by and heard that Ye Tan had put medicine in the fire demon's wine, they thought this was an opportunity and immediately called on the whole village to get rid of the demon. The fire demon was frightened when he saw many people rushing towards his house with hammers. He suddenly had severe stomach pain. Ye Tan explained that she had only put some medicine to relieve heat in the wine, and there was no poison.

The villagers wanted to get rid of the demon immediately, but Ye Tan quickly stopped them. She had a way to prevent the demon from harming people's crops. As long as they let him go for a few days, she would compensate for all the losses of the livestock and crops. When the villagers heard that Ye Tan would compensate for everything, they discussed for a while and then went back home with their belongings. Di Lanjue secretly regretted that a few days ago they were still starving and stealing offerings. Now, where would they find so much money to compensate those villagers? The fire demon was very grateful to Ye Tan for pleading for him, and it was the first time he had received such kindness from a human.

Qing Heng and Ye Tan began to think about where to get money. Of course, the richest place was the palace. Ye Tan planned to steal from her own home, and Di Lanjue secretly helped her. Growing up in the palace, he was naturally familiar with the guards and escape routes. In less than a stick of incense, Ye Tan obtained a lot of treasures. She saw a wooden box carefully hidden in a concealed place, and curiously took it out to see. It turned out to be a chess set she had handcrafted when she was a child. When she was young, Qing Kui invited Ye Tan to make a gift for the emperor. Ye Tan came up with the idea of making a chess set. At that time, the emperor saw her displeased face in the palace, perhaps thinking that the chess set was made by Qing Kui, so he kept the gift well.

Di Lanjue signaled outside, and Ye Tan secretly took a chess piece and ran away. When she returned to Wangliang City, she handed over the stolen treasures to the village chief. The greedy village chief immediately decided that it could only repay one month's loss. Ye Tan was shocked and disappointed that after all the effort, she could only compensate for one month. It seemed that she would have to keep shuttling between the celestial realm and Wangleang City in the future.

The villagers no longer clamored to get rid of Lamu. Lamu knew it was all thanks to Ye Tan's help. When he saw Ye Tan take out so much silver and give it to the village chief, he was deeply touched.

Qing Kui sat in the medical clinic in the Chenyuan Realm, and Wu Dai saw that this human princess was not only beautiful but also kind-hearted, so he admired her greatly. He even went hunting himself and sent precious fur to the medical clinic as a gift. Chao Feng deliberately said that these furs were all obtained through killing and should not be given to the kind-hearted Qing Kui. Wu Dai looked at Qing Kui, who was blushing, and finally gathered the courage to confess to her that he really liked her!

Episode 15 Recap

Wu Dai's confession to Qing Kui shook the entire Chen Yuan realm. He expressed his sincere love for her, promising to love only her wholeheartedly and treat her like a precious gem. Wu Dai's declaration of love set an example for all couples in the tribe. However, Qing Kui couldn't accept his feelings as she already had someone in her heart. She looked towards Chao Feng after rejecting Wu Dai.

With Qing Kui's silent consent, Chao Feng escorted her back triumphantly, feeling like a flower that had just been given sunlight. Wu Dai's first confession failed, and his pride was greatly wounded. He, who was rough and tough, even shed tears secretly. He vowed to continue fighting and accumulating a remarkable record before proposing to her again.

The Heavenly Realm was always losing things, and the Heavenly Emperor was furious, rebuking his subordinates for their incompetence in catching the culprit. Heavy guards were added near the silver vault, but Ye Tan and Di Lanjue teamed up once again to steal the treasure. Unfortunately, they were caught before they could take any action. They escaped to Wangliang City while being chased by a powerful enemy. Ye Tan and Di Lanjue were outnumbered, and just when they were about to be captured, Fire Demon arrived in time and saved Ye Tan.

When Ye Tan woke up, Fire Demon asked her why she stole money from people. To avoid implicating Ye Tan, Fire Demon planned to return the money to her. However, Ye Tan disagreed. She knew Fire Demon was a good person, and it was just her inherent nature that made her different. Ye Tan then took out a piece of clothing and covered La Mu with it, telling him that it was the Tian Guang Ling, which was immune to water and fire. She said that he wouldn't attract any flames by wearing this precious item. La Mu was deeply moved by the exquisite clothing and Ye Tan's kindness. Ye Tan then helped him groom his messy beard and hair.

Upon hearing that the beasts in Wangliang City have been rampaging lately, Chao Feng, who has been recuperating since the battle with the heavens, feels that something is amiss and immediately takes his subordinates to investigate. He soon discovers that Xuan Shangjun has been stealing treasures from his own house and using the money to compensate the villagers in Yuewo Village. Chao Feng is even more suspicious when he sees Ye Tan helping Xuan Shangjun, especially since he had asked for a portrait of the Fire Demon from the villagers of Yuewo Village. Chao Feng sends his men to continue investigating why Xuan Shangjun has become the Fire Demon.

Ye Tan takes La Mu to the market, where he is amazed by everything he sees. Ye Tan buys him many small toys and takes him to meet the villagers. Although La Mu has proven that he doesn't start fires, the villagers still throw stones and eggs at him, calling him a monster and telling him to leave. When La Mu is hit in the forehead with a stone and starts bleeding, Ye Tan speaks up for him. The villagers start throwing stones at Ye Tan as well, but La Mu steps in front of her to protect her. When Ye Tan decides to leave with La Mu, he doesn't want to go because his best friend is buried there.

Qing Kui receives a secret report from her scouts and goes to Wangliang City with her handmaiden, Su Shui, to investigate. She is surprised to see her sister, Ye Tan, there. After catching up, Ye Tan tells Qing Kui about Xuan Shangjun's situation. Qing Kui knows that when the Chen Yuan Realm attacked the heavens, it was because Xuan Shangjun had gone to Gui Xu, leaving the internal defense forces weak. Now, they can't let anything happen to Xuan Shangjun. She urges Ye Tan to take good care of La Mu while she stays behind to try and delay Chao Feng's progress.

When Chao Feng finds Qing Kui, he notices that her table is filled with empty baskets. Qing Kui claims that she ate all the buns herself and doesn't mention anything about meeting Ye Tan, clearly trying to conceal it. Chao Feng suspects that something has happened to Xuan Shangjun and wonders if Qing Kui will hold a grudge if he really did kill the Fire Demon.

Chao Feng has not made a decision yet. He was about to continue investigating with his subordinates, but Qing Kui thought that he was going to lead the soldiers from the Chen Yuan Realm to attack the Yuewo Village. So, she immediately drugged his drink.

Episode 16 Recap

While warmly welcoming soldiers, Qing Kui intentionally invited Chao Feng to go to the market. Although she usually doesn't like crowds, she was in high spirits now and enjoyed buying jewelry and watching performances. Whenever she saw Xuan Shangjun's portrait on the wall, she would go out of her way to divert Chao Feng's attention and then tear down the portrait. Chao Feng and Hanchao knew what Qing Kui was up to, but they didn't expose her. Chao Feng signaled Hanchao and they worked together seamlessly. Hanchao brought out fine wine, and Qing Kui wanted to get them drunk with it, but ended up getting drunk herself. Hanchao immediately urged Chao Feng to go to Yuewo Village to capture someone. Chao Feng picked up the drunken Qing Kui and settled her in the inn before taking people to Yuewo Village.

Ye Tan returned to Yuewo Village to gather friends to figure out a solution. Chao Feng had already learned that Xuan Shangjun was in trouble and had even found his hiding place, so they needed to take La Mu and escape as soon as possible, but La Mu was stubborn. Ye Tan was very anxious. Ziwu and Qing Heng came back and happily said that they had posted Xuan Shangjun's portrait throughout the Three Realms, believing that they would soon find the other two pieces of his divine consciousness. Ye Tan's back went cold. Now that Chao Feng was looking for La Mu's whereabouts everywhere and they had posted so many notices, didn't it announce to the world that Xuan Shangjun was in trouble? Qing Heng and Ziwu were startled and immediately went out to tear down the posted notices.

Di Lanjue and Ziwu tore down the portraits that Qing Heng had posted, but they were so high that Di Lanjue had to let Ziwu stand on his shoulders to tear them down. The two fell down, and Ziwu landed heavily on Di Lanjue's body. Seeing Di Lanjue's eyes up close, Ziwu exclaimed that he was the little pet she had lost before! Di Lanjue immediately objected, but suddenly a sack was put over their heads, and they were taken away by someone.

When he opened his eyes, Di Lanjue saw his angry father in front of him. It turned out that they were in the Beast World, and his father thought he had snuck out of the Beast World to date an unknown woman, and scolded him for not growing up.

La Mu knew he had made Ye Tan angry, so he secretly learned how to please women from the villagers. He encountered a couple, and the man immediately apologized to his wife, then gave her a kiss, and they made up. La Mu thought it was very effective and deliberately wrote down what he said and did.

Ye Tan visited La Mu's hiding place again. The first time she entered the cave, she found tea cups and a water kettle that La Mu had made himself. These objects were all made of stone and were intricately carved. Ye Tan was surprised that La Mu, who seemed rough on the surface, had such craftsmanship. La Mu apologized to her and even kissed her. Ye Tan was caught off guard by his sudden action and was left in a daze. La Mu was very happy after kissing Ye Tan and he then asked her to be his wife.

La Mu also set off fireworks for Ye Tan and chased her around the cave. Ye Tan saw that La Mu was in a good mood at this time and once again proposed leaving Yuewo Village. However, La Mu immediately refused without hesitation. He was afraid of making Ye Tan sad but was insistent on not leaving because he was protecting the villagers from the danger of the Nan Ming Li Huo. Ye Tan finally found out the reason why. When La Mu appeared in Yuewo Village, the Nan Ming Li Huo also appeared. La Mu voluntarily stayed here to protect the villagers from the danger of the Nan Ming Li Huo. His kind and virtuous character deeply moved Ye Tan.

Di Lanjue was imprisoned by his father in the dungeon. Zi Wu accidentally got scratched by the thorns of the cage and her blood splattered out, attracting nearby ferocious beasts with the smell of blood. Di Lanjue desperately protected Zi Wu, and when the beasts were chasing them relentlessly, he had no choice but to take out his own inner pearl to help her escape. Zi Wu remembered that she still had a magical weapon, so she took out the Road Guide Lamp from the Divine Realm. Di Lanjue, who had lost his inner pearl, immediately transformed back to his original form. Zi Wu finally realized that Di Lanjue was actually Acai.

Fortunately, Beast Queen arrived in time and drove away the beasts to protect Zi Wu and Di Lanjue. When she saw Di Lanjue's inner pearl in Zi Wu's hand, she became extremely angry and was about to teach Di Lanjue a lesson. However, the Road Guide Lamp was still emitting light and Beast Queen could not be sure of Zi Wu's identity, so she had her subordinates take her away first.

Ye Tan asked Qing Heng if he knew the secret to extinguishing the Nan Ming Li Huo. Qing Heng was very troubled because the Nan Ming Li Huo was very strange. Only by obtaining the Xiaojing Bottle, which contained the nectar of the sun and moon and was connected to the water in the Yaochi, could the Nan Ming Li Huo be expelled.

Episode 17 Recap

The Xiaojing bottle had to be retrieved from the heavens. However, Ye Tan knew that the Heavenly Emperor would not agree to use a divine artifact to save a monster. Since it was inconvenient to retrieve it from the heavens, Ye Tan thought of having the immortals from the heavens deliver the bottle to him instead.

The beast king and queen carefully examined the guide lamp and realized that it was made by the Lingpu Ancestor. They recalled that the person who possessed this artifact must be the human princess. The king confirmed that he had seen her in Guixu before. Therefore, it was a good thing if their son fell in love with the human princess. The king and queen immediately arranged for someone to take Zi Wu to rest in the treasure hall. After Zi Wu left, the beast king and queen were happy that their son had finally found someone else to love and wouldn't obsess over Ye Tan anymore.

Late at night, Ye Tan found the location of the evil spirit with the help of the spirit bird. She immediately released an evil star. The state preceptor discovered that the star belonged to the Yueou and hurried to report it to the emperor. It happened that the emperor had been experiencing frequent episodes of his head illness. When he saw this ominous sign, he immediately sent an immortal envoy to deliver the artifact to the mortal realm. Ye Tan instructed the spirit bird to disguise itself as the emperor and steal the Xiaojing bottle when the Emperor arranged to meet with the immortal envoy. Ye Tan was excited at the thought of obtaining the bottle easily.

The grand prayer ceremony proceeded as planned, and the immortal envoy had already brought the bottle down to the mortal realm. The state preceptor and others held a grand reception, and Ye Tan secretly went to see where the emperor was. She had planned to steal the emperor's clothes while he was bathing and changing, in order to delay him.

But she found out that the emperor had already taken a bath the night before and had already changed his clothes, heading straight for his destination. Ye Tan realized that she didn't have enough time, so she secretly cast a spell to make the emperor slip and fall. The fall caused the emperor's head illness to flare up again.
The spirit bird transformed into the emperor's appearance and went to meet the immortal envoy.

According to the plan, the bird would take the bottle and run away. However, the detailed prayer ceremony involved offering incense and reciting scriptures, among other steps. The spirit bird became impatient, but the immortal envoy held onto the bottle tightly. The bird sat on a chair, drinking glass after glass of water, feeling anxious.

The false Xiaojing bottle leaked, and water soaked through the entire pants, making it wet. The immortal envoy noticed the emperor's accident and skipped most of the formalities, handing over the Xiaojing bottle to the bird. The bird then commanded everyone present to turn their faces away, and it switched the bottle with a fake one.

Ye Tan was worried that the real emperor had left too early, so he specifically asked Qing Heng to quickly set up a "maze" to confuse the enemy.   The poor emperor had walked a long way before he finally couldn't go any further.   Ye Tan then removed the maze.   At this time, the spirit bird had already succeeded, and they quickly returned with the Xiaojing bottle to find La Mu.

Chao Feng and Hai Chao had already found La Mu.   La Mu's power was limited and he was no match for Chao Feng.   After two rounds, Chao Feng had already subdued La Mu.   With just one blow, Chao Feng would become the heir of the Chen Yuan tribe, completely defeating the second prince and Wu Dai.   Just as Chao Feng was about to strike, Qing Kui arrived.   She quickly grabbed Chao Feng's leg and tried to stop him from killing La Mu.   Chao Feng was held back by Qing Kui, and La Mu saw that Nan Ming Li Huo had already awakened.   He quickly ran back to the cave to try to save the fire.

Qing Kui's eyes were swollen like peaches.   She held Chao Feng's leg tightly, not allowing him to take a step forward.   Qing Kui said she would agree to anything, as long as she didn't allow harm to come to the divine consciousness of Xuan Shang Jun.   Chao Feng had promised not to let either of the sisters be harmed, so he had to keep his promise.

The spirit bird was too weak and couldn't fly halfway.   Ye Tan and Qing Heng had to walk the rest of the way on foot.

The power of the Nan Ming Li Huo was getting stronger and stronger, and La Mu was about to collapse.   The flames had spread outside the cave and were about to engulf the entire village.   Chao Feng knew the danger of the Nan Ming Li Huo and quickly led Qing Kui and Hai Chao to escape.

Episode 18 Recap

Ye Tan and Qing Heng arrived at the village when one-third of it was already in flames. Qing Heng immediately took out the Xiaojing bottle and used the essence of the sun and moon to suppress the fire. Ye Tan went to the cave to find La Mu, but it was already in ruins. Fortunately, La Mu was still there. Ye Tan tripped and fell, calling out La Mu's name. After a while, La Mu finally woke up and saw Ye Tan injured. He quickly ran over and carried her out of the cave.

The Southern Ming Li fire in the village disappeared completely, and La Mu finally agreed to follow Ye Tan. Before leaving, a little boy stopped La Mu and gave him a dandelion. Finally, someone could sincerely accept La Mu, and he was very happy.

Qing Kui and Ye Tan discussed that the Chen Yuan tribe already knew they were looking for the three pieces of divine consciousness of the god. The most important thing was to hide La Mu until they found the other two pieces. Ye Tan had to think carefully about where to hide La Mu.

Di Lanjue finally woke up and was taken care of by Zi Wu in his dreams. Zi Wu had seen all his ugly sides but still missed Acai. Di Lanjue was upset about being treated like a little puppy, despite being a famous young master in the animal world. Zi Wu didn't mind and personally made a nutritious soup to help him recover. She scolded Di Lanjue for hiding the fact that he was Acai.

Di Lanjue wanted to meet up with Ye Tan and Zi Wu, but the soldiers of the animal tribe were strictly guarding them, unless Di Lanjue married the human princess. Di Lanjue thought it was unreasonable and was about to attack when Ling Niao and Ye Tan arrived with La Mu. They wanted to temporarily leave La Mu with Di Lanjue. At first, Di Lanjue refused, but Zi Wu reminded him that if he refused, she would reveal his secret of becoming Acai in the fairy world.

Qing Kui carefully packed the herbs into small packets and reminded Ye Tan to take them every day. Ye Tan was very moved by Qing Kui's care. Although their father was harsh to her, her sister had never mistreated her. They talked about their interesting experiences in the Chen Yuan world and the heavenly world, and they couldn't help but laugh. Ye Tan leaned on Qing Kui's side. Although they were married to the wrong people, this was the happiest time of their lives.

Chao Feng and Hai Chao were supposed to capture La Mu, but their eyes were injured by Qing Kui's poison. They had to return to the Chen Yuan realm to retrieve the antidote. Finally, the poison was forced out, and their eyes could open again. Chao Feng thought about how to find his divine consciousness again. Hai Chao couldn't help but mock them, saying that their young master was going to be buried in the hands of a little girl. Chao Feng was clear-headed and knew that although love was good, it couldn't interfere with the succession of the crown prince.

Ye Tan and the spirit bird began their long search again. They were afraid of the divine race and the Chen Yuan realm, so they had to search quietly. The spirit bird complained about the difficulty of this mission. Suddenly, they heard the sound of a coin falling. They saw a man in black clothes pick up the coin from a nearby pit and leave. Ye Tan and the spirit bird were amazed. They knew that this man was the second piece of Xuan Shang Jun's divine consciousness. They followed him to the Assassin's Fragrant Hall. However, they realized that they were in the wrong place. The man in black was greedy and ruthless. He demanded money from everyone and calculated everything. Ye Tan had lost a lot of money with La Mu, so she couldn't be careless this time. She bought a golden abacus and turned the spirit bird into a pearl on the abacus. The spirit bird searched the man's belongings and let Ye Tan in.

The spirit bird led Ye Tan to a place full of gold ingots. Ye Tan had never seen so much treasure before. The spirit bird couldn't resist taking one, but it triggered a trap, and arrows flew everywhere.

Episode 19 Recap

Ye Tan and the spirit bird were hiding in a corner, trembling in fear to avoid being hit by arrows.  When the hall master returned, he accused them of having ulterior motives and being after his money.  Ye Tan explained that she had fallen in love with him at first sight and was willing to follow him as his wife, even without a dowry.  

However, the stingy hall master refused and ordered them to leave.  Ye Tan and spirit bird tried to win him over by bringing him delicious buns every day, but he remained unimpressed.  Ye Tan then approached one of the hall master's servants and offered him a large sum of money to help them win over the hall master.  The servant agreed and gave Ye Tan a package of the hall master's favorite tea.

Ye Tan used this opportunity to reveal the hall master's trick of using a fake prosthetic limb to intimidate people and earn money.  With this information, Ye Tan was able to convince the hall master to marry her if she could earn 5,000 gold within half a day.

Ye Tan understands the desire to obtain divine consciousness and knows that using threats and coercion will not work in the long run, so he agrees to the conditions proposed.

Qing Kui wants Ye Tan to focus on finding divine consciousness without being disturbed by Chao Feng and his followers, so she devises a plan to lure Chao Feng out. Chao Feng sees his subordinate pick up a stone lotus flower carved by La Mu, a type of stone that only exists in the beast world. Chao Feng immediately guesses that La Mu is hiding in the beast world, so he rushes there with Hai Chao. However, they are caught by Lord Li on the spot.

Qing Kui brings a lunch box to meet Chao Feng, but he realizes that he has been tricked. He looks directly into Qing Kui's eyes and warns her that if he is trapped here, it will not only ruin his entire plan but once Wu Dai is crowned as the heir, his mother and the entire scout camp will cease to exist. He urges Qing Kui to release him immediately, otherwise, it will be their farewell day when the divine lord returns. Chao Feng's words are powerful, and Qing Kui walks out of the cage with red eyes, unable to eat or drink for the rest of the day, tears streaming down her face.

Ye Tan takes the hall master to see her good idea. They find a beehive and guide the bandits to it. The bandits will be in danger of their lives if they are stung by the poisonous bees, so they will not hesitate to buy the antidote at a high price. At this time, they can sell the antidote for bee venom and make a big profit. The hall master praises Ye Tan's idea and is even moved by her bravery in poking the beehive. She thinks this girl is beautiful and smart, and if they can work together in the future, they will surely make a lot of money.



Episode 20 Recap

As the saying goes, bandits often come from remote and impoverished areas. Ye Tan brought the hall master of her gang to a bandit's lair in the Gobi Desert. the hall master was afraid because they were unfamiliar with the place, and if they were intercepted by the bandits, they would have no place to bury their bodies. Ye Tan appeared confident and reminded the hall master that they only had half an incense stick's worth of time left. Once the time was up, their agreement would be over. the hall master lit the incense stick.

Ye Tan threw a bag of poisonous bees into the bandit's lair. Soon, the bandits began to scream in pain. Many of them were stung so badly that they were left bruised and swollen. If they did not take the antidote within half an hour, they would die from the poison. Many of them crawled around looking for the antidote. Not far away, they saw a mechanism that said one gold coin would buy one bottle of antidote. One of the bandits tried it and a bottle of antidote fell out. The bandits began to use their swords and knives to try to break open the mechanism, but it was too strong. They had no choice but to follow the instructions and put gold coins into it. Every time they put a coin in, a bottle of the antidote would fall out. The bandits anxiously waited and hoped to take the money and keep it for themselves. However, when they opened the mechanism, they found many divine birds inside. The birds took all the gold and flew away.

Ye Tan made a lot of money this time, but the hall master still did not agree to marry her. To help the hall master experience more of the world, Ye Tan took him to attend a wedding of the beast tribe. Many people gathered there and happily gave the newlyweds money. the hall master saw that the table for the bride price was full of money and immediately came up with a plan. He quickly flattered Ye Tan, promised to marry her, and immediately bought the bride's dress for 100 taels of silver. He urged Ye Tan to hurry back and change into her wedding dress so they could get married right away.

Before, in the heavenly realm, Ye Tan never thought she would become the wife of Xuan Shang Jun, and even had some disdain for him. But now, after all the hardships they had been through to find the three pieces of the divine consciousness of the god lord, Ye Tan was even looking forward to putting on her wedding dress.

the hall master was about to get married, and his companions heard that they could go drink. At first, they were very happy and gathered together to watch the newlyweds. Ye Tan, in her bridal makeup, was particularly beautiful and ethereal, causing many eyes to be amazed. the hall master was stunned when he saw Ye Tan in her wedding dress. He used to think that gold ingots were the most beautiful things, but now compared to this bride, they seemed dull.

Ye Tan looked at the hall master gently, thinking she would receive some tenderness. However, the hall master and his family put a big basin in Ye Tan's arms and urged her to quickly collect the betrothal gifts. Then they urged the staff to give the boss "a token of appreciation". It turned out that the hall master wanted to make money. Ye Tan angrily put the basin on the ground and left. The wedding ended awkwardly.

The second prince of the Chen Yuan tribe, Wu Dai, accidentally met Ye Tan and the hall master. Ye Tan was sweating profusely and in great danger. She urged the hall master to cooperate with her in acting, letting him say that his spells were boundless and that he was just biding his time. The hall master refused and demanded a large sum of money to cooperate. In a critical situation, Ye Tan immediately agreed to pay ten gold coins for every sentence. Originally, she did it to save him, but this fool didn't know how to appreciate it and talked endlessly, which added up to over ten thousand gold coins. Wu Dai finally got rescue and the hall master immediately ask payment from Ye Tan. She left angrily, stomping her feet.

The hall master returned home, worried that Ye Tan would refuse to pay. He even wrote a promissory note and waited for her to sign and seal it. However, she didn't show up for two days in a row. The hall master began to worry that he had gone too far. He went to the market to look for Ye Tan's shadow, but he forgot to ask where she lived and if anyone was at home. The hall master felt more and more guilty. At sunset, he finally saw Ye Tan coming late to the market. To make up for his mistake, the hall master immediately showed unprecedented sincerity and bought many things at the market. He generously paid for anything that caught Ye Tan's eye.

At night, the hall master calculated that he had spent nearly a thousand gold coins that day, which made him feel a little heartbroken. However, when he thought of Ye Tan's smiling face, he felt that the money was not worth worrying about.

Episode 21 Recap

Second Prince Ding Yun quickly reported to the Queen Mother about what happened in the Beast Realm. Queen Li was also a formidable character, and no one could leave the Guixu alive. She quickly guessed that Xuan Shangjun was in trouble and saw this as a good opportunity to strike. She immediately took many soldiers from the Chenyuan tribe to the Beast Realm to capture him.

La Mu was searching for materials to carve lotus flowers in the Beast Realm when he suddenly found a crystal ball. He thought it would be beautiful to carve a crystal lotus flower out of it. However, it turned out to be a magical tool that imprisoned Chao Feng. After La Mu accidentally broke the tool, Chao Feng and Hai Chao were released. La Mu was confused when he saw three people come out of the crystal ball. Just as he was about to question them, Qing Kui arrived and stopped him, worried that they would be trapped again. Chao Feng quickly explained that Ding Yun was also in the Beast Realm.

As soon as they heard this, soldiers from the Beast Realm returned and reported that many people from the Chenyuan Realm had arrived. Chao Feng and Qing Kui quickly escaped from the Beast Realm. Suddenly, Qing Kui was in so much pain that she collapsed. She realized that Ye Tan was in danger, and at that moment, Ding Yun was indeed chasing after Ye Tan and the hall master. Chao Feng immediately protected Qing Kui and Qing Heng and fled.

Queen Li finally realized Chao Feng's strength and ask someone to brought out his mother. She threatened to force Chao Feng to take poison to restrict his ability to use his sword. If he broke the restriction, his tendons would be severed, rendering him useless. The poison had no cure, and once taken, the prince's dream of ascending the throne would be ruined. Queen Li used a poisoned blade to pierce Chao Feng's mother's shoulder, leaving a bloody hole. Chao Feng's mother gritted her teeth and did not make a sound. Chao Feng, with tears in his eyes, took the poison from Queen Li and swallowed it without hesitation.

Chao Feng left with his mother, and Ding Yun asked the queen why she didn't just get rid of him quickly. Queen Li knew that Chao Feng was currently favored by the Beast King, and removing him would anger the king. It was better to cut off the root of the problem. Now that Chao Feng's cultivation had been destroyed, the Beast King would no longer have any hope for him. Wu Dai was not a threat to them with his intelligence, so the position of the prince would eventually be theirs.

While protecting the hall master, Ye Tan was poisoned and lay unconscious in bed. Ice crystals gradually formed on her body and face, and the cold was unbearable. The hall master called out to her many times, but she did not respond. Ye Tan seemed to be back in the palace with her sister, playing and studying together. Her father favored her greatly and even gave her a golden pen, which Qing Kui said was the only treasure in the world. Her father's love made Ye Tan cherish those times.

Qing Heng and Zi Wu began to search for a way to cure the cold poison. The Immortal Book recorded that they needed to use the purest three-flavored true fire, and one of them was called "True Gold Fire," which was made from thousands of pieces of gold and was extremely difficult to find. The hall master said he had it when he saw Xuan Shangjun unconscious.

The famous assassin, Xiang Tang, opened his small treasury, which shone with golden light. The hall master, who was usually very stingy, was willing to use his lifelong accumulation of wealth to cure Ye Tan's illness. This showed that he was not "heartless."

After being cured by the three-flavored true fire, Ye Tan finally woke up and stood in front of the hall master, full of energy. The hall master was also very happy and decided to retire from his life of crime and write books to earn a living.


Episode 22 Recap

Ye Tan heard that Qing Kui also lived in a nearby inn and quickly ran to meet her. The two sisters cried tears of joy after escaping from pursuit. At last, Ye Tan met the third prince that her sister had mentioned. It was this person who assassinated Wu Dai in the city of Wang Liang, which led to her being chased several times.

Chao Feng confessed and admitted that he was the one who tampered with the wedding sedan that day. He was afraid that Ye Tan would enter the Chen Yuan realm and expose his true identity. Therefore, he schemed and weaved so many lies, including the death of Zhu Jiuyin. Qing Kui was not capable of killing him. It was he who deliberately let Zhu Jiuyin fall onto Qing Kui's sharp hairpin. It turned out that Chao Feng had deceived Qing Kui so much. Ye Tan drew her sword without hesitation to kill him, but Qing Kui cried and held Ye Tan's hand, not allowing her to harm Chao Feng.

Chao Feng deliberately let Qing Kui know the truth because he felt that his power had been abolished and he was completely useless. If Qing Kui followed him, she would suffer and be in danger. He decided to let Qing Kui give up on him so that he could at least save himself. No matter how Chao Feng refused Qing Kui's help, she still did not leave him and continued to take care of his mother.

Lord Li and Ding Yun gathered all the soldiers in the Chen Yuan realm to search for the third piece of divine consciousness. At this time, Ye Tan and Qing Heng were quietly searching in the mortal world. Lord Li had so many spies, but finding the third piece of divine consciousness was like finding a needle in a haystack. Qing Heng went to listen to a play and took a break. He accidentally saw a painting with a familiar back view holding a pine and cypress branch, which seemed to be the one that Ye Tan had given him. Qing Heng immediately inquired about the origin of the painting from the painter and gradually gained some information.

Qing Heng took Ye Tan to see the handsome man in the painting in a quiet bamboo forest. The surroundings were extremely elegant, and the man in white picked up his brush and focused on painting. In this environment, he was so harmonious, extraordinary, and gentle as jade. Ye Tan couldn't help but sigh that La Mu and the hall master were so cold that people couldn't get close to them, but this man in front of her was different. Seeing how handsome he was, Ye Tan felt that she should wait until her scars healed before pursuing him. However, time waits for no one, and Qing Heng pushed her out from the shadows.

The handsome man heard the sound and looked over. He saw a girl looking at him shyly. He noticed that she had a scar on her face and impulsively picked up his brush to draw a plum blossom on it. He also said that Ye Tan looked just like the girl in his dream and immediately gave her a pine and cypress jade hairpin to wear in her hair.

For the first time, Ye Tan was so tenderly cared for by a man that her heart was soon moved. That night, the handsome man invited her to admire the moon together. Ye Tan arrived early, and the beautiful scenery and woman quickly captivated her. The handsome man saw that Ye Tan was already immersed in the scene and immediately leaned in to kiss her. Ye Tan almost fell for it, but fearing that she couldn't control herself, she turned the handsome man into an ice walnut.

The next morning, Ye Tan ran to the handsome man's inn to deliver breakfast. His servant looked at her with unfamiliar eyes. Ye Tan immediately showed him the pine and cypress jade hairpin that the handsome man had given her. The servant nodded knowingly and quietly took out a flower register to determine which young lady Ye Tan was. She found that there were many portraits of women on it and began to be alert. Could this handsome man be a gigolo?

She walked into the room and saw the handsome man looking affectionately at another girl, saying the same words that she had heard yesterday. The girl believed that she was the man's dream lover. Ye Tan rushed up angrily, holding the portrait book for the girl to see. It turned out that they were both substitutes. This gigolo was extremely eloquent and insightful into the girl's thoughts, like a "girl killer." Ye Tan couldn't help but think that she had thought that the third piece of divine consciousness would be the easiest to catch, but it turned out to be the most difficult.

Episode 23 Recap

Ye Tan accepted Wen Ren's invitation to a small gathering in the woods. Her friends gave her advice on how to deal with Wen Ren, but she found it confusing and decided to handle it herself. Wen Ren, who was skilled at reading people, knew what women wanted and turned a dandelion into a stunning flower umbrella, which he placed over Ye Tan's head, filling the air with a fragrant scent. Ye Tan was smitten with Wen Ren's smooth face, but she knew she needed patience to win him over.

Chao Feng was poisoned by Queen Li, and Qing Kui knew they were all in danger. She went to see Queen Li and told her that she had decided to side with her for a better future. She also revealed the location of three pieces of divine consciousness that had fallen to earth after being damaged by Xuan Shang Jun Xian. Queen Li believed her and thought highly of her. Ding Yun did not like Qing Kui and thought she was a turncoat. However, Queen Li reminded him that the future heir needed a smart woman to help him make the right decisions, and that it was not too late to marry other concubines.

Qing Kui intentionally claimed that one of the pieces of divine consciousness was in Yuewo Village and led Queen Li and Chen Yuan's soldiers to search for it. Chao Feng secretly followed them, fearing that Queen Li might harm Qing Kui. When he realized they were heading towards Yuewo Village, he understood Qing Kui's plan. After Queen Li realized she had been tricked, she was furious and ordered Qing Kui to carve a message on her wrist asking about La Mu's whereabouts. Ding Yun was about to take action with a hairpin, but Chao Feng immediately created a strong wind that made it impossible to see, and he fought with Queen Li. Chao Feng's tendons burst, and his life was in danger.

Di Lanjue gave Ye Tan a set of earrings that allowed her to hear everyone's thoughts. She effortlessly understood their intentions, and it was truly a treasure.

Wen Ren is a playboy who always attracts women. Ye Tan came up with a plan and asked everyone to help her pretend to be a fortune teller. Ye Tan specifically took Wen Ren to have his fortune told. At first, Wen Ren didn't believe in these tricks, but after hearing the fortune teller's words, he found it quite accurate and couldn't help but believe it. The fortune teller said that Wen Ren had not met his true soulmate when he was seeking pleasure before, but now that person has appeared, and it is Ye Tan. Wen Ren must wash away his past and be faithful to her, otherwise, he will suffer greatly.

Wen Ren was skeptical and had his staff brush off all his past lovers. But the next morning, all the girls he had flirted with came to his door, condemning him for being a womanizer. Liu Hui even put a spell on him, causing him great pain if he fell in love again.

Ye Tan visited Wen Ren and was told that he was no longer a man and couldn't help her. But Ye Tan didn't mind and insisted on helping him cut off his love ties. Ye Tan brought the Diamond Sutra and asked Wen Ren to copy it quietly. When he was tired, he drank some tea to refresh himself, and his belt gradually loosened. Now that he was in dire straits, he realized who his true friends were. Wen Ren believed that Ye Tan was his destined partner, but he was under a spell and couldn't bring her happiness until it was lifted. He began to consider asking Ye Tan to give up on him.

Ye Tan heard Wen Ren's thoughts and suggested that he try to reconcile with Liu Hui. Maybe they could get to know each other better and she would lift his spell. With no other options, Ye Tan had to go to Liu Hui's residence.

Episode 24 Recap

Wen Ren sincerely apologized to Miss Liu Hui, causing her to become emotional and curse him for being unfaithful and shameless. She demanded that he apologize to every woman he had flirted with, but they didn't care about him and were also unfaithful. Liu Hui realized that she was the only one who had feelings for him and had wasted a precious treasure. She then removed the belt from Wen Ren's waist and set him free.

After regaining his freedom, Wen Ren cherished his current life even more and was infatuated with Ye Tan, wanting to see her every moment. One day, he found an earring on the ground that could hear people's thoughts. He was amazed that Ye Tan's thoughts were the same as his own and realized that she had been eavesdropping. He asked her why she did it and if she had feelings for him. Ye Tan hesitated and quickly took the earring away when he tried to listen to her thoughts.

Ye Tan told the divine bird about the earring, and it suggested that since Wen Ren already loved her, they should focus on how to merge the three divine spirits and revive Lord Xuan Shang. Ye Tan was discouraged by recent events and asked Qing Heng if Lord Xuan Shang would remember their past experiences after being revived. Qing Heng admitted that it was uncertain and based on ancient records.

Now that the three divine spirits had gathered, Ye Tan was urged to tell them the truth. She went to see Wu Dai, who was overjoyed to see his beloved wife and didn't ask where she had been. He talked about having many children and even had names picked out for them. Ye Tan couldn't bear to tell him the truth. She then went to see La Mu, who was obediently carving a stone lotus flower for his beloved. He was excited to see her and had a childlike innocence and honesty in front of her.

Qing Kui returned with the heavily injured Chao Feng, and Ye Tan felt guilty for the situation. Qing Heng and the spirit bird reminded her that the most important thing now was to revive the divine consciousness. However, Ye Tan couldn't bring herself to do it. As a god since birth, she had always followed strict rules and regulations and couldn't relax. Qing Kui also told her that the three pieces of divine consciousness found in the beast world were the essence of Xuan Shang Jun, who was greedy, lustful, and easily injured. Ye Tan didn't want to revive Xuan Shang Jun and hoped he could live carefree forever.

Qing Heng knew this wasn't a solution and went to talk to Wen Ren. When Ye Tan saw him, she realized he had changed and was now clear-headed and sincere. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and would always treat her well. He even gave her a birthday gift he made himself. Ye Tan was moved by his sincerity.

Ye Tan thought Qing Heng was kind for helping her reconcile with Wen Ren, but soon realized that La Mu and Mei You Qing were also at the same inn to celebrate her birthday. This was all arranged by Qing Heng and Zi Wu, and Ye Tan was scrambling to keep them apart. Qing Heng and Zi Wu were watching nearby, and Ye Tan knew their plan might soon fail.

Episode 25 Recap

Ye Tan met Mei You Qing, Mei You Qing learned that it was her birthday today. Mei You Qing immediately found the most famous chef in the animal world and made a bowl of longevity noodles for her. The topping of the longevity noodles was made from the most expensive ingredients in the world. Ye Tan wanted to taste it to show her gratitude, but she didn't expect that she had to finish the whole bowl in one go without biting it in the middle. In order to send Mei You Qing away early, Ye Tan had to finish the whole bowl in one breath.

After calming Mei You Qing down, Ye Tan went to see La Mu. She saw that La Mu also made longevity noodles for her and secretly felt distressed, but fortunately, La Mu was easier to deceive. Next was Wen Ren. On this day, the three men all met at the Colorful Restaurant. Ye Tan tried her best to plan, but it was difficult to cover everything. Just when she was about to be exposed, she ran to the middle of the stage and danced to express her gratitude to her friends. La Mu, Wen Ren, and Mei You Qing were all very proud and happy to see their lady's graceful and skilled dance.

Qing Heng found an opportunity to cut the rope when Ye Tan was dancing, and she fell from a high altitude. The three men immediately rushed to catch her, and they finally met each other. They all called Ye Tan "lady" and looked very similar to each other. They were all sad when Qing Heng explained the reason. They had always thought that they were the only ones for Ye Tan, but they didn't expect that they were just pawns, deliberately approaching and pleasing her because they wanted to revive Xuan Shangjun. Ye Tan couldn't bear to see La Mu, Mei You Qing, and Wen Ren so sad.

As the people of Chen Yuan were about to surround the Beast Realm, a fierce battle was about to break out. However, Ye Tan locked herself in her room while Qing Heng and Zi Wu urged her to immediately merge the three pieces of the Divine Lord's soul. Only then could the conspiracy of Chen Yuan be thwarted. But the door remained closed, and Ye Tan still did not move. Qing Kui asked if she had made up her mind, but Ye Tan decided to let the three pieces of divine consciousness make the decision themselves.

The spirit bird delivered the letter written by Ye Tan to the three pieces of divine consciousness. They learned about the relationship between Xuan Shangjun and Ye Tan and finally understood the truth. Ye Tan was grateful for Xuan Shangjun's help and now understood that the three pieces of divine consciousness were three complete individuals. Therefore, she let them make the decision themselves.

With the snake venom on Qing Kui, Queen Li finally found Chao Feng. After Qing Kui's relentless treatment, Chao Feng could stand up and walk, but he still could not use his true energy, or his life would be in danger. Queen Li and her men wanted to capture them all, but when Chao Feng was outnumbered, La Mu, Wen Ren, and Mei You Qing arrived. Only La Mu had martial arts skills, but he was no match for Queen Li. Ye Tan was hit by Queen Li's palm and fell to the ground bleeding. La Mu, Wen Ren, and Mei You Qing surrounded Ye Tan, and danger was approaching step by step. Qing Heng reminded them that the only one who could fight against Queen Li was Xuan Shangjun. In order to save Ye Tan, the three of them immediately focused their minds and summoned Xuan Shangjun.

Xuan Shangjun rose into the air, and Ding Yun saw that Queen Li could not resist and used all his strength to help the queen. However, he was ultimately injured by the hostility of the two armies and died. Queen Li held her son's body and shed tears of regret.

Tianpa Yuan, Ye Tan was in a daze and saw La Mu carefully carving the most beautiful lotus flower in the world for her in the dimly lit room. Ye Tan also saw Mei You Qing, who looked at her with tenderness and claimed that the script he had just written was for her. She also saw Wen Ren, a playboy who showed her a painting of a girl who haunted his dreams, only to realize that the girl was Ye Tan herself. Wen Ren was grateful for the beautiful memories they shared and asked Ye Tan to take care of herself in the future.

When Ye Tan woke up, she heard that Lord Xuan Shang had been resurrected and was discussing matters with the Heavenly Emperor in the main hall. She hurried over to see him but was saddened to find that he was cold and distant towards her, deliberately keeping his distance.

Episode 26 Recap

Queen Li brought Ding Yun's body back and begged Lord Li to go back to the heavenly realm to avenge him. Although this hatred was deep, Lord Li knew that Xuan Shang Jun was at his strongest when his divine consciousness was in place. Attacking at this time would not end well. Queen Li demanded that Lord Li punish Chao Feng severely, so he ordered his men to arrest all of the officials around the Third Prince and execute them on a chosen day. Chao Feng's whereabouts were still unknown, so Lord Li sent people to search for him.

On the Nine Heavens Cloud Palace, Ye Tan was heartbroken by Xuan Shang Jun's coldness. She thought of La Mu, Mei You Qing, and Wen Ren, who disappeared after resurrecting him. Ye Tan released three Kongming lanterns to express her longing. Xuan Shang Jun saw this and turned the lanterns into three petals of different colors, which fell into Ye Tan's hands. She was overjoyed and felt as if the three little cuties had not gone far away.

Xuan Shang Jun told Ye Tan that the performance on the Nine Heavens Cloud Palace was intentional to deceive the Heavenly Emperor. He had to be careful because the Heavenly Emperor would erase his memories if he found out about his love. To protect these beautiful memories, Xuan Shang Jun pretended to have no memory in front of the Heavenly Emperor. Ye Tan felt relieved after hearing this explanation. La Mu, Mei You Qing, and Wen Ren were all back, and everything was like it used to be.

The Heavenly Emperor was still suspicious of Xuan Shang Jun's return, so he sent his spy, Fei Chi, to accompany Xuan Shang Jun to learn about politics and secretly check if he really had no memory.

After Xuan Shang Jun's return, he became even more affectionate towards Ye Tan. He found out that she loved tea eggs and came up with a plan to distract Fei Chi and steal some crane eggs for her. Ye Tan was thrilled. After the eggs were cooked, she eagerly gave them to Xuan Shang Jun to taste. He usually only ate light food, but after eating the two crane eggs, he felt refreshed and suddenly realized that the heavenly realm had always valued purity and looked down on impurity. However, some impurity was not necessarily a bad thing. If he had eaten more tea eggs before going to the underworld, he might have been able to come back alive.

On the birthday of Fairy Bi Qiong, she specially invited Lord Xuan Shang to attend the banquet. Although Lord Xuan Shang did not want to go, he couldn't hurt the relationship with his cousin. As a result, he decided to use boiled tea eggs as a gift for Fairy Bi Qiong.

At the birthday banquet, Fairy Bi Qiong invited Lord Xuan Shang to play a song with her in front of everyone, claiming that it was her birthday wish. Lord Xuan Shang had no choice but to play the guzheng to accompany her. Zi Wu didn't like someone bullying her sister-in-law, so she praised Ye Tan's playing and forced her to play in front of everyone. Ye Tan had to play randomly, but Lord Xuan Shang praised her and led everyone to applaud her.

Chao Feng decided to elope with his mother and Qing Kui to Bai Zhu Wu and live a carefree life. Before leaving, his mother suggested that they buy some wedding items, which might be their last time playing in the mortal world. Chao Feng accompanied Qing Kui to choose the items, but Hai Chao came and gave him a note. Lord Li had arrested all his subordinates, and they would be in danger if they didn't return soon. Chao Feng looked at Qing Kui, who was happy not far away. He had lost his power and this trip back to the Chen Yuan realm was also dangerous. He didn't know when he could survive until the world was peaceful again. Chao Feng didn't tell Qing Kui his thoughts. He wanted to go back to the Chen Yuan realm alone and never let Qing Kui follow him on adventures.

Episode 27 Recap

Returning to the heavenly realm, Ye Tan began to fear her identity as a heavenly concubine and acted cautiously in everything she did. She even consulted with the spirit bird about learning the skill of fasting in the future. The spirit bird was surprised. Did Ye Tan give up her desire for food and drink for Xuan Shang Jun? Isn't the enjoyment of earthly delicacies the greatest pleasure? Anyway, Ye Tan was determined not to cause trouble for Xuan Shang Jun anymore, so she waited in the hall for him to finish handling government affairs and return home.

When Qing Kui woke up, Chao Feng had already left for Chen Yuan. There was a letter on the table asking her to take her mother back to Bai Zhu Wu. Ding Yun had died, and Queen Li would naturally not give up. Now that Chao Feng's cultivation had been abolished, it was likely that he would be in danger. Qing Kui had to go back to Chen Yuan to rescue Chao Feng. Even though Xue Fei did not agree, she had no choice but to tearfully remind Qing Kui to be careful.

Chao Feng returned to Chen Yuan, and Wu Dai asked him about Qing Kui's whereabouts. As long as Chao Feng was willing to tell him, he would help him find a way out. Chao Feng had nothing to live for, so he confessed that he had come back to settle everything and went to see Lord Li to plead guilty.

Although he was the third prince, he was not favored by Lord Li. Lord Li immediately punished Chao Feng severely. Chao Feng did not say a word, just gritted his teeth and endured the punishment. Qing Kui arrived in time, and Wu Dai secretly loved Qing Kui and thought of her everywhere. He helped open the door of Lord Li's palace for her.

Qing Kui stood in front of Lord Li without fear, pleading that it was Xuan Shang Jun who had caused Ding Yun's death, not Chao Feng. Even if there was a mistake, it was because of the conflict between brothers. Moreover, it was Lord Li who had ordered whoever killed Xuan Shang Jun would be the next heir. Qing Kui's words were all true. Soon, Queen Li also arrived. She was there to avenge Ding Yun. Lord Li finally ordered Chao Feng and Qing Kui to be imprisoned and executed on a chosen day.

After Xuan Shang Jun returned, he cherished Ye Tan even more. He found that she was restricted in her freedom everywhere to avoid causing trouble for him. The lively and active female warrior was now forced to become a docile little white rabbit. After he finished handling government affairs, Xuan Shang Jun came to accompany Ye Tan and played cards with other immortals. Only when playing, would Ye Tan show her lively and active nature. Xuan Shang Jun remembered that Ye Tan liked to study, so he suggested that she continue to study at the Shu Nang School in the future.

Chao Feng and Qing Kui were taken to the Chanhun Cave. Their subordinates who had taken care of them before knelt down to thank them, not knowing how much longer they would live. Qing Kui, with red eyes, proposed to Chao Feng, having already decided on the way to the Chen Yuan realm that she wanted to be with him forever. Now that Lord Li had placed a ban on the Chanhun Cave, no one was allowed to approach the prison. Chao Feng and Qing Kui got married in front of their subordinates.

Hu Sui was punished to clean up the Yaochi. She missed Ye Tan and Qing Heng every day and practiced when she had nothing to do. The other little fairies in the Yaochi always bullied her because she was the lowest-ranked elf. This time, Qing Heng found out and immediately supported Hu Sui, making the few fairies who bullied her responsible for taking care of her in the future.

Hu Sui never thought she would receive Qing Heng's love. Even though she was punished to protect Qing Heng and Zi Wu when they descended to the mortal world, she had never thought about being loved by Qing Heng. Since Qing Heng and Zi Wu left the beast realm, Di Lanjue had been bored and always felt lonely. His mother saw his loneliness and specially arranged for him to study at the Shangnang Academy. Di Lanjue happily went there.

Zi Wu was delighted to see Di Lanjue at the Shangnang Academy and confessed that she had been thinking about how to see him again. She was embarrassed to have met him there and could now spend time with him every day.

Bi Qiong thought of ways to bully Ye Tan, but she couldn't take advantage of her because of Di Lanjue, Qing Heng, and Zi Wu around her. Ye Tan studied very seriously, which was her hobby. After school, she meticulously completed the homework assigned by her teacher. Xuan Shang Jun had been waiting for Ye Tan after school, but unfortunately, Ye Tan had been studying hard and had little time to spend with him.

Episode 28 Recap

Qing Kui and Chao Feng went to the Chen Yuan tribe and there was no news from them. Concubine Xue was very worried, so she and Hai Chao went back to Chen Yuan to check the situation. When Wu Dai heard that Qing Kui was also going to be executed, he immediately knelt outside the palace and begged Lord Li to show mercy and forgive Qing Kui.

Concubine Xue went to see Lord Li. She knew very well that Lord Li's original intention was to let his three sons compete for the position of crown prince. He had been licking the edge of the knife for many years, fearing that after he was gone, the Chen Yuan realm would be divided. Therefore, he decided to choose the strongest to inherit the throne. On the one hand, he also wanted to see who had the ambition to aspire to the throne. Concubine Xue frankly stated that Lord Li was the only one who could sit firmly on the throne of the kingdom he had built. All the people of the Chen Yuan tribe would completely submit to him, and the past cause and effect no longer mattered.

Concubine Xue had always been reclusive and had never had the idea of competing for power, so Lord Li believed her. Now that Ding Yun had already died, they couldn't afford to lose another child, so he released Chao Feng and Qing Kui on the spot.

Now that Chao Feng and Qing Kui are married, Concubine Xue is very happy. After being released from prison, she immediately welcomed them and prepared to hold a lively and grand wedding for them. Qing Kui noticed that Snake Girl was a little sad. There were many sharp soldiers fishing in the hall. Snake Girl said that Wu Dai was collecting weapons to propose to Qing Kui with his achievements. Snake Girl was kind-hearted and had already healed her scars, but she still lacked confidence. Qing Kui saw that Snake Girl admired Wu Dai very much, so he wanted to play matchmaker for them.

Di Lanjue also went to the study to study. Although he didn't like doing homework, he was much more stable now. Xuan Shang Jun couldn't wait for his beloved wife to finish class, so he went to the study and announced that he would reduce the burden for all students and disband them as soon as class was over. Di Lanjue no longer returned to the animal realm after class, but went to the place arranged by Zi Wu, which was also in line with his intentions.

To make Ye Tan's fairy power more refined, Xuan Shang Jun personally taught her swordsmanship. Being taught by her beloved one in such a close distance, Ye Tan's face quickly turned red and her heart beat faster. Unfortunately, Xuan Shang Jun was too conventional and didn't understand romance.


Ye Tan thought that in the mortal world, when a woman has a lover, she will personally do needlework for him. She began to do needlework with great care, and Ling Niao was surprised. When Ling Niao discovered that Ye Tan had prepared Jianmu fruit, everything became clear. Ling Niao helped Ye Tan make an embroidered handkerchief and hoped that Ye Tan's dream would come true soon.

Ye Tan personally went to the Star Palace to pick up Xuan Shang Jun. After finishing the Star Palace, Xuan Shang Jun immediately demonstrated it again for Ye Tan to enjoy. The stars gathered into an ocean, and everything was brilliant, vast, and romantic. Ye Tan and Xuan Shang Jun cultivated their spirits. That night, there was lightning and thunder, and the sky was abnormal, all because Xuan Shang Jun was moved.

Hu Sui was taken care of by Qing Heng, but every time she looked very restrained and avoided him. This time, Qing Heng finally couldn't help but ask why she was always so cautious. He had already found out that the woman in front of him was the little Hu Sui he had taken care of before, but Hu Sui always refused to admit it. Hu Sui admitted that their distance was too far. Qing Heng was the second prince of the heavenly realm and could never be approached. After Hu Sui left, Qing Heng followed her to Xuan Huang Realm to fight for the one he loved.

Hu Sui wanted to steal the Ju Ling Xuan Lamp, but with her skills, she couldn't open the barrier protecting the lamp. Fortunately, Qing Heng arrived in time, otherwise, he would have been backlashed by the formation. Qing Heng recognized that the Ju Ling Xuan Lamp was Dong Qiu's magic weapon and was about to ask more questions when the ancestor came in. Worried about being discovered, Qing Heng immediately covered Hu Sui and left.

Finally, they arrived at a place where no one was around. Hu Sui claimed that the lamp contained the souls of her tribe who had died. She was also from Dong Qiu. Her tribe was deeply affected by rumors and almost wiped out. Fortunately, she entrusted the remaining soul to a small Hu Sui and worked hard to heal herself, finally recovering her human form. Although she had let go of her hatred, she could not bring out the Ju Ling Xuan Lamp alone. Qing Heng wanted to go to the Heavenly Emperor to plead for the lamp to be returned to its original owner, but Hu Sui stopped him. The sins of the Dong Qiu tribe had already been established and could not be overturned. Moreover, the Heavenly Emperor would not give up something that he had worked so hard to obtain. Hu Sui left in despair, and Qing Heng was also very sad.

Episode 29 Recap

Qing Heng went to the ancestor to ask about the truth of the massacre of the Dongqiu clan. The ancestor was also very regretful, but since the verdict had been made and everyone was living happily, the ancestor warned Qing Heng not to think about speaking up for Dongqiu and not to mention it in front of the Emperor.

The once-in-a-millennium Xiangmi fruit has finally ripened. It is said that eating this fruit can increase one's cultivation. Ye Tan has been looking forward to it for a long time and finally ran excitedly to her immortal teacher in the Shangshu Hall to ask for the fruit. Every student got the fruit, but the immortal teacher told her that they were all gone and that she was not qualified to get one. Ye Tan was angry and frustrated that the immortal teacher not only didn't give her the fruit but also deliberately tripped her up, using immortal magic to make her kneel in front of everyone.

Ye Tan restrained herself in every way and reminded herself that she was the consort of the God King and couldn't act rashly. But when she was about to leave, the ancestor gave her a slap. Fortunately, Xuan Shang Jun saw everything. He walked into the Shangshu Hall with a stern face, helped the injured Ye Tan, had a servant girl send her back, and then turned around and gave the immortal teacher a blow. The immortal teacher in the Shangshu Hall was no match for Xuan Shang Jun. With a little effort, he was beaten up badly.

The immortal teacher in the Shangshu Hall knew he was wrong and quickly apologized to Ye Tan, even kowtowing to admit his mistake. This immortal teacher was hypocritical and deserved to be ignored by the spirit bird, so that he could learn a lesson in the future.

The Heavenly Emperor heard that Xuan Shang Jun had punished the scholar in charge of the book bag. According to Xuan Shang Jun's character, he could not have acted so recklessly. The Heavenly Emperor knew that this matter must be related to Ye Tan. He quickly deduced that Xuan Shang Jun's memories in the beast world had not been erased, so he took out the forgetfulness token and asked Xuan Shang Jun to erase his memories. Xuan Shang Jun disagreed. He felt that he was most relaxed and happy now. In the previous world, it was either closed-door cultivation or closed-door learning, like a robot, without thoughts or emotions. Xuan Shang Jun solemnly told the Heavenly Emperor that he would rather not be a god than erase his memories. The Heavenly Emperor was furious and immediately imprisoned him in the Thunder Penalty Department.

Wu Dai was deeply in love with Qing Kui, but Chao Feng and Qing Kui had already agreed to be together for life. Knowing that the Snake Clan Saintess had feelings for Wu Dai, Princess Qing Kui created an opportunity for them. Wu Dai went to the agreed place and found only the Snake Clan Saintess. For Wu Dai's sake, the Snake Clan Saintess even learned acupuncture. She was passionate and took the initiative to confess to Wu Dai, even wanting to kiss him forcibly. Although Wu Dai had killed countless people on the battlefield and made great military achievements, he was helpless when faced with filial piety. He found an excuse and hurriedly left.

Queen Li was determined to avenge Ding Yun. Since she could not immediately kill Chao Feng, she could only rely on her intelligence. She designed to have Wu Dai appointed as the sealed lord, and then facilitated the marriage between Wu Dai and Qing Kui. In this way, Chao Feng would certainly not stand idly by, and the Chen Yuan realm would be filled with smoke and fire. The Lord Li would not sit idly by and would easily kill Chao Feng. Queen Li deceived Wu Dai, claiming that she would help him "win the beauty". Wu Dai had a simple mind and really thought that Queen Li was thinking of him, so he obeyed her orders.

Episode 30 Recap

Lord Li has decided to make Wu Dai the heir to the Chen Yuan realm. Queen Li also takes advantage of the situation and proposes a marriage between Wu Dai and Qing Kui. Chao Feng wants to help Qing Kui escape, but Queen Li is prepared and wants Chao Feng to stir up trouble in the Chen Yuan realm. Wu Dai expresses his love for Qing Kui and promises to cherish her in the future. Queen Li sends the wedding dress to Qing Kui, and Chao Feng is unhappy that Qing Kui signaled him not to act rashly. Although Chao Feng is also anxious, they must be cautious and plan carefully to avoid falling into Queen Li's trap.

The Emperor Tun in the mortal world hears the good news that his daughter will be married in three days. To please the Chen Yuan realm, he immediately hires an artist to paint a picture of Ye Tan and Wu Dai together as a gift. Queen Li sees the painting and realizes that Qing Kui has been replaced as the heir's wife and is now in the heavenly realm. She sees this as an opportunity to cause chaos at the wedding and plans to kidnap Emperor Tun and kill Qing Kui.

The Snake Clan's saint quickly hears the news and informs Chao Feng. Originally, Chao Feng planned to elope with Qing Kui, but now that Emperor Tun is trapped, the saint gives Chao Feng an antidote that can restore his strength within three hours. They must rescue Emperor Tun and control Queen Li to escape with Qing Kui.

As Xuan Shang Jun and Ye Tan's relationship grew closer, Bi Qiong became jealous and snuck into Ye Tan's sleeping quarters, transforming into a grape to eavesdrop on their conversations. Just then, Qing Kui used a messaging conch to speak with Ye Tan, calling her "Tan'er" and referring to themselves as sisters. Bi Qiong seized the opportunity to steal the conch and report Ye Tan to the Heavenly Emperor.

The spirit bird discovered the missing conch and alerted Di Lanjue, who chased after Bi Qiong. Unfortunately, they were too late, and Bi Qiong had already revealed Ye Tan's true identity to the Heavenly Emperor. Qing Heng and Zi Wu tried to defend Ye Tan, while Hu Sui quickly informed Xuan Shang Jun of the situation.

Knowing that the Heavenly Emperor would not let this go, Xuan Shang Jun used all his strength to break out of the Thunder Prison, the most secure place in the heavens. He was badly injured but managed to reach Ye Tan in time. Xuan Shang Jun was determined to protect Ye Tan and refused to let anyone harm his beloved. He had risked his life to repair the ruins for the sake of all living beings, and now he only had one wish: to spend the rest of his life with Ye Tan. Even if it meant giving up his immortal status, he would still choose to be with her.

The Heavenly Emperor was furious and attacked Xuan Shang Jun from behind, causing him to fall to the ground. But Xuan Shang Jun stood up again, his body covered in blood. He didn't look back, but gave Ye Tan a radiant smile and held her hand tightly as they walked out of the Heavenly Palace, step by step.

Episode 31 Recap

In the wedding of Wu Dai in the Chen Yuan realm, Queen Li specially invited Emperor Tun to attend. When Emperor Tun saw that Qing Kui was the one marrying into the Chen Yuan realm, his face changed drastically. He didn't understand what was going on, but Qing Kui signaled to him to remain calm. However, Queen Li was not fooled and immediately opened the gift that Emperor Tun had sent, revealing a painting that showed a woman who was not the real bride. This caused Lord Li to question Emperor Tun about what was going on.

Qing Kui then explained that before entering the Chen Yuan realm, Ding Yun had planned to assassinate Wu Dai, but was caught by Ye Tan. To avoid being exposed, Ding Yun switched places with Qing Kui on the day of the wedding. Chao Feng was surprised to hear this and wondered when Qing Kui had learned to lie. However, Queen Li was furious and prepared to kill Qing Kui. Wu Dai stood in front of Qing Kui to protect her, even though he knew that she did not love him. He begged Lord Li to spare them both, even if it meant his own death.

Concubine Xue then explained that Chao Feng's cultivation had been destroyed because of a plot by Ding Yun and Queen Li, who had tricked him into taking poison. Lord Li heard about Queen Li's crimes and, since he had already lost his second son, decided to show mercy to Chao Feng and Qing Kui. They were allowed to leave the Chen Yuan realm.

Meanwhile, Ye Tan sensed that Qing Kui was in danger and asked Xuan Shang Jun to help rescue her. Emperor Di Lanjue was sent by the Heavenly Empress to find the Heavenly Concubine, and Zi Wu went with him to the Southern Gate.

Emperor Tun finally saw his two daughters again. The obedient and gentle one had married into the Chen Yuan realm, while the other, who was naughty and difficult, had married into the Heavenly realm. Emperor Tun was worried about how to handle them both, but Chao Feng knelt down and called him father-in-law. Despite Emperor Tun's reluctance to accept him as a son-in-law, Chao Feng remained calm. Concubine Xue even gave Emperor Tun a thorny stick to vent his anger.

Emperor Tun returned to the palace with his two daughters, each returning to the environment they grew up in. Xuan Shang Jun saw the Chao Luo Palace where Ye Tan grew up, and was heartbroken that his beloved wife grew up in such a cold and miserable environment. Ye Tan was used to it, having once hung Wu Dai's portraits all over her room and vowed to become the number one bully in the Chen Yuan realm. She now realized that she had wasted so much time.

Finally back in the mortal world, Ye Tan thought of her husband who was seriously injured and tirelessly searched the palace for herbs that could restore his vitality. She worked hard to make medicine for Xuan Shang Jun. Emperor Tun invited Xuan Shang Jun to play chess and intentionally asked him why he treated their two daughters so differently.

Emperor Tun showed Xuan Shang Jun the numerous petitions from ministers over the years demanding that Ye Tan be killed. Since birth, Ye Tan had been given an ominous name and constantly received petitions asking Emperor Tun to kill her for the sake of the country. Although Emperor Tun knew that his second daughter was innocent, he was afraid of Ye Tan's tragic background and remained cautious. As Ye Tan grew more rebellious, Emperor Tun felt more guilty and afraid, causing a growing rift between father and daughter.

Emperor Tun noticed that Xuan Shang Jun treated Ye Tan extremely well, even considering her a precious gem. He finally entrusted Ye Tan to Xuan Shang Jun and she overheard their conversation. She questioned her father why he had been so cruel to her in the past and had never shown her any affection, but now showed such deep affection after she had married into the heavenly realm. Emperor Tun whispered that he had prepared two gifts for her every year, and the one for her was hidden under the shrine. He was naturally cowardly and worried that Ye Tan's fate would really affect the mortal world. Now that he saw Xuan Shang Jun's sincere treatment of Ye Tan, he finally understood how much of a failure he was as a father.

Episode 32 Recap

Ye Tan heard her father crying and blaming himself for not showing enough fatherly love to her since she was young. She also felt very painful in her heart, perhaps her father did love her in his heart. Xuan Shang Jun took her to her birth mother's shrine, and Ye Tan really saw the gifts her father had placed there every year on her birthday, which were exactly the same as her sister's. Looking at these gift boxes, Ye Tan was overjoyed and tearful. These were all gifts from her father, who she had been thinking about. He still cared about her! Xuan Shang Jun was also happy for her and went to the celestial platform of the Can Shang constellation, which was observed by the state preceptor.

The state preceptor boasted to everyone that it was because of his protection that the star of the Heavenly King shone brightly. He believed that he had worked hard and diligently. Xuan Shang Jun quietly took away the star that represented the state preceptor and turned it into another shape. Everyone saw that the state preceptor's star had turned into a broom star and laughed, while the state preceptor turned pale with fear. Xuan Shang Jun now wanted to make the state preceptor taste the bitterness that Ye Tan had suffered.

Ye Tan and Qing Kui stood in front of their father at the same time. Now she chose to forgive her father and let go of the past. Emperor Tun was very happy to be reunited with his daughters. This time, he played chess with both of them. Qing Kui deliberately asked her father why he didn't take out the chess piece that Ye Tan had carved herself. Emperor Tun sighed that on that day, a thief in the palace had stolen his cherished chess piece, and he still felt very heartbroken. Ye Tan tearfully took out that chess piece, and the chess pieces were reunited.

Xuan Shang Jun's injury had recovered almost completely. Ye Tan said goodbye to her father, and Emperor Tun wanted the children to stay in the palace safely. Now that the state preceptor's Tianji star, which he often boasted about, had fallen, the celestial platform had accused the state preceptor, and Emperor Tun immediately dismissed him. Ye Tan understood her father's good intentions, but they were all grown up and didn't want to make things difficult for him. Qing Kui and Ye Tan said goodbye to Emperor Tun with their respective husbands.

Xuan Shang Jun once spent a lot of money in the beast world to buy a house for Ye Tan. Qing Kui and Chao Feng also moved in. Ye Tan wanted to test Chao Feng's sincerity, so she asked him how he planned to support his sister. Chao Feng tried his best to perform well, but he only earned one hundred coins after working as a waiter for a day, which was not enough to even make clothes.

Feeling embarrassed, Chao Feng quietly asked Xuan Shang Jun for advice. Xuan Shang Jun said that Ye Tan had the best business acumen and once sent him to the desert corner, where he earned thousands of gold coins in the time it took to burn a stick of incense. Chao Feng remembered this place and quickly went there. In half an hour, he brought back a bag of gold coins with all the treasures he found.

When Qing Kui heard that her man had obtained the gold coins by robbing others, she was immediately very sad. She silently went to sort out the herbs, and Chao Feng knew what she was thinking. He comforted her and came up with a way to make a living. He planned to open an escort agency nearby to help transport valuable items for others. Qing Kui also decided to open a clinic near the escort agency to help heal the people who worked for her.

Now that Ye Tan and her sister are in the beast world and have loved ones by their side, Ye Tan is very content. She even wishes time would stop. Xuan Shang Jun will hold a grand wedding for Ye Tan in three days to officially welcome her as his wife. These promises make Ye Tan smile every day. Qing Kui is also sincerely happy for her sister. Although their childhood was very difficult, they are now able to see the moon and stars clearly.

Episode 33 Recap

On the day of the wedding, the weather was beautiful and the courtyard was decorated with red lanterns and bright silk. Ling Niao, Zi Wu, Di Lanjue, and her sister were all nearby. At this moment, Ye Tan looked very happy and insisted on not covering her head so that her family could witness her wedding. Xuan Shang Jun was excited and held Ye Tan's hand. Many years ago, he thought that life in heaven was boring and lonely, and he was always prepared to sacrifice himself. Since he met Ye Tan, he felt that life was so interesting.

Xuan Shang Jun and Ye Tan bowed to each other as a bright light shone on them. Everyone looked up and saw a rainbow bridge in the sky. Every time a fairy couple was married in heaven, a rainbow bridge would appear as a gift. It seemed that the Queen of Heaven knew about Xuan Shang Jun's happy event. Ye Tan was grateful that even though the emperor and empress knew she was the second princess, they still favored her. Looking at Ye Tan and Qing Kui, who had found their happiness, Hu Sui murmured to herself that it was right not to tell them the secrets.

Chao Feng was already preparing for the escort bureau, and Qing Kui was looking for a location to open a pharmacy. Life seemed to be peaceful, but there was turmoil in the Chen Yuan realm. After Queen Li was confined, she often cried when she thought of Ding Yun's past, and she hated Ye Tan and Chao Feng even more. At this time, Ding Yun's counselor, Zhu Duanshan, came out and offered to avenge Ding Yun. Queen Li gave him some of her cultivation and let him make Ye Tan and Chao Feng suffer in the beast realm.

Di Lanjue and Zi Wu also confessed their feelings to each other. At first, Di Lanjue liked Ye Tan, but now that she had found her happiness, he realized that he and Zi Wu were a good match. They understood each other's hearts, and Zi Wu fell in love with Di Lanjue at first sight. Finally, they were together.

Zhu Duanshan took advantage of Chao Feng and Xuan Shang Jun's absence to break in and kill Ye Tan and Qing Kui. Di Lanjue was also not there, and Ye Tan and Qing Kui were no match for Zhu Duanshan. The spirit bird fought to protect them, but ultimately was no match for Zhu Duanshan and died in front of Ye Tan. Zhu Duanshan began to attack Ye Tan and Qing Kui, but Hu Sui owed Ye Tan a life-saving favor and used the Dongqiu spell to give them strength. Ye Tan's spiritual power was fully awakened, and she grabbed Zhu Duanshan's hand, causing him to scream in agony as his true energy was continuously absorbed by Ye Tan. Just as she was about to eliminate Zhu Duanshan, Xuan Shang Jun arrived, distracting Ye Tan and allowing Zhu Duanshan to escape.

Before the spirit bird passed away, it taught Ye Tan to take care of herself and allowed her to be sad for only three days before returning to her playful and happy self. After the funeral, Di Lanjue questioned Chao Feng about why Zhu Duanshan wanted to harm the people around him and why he didn't prepare in advance. They remembered the incident that happened before, and Ye Tan and Qing Kui clearly felt lighter after Hu Sui activated their bodies. They couldn't help but ask Hu Sui what she did to them, and she admitted that it was just their original selves.

In fact, Ye Tan and Qing Kui were twin flowers born from the earth vein lingzhi, the flower spirits of the sacred tree of the Dongqiu tribe. Many years ago, people from the Chen Yuan realm and the heavenly realm heard that the Dongqiu tribe had ambitions to destroy the world, so they joined forces to exterminate them. On the day they cut down the earth vein lingzhi, the flower spirit of the twin flowers was born and reincarnated into the world.

Episode 34 Recap

For centuries, the Dongqiu clan has been indifferent to fame and fortune, never having any ambitions. However, due to mere rumors, they were targeted by Chen Yuan and the heavenly realm, who even joined forces to wipe out the Dongqiu clan. On that day, Hu Sui's parents hid her behind a rock next to a flower tree. She witnessed her parents being killed by the leader of the Chen Yuan realm. Her remaining soul was attached to a small Hu Sui plant, and after absorbing the essence of the sun and moon, she was finally able to transform into a human form.

Hu Sui revealed all of this. Her real name is Su Zhi, and she had originally intended to keep these secrets to herself. However, when Zhu Duanshan demanded their lives, she had no choice but to force out Ye Tan's divine power. This matter was of great importance. Even if Ye Tan and Qing Kui did not have the intention to destroy the world, how could they stop these people from spreading rumors and how could they escape unscathed?

Zhu Duanshan fled to the Chen Yuan realm and informed Lord Li about the Twin Flowers, which have the power to destroy the world. Now, the Chen Yuan realm has summoned the Emperor Tun of the heavenly realm, the state preceptor, and the beasts to discuss. Hundreds of years ago, they had joined forces to remove the earth's veins, and now they are still united. Lord Li of the Chen Yuan realm did not care about Chao Feng's life or death. He ordered that anyone who sees Ye Tan and Qing Kui should be killed without mercy. When Emperor Tun heard that his two daughters were the Twin Flowers, he felt it was absurd. They were clearly born to the queen, but now they are considered as the lone star of calamity. Now that the three realms have joined forces, if the human realm does not comply, they will become the target of public criticism. Emperor Tun is also helpless.

The beast king went to see Ye Tan and Qing Kui and directly issued an order for them to leave and find another hiding place. Zi Wu is the future daughter-in-law of the beast realm, and the beast king secretly took her away. Zi Wu and Di Lanjue both felt that Ye Tan and Qing Kui were pure and innocent, and never had any improper thoughts. The beast realm was also in a difficult position. As long as the Chen Yuan realm and the heavenly realm do not pursue the matter, they and the human race do not care about these things.

Zi Wu immediately decided to go back to the Heavenly Emperor to discuss. Currently, the immortals in the Heavenly Realm were discussing in the Jiuxiao Cloud Palace. Qing Heng was going against the majority and did not believe that Ye Tan and Qing Kui were the twin flowers born from the earth's veins. Moreover, no one had proven that the twin flowers had the ability to open the Guixu. The ancestor also felt that something was amiss and thought that it might be Lord Li's instigation. Currently, no one had proven that Ye Tan and Qing Kui were the twin flowers, but the Heavenly Emperor had already made up his mind and disregarded any dissenting opinions.

After returning to the mortal world, Emperor Tun's state preceptor had been trying to persuade him not to be too kind-hearted and to join forces with the other three realms to get rid of Ye Tan and Qing Kui. Emperor Tun directly ordered his subordinates to imprison the state preceptor. As a father, Emperor Tun was very eager to rescue Ye Tan and Chao Feng. No matter how others viewed them, he would do his best to protect his children. The Heavenly Emperor punished Qing Heng severely, but the Heavenly Empress did not agree. Ye Tan had been in the Heavenly Realm for several days and was not as unbearable as rumored. This time, she firmly stood on Qing Heng's side and secretly protected Ye Tan's safety.

Ye Tan and Qing Kui fled with their respective spouses, enduring hardships and sleeping on the ground every day. Along the way, Qing Kui asked Hu Sui if there was a way to crack the code. Hu Sui said that if one of the twin flowers was damaged, the remaining flower's immortal power would greatly diminish. Qing Kui's hand trembled and couldn't help but think that they were already a family. If sacrificing herself could bring everyone's safety, it might not be impossible.

Episode 35 Recap

Ye Tan and Qing Kui were hiding in the beast world, but they were discovered by the guards of the heavenly realm. Xuan Shang Jun couldn't bear to harm his own people, so he immediately took them to a new location. Chao Feng took them to the Four Qu Pavilion, where he had previously saved the pavilion master. It would be safe to hide there.

The heavenly realm searched everywhere but couldn't find Ye Tan and Qing Kui. The Heavenly Emperor issued a proclamation that if they didn't appear in the human realm within three days, the entire palace would be destroyed. Qing Kui was very anxious and wanted to take Ye Tan back to the palace. Hu Sui reminded Qing Kui to be patient and not to fall into the trap. The Heavenly Emperor was trying to use them to save people in the human realm and then turn on them. Concubine Xue was still in the palace, so Chao Feng reassured Qing Kui that he and Xuan Shang Jun would secretly return to the palace and wait and see.

Emperor Tun was usually weak and afraid of trouble, but now the human palace was surrounded by the Chen Yuan realm and the heavenly realm, which completely angered him. Emperor Tun cursed Lord Li and the Heavenly Emperor for their heartlessness. He regretted marrying his two children to the heavenly realm and the Chen Yuan realm. He couldn't believe that the leaders of these two realms were so ruthless that they wanted to kill his two precious children just because of some rumors. He drew his sword and was ready to fight to the death with the Heavenly Emperor and the Chen Yuan realm. Just then, news came from the heavenly realm that Ye Tan and Qing Kui were in the Nine Heavens Cloud Palace. The Heavenly Emperor went to discuss the matter and promised not to trouble the human realm anymore.

The Heavenly Emperor was only concerned with power and couldn't let the twins go so easily. He set up a trap and was ready to catch them all. But Ye Tan and Qing Kui were not foolish. Their powers had been awakened, and they were almost invincible. Qing Kui proposed a condition: if the Heavenly Emperor promised not to destroy the earth's veins and clear the name of the Dongqiu clan, they would swear never to use the power of the twin flowers again. The Heavenly Emperor initially wanted to go back on his word, but the Heavenly Empress and the power of the Xia clan pressured him to compromise.

Ye Tan and Qing Kui finally escaped danger. Xuan Shang Jun was grateful to the Heavenly Empress for her help. She understood the righteousness and believed in the innocence of the Dongqiu clan. She promised Xuan Shang Jun that the Xia clan would do everything in their power to protect them.

Hu Sui obtained the Gathering Spirit Lamp and bid farewell to Qing Heng. She would not return to the Heavenly Realm and instead go to Dongqiu to wait for the rebirth of the soul in the Gathering Spirit Lamp. She would then revive Dongqiu and restore its former prosperity. She warmly invited Qing Heng to visit Dongqiu often when he had free time.

Hu Sui, Ye Tan, and Qing Kui arrived at Guixu and released the spirits of Dongqiu in public, waiting for their loved ones to be reborn. Unexpectedly, the Gathering Spirit Lamp was tampered with by the Heavenly Emperor and turned into the Devouring Heart Formation. Xuan Shang Jun and Chao Feng discovered the danger and immediately pushed Ye Tan and Qing Kui away. They were both trapped in the formation. Chen Yuan, the Lord Li, injured Qing Heng with a single blow, and Ye Tan seemed to be restricted by magic, with no room for retaliation. They were about to be executed by the Heavenly Emperor when Qing Kui immediately asked him to stop and had something to say.

Qing Kui frankly stated that the Twin Flowers would lose their power if one was damaged, and now she wanted to sacrifice herself to fulfill everyone's wishes. She asked Hu Sui to testify that what she said was true. The Lord Li of the Chen Yuan Realm agreed and threw down his blade, allowing Qing Kui to commit suicide. Qing Kui reluctantly looked at her loved ones and encouraged her sister to live well. She was very grateful for everything Chao Feng had done for her and then decisively cut her own throat.

The onlookers were moved by Qing Kui's sacrifice for the greater good. Ye Tan watched her sister die and tried to punish the culprit with all her strength, but it was useless. Ye Tan was seriously injured and fainted in a pool of blood. The Heavenly Emperor released Xuan Shang Jun and Chao Feng from the formation. Xuan Shang Jun did not understand why his father was so aggressive and even took lives. The Heavenly Emperor had already cast a spell to control Xuan Shang Jun, and he became unconscious.

Episode 36 Recap

Hu Sui brought Ye Tan back to Emperor Tun's place to recuperate. Upon hearing the bad news, Emperor Tun and Concubine Xue were also very sad. When Ye Tan woke up, she tried to remain calm, but the image of her sister's tragic death was still vivid in her mind and she was overwhelmed with grief. This revenge must be avenged.

The Heavenly Emperor took Xuan Shang Jun back and cast a spell on him to forget his emotions and become a god who always protects the heavenly realm. The Heavenly Empress was saddened by this, but Xuan Shang Jun's memories were erased and he was unable to return.

Emperor Tun began to arrange Qing Kui's funeral. Ye Tan refused to wear mourning clothes and always felt that her sister was not dead. Hu Sui was not very clear about reincarnation, but she could not be sure that Qing Kui really had no chance of being saved.

Chao Feng was taken back to Chen Yuan by Lord Li and imprisoned in the Soul Binding Cave. The witch doctor suggested that they should kill him while he was unconscious, but Lord Li had just promised Qing Kui in front of everyone. Killing Chao Feng would inevitably make the people of Chen Yuan feel cold, so he asked the witch doctor to imprison Chao Feng in the Soul Binding Cave forever.

Queen Li heard that Chao Feng had been captured and thought that she could finally vent her anger for Ding Yun's death. She went to the Soul Binding Cave to taunt Chao Feng and made him unable to die. Chao Feng had lost Qing Kui and had no desire to live. He only wanted to die, but Queen Li deliberately crushed the token of love between Qing Kui and Chao Feng that was brought from Dongqiu in front of him.

Ye Tan asked Hu Sui if she knew how to restore the power of the Flower Spirit. She vowed to avenge her sister. Hu Sui admitted that in order to repair Qing Kui's Flower Spirit, blood sacrifice was necessary. Ye Tan took the ritual tool and cut her own pulse. The whole process was extremely painful, but Ye Tan did not cry out in pain and insisted on successfully gathering the blood. Hu Sui was moved by their sisterly love and, as a member of the Dongqiu clan, she also cut her wrist to help Ye Tan gather the Flower Spirit, even if it was dangerous.

Xuan Shang Jun woke up and had already forgotten everything from the past. Zi Wu specially made a footband into a hair accessory and tied it to his head, hoping to awaken Xuan Shang Jun's memory. The Immortal Ancestor also created thunder and lightning to simulate the scene where Xuan Shang Jun was once attracted to Ye Tan, but it was of no use.

Ye Tan's flower spirit power has returned. She first went to see Concubine Xue and heard that Chao Feng was imprisoned in the Soul Binding Cave. She immediately took Hu Sui, Concubine Xue, and Hai Chao to the Chen Yuan tribe to rescue him. At that time, Chao Feng was still suffering in the cage, but he still persisted, waiting for the day to avenge Qing Kui. Ye Tan rescued the bloodied Chao Feng and took him to the Nine Heavens Cloud Palace for revenge.

Queen Li summoned all the soldiers of Chen Yuan, intending to send Ye Tan to her death. However, Ye Tan's spiritual power was too strong, and everyone was no longer her opponent. Queen Li pinched Concubine Xue's neck, intending to force Chao Feng to stop, but she ignored that Concubine Xue had deliberately shown weakness before and had no intention of making enemies. Seeing Chao Feng being tortured by Queen Li, Concubine Xue directly killed her.

Ye Tan killed Lord Li and announced to the world that she was the new master of the Chen Yuan realm, and all the soldiers of Chen Yuan obeyed her.

Episode 37 Recap

Wu Dai heard that Ye Tan had killed Lord Li and was determined to avenge his father. Ye Tan did not want to hear any more unpleasant words and was about to kill Wu Dai. However, the Snake Clan Saintess had been pleading for him, and Qing Kui had also been taken care of by Wu Dai before. Ye Tan showed mercy and sent Wu Dai to the Soul Binding Cave.

Chen Yuan had been a place where Ye Tan's sister had stayed before. Now that Ye Tan had become Lord Li, she couldn't help but miss her sister. She went to her sister's medicine shop and the maid who had served Qing Kui said that when her sister was alive, she had hoped that Ye Tan would one day become the Evil God of Chen Yuan, invincible, and no one would dare to bully her. Now that Ye Tan had achieved this, she was still not satisfied. She had lost her dearest sister, so what was the use of being the Evil God of Chen Yuan? Thinking of her sister's appearance and laughter, Ye Tan couldn't help but shed tears.

The Heavenly Realm had learned that Ye Tan had become the Evil God of Chen Yuan. The Heavenly Emperor regretted showing mercy to Ye Tan and letting her live. In order to completely kill Ye Tan, the Heavenly Emperor ordered Xuan Shang Jun to go to the Chen Yuan Realm and kill Ye Tan himself. Xuan Shang Jun had lost his memory and immediately obeyed the order. When the Heavenly Empress heard that the Heavenly Emperor wanted their son to kill Ye Tan, she felt that the Heavenly Emperor was too cold-blooded. He claimed to do it for their son, but in reality, he was using their own son as a tool to eliminate his enemies. The Heavenly Emperor was stubborn, and the Heavenly Empress was completely heartbroken. She immediately vowed that their relationship was over.

Since Xuan Shang Jun left, Ye Tan had been thinking about him every day. Her husband had been captured by the Heavenly Emperor for so long without any news. Just then, one of her subordinates reported that Xuan Shang Jun had led the Heavenly Army to come. Ye Tan was excited to hear that her husband had come, but Xuan Shang Jun looked cold and seemed to have no memory of her appearance.

Xuan Shang Jun did not let his subordinates attack Chen Yuan completely. When he saw that there was only one woman fighting against them, he immediately decided to fight her alone. The battle formation used by Xuan Shang Jun was very familiar to Ye Tan. Xuan Shang Jun had taught her how to crack it before. Ye Tan couldn't help but try to awaken Xuan Shang Jun's memory with her past moves. Xuan Shang Jun felt a sense of familiarity, but he couldn't be sure of Ye Tan's identity. The people around him were all the eyes and ears of the Heavenly Emperor, and they urged Xuan Shang Jun not to be deceived by Ye Tan's charm. At this time, Qing Heng and Zi Wu also arrived and stood firmly on Ye Tan's side. They reminded Xuan Shang Jun not to act recklessly and that the woman in front of him was his wife. Xuan Shang Jun was very surprised. Qing Heng was the person he trusted the most, and Zi Wu was his sister. They would not deceive him. Xuan Shang Jun announced a truce and took the heavenly soldiers and generals back.

At night, Ye Tan kept crying. Their memories were erased by the Heavenly Emperor. When she saw Xuan Shang Jun's cold eyes, her heart was about to break. During the battle, Xuan Shang Jun's sword never pierced her. Perhaps there was still some affection between them.

Qing Heng found Hu Sui and wanted her forgiveness. The Heavenly Emperor's actions towards Dongqiu could not all be blamed on Qing Heng. Moreover, Qing Heng had a pure character and had never done anything out of line. Hu Sui interrupted Qing Heng and, despite owing him a debt of gratitude, she was very clear about her responsibilities and would not let her love for him disrupt her plans. Hu Sui reminded herself to restrain her admiration for Qing Heng and left intentionally.

Episode 38 Recap

Xuan Shang Jun has never retreated without a fight like this before, but his father doesn't seem to blame him at all. Instead, he tells him to rest well and fight again another day. When Fei Chi and Han Mo heard that Xuan Shang Jun went to the mortal world to kill Ye Tan and returned empty-handed, they couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. Xuan Shang Jun is curious about their reaction. Shouldn't he be upset for not winning? But everyone who knows him, except for his father, seems to approve of his actions. Xuan Shang Jun begins to reflect on the special actions of Qing Heng and Zi Wu. That day, Zi Wu even tied her feet to her hair and asked him if he remembered. Was she hinting at something?

Emperor Tun knows that Ye Tan went to Chen Yuan and is very worried. He immediately sets off for Chen Yuan to stand with Ye Tan. Although everyone in the Four Realms thought that Emperor Tun was the most incompetent, he finally stopped being weak. He showed the courage and strength that a father should have and became Ye Tan's solid support.

Xuan Shang Jun is ordered by his father to personally observe the stars at the Star Observation Tower. That day, the dangerous moon swallow appeared in the night sky. Xuan Shang Jun seems to have seen this star before. He remembers that not long ago, he dreamed of a woman and gave the dangerous moon swallow to Ye Tan as a gift. He encouraged Ye Tan to be like this star, able to endure the prosperity and be patient with loneliness. Now, seeing the dangerous moon swallow, Xuan Shang Jun's memories are reawakened.

Xuan Shang Jun knows that his father planted a forgetfulness cone for him. That night, he released a signal for Ye Tan and made careful preparations. The next day, Ye Tan entered the Nine Heavens Cloud Palace without a fight. The Heavenly Emperor accused Xuan Shang Jun of being unkind and unfilial. Ye Tan proposed that as long as they hand over the Gathering Spirit Xuan Lamp and give Dong Qiu justice, they will withdraw from the Nine Heavens Cloud Palace. The Heavenly Emperor directly handed the Gathering Spirit Xuan Lamp to Hu Sui. Hu Sui had been waiting too long for this day and was eager to see her people. But after opening the bottle, it was empty. The Heavenly Emperor sneered at Hu Sui's foolish wish. In fact, his father knew the secret of the Gathering Spirit Xuan Lamp over a hundred years ago and burned all the spirits inside with the Supreme Divine Fire in front of him.

Hu Sui was devastated. She had been striving to live for thousands of years for a single goal, and just as she was about to achieve it, she learned that her people had been burned alive many years ago. This blow was too much for her to bear. Scenes of supreme divine fire burning her people's souls kept appearing before her tearful eyes. She swore to make the heavens pay for their blood debt.

Ye Tan completely destroyed the Heavenly Emperor's cultivation. She believed that the Heavenly Emperor would never be able to cause any more trouble. However, after that day, Hu Sui began to distance herself from Ye Tan. Ye Tan knew that Hu Sui must be struggling with something in her heart. Xuan Shang Jun expressed his gratitude to Ye Tan's subordinates for showing mercy. Ye Tan had been an enemy to all four realms, but she didn't care. Now that all four realms were under her control, she felt desolate. In Chen Yuan, Emperor Tun saw the injured Chen Yuan soldiers and brought the palace's imperial physicians to treat them. He kept apologizing, hoping that the Chen Yuan soldiers would no longer hold a grudge against Ye Tan. In the end, the world still revolved. Ye Tan sought revenge for her sister, but in the eyes of others, she became a villain.

Ye Tan missed her sister every day in Chen Yuan. Now that she had avenged her sister, she was not happy at all. She was melancholy every day. Chao Feng had been waiting for Qing Kui's flower spirit attached to her hairpin. She rarely went out. Concubine Xue was waiting for Chao Feng in the palace, praying that her son and Qing Kui could reunite.

Ye Tan wept over her sister's embroidered handkerchief and suddenly entered a dream. Her sister sat beside her, wiping away her tears and encouraging her to be strong. Many things in this world cannot be reconciled. If you are determined, you must do it without regret and no longer care about the rumors of the world. Ye Tan felt her sister's warm gaze and her hands were warm. She felt that her sister had really come back. She cried excitedly, and suddenly woke up. Ye Tan was delighted to see that the handkerchief that had once only had a Chen Yuan evil spirit now had a girl on it. Her sister must have come back!

Xuan Shang Jun saw that Ye Tan was sad and went to the beast realm to find her favorite snacks, covering the table with them. He took care of Ye Tan's dining needs and with his company, Ye Tan felt much better. She looked up at Xuan Shang Jun, and her eyes began to shine.

Episode 39 Recap

Under the night sky, Xuan Shang Jun and Ye Tan were stargazing together. Ye Tan couldn't help but feel sad about her deteriorating reputation. Xuan Shang Jun comforted her by saying that she was not only like the endangered moon swallow, but also like the resilient resurrection grass. Even if she was stepped on and pushed to the bottom, she would still stand up proudly and strongly. However, he promised to cherish and protect her from harm in the future. Ye Tan retorted that she was now stronger and didn't need anyone's protection.

Qing Heng and Zi Wu saw fireworks in the sky and heard that they were set off by Xuan Shang Jun for Ye Tan. It seemed that Ye Tan's situation had improved, and even Emperor Tun couldn't help but feel happy for his daughter. They discussed how to celebrate for Ye Tan, perhaps with a beef hotpot to help her replenish her strength.

After being rejected by Hu Sui, Qing Heng felt very disappointed. Although he was the second prince of the heavenly realm, he had too many things beyond his control. Hu Sui was devastated after learning that the people of Dongqiu had been killed by the Heavenly Emperor. She felt so much regret and unwillingness in her heart. Ye Tan had only abolished the Heavenly Emperor's cultivation, which was too light of a punishment for Hu Sui. She believed that the entire Four Realms should experience the pain of being burned alive.

Chao Feng seemed to have an epiphany and finally agreed to eat. He had a good appetite and was searching through a pile of books. Ye Tan was curious and went over to see him. She saw that Chao Feng couldn't read and was very happy to teach him. Chao Feng believed that Qing Kui was transformed from the spirit of the earth's veins and would not disappear so easily. He wanted to find a way to break the spell and bring her back. Now that he had a trace of Qing Kui's soul, he would do whatever it takes to bring her back.

Hu Sui wanted to say goodbye to Ye Tan and return to Dongqiu. Ye Tan was worried that she would be alone, but Hu Sui said that the Four Realms had misunderstood Dongqiu too deeply. She wanted to go back and prove Dongqiu's innocence with her actions.

After meeting with Ye Tan, Hu Sui went to see Chao Feng. Chao Feng was preparing to meet her to request the restoration of the Qing Kui flower spirit. Hu Sui said there were many details and asked Chao Feng to bring paper and pen. While no one was around, Hu Sui stole the Qing Kui flower spirit.

Hu Sui was resentful towards the heavens. They did not even spare the souls of Dongqiu. Now, she did not want peace in the world. Hu Sui tricked Ye Tan into going near Gui Xu and used a magical tool to stab her chest. Then, she took out the Qing Kui flower spirit. Now that the power of the two flowers was combined, the chaotic power of Gui Xu could be opened. Ye Tan was taken by Hu Sui and was seriously injured. She was anxious but unable to move when she saw Gui Xu constantly changing.

Xuan Shang Jun and Chao Feng noticed that Gui Xu was changing and immediately went to Gui Xu to try to stop the evil forces. Hu Sui held the Qing Kui flower spirit and walked into Gui Xu. Her power was not enough and she could not withstand the heavy resentment in Gui Xu. Ye Tan was worried that Hu Sui would sacrifice herself and immediately reminded her that opening Gui Xu was not a complete solution. Moreover, Qing Kui would not want her to do this. Ye Tan still remembered that her soul was attached to a small Hu Sui, and it was Qing Kui's care that allowed her to transform into a human and return to the heavens. But now, the desire for revenge was like a vine that grew after the rain, climbing all over her body and mind.

Hu Sui was willing to sacrifice herself and angrily opened Gui Xu. The four realms were in chaos, with earthquakes and disasters everywhere. Qing Heng, Zi Wu, Xuan Shang Jun, and Chao Feng from Chen Yuan Realm were all trying to save Gui Xu. Xuan Shang Jun jumped into Gui Xu and shouted Ye Tan's name. He approached Ye Tan step by step, withstanding the heavy resentment, and helped her to support herself. Ye Tan felt like she was surrounded by flames, and her internal organs were out of control. She tried to stay conscious and slow down the opening of Gui Xu.

Episode 40 (Ending) Recap

The situation in Guixu is getting worse and worse. Xuan Shang Jun used all his cultivation to save Ye Tan, but the chaotic energy around them gathered more and more, completely surrounding them. Ye Tan only heard Xuan Shang Jun calling her, but she couldn't see anything in the pitch-black darkness. She was bound and had no strength. She only felt her body gradually sinking until she gently landed in a clear place.

Ye Tan sat up and found a peaceful atmosphere around her. The fragrance of flowers filled the air, and a tree covered in blossoms rose up from the ground. Ye Tan realized that this was Dongqiu, where the Purple Spirit of the Earth Vein was first cultivated in ancient times with chaotic energy as its soil. If one day Guixu was cleared, her mission would be over. Seeing the chaotic energy around her gradually dissipating, Ye Tan was moved to tears. She and her sister were not the poison that would destroy the world but were born to purify the chaotic energy. Now her sister's spiritual vein has called out, and they will finally fulfill their mission.

Xuan Shang Jun tried to escape Guixu by grabbing Ye Tan's arm, but with his cultivation, he couldn't escape. Ye Tan pushed Xuan Shang Jun out of Guixu and tried to seal the Earth Vein. Xuan Shang Jun shouted Ye Tan's name, torn apart by the fact that he had sworn to protect her but ultimately left her to bear everything alone.

Ye Tan opened all her spiritual power and absorbed all the chaotic energy around her into her body. Suddenly, there was a bright light, and Ye Tan was hit by the chaotic energy's backlash, and her soul scattered in Guixu. Qing Kui, Zi Wu, and Di Lanjue watched helplessly as Ye Tan sacrificed herself, feeling deeply saddened. Finally, the dark clouds dissipated...

Emperor Tun was very saddened to hear the news of Ye Tan's sacrifice. She had been persecuted by rumors and slander since childhood and had suffered from hunger, cold, and loneliness for 18 years. Yet, in the end, she chose to repay grievances with virtue and saved the world with her own life. With her two daughters gone, Emperor Tun was overwhelmed with grief and immediately showed signs of aging.

Chao Feng had been researching the method of resurrecting the Twin Flowers in the Chen Yuan realm. Wu Dai finally overcame his inner demons and, after hearing Ye Tan's story, realized that he had misunderstood the Twin Flowers. He voluntarily left the Soul-binding Cave and encouraged Chao Feng to rise up and assist him in managing the affairs of the Chen Yuan realm.

In the heavenly realm, Xuan Shang Jun was now indifferent to everything and had no interest in managing its affairs. The Heavenly Emperor began to recognize his mistakes and proposed a method of reviving the Twin Flowers. He suggested that Qing Heng inherit his position and be responsible for managing all the affairs of the heavenly realm, while Xuan Shang Jun would be responsible for rebuilding the landscape of Dongqiu. The Earth Vein Lingzhi once thrived in Dongqiu, and with the right growing environment, the Twin Flowers could possibly be reborn.

Even with a glimmer of hope, Xuan Shang Jun was willing to make an effort. He told Chao Feng about this information, who was excited and immediately packed his things in the Chen Yuan realm, preparing to move to Dongqiu. He became the guardian of the Twin Flowers, doing good deeds and preparing for the moment of Qing Kui's rebirth. Wu Dai and the Snake Clan Holy Woman had become a couple and together managed all the affairs of the Chen Yuan realm.

In the heavenly realm, the god of rain and the goddess of lightning work tirelessly with the flower gods to rebuild Dongqiu. They have never slackened in their efforts, and the fairy Xia Guang often visits Dongqiu. Now, it has become the most beautiful garden in the four realms. Many fairies come here to relax and enjoy the scenery, with the fragrance of flowers and the fluttering of butterflies and dragonflies. Because it carries the hope of the four realms, all life here is flourishing and thriving.

The two most famous flower guardians in Dongqiu are Chao Feng and Xuan Shang Jun. They sit on the ground every day, guarding a cluster of flowers with diligence and dedication. Sometimes, they also argue over who gets to be closer to the flowers, as if they are guarding their most precious dreams. The heavenly queen sees that Xuan Shang Jun's mood is improving and feels happy for them.

Finally, there seems to be some movement with the twin flowers. Xuan Shang Jun and Chao Feng are very excited when they hear that the blooming of the twin flowers requires the absorption of pure and impure energy, and it's best to use their own heart blood to provide the energy. Without hesitation, Chao Feng and Ye Tan force out their heart blood to nourish the flowers. In the hopeful gaze of everyone, the twin flowers bloom brilliantly.


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