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Let’s Shake It! – Zheng Yecheng, An Yuexi

Let’s Shake It! is a sci-fi historical comedy co-directed by Zhao Xiaoxi and Zhao Xiao’ou, starring Zheng Yecheng, An Yuexi, Wang Yanyang, Zhao Dongze, Gao Hai, Xu Hao, and Chen Chen.

The drama is adapted from the novel “Chan Dou Ba, ET” by Feng Diuzi, which tells the story of Abu, a warrior of the Duo Star, who accidentally falls to Earth and is living in the body of Tang Qingye, the concubine daughter of the Tang family, and had a love-hate relationship with Tang Qingfeng, the son of the Tang family, in the cruel vortex of royal power struggle.



Let's Shake It!

English Title: Let’s Shake It!
Chinese Title: 颤抖吧!阿部!, 颤抖吧,ET
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Sci-fi
Episodes: 25(Season 1), 26(Season 2)
Duration: 30 min.
Director: Zhao Xiaoxi, Zhao Xiao’ou
Writer: Rao Jun, Liu Ya, Zhu Yi, Hong Jinghui
Producer: Tang Lijun, Yuan Yumei
Produce Company: YOUKU, NEW IPICTURE
Broadcasting Website: YOUKU
Released Date: August 7, 2017(Season 1), September 27, 2018(Season 2)


Zheng Yecheng Zheng Yecheng as Tang Qingfeng
An Yuexi An Yuexi as Abu Chacha/Tang Qingye
Wang Yanyang Wang Yanyang as Duo Miaomiao
Zhao Dongze Zhao Dongze as Li Yi
Xu Hao Xu Hao as Xiao Ruyi
Chen Chen Chen Chen as Tang Qingyun
Wu Hao Wu Hao as Xiao Zhihe
Huang Yuecheng Huang Yuecheng as Xiang Er
Zhu Ziyan Zhu Ziyan as Ji Le
Gao Hai Gao Hai as Li Fu


Abu Chacha, a young girl from the planet “Duo”, accidentally landed on Earth and was living in the body of Tang Qingye and met Tang Qingfeng, an outstanding young talent of Tang, and their life trajectories changed dramatically from then on.

This pair of love-hate “brother-sister” not only involved in the royal strife but also became the attacking target of star pirates.

It turns out that Tang Qingfeng is the son of the late emperor, in order to avoid the murder of the year, he was brought up by the Tang Family.

However, in order to get the throne, Li Yi did not hesitate to collude with star pirates.

for the security of the Tang Dynasty, Tang Qingfeng confessed to Li Yi that he had no intention of the throne.

Under Tang Qingfeng and Abe’s persuasion, Li Yi finally put aside his own personal thoughts, they joined hands to repel the enemy and protect the prosperous world of the Tang Dynasty.

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