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Jerry Yan (言承旭) Profile

Jerry Yan

Jerry Yan(言承旭), born January 1, 1977, in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, China, is an actor, singer, model, and a member of the boy group F4.

In 2001, he became popular for his role as "Daoming Si" in the TV series Meteor Garden.

His main works include The Hospital, My Best Ex-Boyfriend, Count Your Lucky Stars, etc.

Basic Info

Jerry Yan

Stage Name: Jerry Yan
Chinese Name: Yan Cheng Xu / 言承旭
Birth Name: Liao Yang Zhen / 廖洋震
Nickname: Bao Long, Xiao Bai Tu, Jerry Baby
Place of Birth: Taoyuan City, Taiwan
Nationality: China
Birthday: January 01, 1977 (Age: 47)
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 180cm (5'10")
Weight: 72kg (158.4 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Fandom Name: Xiao Ri Kui / 向日葵
Instagram: jerryyan143
Weibo: 言承旭Jerry


  1. Jerry Yan's agent is Ximengtang Entertainment.
  2. Education: Jerry Yan studied at the Taipei Private Concordia Vocational School of Commerce and Industry.
  3. Favorite color: black.
  4. Favorite sport: basketball.
  5. Favorite movie: Dancer in the Dark.
  6. Jerry Yan likes to collect different kinds of sunglasses.
  7. Likes to dance.
  8. He can play the piano.
  9. Likes to drink water.
  10. Jerry Yan's ex-girlfriend is Lin Chi-ling.



TV Show

  • Call Me By Fire Season 2(2022)
  • Definition 2021(2021)
  • Call Me By Fire(2021)
  • Shake It Up(2018)
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  1. I know your such a nice, humble and kind person…I’m so happy you made me feel…I hope one time I can see you in person too because you are my inspiration…everytime I watched and see your pictures and videos, so much joy to my heart. I have been your super fan since I was in high school…I am turning 39 this month of April so it’s been 23 years since I saw you on tv..super 💖 Mr. Dao Min Si…you are handsome and have a big heart for your lovely fans. I’m always watching your shows over and over…🥰🫶💖😍💋🌹

  2. May my wish to meet him individually will be granted on day…keep my faith to it. May Allah bless him on every good deed he do..done for all

  3. Jerry Yan, I have become a fan of your works. You have that mystery about your work and delivery. I can relate. Sincerely, Jenny