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The Forbidden Flower – Jerry Yan, Xu Ruohan

The Forbidden Flower is an urban romantic drama directed by Chen Zhoufei, led by Jerry Yan and Xu Ruohan, co-starring Ma Sichao, Yu Xiang, and Wang Zihan, with Huang Yi in a special appearance.

The drama tells the story of a young girl who falls in love with a "uncle" who is on his low point of life, but the girl eventually passes away because of her illness.


The Forbidden Flower

English Title: The Forbidden Flower
Chinese Title: 夏花
Genre: Urban, Romance
Tag: Older Man/Younger Woman, Female Chases Male First, Terminal illness, Steamy Kiss, Poor Male Lead, Rich Female Lead
Episodes: 24
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Chen Zhoufei
Writer: Zhao Xiaolei
Producer: Zhang Na
Product Company: TengcentVideo, STRAWBEAR
Released Date: 2023-02-13
Broadcast Website: WeTV, MGTV, Viki, 腾讯视频



Eighteen-year-old He Ran meets Xiao Han, a brilliant horticulturist with an unforgettable past who has almost lost faith in his future.

After a series of misadventures and romantic encounters, they find the most important but missing parts of their lives in each other, regaining their faith and hope in life and gaining heartfelt love.


He Ran went to a remote hair salon to get her hair washed, and the person who washed her hair was a man with a very magnetic voice. He Ran seemed to be attracted to his gentle voice, so she kindly asked him about the salon's dark appearance and the fact that only men were washing hair. The man who washed her hair told her that both men and women were employed there and that they were assigned a number. When He Ran asked for his number, the man told her it was number 33 and asked if the pressure was okay. He Ran said it was comfortable and praised his good voice.

Since then, He Ran often dreamed of Xiao Han washing her hair, so she went back to the salon and continued to choose number 33 to wash her hair. But when she was getting her hair washed, she found out that Xiao Han wasn't there. She asked the people in the salon, and a girl told her that Xiao Han had been helping out and that he owned his own salon in Xiaozhou Village, but they didn't know exactly where it was. He Ran decided to find Xiao Han in Xiaozhou Village.

When He Ran arrived in Xiaozhou Village, she searched for Xiao Han's salon. At this time, Xiao Han was building a house with his cat while listening to music. When he saw He Ran, it was love at first sight. Xiao Han asked He Ran gently if she wanted to wash her hair, and she said yes. Xiao Han noticed that her hair was clean and asked if she had just washed it. When He Ran asked if she couldn't wash her hair again, Xiao Han started to prepare and asked her to lie down. When He Ran heard Xiao Han's voice again, she felt a familiar feeling and enjoyed Xiao Han washing her hair quietly. The cat was running happily on the ground, and everything seemed so beautiful. He Ran asked Xiao Han what was wrong with the cat, and Xiao Han told her that the cat was in love, which confused He Ran. After washing her hair, Xiao Han blew her hair dry and asked if she wanted a haircut. He Ran asked if Xiao Han could cut her hair well, and Xiao Han said he could. He Ran then asked Xiao Han to cut her bangs, and a sexy woman came to call Xiao Han to dinner. Xiao Han told her he would be there in ten minutes. After the haircut, He Ran asked Xiao Han how much it would cost, and Xiao Han said it was up to her. He Ran deliberately left her phone on the table after paying and took a taxi home.

In order to avoid being discovered by her family for sneaking out, He Ran intentionally put on her pajamas and ran out of the house in the heavy rain, heading to Xiao Han's store.

Upon seeing He Ran's arrival, Xiao Han returned her phone to her. He had originally intended to give her an umbrella, but seeing that she was injured, he personally escorted her home.

On the way, He Ran subtly mentioned the woman from the last time she was in the store, and Xiao Han did not deny it. He Ran believed that the two were in a romantic relationship.

When Xiao Han's friend from a barbecue shop saw them, they invited her to eat, but she refused because she was in a hurry to get home.


On He Ran's birthday, her mother, good friend Han Yu, and her aunt will come to celebrate with her.

In the morning, when He Ran woke up, she found that the florist who came to her house looked a lot like Xiao Han. During the meal, she kept daydreaming about Xiao Han. In the end, she could only lie and say that she wasn't feeling well and went back to her room alone.

Upstairs, He Ran was drawing when she heard Han Yu knocking on the door. He Ran lied and said she needed to rest. Han Yu heard music coming from He Ran's room and knew that He Ran was lying, so she jumped onto the balcony and entered He Ran's room.

When He Ran saw Han Yu enter, she asked her to leave. Han Yu used this opportunity to ask He Ran to go see her band's performance. He Ran originally didn't want to, but when she saw Xiao Han's umbrella, she decided to go to the concert to find Xiao Han.

On the day of the performance, Han Yu personally took He Ran to the concert venue. He Ran tried to escape by going to the bathroom, but she was stopped by staff members arranged by Han Yu.

Forced to watch the performance, He Ran watched as everyone partied and remained calm, but Han Yu handed her a microphone in the midst of the crowd's adoration.

He Ran found a chance to escape and Han Yu couldn't find her after the performance, and was unable to contact her, which made her very anxious.

He Ran left the concert venue and went to Xiao Han's shop, but the shop was already closed. She only saw the cat Xiao Han was keeping and decided to paint a portrait of it.

While painting, He Ran saw Xiao Han return and used the umbrella as an excuse to explain herself to him. Just as the two were talking, the woman they had seen last time appeared again.

Han Yu's teammate sent her to the hospital with a leg injury and secretly badmouthed He Ran. At this moment, He Ran arrived and made Han Yu very happy. Faced with Han Yu's questioning, He Ran used the excuse that the music at the concert was too loud and she didn't hear her phone, and then used the video she took as evidence.

He Ran met a friend of Xiao Han's barbecue shop at the hospital and learned from him that the woman she saw with Xiao Han was his landlord, Aman, and they were not a couple. She then learned where she could find Xiao Han.

After learning from the barbecue restaurant owner about the whereabouts of Xiao Han, He Ran went to his address and saw Xiao Han working diligently under the sunshine. She proposed that Xiao Han become a model for an art studio and persuaded him with high pay.

He Ran found a modeling job for Xiao Han in a school art studio, and he was liked by his classmates. However, when he found out that being a model required him to take off his clothes, he refused the job.

He Ran went to see Xiao Han again but found out that he had already gone home and the store was up for rent. She fell into lovesickness again and when she was thinking about Xiao Han, she entered her room and found someone had entered her room as well.

He Ran wanted the person to leave, but they got into an argument. Just then, He Ran's mother arrived and interrupted their argument. From her mother, He Ran learned that the person was the owner of a restaurant and decided to use the opportunity to visit Xiao Han's store.

He Ran found an opportunity and went to Xiao Han's store again, where she was happy to see him. While they were talking, someone invited Xiao Han to a dinner, and He Ran was going to leave, but she accepted Xiao Han's invitation.

He Ran followed Xiao Han to the dinner and found out that it was his birthday. After helping Xiao Han celebrate his birthday, He Ran pretended that she had lost her house keys and turned off her phone, so she decided to stay at Xiao Han's house.

Xiao Han had no choice but to take He Ran to a hotel. There, He Ran noticed that the hotel owner seemed to have a good relationship with Xiao Han, and she praised the owner, which made her very happy. He Ran even drew a portrait of Sun Wukong and gave it to Xiao Han.

Xiao Han cooked for He Ran upon her request, and during the meal, He Ran drew a portrait of him and then confessed her love for him. Finally, she "threw herself at" him and proposed that they start a relationship.

At night, He Ran sneaked back home and found the housekeeper waiting for her when she returned to her room. He Ran learned from the housekeeper that her mother was away on a business trip and used the housekeeper's involvement with a neighbor uncle to coerce her into keeping the secret. The housekeeper had no choice but to leave.

The next day, He Ran woke up and contacted Xiao Han to meet up. Later, she found an excuse to go out.

When He Ran met with Xiao Han, she found that he was in a bad mood. After questioning him, she learned that Xiao Han found out she was too young. Xiao Han decided to break up with He Ran and then left.

One night, He Ran went to find Xiao Han under the pretext of delivering a picture frame, and then on the way back, she asked Xiao Han to accompany her home because she was afraid of the dark. Xiao Han reluctantly agreed.

On the way, Xiao Han learned from He Ran that she wanted to earn money to buy art supplies and promised to help her earn money.

To earn money, Xiao Han and He Ran opened a barber shop by the seaside and worked together. While working, Xiao Han kept his distance from He Ran, but he gave all the money they earned to her. In return, He Ran cut Xiao Han's hair.

One day, He Ran fainted from anemia while working and Xiao Han caught her. At that moment, it started to rain heavily, so Xiao Han took He Ran back to his room. Despite He Ran's pleading, Xiao Han agreed to let her take a shower in his house.

While taking a shower, He Ran followed the instructions she read in a book and asked Xiao Han to hand her clothes. After finishing her shower, Xiao Han began to wash up, and He Ran, who was outside, felt very shy when she saw Xiao Han come out of the bathroom shirtless.

Xiao Han was worried that He Ran might do something she would regret for the rest of her life, so he asked her to think it through before coming back to find him.

At the supermarket, He Ran accidentally discovered a little girl digging through her backpack and finding a portrait of Sun Wukong that He Ran had drawn for Xiao Han. After failing to determine whether the little girl knew Xiao Han or not, He Ran helped her pay for her things and took her to Xiao Han's shop. There, the little girl called Xiao Han "daddy". He Ran was initially shocked, but upon questioning, she learned that the little girl's biological father was not Xiao Han.

He Ran and the little girl, whose name was Quan Quan, were alone in the room. In response to Quan Quan's inquiries, He Ran did not admit that she was Xiao Han's girlfriend. Upon learning that Quan Quan enjoyed drawing, He Ran promised to buy her art supplies. From Quan Quan, He Ran learned that she did not steal things from the supermarket because her grandmother would pay for them later.

When Han Yu injured his leg, Pang Ge helped him get to the hospital, so Han Yu's uncle was very grateful to Pang Ge. When Pang Ge came to Han Yu's house, Han Yu's uncle offered to work with him because of his gratitude. While chatting with Han Yu's uncle, Pang Ge recommended Xiao Han as a well-known horticulturist and suggested that he could manage Han Yu's garden.

Pang Ge, Xiao Han's good friend and owner of a barbecue restaurant, came to Han Yu's house because Han Yu's leg was injured and Pang Ge had taken him to the hospital. Han Yu's uncle was grateful to Pang Ge and offered him a chance to work together.

He Ran saw Xiao Han come back with food and offered to help take care of Quan Quan and teach her how to draw, but Xiao Han wanted to take Quan Quan home instead.

In the room full of bonsai, He Ran watched Xiao Han work and was fascinated, unintentionally touching his face. When she regained her senses, she explained that there were mosquitoes. At that moment, He Ran's anemia acted up, and when Xiao Han tried to help her stand up to prevent her from falling, he accidentally got pricked by her hand.

To teach Quan Quan how to draw, He Ran took her to school. Xiao Han and He Ran made up and were together again, but when they saw Han Yu, they were worried that their relationship would be discovered and they separated from Quan Quan and Xiao Han.


On the street, Han Yu ran into Xiao Han's niece Quan Quan. In order to find out about He Ran's situation, Han Yu invited Quan Quan to have a meal together. However, Quan Quan did not reveal anything in response to Han Yu's inquiries during the meal. After the meal, Han Yu accompanied Quan Quan home at her request and saw Xiao Han there.

Due to a dispute with Quan Quan, He Ran left on her own, and Xiao Han had no choice but to look for her. Eventually, He Ran found her way back on her own. He Ran learned from Quan Quan that Xiao Han had met with Han Yu.

After meeting with Han Yu, Xiao Han became increasingly aware of He Ran's mysterious behavior and suspected that she was hiding something. He felt depressed and drank alone. When He Ran expressed concern, he was questioned by Xiao Han. In response, He Ran turned the tables and asked Xiao Han about his past. He Ran revealed that only her boyfriend knew her secrets, and when Xiao Han hugged her, she felt very nervous. However, Xiao Han soon let go of her, and as He Ran left, he felt lonely.

The next day, while playing with a cat, He Ran received advice from Xiao Han's female landlord. She learned that Xiao Han was cold on the outside but warm on the inside, and that she should be more thick-skinned and find topics that he liked to slowly approach him.

Knowing that Xiao Han liked flowers and plants, He Ran went to Han Yu's uncle's house to learn about them. However, she did not see Han Yu's uncle there. Han Yu took He Ran to his uncle's study, where there were books about flowers and plants, as well as potted plants grown by his uncle.

At home, He Ran's mother returned. He Ran felt very uncomfortable with her because her mother always controlled her every move, big or small, and never gave her any freedom. When He Ran's mother saw her looking at the garden, she decided to hire someone to take care of it.

When He Ran was thirsty and looking for water at home, he accidentally discovered Xiao Han, the gardener who was hired to take care of the garden. Without waiting for Aunt Zhang to introduce him, He Ran lied and said she was the family's tutor. Aunt Zhang saw this and didn't expose her. After speaking, He Ran turned around and went back to her room, where she began to secretly watch Xiao Han from the window.

Not long after, Aunt Zhang came to ask about the relationship between He Ran and Xiao Han. Knowing He Ran's thoughts and fearing that He Ran's mother would find out, she decided to drive Xiao Han away.

When He Ran's mother came home and saw Xiao Han, she suspected that Xiao Han knew Aunt Zhang. While she was talking, she received a call from Uncle Han Yu and learned that Xiao Han was invited by him.

Worried that Xiao Han would find out her identity, He Ran decided to put away all of her photos and drawings in the house. At this time, Xiao Han outside the door refused the invitation from He Ran's mother to come in for tea.

To show gratitude to Uncle Han Yu, He Ran's mother invited his family over, and Xiao Han could only enter the house under Uncle Han Yu's invitation. He Ran was afraid of being discovered by Xiao Han, so she used Uncle Han Yu and Aunt Zhang as cover, and then pretended to be unconscious to deceive everyone into the room. Seeing He Ran's mother worried and anxious, Uncle Han Yu's family comforted her and then left.

He Ran took the initiative to contact Xiao Han, afraid that he would be angry, and deliberately suggested going to the Fat Boy's place for a meal. Xiao Han agreed to accompany her.

Aunt Zhang threw away He Ran's clothes as per He Ran's mother's request. Xiao Han accidentally discovered that the discarded clothes had been worn by He Ran, and then he knew He Ran's true identity.

After returning home, Xiao Han burned everything related to He Ran and didn't respond to her messages.

The next day, He Ran went to Xiao Han's shop but found that it was closed. She waited outside all the time.

He Ran's mother woke up in the middle of the night, remembering that she broke up with her lover because of He Ran, and felt depressed and drank to drown her sorrows.

Upon seeing her mother throw away her own belongings, He Ran picked them up and this caused her mother's displeasure. During their argument, He Ran believed that her mother had always been controlling her, while her mother thought that He Ran was using her kindness as an excuse and that she was trying to protect her. In a fit of anger, He Ran's mother hit her, leaving He Ran heartbroken. Despite the rain outside, she left home.

After leaving her home, He Ran went to look for Xiao Han again, but found that he was not there. She sat alone outside, waiting for him.

When Xiao Han returned home and saw He Ran, he immediately took her in and made sure she was comfortable. He asked her to rest while he tended to the plants.

He Ran couldn't sleep and talked with Xiao Han. She decided to make a bet with him that if the night-blooming cereus flower opened, Xiao Han would be with her, but if it didn't, she would give up on him and never come back.

The two of them stayed by the night-blooming cereus flower together. Xiao Han saw that He Ran had fallen asleep and let her lean on his shoulder until dawn, when he carried her back to bed.

Meanwhile, He Ran's mother was worried because He Ran had not returned home all night and she couldn't reach her. Mrs. Zhang thought that He Ran might have gone to find Han Yu, so she advised He Ran's mother to contact Han Yu. But she couldn't reach him either.

Mrs. Zhang was afraid that He Ran's mother would argue with He Ran again when she saw her, so she persuaded her to let her go and find He Ran.

Han Yu was awakened by his phone ringing, but when he saw that it was He Ran's nanny calling, he immediately turned off his phone.

When He Ran woke up and didn't see Xiao Han, she asked the Pang Ge and found out that Xiao Han might be at the flower, bird and fish market. She immediately went to look for him.


Aunt Zhang was worried about He Ran and couldn't get in touch with Han Yu, so she went to Han Yu's house. However, ever since Han Yu heard that Aunt Zhang had a secret crush on him, he became very afraid and did not dare to meet with her.

After leaving the flower and bird market, He Ran returned to Xiao Han's house again. While Xiao Han was chatting with He Ran, he received a phone call and immediately decided to go back to the countryside. When He Ran wanted to follow him, Xiao Han refused directly.

Aunt Zhang waited outside Han Yu's house until he came out and immediately asked about He Ran's whereabouts. Han Yu felt that Aunt Zhang was using He Ran to intentionally get close to him and didn't care. Later, because he was angry with He Ran, Han Yu ignored Aunt Zhang and left without giving her the address of He Ran's new friend.

After being rejected by Xiao Han, He Ran deliberately hid the car keys in order to accompany him to the countryside. Xiao Han found the clue left by He Ran and found the flower house. In the darkness of the night, the flower house was pitch black and Xiao Han had no choice but to promise to take He Ran to the countryside. Only then did the lights come on, and Xiao Han saw He Ran.

The next day, He Ran got into Xiao Han's car and he took her to the surf shop that Fatty used to own, where he told her about Fatty's past. When He Ran saw Xiao Han taking a shower, she was shy but kept stealing glances at him. After that, He Ran took a shower and the two of them went for a walk on the beach together.

As night fell, He Ran went to find Xiao Han, wanting to watch the stars together, but they couldn't see them because of the weather. He Ran confessed her feelings to Xiao Han and the two became very intimate. In the end, Xiao Han broke through the barrier in his heart and spent a sweet night with He Ran.

The next day, when He Ran woke up, she saw Xiao Han beside her and kept acting coquettish and clinging to him. At this time, Xiao Han received a call from Quan Quan. He Ran knew that Quan Quan had a talent for painting and wanted to encourage her to continue painting. She asked Xiao Han for Quan Quan's hometown address and prepared to send painting tools to her.

Seeing the dying goldfish that she was raising, He Ran thought about her own deteriorating health. At this time, He Ran received a call from her mother, who apologized and asked for forgiveness. Qiu Jiarong hoped that He Ran would return home.

After hanging up the phone, He Ran saw that the goldfish had died and was very sad, thinking about how her own health was deteriorating. Worried that Xiao Han would be hurt if she found out she was sick, He Ran decided to break up with him.

At night, He Ran told Xiao Han that she would go home and then go to the capital to study, and that they would never meet again. Both of them were very sad. After calming down, He Ran asked Xiao Han about the woman he used to love, and then asked him to tell her the woman's story.

The next day, Xiao Han prepared breakfast, but He Ran didn't want to eat it, so Xiao Han sent her away.

After returning home, He Ran agreed to go to the capital to study, and also asked Qiu Jiarong not to investigate her anymore.

Han Yu's uncle visited Xiao Han's residence and saw the plants that had won European awards that he had cultivated in his flower room. After asking about it, Han Yu's uncle learned that Xiao Han knew the plant breeder who had cultivated that plant.

When Han Yu's uncle left, he saw a painting hanging on Xiao Han's wall that he recognized the author of, and was curious why Xiao Han had it hanging there.

After leaving, Han Yu's uncle secretly investigated Xiao Han.

To avoid delaying He Ran, Xiao Han left alone. When He Ran returned, she couldn't find Xiao Han. At this time, Xiao Han was reminiscing about his time with He Ran by the seaside.



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