2022 Chinese Drama List

Perfect and Casual – Miles Wei, Xu Ruohan

Perfect and Casual is an urban romantic drama directed by Li Shuang, starring Miles Wei (Wei Zheming), Xu Ruohan, Dai Yunfan, Zhao Luoran, Ma Ge, Sheng Gangshuai, Qi Shenghan, Ma Ziming, and Sheng Langxi.

The drama is based on Wan Zhi’s novel of the same title and tells the romantic story between the cool, elegant, and perfect professor Zhang Sinian and the sunny “Miss Casual” Yun Shu.


Perfect and Casual

English Title: Perfect and Casual
Chinese Title: 完美先生和差不多小姐/Wan Mei Xian Sheng He Cha Bu Duo Xiao Jie
Genre: Urban, Romance
Episodes: 24
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Li Shuang
Writer: Li Han, Liu Han, Cao Yiwen
Product Company: MONGO TV
Broadcasting Website: MONGO TV
Released Date: September 28, 2020


Miles Wei Miles Wei as Zhang Sinian
Xu Ruohan Xu Ruohan as Yun Shu
Dai Yunfan Dai Yunfan as Lu Yu
Zhao Luoran Zhao Luoran as Gao Zhiyi
Ma Ge Ma Ge as Yun Lan
Sheng Gangshuai Sheng Gangshuai as Lin Nuo


Zhang Sinian and Yun Shu “fall in love” in three days of knowing each other, “married” in a month, of course, at the beginning of all is a fake play.

Yun Shu is a senior student, Zhang Sinian is a visiting professor, young but very successful and handsome, want to do everything perfectly, including order coffee in the cafe, how much water temperature, what milk. In life, he uses data to convince others.

Sun Yun was cheated the “huge amount” by her cousin which was left by her father. When she was looking for a lawyer was also cheated by the lawyer, but it does not affect her to believe in others.

Zhang Sinian’s “iceberg face” was melted by Yunshu’s simplicity and enthusiasm. Zhang Sinian’s grandfather has terminal lymphoma, and in order to make his grandfather feel at ease during the surgery, he temporarily pulls Yun Shu in the hospital to act as his “girlfriend”. The grandfather wants them to get married, and they start to prepare for the wedding in order to make his grandfather believe.

During their touch, they found a perfect complementary relationship between them, and then they embarked on a romantic love story.

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