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Imagination Season – Jia Nailiang, Qiao Xin

Imagination Season is a business drama directed by Zhao Xing, starring Jia Nailiang and Qiao Xin.

It narrates the struggles of young individuals entering society, striving for their dreams. After facing numerous challenges, they confront issues of interests and responsibilities, wealth and aspirations, family bonds and temptations, love and betrayal. Ultimately, they break through self-limitations, creating a story that paves the way to realizing their dreams.


Imagination Season

English Title: Imagination Season
Chinese Title: 创想季
Genre: Business, Romance
Episodes: 38
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zhao Xing
Released Date: 2024-02-21
Broadcast Website: Idol & Romance



As their college days come to an end, four close friends who shared a dormitory find themselves facing the imminent challenges of graduation. A sudden turn of events prompts these four individuals, with no influential backgrounds but ambitious dreams, to unite in pursuit of their respective life goals on the opportunistic grounds of "Beijing." They decide to "huddle together for warmth" and rent a house, only to discover that their troubles are far from over.

During the challenging process of house-hunting, the friends are inspired to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. They plan to provide services to fellow drifters in Beijing who are grappling with similar housing difficulties, adopting the mindset of "Internet+" and introducing a fresh business model.

Through mutual understanding and collaboration, the friends navigate through various twists and turns. After enduring numerous hardships and facing dilemmas involving interests and responsibilities, wealth and aspirations, family bonds and temptations, love and betrayal, they ultimately break free from self-imposed limitations and forge a path leading to their dreams.


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