2022 Chinese Drama List

Hand in Hand – Liu Tao, Li Guangjie, Ying Er

“Hand in Hand” is an urban family drama directed by Chen Kunhui and starring Liu Tao, Li Guangjie, Ying Er, Calvin Li, Hu Ke, Jia Jinghui, Tao Xinran, and Zhang Ruihan, with a special appearance by Zhang Lu.



Hand in Hand

English Title: Hand in Hand
Chinese Title: 陪你一起长大
Genre: Urban, Family
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45min
Director: Chen Kunhui
Writer: Liu Miying, Wu Ji, Cai Hui
Product Company: MGTV
Broadcasting website: MGTV
Release date: March 28, 2021


Liu Tao Liu Tao as Su Xing
Li Guangjie Li Guangjie as Xi Bin
Ying Er Ying Er as Lin Yinyin
Calvin Li Liu Tao as Su Xing


The young couple Su Xing and Xi Bin have a son, Xi Wang.

When all the mothers have enrolled their children in various courses for the reason that they can’t let them lose at the starting line, the Su Xing couple let their son grow up naturally.

About to start elementary school, the most popular elementary school in the district is replaced with a newly established elementary school, making Su Xing anxious with other mothers.

Should they give their child an over-education or an easy education, should they change their house to get into a popular school, should they invest heavily in special classes?

These are the questions that keep Su Xing, who insists on not being left behind, and Xi Bin, who resists the idea of natural grow-up.

The same problem also plagues the other three mothers in the community.

The relationship between husband and wife, parent and child, and intergenerational relationships of the four families are experiencing great challenges.

When Xi Wang suffers from stuttering due to psychological stress, Su Xing realizes that it is she herself who should grow up first.

Su Xing decides not to dwell on the competition at the starting line, but to return to the original intention of establishing moral education in order to help her child get a real start in life.

When the new elementary school opens, Su Xing and other mothers send their children to school.

In just one year of preschool education, the young parents gain an important growth experience in their lives.

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