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Gentlemen of East 8th – Zhang Han, Wang Xiaochen, Du Chun

Gentlemen of East 8th is an urban life comedy directed by Xia Rui and starring Zhang Han, Wang Xiaochen, Du Chun, Jing Chao, and Huang Yuming.

The drama tells the story of Tong Yu, Guo Chong, Li Jiesen, and Xiang Xiaofei, four college roommates who take different paths in their respective lives and achieve both careers and love in the best of times.


Gentlemen of East 8th

English Title: Gentlemen of East 8th
Chinese Title: 东八区的先生们
Genre: Urban, Life, Comedy
Tag: Bromance, Multiple Couples, Multiple Mains, Workplace Love, Childhood Trauma, Fake Relationship
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Xia Rui
Writer: Zhang Yang
Producer: Qin Li, Zhang Han
Released Date: 2022-08-31
Broadcast Website: Idol & Romance



Tong Yu, Guo Chong, Li Jiesen and Xiang Xiaofei are four college friends with different personalities and from all over the country, who have gone through their youth together and are now past their prime.

In the year 2020 in Shanghai, Tong Yu, an artificial intelligence engineer, Guo Chong, a university teacher, Xiang Xiaofei, a brand shop manager, and Li Jiesen, a chef in a western restaurant, have become mature and reliable, yet all four of them have the same dilemma as men.

Tong Yu faces great difficulties in research and development, Guo Chong loses his passion in his stable job, Li Jiesen has difficulty in breaking through the bottleneck, and Xiang Xiaofei struggles and wanders between money and his ideals.

The four men face a typical mid-life crisis, supporting each other and seeking a breakthrough amidst the ups and downs.

The four men also encounter love in their respective lives. Tong Yu has many emotional ups and downs with Xu Duo, a company executive, Guo Chong and Ai Mi, a graduate, seem to be inseparable, Li Jiesen pursues his idol, the Weibo writer Yue Ziqian, and Xiang Xiaofei has a flash marriage with Liu Shengnan, a businesswoman. The road to romance is far more winding than career.

In the end, they embrace their careers, embrace their love, and move towards maturity and a better version of themselves in this best of times.


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