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Cast of Best Enemy

Cast of the Chinese Drama Best Enemy
  • Gao ZhitingChen KehaiMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    The ace special agent within the Military Statistics Bureau (军统), Chen Kehai first went to the frontlines against the Japanese. After getting injured, he was secretly rescued by Old Duan and clandestinely joined the underground party. Two years later, under the organization's assignment, he returned to Shanghai with the recommendation of Fang Li and joined No. 76. However, Fang Li did not trust Chen Kehai and continuously tested him in various ways. Despite being a novice in military statistics, he could immediately see that Instructor Jin's gun was empty and discern all of Shen Qiuping's thoughts.
  • Wang SenFang LiMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Fang Li is a person who is eager for quick success and instant benefits, ruthless and unscrupulous. When he was young, he was penniless and had no one to rely on. If it weren't for Chen Kehai's help, Fang Li would have been homeless. He has always wanted to repay Chen Kehai with all his might, but he is too sensitive and only wants to surpass Chen Kehai at all costs, forgetting the young self who valued emotions and righteousness. In the end, Fang Li was shot and killed by Chen Kehai, meeting a tragic end.
  • Chen YaoShen Qiuping / Tian LiuMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Female instructor. She is a complex and contradictory character, displaying both loyalty to the country and the nation, as well as a longing for herself and her lover. She is passionate about the revolutionary cause and, at the same time, aspires to a happy life. In the end, she chose to betray her comrades and organization, betraying Chen Kehai to protect Fang Li. She paid the price for her mistakes with her own life, leaving regrets for her love.
  • Zhang YueLuo BingMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Patriotic female secret agent. She is a gentle yet strong character, lacking the complexity and contradictions of Shen Qiuping or the coldness and decisiveness of Tian Liu. She has both love for Chen Kehai and sympathy for Fang Li. She chose Chen Kehai over the two men, the Communist Party over two beliefs, and the role of a secret agent between her two identities. In the end, she chose to part ways with Chen Kehai to continue her mission on a new battlefield.
  • Zhao BinXing HanzhuSupport Role
  • Wang CeMiao ChangshouSupport Role
  • Jiang XuemingChen BinSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    Deeply strategic, exceptionally witty, and adept at disguises, he could always spot Chen Kehai's flaws at a glance. Consequently, he kept a close eye on Chen Kehai, even sending Li Tang to test him. In terms of tactics, he was undoubtedly more brilliant than Fang Li. However, he had chosen the wrong side from the beginning, initially being an undercover agent infiltrating the military intelligence on behalf of the Japanese. In the end, Chen Bin engaged in the ultimate showdown with Chen Kehai.
  • Meng AsaiZei LaSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    Simple-minded, adept at navigating all situations, and possessing a witty and humorous personality, he was a military intelligence special agent. He had no interest in getting involved in internal struggles within the military intelligence; his sole focus was on completing missions. Therefore, he never doubted Chen Kehai. However, his identity was incredibly complex. He deceived everyone with his apparent foolishness and assisted Chen Kehai in accomplishing missions. As it turns out, Li Tang was also our undercover agent, but he was just exceptionally skilled at disguising himself, making it difficult for anyone to detect.
  • Geng YetingQiao SanminSupport Role
  • Wang TianyuZhang BeiSupport Role
  • Lou YajiangLao ZhaoSupport Role
  • Otto Chi Kin ChanYuan Tian Zhen MingSupport Role
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