2022 Chinese Drama List

Be Together – Sun Yi, Vin Zhang

Be Together is an urban romance drama directed by Cui Liang and starring Sun Yi, Vin Zhang, co-starring Li Bowen, Ma Li, Zhang Wen, Du Yuchen.

The drama tells the healing story of four young girls, Xia Yan, Liang Shuang, Zhao Xiaolei, and Xiang Nan, who encourage and support each other in their lives.


Be Together

English Title: Be Together
Chinese Title: 我和我们在一起
Genre: Urban, Romance
Episodes: 35
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Cui Liang
Writer: Yuan SHuai
Producer: Huace Media, MGTV
Broadcast Website: Huace TV(Youtube)
Release Date: June 28, 2021


Sun Yi Sun Yi as Xia Yan
Vin Zhang Vin Zhang as Xu Chengyi
Li Bowen Li Bowen as Ma Ke
Ma Li Ma Li as Han Shuang
Zhang Wen Zhang Wen as Xiang Nan
Du Yuchen Du Yuchen as Zhao Xiaolei


Xia Yan, Han Shuang, Zhao Xiaolei and Xiang Nan are good girlfriends who have known each other since their college age, and they work and live in the same city.

Xia Yan aspires to design a quality app that can change people’s lifestyle, so after graduation, she stays in the metropolis where the IT industry gathers, and with her hard work, she eventually becomes a project leader of SG Group and gains sincere love.

Han Shuang, who comes from a wealthy family, is able to jump out of the comfort zone and start working independently as a part-time store assistant in a fashion furniture store in order to hold on to her design dream. She and Mark, a doctor, finally became a couple after numerous trials and tribulations.

Born in a traditional family, Zhao Xiaolei was tragically broken up by her boyfriend on the eve of her wedding. With the encouragement and help of several friends, she finally got out of the shadow of her lost love and found her confidence and self.

Doctor Xiang Nan seems calm and sensible, but she is closed inside, until an accident makes her regain her faith in life.

Through all the twists and turns, the four young girl encourage and support each other, work together to solve the various problems and confusions that occur in each other’s lives, and witness each other’s growth and transformation.

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