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Fierce Bride – Xu Shishi, Lu Hao, Lan Yilun

Fierce Bride (Ye Cha Xin Niang) is a historical fantasy romantic drama directed by Tang Yao, starring Xu Shishi, Lu Hao, Lan Yilun, Li Bingjie, and Wang Jingwen.


Fierce Bride

English Title: Fierce Bride
Chinese Title: 夜叉新娘
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Drama
Tag: Crossworlds Traveler, Screenwriter Female Lead, Forced Marriage, Time Travel, Transmigration, Fictional World
Episodes: 26
Duration: 3 min.
Director: Tang Yao, Zhang Linhan
Released Date: 2023-02-13
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



Modern screenwriter Zhuang Momo traveled back in time to the script of "Ye Cha Xin Niang," where she became the ugly bride of the Long family and was forced to participate in a ghost wedding.

Unwilling to accept her fate, she used her "never-say-die" spirit and humorous personality to not only uncover the truth behind her parents' wrongful death but also to catch the attention of two handsome men from the Long family.

One is rebellious, the other is elegant, one is like a volcano, the other is like an icy sea, one good, one evil.

In the end, how will she choose between her love and destiny?


On a dark and stormy night with thunder and lightning, the words "Dragon Mansion" appeared on an old mansion. Inside one of the halls, it was decorated like a mourning hall, but there were two small dolls in red clothes standing on either side and a coffin was placed prominently, adding an extremely oppressive and terrifying atmosphere to the room. Suddenly, the lid of the coffin was shaken and a young woman's screams were heard from inside.

Zhuang Momo is a screenwriter who is racking her brain for a script called "Fierce Bride". She has already written eleven versions, but still can't satisfy the director. Zhuang Momo is extremely distressed about this and thinks that she must have destroyed the Milky Way in her past life to have this unlucky job. Unable to find inspiration, Zhuang Momo falls asleep in frustration on her bed. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a strange environment with the room full of props from "Fierce Bride". Zhuang Momo has traveled through time and space.

Zhuang Momo finds herself wearing a bride's red dress, but when she sees her face in the mirror, she is shocked. In order to satisfy the director's desire to make the script more tragic, Zhuang Momo has made the female lead incredibly ugly. Seeing herself like this, Zhuang Momo yells in anger and faints on the ground. After a while, her maid Xiao Hua comes into the room and discovers Zhuang Momo lying on the ground.

Xiao Hua saw Zhuang Momo fall to the ground and quickly went to wake her up. When Zhuang Momo saw the beautiful Xiao Hua, she asked who she was. Xiao Hua, with her big watery eyes, said that Miss didn't remember her. She was Zhuang Momo's personal maid, Xiao Hua. Zhuang Momo felt jealous for no reason. Even the maid was prettier than herself. She asked Xiao Hua what was going on, and Xiao Hua told her the story.

Xiao Hua said that Long Mansion was the largest mansion in the current dynasty, and the second young master of the Long family was also named the Grand General of the current dynasty. The Long family had three brothers. Because Zhuang Momo's parents had killed the eldest son of the Long family, Long Zhengping, both of Zhuang Momo's parents were executed to atone for Long Zhengping's death. However, that wasn't all. Zhuang Momo also had to come to the Long family and hold a ghost wedding with Long Zhengping, which meant that Zhuang Momo had to marry a ghost husband.

Zhuang Momo didn't want to do it at all, but it was already too late. The servants had already shouted that the auspicious time had arrived, and the ghost wedding was about to begin. The servants dragged Zhuang Momo to the funeral hall, and amidst her crying and shouting, they forcibly pushed her into the coffin. As night fell, lightning flashed, thunder roared, and the wind pounded the mourning cloth. The funeral hall was filled with a terrifying atmosphere. The extremely frightened Zhuang Momo shouted inside, saying that this was a violation of human rights. Perhaps hearing her miserable screams, a figure walked by outside the window.

That person helped Zhuang Momo move the lid of the coffin and breathe in fresh air, and she regained her youthful vitality, restoring her playful appearance. The one who saved her was Long Yixiao, the third young master of the Long family. He was very close to Zhuang Momo, but when he saw the extremely ugly scar on her face, he was very disgusted. This bride was indeed the legendary Fierce Bride. However, Long Yixiao was still very satisfied with Zhuang Momo's figure, thinking that she had a good body.

He wanted to tease Zhuang Momo, but she followed suit and deliberately acted very coquettishly, using her fingers to stimulate and poke his chest. This action directly scared the third young master of the Long family, but Zhuang Momo did not let him leave so easily. She grabbed his clothes and accidentally tore off Long Yixiao's clothes, revealing his smooth and strong upper body. Zhuang Momo blushed and swallowed her saliva.

Long Yixiao was really scared this time. It seemed that this Fierce Bride was not easy to deal with. He fled in panic, while Zhuang Momo lay satisfied in the coffin and continued to sleep. Long Yixiao met his second brother, Long Qianchen, who was still reading under the moonlight, dressed in a white shirt and looking elegant. When Long Qianchen saw Long Yixiao, he sarcastically said that his third brother was in a good mood and even the ghost wife of the eldest brother couldn't be spared. Long Yixiao naturally did not back down and retorted with a few words.

Early in the morning, Zhuang Momo was brought to the hall by a servant. A middle-aged woman sat majestically in the hall, and she sternly scolded Zhuang Momo, saying that she married into the Long family to atone for her sins, but it was rumored that on the wedding night, there were sounds of laughter and teasing with a man in her room, which was a disgrace to the family's reputation. Zhuang Momo glanced at Long Yixiao, who was sitting next to her, and saw him sitting upright and looking serious. Zhuang Momo found it amusing and knew that the woman sitting in the hall was probably the Long family's hostess.

Zhuang Momo was not frightened by the hostess's words. She mischievously remarked that the hostess looked young, probably under fifty years old, yet she had heavy dark circles. Zhuang Momo offered to make a special mask for her to help relieve her condition. The hostess hurriedly asked her servant to check her eyes and asked if it was really that bad. Realizing that Zhuang Momo was teasing her, the hostess became angry and ordered her to be taken to the woodshed to teach her a lesson.

The hostess and her maidservants listened outside the woodshed and heard Zhuang Momo crying and screaming inside. The hostess was satisfied, saying that was the consequence of offending her. In fact, inside the woodshed, Zhuang Momo was playing cards with two servants. While playing, she reminded the servants to use a whip to beat the table legs and also loudly screamed along with them. A masked man stood outside the Long residence, and his henchmen reported to him that they had already infiltrated the Long family.

After leaving the woodshed, Zhuang Momo carefully stashed the winnings in her purse. When she encountered Long Yixiao, he grabbed her and squeezed her face, demanding to know who she was and why she had come to his home. Zhuang Momo was extremely aggrieved and didn't want to be there either. Long Yixiao said that his older brother was kind and steady, but was killed by Zhuang Momo's parents, and he hated her for it. Zhuang Momo raised her hands and said that her parents had already paid the price for Long Zhengping's life, and Long Yixiao couldn't kill her too.

Long Yixiao didn't really know what to do with Zhuang Momo, so she suggested they have a meal and talk. Long Yixiao invited Zhuang Momo to dinner and drinks. Zhuang Momo was thrilled to see the roasted chicken and began to gnaw on the chicken legs. Long Yixiao, a rich young man, was very disgusted with her eating habits. Zhuang Momo didn't care and even offered him some chicken legs, but Long Yixiao pushed them away.

Seeing that Long Yixiao wasn't in high spirits, Zhuang Momo suggested he drink some wine. She said there was nothing that a good meal and a good drink couldn't solve. Long Yixiao grabbed a glass and was about to drink it, but Zhuang Momo stopped him and suggested they play dice. Whoever lost would have to drink. Long Yixiao lost every round and drank one glass after another, eventually becoming drunk and falling asleep.

After getting Long Yixiao drunk, Zhuang Momo felt satisfied and went to bed herself. Xiao Hua came in and woke her up, reminding her not to forget their purpose for being there. Zhuang Momo's parents were both doctors and had been treating the illness of the young master of the Long family, Long Zhengping, so it was impossible for them to harm him. There must be some hidden situation going on. Zhuang Momo went into the Long family to investigate and clear her parents' name. Reminded by Xiao Hua's words, Zhuang Momo rallied her spirits and prepared to take action.

At night, Zhuang Momo dressed up and sneaked into the room of the young master Long Zhengping. To showcase the skills of the female lead, Zhuang Momo had specially created a background for her - a graduate of the Huashan School, with 18 levels of lightness kung fu and 10 levels of martial arts. She found nothing unusual in the room and was about to leave when she was discovered by the second young master, Long Qianchen.

The two fought, and Long Qianchen felt that the person was familiar, but he didn't know who she was. As a general of the current dynasty, Long Qianchen's martial arts skills were not to be underestimated. Zhuang Momo, who only had superficial kung fu skills, didn't dare to linger in the fight. After a few moves, she used a diversionary tactic and quickly left. Long Qianchen began to ponder whether there was another force involved in this case that he didn't know about.

In the morning, Long Yixiao brought up the incident of someone sneaking into their eldest brother's room last night and asked his second brother, Long Qianchen, what he thought about it. He wondered whether the thief was trying to steal something or had other motives. Long Qianchen calmly replied that where there was an unsolved mystery, there must be an injustice. When Long Yixiao asked him if he thought the Zhuang family was being wrongly accused, Long Qianchen did not answer.

Their cousin Miss Liu wanted to go to the Peony Festival and pestered her two older cousins to go with her. But Long Qianchen was too engrossed in his book to pay attention to her, which made her feel embarrassed. Long Yixiao saw this and said that his second brother was not an ordinary person and did not bother with such mundane things, and that he would take Miss Liu there himself. Miss Liu was very happy to hear this.

At this moment, Zhuang Momo came over with tea. Miss Liu disdainfully commented on how could the Long Mansion have such an ugly servant, but Zhuang Momo corrected her calmly, stating that she was not a servant. Miss Liu arrogantly replied that although she was not a servant, she was still doing the work of a servant. Zhuang Momo ignored her provocation and prepared to leave. However, Miss Liu showed off her knowledge by reciting some poetry, trying to mock Zhuang Momo for being too ugly. Zhuang Momo corrected her again, saying that the lines she recited were not from "Chou Nu Yao" but from "Yu Hu Yin."

Long Qianchen was slightly surprised after hearing this. Indeed, Zhuang Momo was not an ordinary person. However, Miss Liu was embarrassed by this correction and claimed that she, as the daughter of the current prime minister, was insulted by Zhuang Momo and demanded that Long Yixiao punish her by forbidding her from eating.

Zhuang Momo was punished and not allowed to eat, so hungry that she felt like her back was glued to her front. She went to the kitchen to find something to eat, and just as she found a roast chicken, she was scared off by a fierce bride. The person behind her laughed triumphantly, and when Zhuang Momo looked back, she realized it was Long Yixiao. Zhuang Momo scolded him for having no sympathy, but Long Yixiao saw that she wasn't speaking nicely and was even insulting him, so he stood at the door of the kitchen and refused to let her in to eat.

Zhuang Momo was wandering aimlessly in the courtyard when she suddenly ran into Long Qianchen. Long Qianchen wielded his Longquan sword in a way that was impenetrable. Zhuang Momo hid in the shadows and watched in awe. Long Qianchen stopped his sword technique and asked Zhuang Momo to come out of hiding, even though he had already noticed her. Zhuang Momo praised Long Qianchen's swordsmanship, and he casually threw a roasted cake to her. Zhuang Momo was delighted to catch the cake and quickly ate it.

Seeing how deliciously Zhuang Momo was eating, Long Qianchen sat next to her. Zhuang Momo asked if there was something on Long Qianchen's mind, why he always looked unhappy. Long Qianchen sighed and said that he, like Zhuang Momo, didn't belong here. Zhuang Momo asked why, and Long Qianchen said he was an adopted son of the Long family. Zhuang Momo said that was still impressive, and that Long Qianchen was a general of the current dynasty, and a source of pride for the Long family. Watching Long Qianchen's charming back, Zhuang Momo daydreamed about being in a romantic relationship with him.

Xiao Hua came in to bring water for Zhuang Momo and found her applying a face mask. Xiao Hua was so startled that she dropped the water basin she was holding. Zhuang Momo washed off the face mask, and Xiao Hua noticed that the scar on her face had faded significantly. Zhuang Momo proudly suggested that she should open a traditional Chinese medicine face mask shop, which would surely be popular. Xiao Hua reminded her not to forget about the matter at hand: she needed to plead with Lady Xuanguo to reinvestigate her parents' case at the Dragon Boat Festival. Zhuang Momo felt troubled, but once the truth was revealed, she could leave this place.

At night, Zhuang Momo sneaked into Long Zhengping's room again and carefully searched for clues. This time, she found a Go board in the room. After studying it for a while and placing some stones in the empty spaces, she suddenly realized something. As she was looking for other things, someone suddenly came in, and Zhuang Momo quickly hid under the bed. The masked person walked around the room with a folding fan and then went into the courtyard.

The masked person came to the Dragon Mansion and was discovered by Long Yixiao, the third young master of the Dragon family. They fought, and the masked person took advantage of Long Yixiao's carelessness and threw poison at him before disappearing without a trace. Long Yixiao's subordinates reported their investigation of Zhuang Momo, stating that when she was thirteen years old, she accidentally fell off a cliff, which caused the scar on her face, but nothing else unusual was found.

Zhuang Momo was treating Long Yixiao's injuries carefully. After cleaning and disinfecting his wounds, she applied ointment and bandaged him up carefully. She told Long Yixiao that he had been poisoned by a highly toxic drug called the "Baidu Sanli Pill," and that if he did not receive treatment within an hour, he would die from the poison. Watching Zhuang Momo treating him with such care and attention, Long Yixiao felt very touched. He asked Zhuang Momo why she was helping him despite how he had mistreated her before. Zhuang Momo replied impatiently that it was her duty as a doctor to treat anyone who was sick, even a dog.

Long Yixiao felt a little unhappy after hearing this, but his arm was still immobilized. Zhuang Momo didn't care about his complaints, and urged him to leave after the treatment was done. But when she turned around, she saw Long Yixiao looking at her with deep affection. The two of them stared at each other for a long time, and a special kind of feeling arose in their hearts.

Long Yixiao began to act like a spoiled child, saying that he was a patient and demanding that Zhuang Momo take care of him for twenty-four hours straight. After saying this, he lay down on Zhuang Momo's bed and refused to leave. Zhuang Momo pretended to be very anxious and began to tease him. She jumped onto Long Yixiao's body and drew circles on his bare chest with her fingers, moving up to his neck, Adam's apple, and even his sexy lips. Long Yixiao was stirred up by her actions and felt flustered, so he quickly got up and left. In this way, Zhuang Momo scared Long Yixiao away.


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