2022 Chinese Drama List

Truth – Chen Xingxu, Gai Yuexi

Truth is a crime drama, directed by director Li Yifan, starring Chen Xingxu and Gai Yuexi, co-starring Xu Yajun, Liu Chang, Wen Zhengrong, Fu Fangjun, Zhao Longhao.


The Truth

English Title: Truth
Chinese Title: 真相
Genre: Crime, Suspense
Episodes: 32
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Li Yifan
Broadcasting Website: Youku
Released Date: October 14, 2021


Chen Xingxu Chen Xingxu as Lin Yuanhao
Gai Yuexi Gai Yuexi as Lin Lan
Xu Yajun Xu Yajun as Zhao Rui
Liu Chang Liu Chang as Song Baiyu
Wen Zhengrong Wen Zhe grong as Song Jinxiu
Fu Fangjun Fu Fangjun as Zhao Dongcheng


The drama focuses on the story of the prosecutorial technicians, represented by Lin Lan and Lin Yuanhao, who use advanced professional technology to help prosecutors break through bottlenecks in difficult cases and overcome “zero confession” cases.

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