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The Nest – Han Dong, Song Yi

The Nest is a spy drama directed by Zhou Yuanzhou, led by Han Dong and Song Yi, with Yao Gang, Wan Nien, Yu Xiaolei and Lai Xi in special appearances, co-starring Cheng Cheng, Fan Xing, Yan Mila, Zhao Yaoke, Li Feng, Wu Chao and Wu Hong.

The drama tells the story of Luo Xingming, who leads Gu Pan in his pursuit of justice in the twentieth century Shanghai, where there is an upsurge of dark currents and multinational forces clashing, and who resolutely joins the revolutionary cause for the sake of the country and the nation.


The Nest

English Title: The Nest
Chinese Title: 蜂巢
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Crime, War
Tag: Chinese Republican Era, Agent Female Lead, Hidden Agenda, Blood, Murder, Violence
Episodes: 42
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zhou Yuanzhou
Writer: Li Bingying, Shi Liang, Dong Mingjian, Liu Yan
Producer: Ma Jun, Yang Bei, Gao Yuan, Zhao Xiaobo, Wang Xiaoyan
Released Date: 2023-08-27
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



In January 1933, the Japanese army captured Shanhaiguan and occupied Chengde in March, the anti-Japanese situation in North China was precarious. In Shanghai, the multinational forces are clashing and the dark current is surging.

Gu Pan, an agent of Qing Shan Military Academy, works with Tian Qiaojie and Tan Zhongwen to complete the mission of her mentor Pu Cong, and is secretly arranged to complete the assassination mission of Shen Gu Hao Er, the director of Japan's Economic Affairs Department, alone. Gu Pan is wounded and completes the mission, but is framed by Pu Cong, and is rescued by Wei Dong, an outstanding soldier of our party.

Under Wei Dong's guidance, Gu Pan enters the secret organization "The Nest" and tries to find out why she was framed. As the truth emerges, Gu Pan not only discovers the spy organization within the Kuomintang, but also comes into contact with the dark and corrupt side of the Kuomintang government. In her pursuit of justice, Gu Pan gradually moves closer to the Red Revolution, taking the code name "Seahorse" to become a communist soldier and partnering with Wei Dong. In the end, he destroys the "The Nest" and breaks the Japanese army's "Dark Sun Plan".


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