2023 Chinese Drama List

The Hope – Zhang Ruoyun, Huang Yao

The Hope is a youthful school drama directed by Ding Hei, led by Zhang Ruoyun and Huang Yao, co-starring Wang Qiang, Xu Ruohan, Li Mingde, Zhang Chen, Zeng Youzhen, Xu Qijie, Liu Dan, Wang Xin, Wang Lan, Kong Lianshun, De Bo, Wang Jingsong, Chen Hao, and Qu Jingjing.

The drama focuses on senior high school teachers and students and tells the story of an excellent teacher who leads misguided students to regain their beginnings.


The Hope

English Title: The Hope
Chinese Title: 鸣龙少年
Other Titles: 中国版龙樱
Genre: Youth, School, Drama
Tag: Teacher Male Lead, Teacher Female Lead, Counselor Female Lead, Family Relationship, Adapted From A Manga
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Ding Hei
Writer: Chen Shu
Producer: Shang Na
Released Date: 2023-12-10
Broadcast Website: Youku, youku.tv



The Minglong High School, a private high school in Xingzhou City, has established Class 11 of Grade 12, led by the excellent English teacher Lei Ming and the psychology teacher Sang Xia, to better tap into the potential of its students.

Li Ran is an ordinary Grade 12 student at Minglong High School. Since childhood, he has lost his parents and has been dependent on his grandmother. His grandmother, despite her illness, works hard to support him so that he can pursue his dream of becoming a robotic engineer by going to college.

Filial Li Ran, to afford medical treatment for his grandmother, decides to drop out of school and earn money to support the family. Lei Ming, who doesn't give up on any student, tries every means to prevent Li Ran from dropping out. He brings him and other students facing various difficulties, including Cheng Yushan, into Class 11.

To help students like Li Ran regain their dreams, Lei Ming and Sang Xia, from the perspectives of education and psychological counseling, respectively, tailor their teaching methods, guide students to develop good study habits, assist each student in facing challenges, improve family relationships, and establish an optimistic mindset. In doing so, they win the trust and affection of the students.

In the end, Li Ran and other students, through their hard work, successfully enter the university of their choice, embarking on a new journey in life.


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