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Cast of The Heart

Cast of the Chinese Drama The Heart
  • Mark ChaoZhou XiaofengMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Dr. Zhou Xiaofeng, the deputy chief physician of the Cardiology Department at Dongli Hospital, is a representative elite in the field of medicine with superb skills and a holistic approach. However, childhood traumas caused by family issues have led him to develop a cautious and distant approach to medical practice. How will his adopted sister Fang Xiaoran and the straightforward and sincere cardiac surgeon Lin Yi, who shares the same mother but a different father, bring about changes in his life? Faced with the impacts and challenges of family, friendship, and love, how will he find happiness and personal growth?
  • Mao XiaotongFang XiaoranMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Dr. Fang Xiaoran, the attending physician in the Intensive Care Unit of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at Dongli Hospital, is warm, kind, and known for her candid sincerity—she is everyone's beloved "little sun." Having been influenced by her mother since childhood, she has accumulated extensive nursing experience. Growing up, she fulfilled her dream of becoming an ICU physician. As the half-sister of Zhou Xiaofeng, she admires and cares for him deeply. To be closer to her "older brother," she joined the Cardiac Center at Dongli Hospital. Faced with the intense rivalry between her brother and the talented cardiac surgeon Lin Yi, how will she cleverly resolve the conflicts?
  • Jin ShijiaLin YiMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Dr. Lin Yi, the deputy chief physician in the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at Dongli Hospital, is a brilliant and highly skilled medical genius. Due to a family history of myocardial disease, he has been overshadowed by the specter of death since childhood. However, he never indulges in self-pity but instead cherishes life even more. His eyes are solely focused on the mission of treating and saving lives. Leaving his mentor, he independently joins the Cardiac Center at Dongli Hospital. How will he undergo transformation in this new environment?
  • Joan ChenFang ZhuqingSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    Fang Xiaoran and Zhou Xiaofeng's mother, also the Chief Physician of the Cardiology Department at Dongjiang City's First People's Hospital, is approaching retirement age and is a prominent figure in the field of cardiology. From a young age, Fang Zhuqing was bright and aspired to become a doctor. However, her career was heavily obstructed by her husband due to their early marriage and the birth of Zhou Xiaofeng. Unable to endure it any longer, Fang Zhuqing ultimately divorced when Zhou Xiaofeng was five years old and embarked on a medical career in Dongjiang City on her own.
  • Zhou YutongJiang YiningSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    She is a medical school student who witnessed a man attempting to jump off a bridge. Without hesitation, she reached out to grab the man, hoping to save him. While overhearing nurses chatting, Jiang Yining learned that the person she had rescued was a patient with AIDS. This unexpected incident not only troubled her but also had consequences for two doctors at the hospital. Jiang Yining felt regretful about her actions.
  • Thomas TongShi HaoqiSupport Role
  • Yuan WenkangShi WeiSupport Role
  • Amy ChenChen YueSupport Role
  • Yan XiaopinCui JingSupport Role
  • Fang ZibinBai JiSupport Role
  • Ma YinyinQiang WeiSupport Role
  • Yu Cheng EnSong XingyanSupport Role
  • Zhang LingxinHan XiaoSupport Role
  • Jin ShikangXiao ZhuSupport Role
  • Ma BoquanLin XiruiSupport Role
  • Liu EnjiaZhang YuxiSupport Role
  • Guo HongMother of Zhang YuxiSupport Role
  • Dong QingDaughter of Lao ZhangSupport Role
  • Chen MuyangMedical directorSupport Role
  • Gao GeJianboSupport Role
  • Ai LiyaDoctor ZhaiSupport Role
  • Luo Leivice director LuoSupport Role
  • Zhao RangZhou Xiaofeng(Teenager)Support Role
  • Zhang YaoNurse Sister HuiSupport Role
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