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The Crack of Dawn‎ – Sandra Ma, Bai Ke

The Crack of Dawn is a realistic female suspense drama directed by Wang Taotao and Niu Chao, led by Sandra Ma Sichun, Bai Ke, Liu Kai, co-starringZhang Yao, Lang Yueting, Gao Xuyang, Yuan Wenkang, Shi Ke, Zhang Benyu, and Zhao Shuzhen.

The drama tells the story of an ordinary woman who struggles to live a stable life. Facing her husband’s betrayal and malice, and the burdens and hardships of life, She accomplished a perfect self-rescue.


The Crack of Dawn

English Title: The Crack of Dawn
Chinese Title: 江照黎明
Genre: Suspense, Life, Thriller
Tag: Domestic Violence, Domestic Abuse
Episodes: 24
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Wang Taotao, Niu Chao
Writer: Huang Fen, Cao Xiaotian
Producer: Tang Fan, Zhou En, Ge Jingsong, Chen Xixiao, Xu Xiaoyun
Product Company: MGTV, HunanTV, MANGO EXCELLENT MEDIA, Huayu Shidai Film
Released Date: 2022-01-27
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MGTV Drama Channel, Viki



Li Xiaonan is an ordinary woman who works hard and lives an active life. She was married to Su Rui, a "good man" who was praised by everyone.

The marriage with Su Rui turned out to be the beginning of a nightmare" Violence, debt, cheating. The "perfect husband" in front of people is actually a complete double-sided guy afterward.

The reporter Wang Cheng seems to be inextricably linked to the riverside murder case and is full of secrets.

Li Xiaonan and Wang Cheng have their own unspeakable secrets, seemingly unrelated, but tied to each other entangled.

Wang Cheng suddenly returns to his hometown and finds Xiaonan to help him rent a room. The schoolmates are reunited after a long time, but they are suddenly involved in a car accident together.

Li Xiaonan, who is caught in a marital maze, tries to survive, while Yu Hong, another woman who is bewitched by Su Rui, keeps falling into the trap he wove with sweet words and even sees Su Rui as her ultimate destiny...


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