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Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai – Vin Zhang, Sun Zhenni

Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai is a historical romantic xianxia drama, directed by He Shupei, led by Vin Zhang and Sun Zhenni, co-starring Wang Duo, Zhang Yaqin, Wu Yuheng, Chen Yuxian, Chen Muchi, Wang Zixuan, Han Dong, Yu Xintong, Rong Zixi, Chen Sisi, Huang Tingting, Hu Wenxuan, Dan Zeng Jin Mei, Dong Zifan, Sun Zihang, Wang Jiaxuan, Xu Yanghao, Li Zhimo, Yang Boxiao, Zu Ka Er, Duan Xingyu, Yu Yang, Song Qi, Zhao Ziluo, Fu Qianwen, Wang Yukai, and Li Zhexu.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Sui Yu Er An, the drama tells the story of Xie Xuechen, the first sword master who is a lonely and arrogant genius, and Mu Xuanling, a quirky and spirited half-demon.


Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai

English Title: Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai
Chinese Title: 千朵桃花一世开
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Immortal, Drama
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: He Shupei
Writer: Sui Yu Er An
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: Youku



In ancient times, the Human Emperor, Zhao Ming, petitioned on behalf of the people and sacrificed himself to resist the divine realm. After Zhao Ming's fall, his beloved, Hun Dun Zhu, risked her life to save a wisp of his soul, setting up the cycle of reincarnation for eternity. In the distant future, Zhao Ming reincarnated as Xie Xuechen, the leader of the Immortal Alliance, while Hun Dun Zhu became the Holy Maiden Mu Xuanling in the Dark Domain. The two finally reunited in the mortal realm but had forgotten their past, becoming adversaries in a "righteous versus evil" struggle. Mu Xuanling saved the heavily injured Xie Xuechen in the Dark Domain and coerced him to travel together in gratitude for saving his life.

Throughout their journey, the two went from harboring schemes against each other to fighting side by side, gradually letting go of their guard and developing feelings for each other. However, amidst the conspiracy to seize the divine artifact, the "Chaos Pearl," they found themselves in a life-and-death trial. Mu Xuanling sacrificed herself to save the world, and Xie Xuechen defied fate to go back in time and rescue her. With the end of the eternal calamity, Xie Xuechen's soul finally returned to Zhao Ming, but Zhao Ming's original form had become a demon god. Mu Xuanling used love to awaken the demon god, dispelling the catastrophe, and bringing peace to the world.


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