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My Marvellous Fable – Wang Feifei, Miles Wei

My Marvellous Fable is a fantasy romantic drama, directed by Li Yuxi, led by Wang Feifei and Miles Wei, co-starring  Mi Lu, Gao Qiuzi, Wu Chongxuan, Jia Yize, Wei Lai, Liang Wenhui, Ye Shengjia, and Pan Hongyi.

It's a story about A best-selling author, Wang Putao, and a new editor, Feng Tianlan, who coincidentally become colleagues and embark on a journey back to their hometown together.


My Marvellous Fable

English Title: My Marvellous Fable
Chinese Title: 夏日奇妙书
Other Titles: 奇妙正在书入中
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Tag: Road Trip, Love/Hate Relationship, Editor Male Lead, Writer Female Lead, Workplace Setting, Domestic Abuse
Episodes: 24
Duration: 30 min.
Director: Li Yuxi
Writer: Mu Li, A Fei, Mu Yuan
Producer: Tang Fan, Liu Ruifang, Dai Ling, Wei Fanrong, Zhao Xiaonan
Product Company: Mango TV, Filmath, Joy Leader
Released Date: 2023-06-11
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MGTV Drama Channel, WeTV



Feng Tianlan's first task as an intern editor was to urge writer Wang Putao for her manuscript. Surprisingly, Wang Putao demanded that Feng Tianlan drive her back to her hometown as a condition for writing the book.

It turned out that Wang Putao had a deep estrangement with her father and had been reluctant to return to her hometown in Beijing for many years. However, upon learning that her father was suffering from Alzheimer's disease, Wang Putao had no choice but to embark on the journey back home, but she tried every means to delay the time.

Along the way, Wang Putao engaged in story creation while Feng Tianlan was responsible for organizing the manuscript. With his keen insight, Feng Tianlan pieced together Wang Putao's life in the manuscript, depicting different stages of her past through characters who sought attention as a new employee, envied others as ordinary girl, and devoted everything as an innocent girlfriend. Through the process of creation, Wang Putao reflected on her past and herself, gradually letting down her guard with Feng Tianlan and reconciling with her past.

When Wang Putao returned to Qionghai and reunited with her father, she approached him with a sincere heart, aided by Feng Tianlan's mediation, and broke the long-standing estrangement between them. Once again, Wang Putao was surrounded by the warmth of family and love.


Feng Tianlan's first task as an intern editor was to urge writer Wang Putao for a manuscript. However, he has never been able to refuse others since childhood, and even though he regrets it now, there is nothing he can do. The story goes back a long time ago. At that time, Feng Tianlan had just graduated from university, and like other recent graduates who had just stepped out of the ivory tower, he was cautious and naive. Well, with a monthly salary of 20,000 yuan and the encouragement of the interviewer, Feng Tianlan joined Shanguan Culture with great enthusiasm and became Wang Putao's editor.

Feng Tianlan still remembers to this day the three interviewers with their eyes filled with compassion and sincere tears bidding him farewell. But it wasn't until now that he realized it all foreshadowed the suffering he would face. After leaving the company, Feng Tianlan immediately transformed into an editor and personally went to find Wang Putao. But he never expected that the writer Wang Putao turned out to be an elderly woman.

After chatting for a while, Feng Tianlan realized that the elderly woman in front of him was not the real Wang Putao. But even though he was clever, he still encountered a setback. Just when he was extremely disappointed, the real Wang Putao appeared. After a long silence, Feng Tianlan introduced himself to Wang Putao, but he was stumped by her question, "What have you written yourself?"

As they continued to chat, Wang Putao began to shed tears and mentioned her father with great sadness. Feng Tianlan felt a bit flustered and quickly tried to console her. But in an instant, the tears on Wang Putao's face disappeared, and she turned around and asked Feng Tianlan if he had any life motto. Feng Tianlan was not good at lying, so he answered her questions one by one. However, as he spoke, Feng Tianlan discovered that Wang Putao's father had not passed away, she was just complaining without reason.

Afterward, Wang Putao promised to submit the manuscript as soon as possible, but the condition was that Feng Tianlan had to find her car. Feng Tianlan was overjoyed and hurriedly asked for the car keys. He quickly went to the bar where Wang Putao often went, but not only did he not find the car, he also spent tens of thousands of yuan. Feng Tianlan felt utterly hopeless and sat down at the entrance of the bar, lost in thought. Finally, the bar owner couldn't bear it any longer and quietly told him the parking address.

Feng Tianlan's spirit was instantly rejuvenated, and he arrived at the parking lot the bar owner mentioned. But after searching the whole day, he still couldn't find Wang Putao's car. Feng Tianlan felt extremely frustrated and lay on the ground, filled with regret. But when he heard that his team leader was going to give him a raise, he suddenly regained his fighting spirit. However, Wang Putao's car seemed to be playing hide-and-seek with him, and he couldn't find any clues no matter how much he searched the entire parking lot.

Just when Feng Tianlan had a splitting headache, Wang Putao suddenly appeared. To make matters worse for Feng Tianlan, Wang Putao's car was parked right next to him. Finally, Wang Putao gave Feng Tianlan another condition: if he drove her back to her hometown, she would submit the manuscript. At this point, Feng Tianlan had no room to retreat. But he still didn't anticipate that Wang's ordinary hometown was actually in Qionghai. It was almost like crossing half of China from Beijing to Qionghai.

Wang Putao told Feng Tianlan that she was in such a hurry to return to her hometown because her father was truly ill. However, what Feng Tianlan couldn't understand was why, if she was in such a hurry, she didn't choose to take a plane or train. But in the end, he didn't ask. What was even more strange was that throughout the journey, Wang Putao seemed to be indulging in sightseeing, finding various excuses to stay in certain cities. Feng Tianlan also tried to resist, but it was in vain. Finally, Wang Putao confessed to him that she couldn't write anything anymore. Whenever she sat in front of the computer, various thoughts filled her mind, and she couldn't think or find inspiration.

After fifty hours of meeting Wang Putao, Feng Tianlan finally embarked on the journey back to Qionghai with her. But what puzzled Feng Tianlan was that Wang Putao didn't seem sad at all. She even played with her eyebrows. Feng Tianlan hesitated to speak and eventually chose not to ask.

According to the company's requirements, Wang Putao had to submit her manuscript tomorrow. Feng Tianlan took out a recording pen and asked Wang Putao to record her creation. With a heavy sigh, Wang Putao finally told Feng Tianlan the first story—the Duet.

It was another sunny day, and the sound of an alarm clock woke Lu Ziyun up in her messy room. One of the influencers she followed was named Mengmeng. As soon as Lu Ziyun got out of bed, she opened her phone to watch Mengmeng's live stream. At that time, Mengmeng was flaunting her luxurious lifestyle. Lu Ziyun also desired such a life and checked her horoscope, which told her that red was her lucky color for the day.

Lu Ziyun rushed through blind dates, wearing a red headband today. However, after several dates, she not only failed to find her true love but also encountered some weird people. Lu Ziyun was extremely angry and called the matchmaking service to complain. But the other party's explanation made Lu Ziyun believe it once again, and she became a premium member, participating in even higher-level blind dates.

Wearing a red dress, Lu Ziyun waited for the golden groom who could make her soar. However, she sat alone for a long time and didn't meet her blind date. Just when she was feeling frustrated, the server suddenly told her that she was the lucky customer of the day and could enjoy the Number 10 meal for free. Lu Ziyun was overjoyed, gently swaying her glass, as if she were a glamorous lady. But when she looked up, she saw Mengmeng, the internet celebrity. Seeing Mengmeng enjoying an advanced meal intimately with her boyfriend, Lu Ziyun couldn't help but wish to exchange lives with her. Just as she was thinking about it, Mengmeng's voice came from her phone, guiding her to press the "exchange" button.

As Lu Ziyun took over Mengmeng's body, she couldn't wait to enjoy Mengmeng's luxurious life. However, the replaced Mengmeng never came to find her. It was not until one day when Lu Ziyun was shopping at the mall and saw her own face. She turned and left, fearing that Mengmeng would take back her own body. Soon, the luxurious life made Lu Ziyun forget all her worries.

On that day, while enjoying a petal bath, a stranger's phone call made Lu Ziyun start to worry. It was a man's voice on the other end, threatening Lu Ziyun to quickly update a video and deposit 20 million yuan into his account. After that, Lu Ziyun encountered many inexplicable things. For example, a man suddenly appeared at her home, a package arrived at her doorstep, and her mother-in-law called her for a chat.

But these were not the most bizarre things. After listening to her mother-in-law's long talk, Lu Ziyun was astonished to find that Mengmeng's life was much more exciting than she had imagined. Her mother had debts, her brother lost money, and even her husband seemed to have his own secrets. Mengmeng's life was not only luxurious but also filled with many undisclosed stories.

Finally, one day, Lu Ziyun met Mengmeng in person. At Mengmeng's request, Lu Ziyun sat in the live streaming room. At first, Lu Ziyun was a bit unsure facing the camera, but with the guidance of the staff, she gradually became familiar with the work and even indulged in it.

In the blink of an eye, the body exchange experience was about to end. After much consideration, Lu Ziyun decided to press the continue button. She recharged a large sum of money into the system and became the internet celebrity Mengmeng forever.

After becoming a permanent member of the exchange system, Lu Ziyun continued to live the luxurious life of Wang Mengmeng. Shopping, socializing, livestreaming—what used to belong to Mengmeng's life now became familiar to Lu Ziyun. However, she never expected that the profit-sharing promised by the livestreaming company would be split 20-80, with her receiving only 20% and the company taking 80%. Lu Ziyun was furious and questioned the company's justification. They presented her with a stack of documents, accusing her of owing them money. Those papers fell onto Lu Ziyun's shoulders, leaving her momentarily lost.

Before the storm could settle, another wave rose. The snacks she sold during her last livestream were found to be counterfeit, and now the legitimate version was demanding compensation from the company and Wang Mengmeng. Lu Ziyun panicked and stepped back, slumping on the sofa. At that moment, her phone screen lit up. Netizens quickly learned about the counterfeit food incident and began criticizing and cursing "Mengmeng," the influencer endorsing the products. Moreover, some people emerged to question whether internet celebrity Mengmeng had undergone plastic surgery.

Lu Ziyun hurried home but immediately sensed something was amiss upon entering. Without a word, her mother-in-law demanded that Mengmeng divorce and pay compensation. Lu Ziyun glanced at her husband, who simply bowed his head in silence. Angered, Lu Ziyun signed the divorce agreement. Troubled and confused, she went to a restaurant, only to become a lucky customer once again. With the guidance of the server, Lu Ziyun suddenly realized that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Regretful, Lu Ziyun quickly called the system to request a return to her own life. However, she was told that exiting the system required the mutual consent verification code. As it turned out, everything was a scheme orchestrated by Wang Mengmeng. She had predicted that Lu Ziyun would click "exchange" and further anticipated that she would continue to make deposits. Furious, Lu Ziyun rushed to confront Wang Mengmeng. While Wang admitted to the premeditation, she refused to exchange back. Just as they were about to fight, a man suddenly rushed out from the crowd and completed the exchange verification on Lu Ziyun's behalf.

It was just an ordinary morning when Lu Ziyun was awakened by her alarm clock. She answered a phone call, and the voice on the other end kindly called her "Ziyun." However, a strange smile appeared on Lu Ziyun's face. Hearing this, Feng Tianlan felt unsatisfied and hurriedly asked Wang Putao about Lu Ziyun's final outcome. Wang Putao only told him that everyone envies others at some point, thinking that another person's life could be happier, but forgetting their own original happiness.

In a rush, Wang Putao returned from outside and immediately asked Feng Tianlan to drive. Confused, Feng Tianlan felt that something was amiss, but could only comply with her request and start the car. Later, Feng Tianlan learned that Wang Putao had just stolen two bottles of water and two lollipops. Furious, Feng scolded Wang Putao and insisted on returning to pay for them. At the service area, Feng Tianlan apologetically explained the situation to the boss, taking all the blame upon himself. However, he didn't expect that Wang Putao had already paid for them, and all those words were just a deception.

Upon learning of this, Feng Tianlan felt extremely depressed. After comforting himself for a while, his emotions gradually calmed down. At the gas station, Wang Putao took out a card from the drawer, but her attention was drawn to a small bear pendant. She pondered over it for a while and finally seemed to make a decision. She fiercely threw the pendant out of the window. Perplexed, Feng Tianlan got out of the car and picked up the pendant. Seeing that Wang Putao insisted on throwing it away, he hung the pendant at the gas station.

During a break, Feng Tianlan couldn't help but call his team leader. He didn't want to be Wang Putao's editor anymore. Even if the team leader suggested promoting Feng Tianlan early, he remained firm. However, when he learned that Wang Putao might be sick, his heart softened. To confirm whether Wang Putao was truly ill, the team leader specifically sent Feng Tianlan a test, reminding him to use his wits to solve it.

The First Strategy of the Thirty-Six Stratagems: "Deceive the heavens to cross the ocean." Just as Feng Tianlan was thinking, he suddenly grabbed Wang Putao's hand and squeezed hand sanitizer into it, reminding her to wash her hands before eating. However, Wang Putao found the sticky liquid disgusting and wiped her hands in disgust. At the same time, Feng Tianlan neatly arranged the food and handed it to Wang Putao.

Wang Putao was puzzled and felt that Feng Tianlan's behavior was reminiscent of a nurturing mother in a 1990s TV drama, except that this mother seemed to have forgotten to bring her a fork. Feng Tianlan looked innocent and gestured for Wang Putao to eat with her hands. Helpless, Wang Putao had no choice but to grab a French fry with her hands. And so, Feng Tianlan initiated the second strategy—lure the tiger out of the mountain.

Feng Tianlan reminded Wang Putao that her hair seemed to be getting in the way. Seeing that Wang Putao casually brushed her hair behind her head, Feng Tianlan suddenly reached out, as if he was going to help her tidy her hair. Wang Putao quickly leaned back, interrupting Feng Tianlan's attempt. Later, Feng Tianlan took out a hair tie from his pocket and handed it to Wang Putao. Wang Putao couldn't help but sigh, wondering why Feng Tianlan, a boy, was so considerate in every aspect. She even began to suspect whether he had a people-pleasing personality.

Feng Tianlan coaxed and deceived until he finally got Wang Putao to start the test. However, halfway through the test, the team leader called to inquire about the progress. Feng Tianlan felt a bit embarrassed and started talking about his own matters. He comforted Wang Putao, saying that if she had any concerns, she could speak up, and they could solve them together. However, Wang Putao remained silent. On the way, Wang Putao suddenly sighed, wondering if anyone truly appreciated Feng Tianlan's hard work. So, she told Feng Tianlan the second story—lunchtime.

The protagonist of this story was named Yuanyuan, a rookie in the workplace who had just graduated and was currently interning. She had been preparing diligently for her presentation for a month because it determined whether she would be able to secure a permanent position. Yuanyuan always had a belief that she wanted to work hard to make everyone see her. However, reality dealt her heavy blows. Not only did her father not support her, but her superiors also seemed oblivious to her existence. No matter how hard she worked, she was always ignored.

Luna, also a newcomer, was favored by their boss and quickly got promoted to become the company's rising star. That day, she brought a new bag to the office with a small bear pendant hanging from it. When her colleagues saw it, they crowded around with smiles on their faces. However, the lively atmosphere belonged to them, and Yuanyuan felt only loneliness and noise. When it was time to leave work, the senior colleagues handed their unfinished tasks to Yuanyuan.

Although Yuanyuan had a belly full of complaints, she still took on these tasks. As the moon rose above the willow branches, only Yuanyuan remained in the company. After finishing her work, she discovered that the door had been locked at some point. She sent a message in the group, hoping that her colleagues would come and help her open the door. However, they only showed concern with their words, but in reality, they kept passing the responsibility to each other and nobody was willing to come. Just then, lightning struck from the sky, accompanied by thunderous roars, terrifying everyone.

Yuanyuan waited for a long time, but no one came. Meanwhile, Luna suddenly sent a red packet in the group, grabbing everyone's attention, and no one cared about Yuanyuan's well-being. Resentment surged in Yuanyuan's heart. She had worked so hard, yet no one noticed. Perhaps it was this strong resentment that gave Yuanyuan the strength to grit her teeth and leave the office.

In the pouring rain, Yuanyuan picked up the small bear pendant, secretly vowing to make Luna pay the price. The next morning, Luna and her colleagues discussed whether Yuanyuan could leave the office. Just then, Yuanyuan descended from upstairs. When her colleagues saw her, they gathered around to express their concern. Someone mentioned that Luna had claimed to have rescued Yuanyuan last night. Hearing this, Yuanyuan gave Luna a fierce glare, but all she saw was an indifferent expression on Luna's face.

Mr. Zhang called Yuanyuan over but forgot her name. When Mr. Zhang asked about last night's incident, he briefly mentioned that she had worked overtime at the company, but strongly reprimanded her for breaking the company's window. Yuanyuan's heart sank, but she breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing that the company wouldn't pursue the matter further. Just as she was about to leave, Mr. Zhang suddenly stopped her and asked her to report to the HR department.

Only then did Yuanyuan realize that Mr. Zhang's statement about not pursuing the matter further was not true; it was just a different way of punishing her. She couldn't help but recall the video she had seen that night. Being an ordinary person like her, how could she attract someone's attention? Yuanyuan sighed heavily, forced a smile, and left her current department. However, to her surprise, she received a lot of kindness in the new department. Her colleagues, seeing her as a newcomer, approached her with encouragement, worried that she might not adapt.

During the monthly meeting, everyone applauded and cheered as they finally secured the North Construction project. Yuanyuan thought that with her efforts, she would surely achieve something new. Her name would definitely be among the outstanding employees this time. However, to her disappointment, she heard Luna's name instead. Yuanyuan continued to listen, hoping to hear her own name, but it never came. Later, Luna invited everyone to have dinner together. Everyone was delighted and expressed their thanks. However, Yuanyuan felt that it was just Luna showing off.

A few days later, Yuanyuan returned home, but there was a security guard following her. Yuanyuan hurriedly entered her house and quickly locked the door. However, the security guard persisted and slipped a card through the door crack. As he left, he mumbled, "Didn't they say that hard work pays off?" Yuanyuan picked up the card, and it said, "Did you smile today?"

On that day, Luna and her colleagues gathered together to discuss how to protect themselves. Yuanyuan, as if possessed, shared her experience from last night, but it seemed different from what happened to her. Everyone listened to Yuanyuan's story and eagerly offered advice on how to avoid stalkers. At that moment, Yuanyuan finally experienced what it felt like to be in Luna's position, receiving admiration from everyone. She silently vowed in her heart that once she reached that position, she would never go back.

To attract her colleagues' attention, Yuanyuan told them many of her "personal experiences." This time, her experience was related to a small bear pendant. Everyone couldn't help but suspect whether the terrifying pendant was sent by Luna. Just as they were discussing, Luna approached. Everyone scattered as if they had seen a ghost. Taking advantage of the situation, Yuanyuan continued discussing Luna with her colleagues in the group chat. Afterward, not only did Mr. Zhang express his concern for Yuanyuan, but he also personally escorted her home.

However, what Yuanyuan never expected was that this time, she was indeed being followed. Suspicion and fear haunted Yuanyuan, making it difficult for her to focus on her work. One day, Luna suddenly found her and questioned why she wanted to frame her. Yuanyuan firmly defended herself, stating that she did it to make Luna pay for her actions. Hearing this, Luna found it amusing and explained that it was all just a misunderstanding. The positive things she saw were the result of her own efforts behind the scenes.

Yuanyuan's heart suddenly lost its anchor, but she seemed to have understood some things. She tore off the awards hanging on the wall and submitted her resignation to the company. Several months later, Yuanyuan became a bestselling author, documenting her thoughts and feelings in the workplace. In her book, she comforted everyone, saying that everyone wants to gain recognition and attention through hard work and ultimately succeed. However, success has no shortcuts; only through solid efforts can one have a chance at true success.

Wang Putao told Feng Tianlan that before him, the company had found many editors for herself. Most of them left, while a few of them jumped ship. Wang Putao spoke in such a calm manner that it surprised Feng Tianlan to the point where he almost forgot how to drive. Just then, Wang Putao mentioned needing to go to the restroom. The vehicle stopped at a public restroom, and Wang Putao hurriedly got out of the car.

Meanwhile, Feng Tianlan seemed to hear some meowing and quickly got out of the car to investigate. A group of kittens was crying out loudly, which touched Feng Tianlan's heart with affection. Feng Tianlan bought bread and personally fed the kittens. But as soon as Wang Putao arrived, the kittens got scared and ran away. Feng Tianlan felt a bit helpless. If he had fed them until they were full, at least they wouldn't go hungry tonight. Wang Putao couldn't help but ask, but what about tomorrow? Would he remember these kittens again? Or if the kittens came tomorrow and couldn't find him, would they feel disappointed?

Hearing this, Feng Tianlan couldn't find any words to refute. Wang Putao continued, saying that perhaps because of his one act of kindness, those kittens might not survive tomorrow or the days that followed. There are plenty of self-satisfying ways, but if one can't commit to them from now on, then it's better not to act on impulse. However, Feng Tianlan felt that one should not ignore even small acts of kindness. Wang Putao didn't argue anymore, but simply squeezed out a smile.

Feng Tianlan couldn't help but feel a bit uncomfortable. Did Wang Putao's words resonate with her own experiences? Had she encountered something similar before? In reality, Feng Tianlan wanted to tell Wang Putao that even the smallest acts of love and care can be felt. Wang Putao's departing figure lingered in Feng Tianlan's mind. He suddenly realized that besides having a peculiar temper, Wang Putao was actually a pretty decent person, at least good-looking. But as he continued to think, Feng Tianlan felt that something was off, although he couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was.

After resting at a hotel for one night, Wang Putao suddenly knocked on Feng Tianlan's door and asked him to accompany her to a cemetery. Feng Tianlan hurriedly persuaded Wang Putao not to constantly dwell on life and death but to appreciate the many beautiful things life has to offer. This time, Wang Putao listened to the advice and promptly changed the destination. On the way, Wang Putao told Feng Tianlan a new story, titled "The Seed."

In pre-liberation Shanghai, there was a small theater that was staging a popular play. The performance was a great success, but it had nothing to do with Xu Youguang, who stood behind the scenes. Xu Youguang watched his senior brother take his final bow and felt melancholic. The stage he yearned for was within reach, yet it seemed so far away. Despite the many frustrations of being an actor, the happiest moments for Xu Youguang were coming home after work and seeing his beloved person. His girlfriend advised him to be content. However, Xu Youguang looked at himself in the mirror, hesitating. Being a supporting actor only, he felt somewhat unwilling.

After everyone left, Xu Youguang sat down at the piano. At that moment, he felt like the dazzling protagonist, enjoying the applause from the audience. However, it was all just an illusion. Just then, a strange woman suddenly appeared and handed him a piece of paper, telling him that if he had any desires he wanted to fulfill, he could come to find her. At first, Xu Youguang didn't believe it, but his longing and dissatisfaction in his heart made him pick up the piece of paper.

While his girlfriend was asleep, Xu Youguang followed the address on the paper and found a shop he had never seen before. Xu Youguang hesitated for a long time but eventually took off the jade pendant and made a deal with the woman. That jade pendant was the only thing his mother had left him before she passed away.

While Feng Tianlan went to get wontons, Wang Putao, who had nothing to do, suddenly came up with an idea. She opened Feng Tianlan's bag and took out his laptop. With a quick glance, Wang Putao astonishingly guessed Feng Tianlan's computer password. Inside were some work files, but what caught Wang Putao's attention was a hidden file. Skillfully, Wang Putao opened the hidden file and discovered a complete memorial plan inside. Wang Putao's heart skipped a beat, and then she put the computer back in its place. The story shifts to Xu Youguang. He made a deal with a woman and became the protagonist, but a seed that led him into the abyss slowly took root in his heart. At night, Gui Xiang was still busy in front of the wonton shop when Xu Youguang returned. She quickly served him a bowl of steaming wontons. Watching Xu Youguang scoop spoonful after spoonful of wontons, Gui Xiang couldn't help but stare in a trance. Xu Youguang handed his money to Gui Xiang and said they would go to propose once he saved enough. Gui Xiang blushed and lowered her head slowly. During rehearsals, a male actor suddenly fainted, and the troupe leader was in a panic. Just then, a senior mentioned Xu Youguang and recommended him as a substitute. The female actor beside them also chimed in, saying she had seen Xu Youguang practice and he was the only person in the troupe who could remember all the lines. After much thought, the troupe leader decided to give Xu Youguang a try. However, being a substitute was only being a substitute after all. Xu Youguang was frustrated that he had used his mother's only keepsake to exchange for the chance to be a substitute for the protagonist. Fortunately, the senior treated him well and always encouraged him. However, unexpectedly, even the opportunity as a substitute didn't last long as the drama club disbanded. To make a living, Xu Youguang joined the film crew as an extra. But movies and dramas were different, and he struggled to adapt. The male lead in the movie couldn't even remember his lines, yet he remained the protagonist. Xu Youguang could memorize all the lines, but he was ultimately just a neglected extra. It was truly unfair. Thinking this way, he couldn't help but tear down all the posters in front of the movie theater out of anger. Later, with the help of the senior, Xu Youguang participated in an interview with a film company. He made a lot of efforts for this interview. However, he only caught a glimpse of the interviewer's face and was kicked out before saying a word. His hopes shattered once again, and at that moment, Xu Youguang felt like he had hit rock bottom. He wandered aimlessly on the street, and unconsciously ended up at that shop. As soon as he entered, he questioned the woman about how he had become the way he was. Seeing the woman sneer, Xu Youguang lost his spirit. The mockery, insults, neglect, and unfairness made all the encouragement from his senior sound harsh. In order to become the protagonist, he decided to make a deal with the woman. This time, the price was his friendship with the senior. Soon, Xu Youguang received a contract from the film company and became a rising movie star. His acting career went smoothly, but his senior seemed to have disappeared into thin air, just like that. This made Xu Youguang feel a sense of guilt in his heart. Three months later, Xu Youguang finally saw his senior. However, the radiance that used to emanate from him was nowhere to be seen; there was only weariness from struggling to make a living. The senior, who could have become a movie star, was now just a laborer relying on physical work, and he didn't seem to remember Xu Youguang. After arriving at their destination, whether out of softness or guilt, Xu Youguang gave his senior some extra money. The words of encouragement from his senior suddenly filled Xu Youguang's mind, and his radiant and friendly smile seemed vividly clear. But at that moment, everything faded away along with his departing figure. Xu Youguang stood at the door, staring at the direction his senior had left, unable to snap out of his daze for a long time.

One year later, Xu Youguang had become the flagship of a prominent film company, achieving not only career success but also the favor of the boss's daughter. The boss's daughter was gentle and considerate, but she was not the one Xu Youguang loved in his heart. Quietly, in the stillness of the night, Xu Youguang secretly went to the wonton shop. However, as soon as he caught a glimpse of Gui Xiang from afar, he was reminded that the boss did not allow him to show his face outside. Xu Youguang didn't reply; he simply lowered his head slowly and left silently. The extras who used to play dead bodies together couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy seeing Xu Youguang suddenly rise to stardom. Seeing Xu Youguang getting close to the boss's daughter, they couldn't help but speculate if Xu Youguang had achieved his current success by flattering her. Xu Youguang heard their words, but he didn't want to explain. He only wanted to prove to everyone that he had the ability to take on one leading role after another. When a foreign director came to Shanghai to select a male lead, the boss's daughter suggested that she could talk to her father about it. Xu Youguang declined the boss's daughter's kind offer and said he would find a way himself. However, as a result, the company boss replaced him at the last minute and had Bai Guangnan take Xu Youguang's place. Upon hearing this news, Xu Youguang felt indignant but helpless. He had worked so hard, so why had he ended up like this? Faced with Gui Xiang's gentle consolation, the previous Xu Youguang would have smiled knowingly, but now, he only felt it was hypocritical. Gui Xiang felt a bit awkward and changed the subject, mentioning that her father sent a letter wanting to meet them. However, Xu Youguang refused because he didn't want this kind of life. He didn't want to eat wontons in this rundown house every day. Dissatisfied in his heart, Xu Youguang once again went to that mysterious shop to trade for the opportunity to become a protagonist. Afterwards, he hesitated on his way home, regretting his impulsive decision just now. He didn't dare to go back home, afraid to face what might happen. After a long time, Xu Youguang still went back home. But Gui Xiang had disappeared before his eyes, and even every trace and evidence of her had turned into a wisp of smoke, dissipated in the damp air. Xu Youguang squatted on the ground, crying uncontrollably. He became the male lead again as he had wished, starring in a film directed by a famous director. The movie was a great success, and he became the hottest star in Shanghai, even overshadowing Bai Guangnan. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, but one day, Xu Youguang suddenly collapsed on set, causing the production of the new film to be temporarily halted. Xu Youguang felt melancholic and kept thinking about that bowl of steaming wontons. The boss's daughter was very considerate and bought him a bowl of wontons, but it wasn't the wontons he longed for in his heart. Suddenly, he realized something and hurriedly went to that mysterious shop, only to find that it had been sealed off. Unconsciously, Xu Youguang arrived in front of the wonton shop and ate a bowl of wontons. The wontons still had a familiar taste, but Gui Xiang was no longer there. According to the shop owner, Gui Xiang had returned to her hometown, and her family had arranged a marriage for her. At that moment, Xu Youguang truly understood that happiness did not lie in scarcity but in contentment. The success he had obtained in exchange was ultimately no match for a bowl of wontons right in front of him. He swallowed the soup in the bowl in one gulp, determined to trade everything he had now to get back his former lover. Xu Youguang went to a farmhouse and found Gui Xiang. The two reconciled and began to live a happy life together. However, a deafening gunshot shattered their sweet moments. Xu Youguang collapsed in front of the wonton shop, covered in blood, holding a rapeseed flower in his hand. The sweetness, the happiness, it was all just an illusion in Xu Youguang's mind. It is unclear whether he understood it or not, but what he desired now seemed as important as his own life. Wang Putao silently made up her mind and mustered the courage to open the door, stepping into the old house filled with many memories.

Wang Putao thought her ex-boyfriend had already moved out, but she was surprised to find him still in the house. Her ex-boyfriend slowly approached her and told her that he had also wanted to move to a bigger house, but he couldn't get used to living anywhere else. Wang Putao couldn't meet her ex-boyfriend's eyes and turned away to avoid his gaze. She explained that she had only come this time to pick up something on someone's behalf. Wang Putao lightly brushed off the dust that had fallen on the chair, seemingly lost in thought. Then she gently patted the dust off the chair and sat down slowly. Her ex-boyfriend brought a small box, saying that it contained Wang Putao's belongings, including the old wardrobe that he had intended to sell but brought back when he discovered Wang Putao's photos inside. Upon hearing this, Wang Putao's eyes became moist. She couldn't help but ask Xu Youguang how he had been recently. At that moment, Feng Tianlan was outside cleaning the car and happened to overhear two girls discussing Xu Youguang. Curious, Feng Tianlan opened the search engine. On January 21, 2019, singer Xu Youguang passed away at the age of 29 due to brain cancer. Feng Tianlan's heart tightened. He had always thought those stories were made up by Wang Putao, but now it seemed that she must have experienced many unknown things. Before leaving, Xu Youguang's neighbor handed a USB flash drive to Wang Putao, saying that Xu Youguang specifically instructed him to give it to her. Seeing Wang Putao coming out in a daze, Feng Tianlan didn't disturb her as she reminisced about the past. He made an excuse to go buy water and left Wang Putao alone to give her space. When he returned, he saw Wang Putao standing alone in the rain, staring blankly at the sky. On the way, Wang Putao talked to Feng Tianlan about Xu Youguang. Eight years ago, Xu Youguang was still an unknown musician, and through her friend Yuan Yuan's introduction, Wang Putao became his lyricist. Sunlight spilled onto the guitar strings and onto Xu Youguang himself. At that moment, he seemed harmless and radiant. Looking back now, he must have attracted many girls with that harmless face, including Wang Putao at the time. Wang Putao had a problem she couldn't solve back then, and Xu Youguang appeared like a godsend when she needed help the most. Xu Youguang took in Wang Putao, patiently comforting her and rushing to her side when she woke up in the middle of the night. Afterwards, Wang Putao published her first book under her current pen name. She thought her new life was about to begin, but Xu Youguang changed. He would bring his work frustrations home and lock himself in his room, ignoring everyone around him. Wang Putao felt so sorry for him that she even applied for an extension of the deadline from their team leader so she could take care of Xu Youguang. However, Xu Youguang felt that Wang Putao's soft voice on the phone was disturbing to him. Later on, Xu Youguang became more irritable and had a stranger temper. One day, he got out of a luxury car and bid farewell to the woman inside with laughter. Wang Putao didn't ask anything and simply prepared a big meal as usual. But Xu Youguang didn't even touch his chopsticks. He broke up with Wang Putao, saying he didn't want to live this kind of life anymore. He wanted to have a bright life. Since then, Wang Putao had never contacted him again. Occasionally, she would see his posters on the street, and Wang Putao only felt a mix of familiarity and unfamiliarity. Inside the USB flash drive was a video that Xu Youguang recorded for Wang Putao before he passed away. He apologized to her and admitted that he regretted what he had said at that time. He had tried to contact her but lost all means of communication. After watching the video, Wang Putao felt tears rolling down her cheeks. She opened the car door and stood in the rain, seemingly not wanting Feng Tianlan to see her tears. Feng Tianlan looked at Wang Putao's lonely figure and pondered deeply. In the end, he approached her and held an umbrella for her.

Seeing Wang Putao's sad expression, Feng Tianlan didn't know how to comfort her and began to feel nervous around her. He thought her room number, 404, on the top floor was somewhat unlucky and wanted to change it for her, but Wang Putao disagreed. Feng Tianlan couldn't rest assured about Wang Putao, so in order to buy time to console her, he intentionally made the elevator go up and down several times, continuously urging her to change rooms. He said that sometimes it's better to believe in something even if it might not be true. Wang Putao got annoyed by his constant nagging and angrily shouted at him. As the elevator descended to the negative third floor and the elevator doors were about to close, a hand suddenly reached in, startling Wang Putao. The person entering was an elderly man who had heard everything Wang Putao had just said loudly. He advised her like Feng Tianlan, suggesting it would be best to avoid certain things. Feng Tianlan accompanied Wang Putao to her room door and instructed her to check the cabinet and under the bed once she entered the room. Under Feng Tianlan's subtle hints, Wang Putao, who was usually fearless, suddenly became jittery after entering the room and ended up calling Feng Tianlan. After receiving Wang Putao's call, Feng Tianlan quickly rushed over. Once he saw that Wang Putao was fine, he felt relieved and instinctively asked her if she wanted him to stay and keep her company. Upon hearing Feng Tianlan's words, Wang Putao widened her eyes in astonishment, making Feng Tianlan realize that what he said was indeed inappropriate. After returning to his own room, Feng Tianlan tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Later, he received another call from Wang Putao. Just like Feng Tianlan, Wang Putao couldn't sleep while lying in bed and asked him if he had any sleeping pills. After hanging up the phone, Feng Tianlan went to Wang Putao's room again. Because taking sleeping pills is not good for the body, he suggested she take some melatonin, which also aids sleep. While pouring water and giving her the medicine, Feng Tianlan accidentally held her hand and noticed that it was cold. Back in his room, in order to alleviate his loneliness and fear, Feng Tianlan continued to chat with Wang Putao on the phone. Later, when he noticed that Wang Putao had stopped talking, he hurriedly went to knock on her door. Seeing no response from Wang Putao, he became even more anxious and called a staff member to open the door. To his surprise, he found Wang Putao unconscious in the bathtub. Feng Tianlan took Wang Putao to the hospital, and although she had no serious injuries, Feng Tianlan felt mentally exhausted. He held Wang Putao's hand and suddenly realized something. The reason Xu Youguang liked Wang Putao's books was that they shared similar thoughts on many things. When Wang Putao woke up, Feng Tianlan didn't want to continue living in fear with her, so he handed her the voice recorder and told her that he had quit his job and couldn't accompany her anymore. He didn't want to go through the same experience again. After saying that, he turned and left.


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