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Blue Flame Assault – Ren Jialun, Chen Xiaoyun

Blue Flame Assault is a firefighting and rescue drama directed by Lin Ke and Zhang Ke, starring Ren Jialun and Chen Xiaoyun, and co-starring Han Yuchen, Song Wenzuo, Showna Xie, and Li Yuxuan.

The drama tells the story of a young man from the city, Li Xicheng, who joined the firefighting squadron with the aura of a fire-fighting hero, and eventually formed a deep friendship after experiencing life and death tests together with a group of partners, and aspired to use his youth and blood to carry out the firefighting career to the end.


Blue Flame Assault

English Title: Blue Flame Assault
Chinese Title: 蓝焰突击
Genre: Firefighting, Rescue
Episodes: 33
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Lin Ke, Zhang Ke
Writer: Liu Weibing, Cen Linlan, Dai Changjiang, Zhou Yuan, Chen Yining
Product Company: Xiamen Feibao Culture Media.
Broadcasting Website: Huashi.TV(Youtube)
Released Date: April 16, 2022


Ren Jialun Ren Jialun as Li Xicheng
Chen Xiaoyun Chen Xiaoyun as Wen Yibing
Han Yuchen Han Yuchen as Ye Quheng
Song Wenzuo Song Wenzuo as Feng Zhe
Showna Xie Showna Xieas He Zhenzhen
Li Yuxuan Li Yuxuan as Wang Yishan


Li Xicheng was a fire-fighting hero before joining the team, he entered the fire brigade with an aura but was struck by the relentless reality.

In order to hone this group of new recruits into a real “special duty elite”, squadron deputy captain Ye Qiheng made a special training plan to hone Li Xicheng and others’ minds and will.

After experiencing warehouse fire, chemical leaks, major car accidents, serial explosions, and other life-and-death tests, Li Xicheng really felt inside as a firefighter special team member, they don’t only face crisis-ridden dangerous situations.

Li Xicheng saw the noble soul of this team, as he grew up in life and death and comradeship with his teammates, such as Wen Yibing.

Eventually, Li Xicheng found his lifelong career, in the fire department front line, to become a true hero, to go through the fire.

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